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'Pretty Little Liars,' 'The Vampire Diaries,' 'Secret Circle,' 'Revenge': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Howdy, Roomies.

It’s that time of the week again, so I hope you enjoy some of the juicy tidbits in this week’s installment. And with finales just around the corner, I imagine it’s all just going to get juicier as the weeks tick by.

But on that note, if there’s something I’m missing, don’t hesitate to put in a scoop request! ( And a million thank yous to those who already write in! Wait, let’s make that a thousand. We’re in a recession after all. I have to be prudent.


What’s better than an in-office visit from a Pretty Little Liar? If I may douchily answer myself: A visit from TWO Pretty Little Liars. And that’s exactly what happened to me yesterday when Lucy Hale and Troian Bellisario stopped in to film a quick video (which I’ll share with you Monday!), make me laugh (you’ll see…), and answer some of your burning questions! Check ‘em out: READ FULL STORY

'NCIS' finale scoop: Jimmy Palmer's wedding party heads to... -- EXCLUSIVE

We’ve been building up to the NCIS wedding all season, and it’s almost here! But Jimmy Palmer’s much-awaited nuptials, which take place during the season finale, won’t be set in D.C. Nope, the team’s going on the road for the big event and headed to…


“Breena’s character is from Florida, so the plan is to have this wedding in Florida,” executive producer Gary Glasberg reveals to EW exclusively. “The whole team will, in theory, all head down for that and at the same, time be dealing with some significant stuff back in D.C. It’ll be a juggling act between the two.”

Still in the process of being written, the finale will pit the team against a “unique” adversary that will challenge the team in a way we haven’t seen before, he adds.”This one will be a little different because it’s going to be more focused on the Navy and more about the fleet. Someone’s targeting Navy ships,” he says. “I like to pull things back periodically. I don’t want to forget that NCIS is a Navy-related show. I know that that’s important to our military overseas and a lot of our viewers. I think they’ll enjoy this sort of twist in the storyline.”

But will this twist include a body count? Glasberg’s understandably coy, but says, “There’s some danger involved and we’ll have to see where that puts our team. There’ll be a cliffhanger and we’ll see what’s left when we come back.”

How ominous!

NCIS returns with new episodes March 20.

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'Once Upon a Time,' 'New Girl,' 'NCIS,' 'How I Met Your Mother': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Hello from the road, Roomies!

Of course, I’m not actually typing while driving in Los Angeles — that would be scary. But I am currently enjoying the sunshine in L.A. while covering PaleyFest and having a lovely time. The best part of it all? I get to bring all the fun straight to you. If you haven’t checked it out, make sure you bookmark EW’s PaleyFest hub and follow me on Twitter as we head into the final stretch of panel fun. Today I’m headed to Castle, with Vampire Diaries and Revenge to follow this weekend.

But enough from me, here’s what you came for: Fresh scoop straight from the red carpet and some fun bits from my time on set at NCIS, HIMYM, and Grey’s Anatomy. (More to come from all these, too!)

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The magical first season of Once Upon a Time is set to wrap up in May, but don’t ask for the last episode’s title. “We’re debating it,” said co-executive producer Adam Horowitz. “We’ve run out — that’s it. We can’t think of a title now,” fellow co-EP Edward Kitsis joked.

But the penultimate episode is a different story. I’ll let you theorize exactly what the title “Apple Red as Blood,” means, but I can tell you that it’s part of a final arc that will focus heavily on the major players rather than stand-alone stories — like the heartwarming one we saw this week with Grumpy. “Next week is who the big bad wolf is. And then we just take off,” said Kitsis. READ FULL STORY

'Fringe,' 'NCIS,' 'Grimm,' 'How I Met Your Mother': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Happy Hunger Games! Or not.

But it certainly feels like a fight to the death as we slowly approach season-finale time. I know, it’s not even March yet. But behind the scenes, a few of your favorite shows have already closed out the year (Raising Hope, for one) and others are prepping for their final installments as we speak. What’s that mean for you? Stay tuned, because this is going to get fun.

