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Watch James Franco and Seth Rogen get 'Naked and Afraid'

Celebrities, they’re just like us: They’ll also get Naked and Afraid.

Good Morning America released a sneak peek at the Pineapple Express stars, who will appear alongside each other in the comedy The Interview, stripped down for a special episode of the Discovery Channel series.


See 'Survivor' contestant get 'Naked and 'Afraid'


Apparently deciding that one stint out in the wild was not enough, a former Survivor contestant has returned to rough it out in the elements, but he forgot one thing: his clothes. That’s right, a former Survivor player will be appearing on this Sunday’s episode of Naked & Afraid on Discovery at 10pm. Who’s the adventurous chap of which we speak? READ FULL STORY

Discovery Channel reveals 'Survival Live,' it's like a real-life 'Hunger Games'

Discovery Channel is putting on a real life Hunger Games. At least that’s what the network’s new show, Survival Live (WT) sounds like to me — without the killing, of course. Eight contestants will compete for 42 days in the wilderness on what the network is billing as the first-ever live broadcast survival show. READ FULL STORY

Naked reality contestant bites off lizard's head -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

This Sunday’s episode of the Discovery Channel’s survival reality show Naked and Afraid will find one contestant in a self-described epic battle with a lizard he intends on eating in order to survive.

“I’ve already burnt more calories than I’m gonna get from eating the guy, but I don’t like this lizard,” Jeff says as he works tirelessly to dig the lizard out of its hiding spot in the harsh Madagascar heat. When Jeff finally wriggles the lizard free, he is so excited that he bites its head off right then and there.

Watch the intense clip from Sunday night’s episode below: READ FULL STORY

Couples will have sex in a box for reality show


If you thought Naked and Afraid was too hot for TV, how about couples having sex in a box? That’s right — a box! WEtv has ordered a one-hour pilot of Sex Box, an adaption of the hit U.K. show of the same name.

The series is pretty much what its name suggests: It invites real couples having relationship problems to enter a soundproof box to have sex. Immediately after, they address their issues with a panel of experts. According to the cable net’s description, “This ‘in the moment’ approach fosters conversations about intimacy that are completely filterless and emotionally honest.”

Sex Box is an intriguing and original concept from a top production partner and we’re very excited about its potential, which has already been clearly demonstrated overseas — where it’s a hit,” said WE tv President Marc Juris.

Watch a full episode of the U.K. version on YouTube. (It probably goes without saying, but the video is NSFW.) Deadline first reported the news.

Discovery Channel to get unwrapped with 'Naked and Afraid' special -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

‘Tis the season to… jump around naked?

It would seem that way for Discovery Channel and the beginning of Unwrapped Week with a two-couple, two-hour special of Naked and Afraid. The series, which debuted back in June, puts two strangers, a man and a woman, out in the wilderness, alone and naked and trying to survive for 21 days. The special airing Sunday at 8 p.m. ET will feature two couples baring it all together.

Check out this exclusive clip of one of the couples meeting for the first time in the forest — and let’s just say, things start out just as awkward as you imagine.

'Naked and Afraid' ratings: Surprise! Dudes love the stripped-down survival show

Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid was a ratings winner Sunday night, according to Nielsen figures, coming in second, with 3.62 million viewers overall and 1.6 million viewers in the 18-49 age group, and first among men.

Each week in the survival reality series, a man and a woman attempt to survive the wilderness sans food, water, and clothing. This latest iteration of the survival show edged out an overly clothed and accessorized Keeping Up With the Kardashians (2.83 million viewers), a legally embattled Real Housewives of New Jersey (2.48 million viewers), and the Will-iverse known as The Newsroom (1.8 million viewers). Naked and Afraid was only topped by HBO’s True Blood coming in at 4.36 million viewers.

In particular, the au naturel reality show performed well among male viewers, as it was the No. 1 ad-supported program in the 25-54 category and the 18-49 category on Sunday. After all, there’s nothing like kicking back on God’s rest day with a cold brewski, a comfy couch, and some naked people going NC-17 fishing. Or at least until Sunday Night Football returns.

'Swamp Nudity': Check out a clip of Sunday's new 'Naked and Afraid' -- EXCLUSIVE!

Each week, Discovery Channel’s new survival of the nudest show gets more and more addicting. Last week we saw our first emergency medical evacuation, and in a previous episode the show’s executive producer Steve Rankin endured a gory on-screen foot injury—complete with visible bone and rotting skin—after a nasty poisonous snakebite. Will the upcoming wilderness victims Ky and Billy come out alive, and injury and sickness-free?

Australian beauty Ky, 39, is a professional stuntwoman with a survival skill-learning hobby. This tough chick will come in handy if the duo needs to wrestle an alligator. And on this show, it just might come to that.

Hopefully Billy’s career as an outdoor author includes extensive writing and research about surviving the chilly, wet swamplands. Claiming he is proficient in primitive weapons and hunting, food collection and wildlife threats are obstacles that this Georgia native should be able tackle. But what is this 39-year-old’s biggest fear going into the challenge? Being naked. “I’m not scared, I’m absolutely terrified,” he says.

Naked and Afraid is an hour-long reality show that airs Sunday nights at 10 ET on Discovery. Each week, a man and a woman meet as strangers in a new wilderness location, and must strip down and brave the environment with no clothes, materials, medicine, or food for 21 days.

Watch an exclusive clip of Sunday’s new episode below. DISCLAIMER: There will be butts. READ FULL STORY

Watch an exclusive clip of this week's 'Naked and Afraid' -- VIDEO

“I’m a bit of a badass, I guess,” says Puma Cabra, 38, Naked and Afraid’s next male contestant. He better be. The Nevada native and his female partner-in-“grime,” 30-year-old Julie Wright from Washington, will be tossed buck naked into the unrelenting jungles of Sabah, Borneo.

Puma doesn’t seem too afraid of the dangers that the jungle will certainly offer up. Self-identified as an “expert outdoorsman” and “maverick,” he credits a scary seven-day snowboarding misadventure that left him trapped and food-less in the backcountry as the moment he decided to learn the necessary survival skills.

Wilderness teacher Julie seems equally as confident in conquering the wild. The 6’4″ free-spirited woman is anxious to be mooned marooned with her counterpart saying, “I can’t wait to actually get to meet this guy. Hopefully he’s tall. Hopefully he knows how to hunt and trap.”

The pair will be Discovery Channel’s fifth team to endure the dangers of the new reality program. Naked and Afraid is a weekly hour-long show that redefines the concept of “survival of the fittest.” With no clothing, tools, or first aid, a male and a female contestant brave a new wilderness location each week as total strangers, totally resource-less, and totally nude. If the couple survives 21 days of sickness, starvation, and deadly wildlife, they win… nothing, except the title of “Badass for Life.”

Watch an exclusive clip of Puma and Julie’s first naked encounter below. Fair warning, they are naked, and as such, there is nakedness: READ FULL STORY

'Naked & Afraid': Watch a brand-new way to go fishing!

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man and woman to fish — naked — and they’ll be well-fed for 21 days while stranded in Tanzania.

In this exclusive clip of the Discovery Channel’s Naked & Afraid, which premiered Sunday night, Kellie and EJ go fishing for their supper. EJ’s method appears to be spearing the fish with a not-so-sharp, three-pronged stick, while Kellie attracts the fish with her … womanly wiles. See the muddy, catfish-y fun for yourself:


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