In the mean time, there’s some great stuff coming up a little sooner than finales. So check out the scoop below and thanks as always for your thoughts, questions, theories, and general flattery. Not in on the fun? Get into it. Address is same: I’m also on Twitter. See you next week!


Stars from 'NCIS,' 'White Collar,' and 'The Middle' take your questions in Spoiler Room Video Edition


It’s been a star-studded week here at the Spoiler Room, and when you check out this week’s video edition, you’ll see what I mean.

First up, Michael Weatherly from NCIS gives me a little scoop about Jimmy’s bachelor party (and possible best man choice!), then Atticus Shaffer from The Middle answers a clairvoyant reader’s question, and last, Tim DeKay talks about the White Collar finale. And guess what, folks? It all happens under three minutes! That’s, like, a microwave burrito. You can spare that.

Now, check it out below. And if not for all that goodness, do it so you can mock the random Superwoman pose I adopt midway through the video. Enjoy! READ FULL STORY

'NCIS,' 'Once Upon a Time,' 'Fringe,' 'Vampire Diaries': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Happy Friday, roomies.

It’s that time of the week again, and by that, I mean it’s time for you to feast your eyes on the last important task I do before spending 48 hours eating various cereals on my couch. (I’m so glamorous.)

Hope everyone finds a little something in here they like but if you don’t, make sure you’re sending me your questions. Address is same as always: I also except them on Twitter. (Click the button below to join the party.) See you next week!

There’s been a lot of self-reflection happening on NCIS as of late. (In fact, the show’s entire 200th episode was dedicated to a storyline that found Gibbs on a personal journey unlike any we’d ever seen.) And as you may have guessed, this is all no coincidence. In fact, EP Gary Glasberg tells me that all the threads we’ve seen thus far will weave together for this year’s season finale. Vague enough for you? Maybe he can help elaborate: “There’s definitely a theme to this season about decisions and [about] the roads that people have taken and choices in their lives,” he says. “I hope that has come through; it certainly did in the 200th, But I think that’s been the case — whether we’re talking about realizations, like Abby and her brother or a lot of the things that have come up with Tony and Ziva as well.” READ FULL STORY

'NCIS' 200th episode: EP talks Sasha Alexander's 'return.' Plus, more behind-the-scenes burning questions answered

The 2o0th episode of NCIS easily dominated the competition in ratings last night with an episode that honored nine years of triumphs and tragedies with Gibbs and his team. But it was no small task for executive producer Gary Glasberg.

“It was really an homage to fans. I hope it works in that respect. It’s very hard to encapsulate nine seasons of television into 42 minutes and I hope that I was able to pull off even a little bit of that,” he says. “I just wanted to touch on not only the heart and pathos and history of what NCIS has accomplished but also give people a little more insight into who Gibbs is as well.”

Doing so, however, required a few tricks, a lot of thought, and many tough decisions — for example, which moments from Gibbs History to highlight. Glasberg spoke with EW today to give a little behind the scenes insight:

+ How were the “what-if” scenarios chosen?
GLASBERG: “Well, it’s hard to look back over nine seasons and pick particular moments and things that we wanted to touch on. But there was lots of discussion about the writers and the other producers of the show and we tried to hit moments that we thought were relevant to him and his life — not only  looking back but as he moves forward as well.” READ FULL STORY

ABC's 'The River' has murky premiere ratings

This is a bummer: ABC’s promising thriller The River got off to a relatively modest start in the ratings Tuesday night.

The two-hour opener averaged 7.5 million viewers and a meh 2.4 rating in the adult demo, up 4 percent from the comparable debut of Off the Map last year. Moreover, the show lost a 10th of a rating point each half hour during its run. The news is a bit surprising considering how successful ABC has otherwise been at launching new shows this season, often delivering stronger premiere ratings than expected. This isn’t a lethal number, but I think most expected (and certainly hoped for) something bigger.

ABC also aired two episodes of Last Man Standing (7.9 million, 2.4), down slightly from a few weeks ago. The second half hour featured a guest appearance by Kim Kardashian (yes, I agree, but her episode did slightly better than the first).

So what did well last night? READ FULL STORY

'NCIS' star Michael Weatherly 'strips down' tonight's 200th episode, teases the special nod to 'Tiva' -- (PG-13!) EW VIDEO

Even with 200-plus episodes down, Michael Weatherly knows there are still plenty of stories to tell on NCIS. Proof of that lies in the episode airing tonight, which takes the show to a place its never gone before — the land of “what if.”

“The 200th episode is kind of the Jimmy Stewart, It’s a Wonderful Life [episode],” he says. “It’s a treat to do 200 episodes…it’s sort of a photo album. You look at 200 episodes and it’s this collage of the last nine years of your life because you spend 80 or 90 hours a week there, which is really all [the] time [you’re] awake…and you see the haircuts and the weight gain and the aging process.”

But one thing that most definitely hasn’t changed about Weatherly — and his character Tony DiNozzo, for that matter — is his love for having a good time, which always makes his visits to EW HQ that much more fun. So when Weatherly stopped by yesterday, we couldn’t help but have a little fun with him and press him for the scoop on tonight’s episode. (Hint: There’s a very meta mention of Tiva!) Watch the video below for dish on that scene, a little stripping, and Weatherly’s vision for the next 200 episodes. (Hint No. 2: They’ve never done male nudity!) READ FULL STORY

'NCIS' casting scoop: 'Lord of the Rings' star Sean Astin joins Jamie Lee Curtis episode -- EXCLUSIVE

If you thought the wait for tomorrow’s 200th episode was excruciating, brace yourself for this.

EW has learned exclusively that Lord of the Rings star Sean Astin is set to appear alongside already announced guest star Jamie Lee Curtis in an upcoming episode of NCIS, scheduled to air in late March. Astin will, like Curtis, play a psychological operations investigator. READ FULL STORY

Ratings: Great night for 'Glee' (congrats, Finnchel?)

An excruciating month (and then some) of reruns on Fox finally came to end on Tuesday, where originals of New Girl and Glee helped the network to win the night among adults 18-49.

Though it was even with its last original five weeks ago, Glee earned a 3.0 rating/8 share in the demo, the second-highest rated show of the night behind New Girl, which posted a 3.4/8 — up 3% from its last original. The latter show featuring Zooey Deschanel not only won its half hour with the key demo, but also ruled in adults 18-34 and teens. Then again, it helped tremendously that CBS aired repeats of NCIS and NCIS: LA — two shows that traditionally kick butt in their timeslots. But hey, let Finnchel have their moment in the sun! It was a big night for the teenage lovers. READ FULL STORY

'NCIS' EP on last week's 'Tiva' moment, teases big 200th episode

The ill-timed phone call that interrupted the Tony-Ziva moment that had everyone talking about NCIS last week will result in some big consequences on tonight’s new episode. (Update: Read what happened here.)

As fans saw last week, just as Tony and Ziva were exchanging flirty glances, Ziva’s phone rang — and it was none other than her MIA beau, Ray. (Egad!) But as executive producer Gary Glasberg teases, there’s even more dramatic tension to come. “Ziva has been going through some decisions and choices, just as Tony has. With this week’s episode, Ray is going to return, and she’s going to have to face some decisions of her own and figure out exactly what’s going on with that relationship. This was an opportunity to tease that and bring it all up to the surface,” he said. READ FULL STORY

'Fringe,' 'Castle,' 'The Secret Circle,' 'The Vampire Diaries': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Happy Friday, all!

What a week it’s been. If you, like me, are suffering from this strange, post-holiday walking coma, then hopefully this week’s column puts a little skip back into your step.

Thanks to everyone who has been answering the call for questions. (Remember, no question is stupid! Unless it is. Kidding!) So keep it up!

Oh, and I just figured out how to make one of these nifty Twitter buttons! (Don’t tease — I know I’m ridiculously late to the cool button party.)



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