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Fox moves 'New Girl' and 'The Mindy Project' to Thursday for one week

Come April 2, when a new episode of New Girl is M.I.A. on your TV, don’t start thinking you’re the victim of a cruel belated April Fools joke. For just that week, Fox will air the Zooey Deschanel-led comedy on Thursday instead of in its regular Tuesday time slot, the network announced today.

The Mindy Project will also air a new episode on Thursday, April 4, though its April 2 episode will also be new (what a great week for Mindy Kaling fans – two new episodes in one week!). A rerun of New Girl will air in the show’s typical Tuesday 9 p.m. slot that week. READ FULL STORY

'Person of Interest,' 'Revenge,' 'Scandal,' 'Castle': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Afternoon, Roomies! Happy…what is today? I hate three-day weekends. (That’s a lie: I love them.)

Anyway, check out today’s offerings; I hope it’s enough to feed your inner scoop-hungry beast. Next week: PaleyFest kicks off in Los Angeles! I’m excited and you should be too. Make sure you send me all your questions for the casts of Once Upon a Time, Walking Dead, Community, Revolution, Parenthood, Arrow, and more! (Email is

Follow me for the most updates as well. @EWSandraG

'New Girl': Nick Kroll and Bill Burr to guest

Last week we learned that Nick’s mother, Bonnie, would be popping up on New Girl (hello, Margo Martindale). And this week brings news of more relatives for that same episode. EW has learned that comedian Nick Kroll (The League) will guest star as Nick’s dim-yet-passionate younger brother, an air conditioner repairman named Jamie. Meanwhile, fellow stand-up Bill Burr (Breaking Bad) will play Bobby, Nick’s loudmouthed cousin and a TSA agent at Boston’s Logan Airport who is always fighting with Jamie. READ FULL STORY

'New Girl': Emmy winner Margo Martindale to play Nick's mom -- EXCLUSIVE

You recently had a brief chance to hang out with Nick’s dad (Dennis Farina) before he slipped out the door. Now you’re about to meet a few more members of the Miller family, including his mother, who will be played by Margo Martindale of Justified fame, EW has learned. READ FULL STORY

Zooey Deschanel, 'New Girl' creator discuss the kiss, and the lack of a master plan for the show

If fans of the New Girl thought that the kiss between Jess and Nick was somewhat inevitable — given the growing, palpable rapport between actors Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson — well, now you understand why the writers of the show decided to let it happen. “I think people were seeing the chemistry growing between these characters, and at some point you want some kind of payoff,” says Deschanel. “And this was the perfect time for it.”

New Girl creator Elizabeth Meriwether says the kiss flowed organically out of a creative process that prizes improvisation and writes to the cast’s individual strengths and group dynamics. That doesn’t mean the writers room doesn’t drive the storytelling or plotting, though. For example, the Halloween episode, in which Jess dresses up a zombie Woody Allen. Says Meriwether: “I did dress up as a young, slutty Woody Allen at a Halloween party, which is where that idea came from. Whatever the opposite of getting laid was, that’s what happened that night. It was the biggest turn off to everybody.” READ FULL STORY

'Bones,' 'Criminal Minds,' 'Office,' 'New Girl,' 'Supernatural': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

I sometimes forget to stop and think about the weirdness that is the Spoiler Room photo blend. I mean, how hilarious/weird/awesome would it be if Dwight, Morgan, and Brennan were on the same show? I mean…wow.

Sorry, can you tell I just got off a Red Eye?

Anyway, enjoy your scoops below, and keep sending questions. I like questions — they give me the same feeling that I got whenever I’d get mail as a kid. That was pretty much euphoria, right?

'New Girl': Brooklyn Decker talks 'psycho'-sexual guest spot, set secrets

You might not be able to tell by the image above, but playing Strip True American isn’t all fun and games. If you ask Brooklyn Decker, that is. The supermodel-turned-star — who guest on a rambunctious new episode of New Girl tonight — admits that the show’s fan-favorite, history-themed drinking game turned perilous at times. “There were a few close calls” when she had to pile onto an unsteady ottoman with stars Jake Johnson (center) and Max Greenfield. But, she adds about the lawless game, “I feel like if you actually show blood or if you fall and get a bruise, you probably get more points in True American — so that might work to your advantage.” READ FULL STORY

Best & Worst of 2012: 10 great and 5 not-so-great episodes

EW takes you through the 10 best and 5 worst television episodes of 2012. See them all below!

The Best

1. Game of Thrones, ”Blackwater” — May 27, HBO
Season 2′s climactic Battle of the Blackwater wins because HBO allowed producers 
the time and cash to stage a ­massive land-and-sea con­frontation. Thus, this was an episode of rousing heroism, chilling cowardice, gory action, and one giant green explosion that went ”FOOOOOM!” The most ingenious part? It made us care about the warriors on both sides. Staging that battle in viewers’ hearts was the episode’s most successful wartime victory of all. –James Hibberd


InsideTV Podcast: Jake Johnson promises 'a big Nick-Jess development' on 'New Girl' in 2013

Image Credit: Greg Gayne/Fox

Image Credit: Greg Gayne/Fox

We love curmudgeonly Nick Miller on Fox’s New Girl…mostly because he’s the guy who uses words like “curmudgeonly.” But we love the guy who plays him, Jake Johnson, even more. JJ came in for a “dy-no-mite” appearance on the InsideTV Podcast to gab about all things New Girl. He spills on-the-set secrets like what went down during his big sleigh sex scene with Olivia Munn, how he was publicly embarrassed in front of the crew, and whether Nick and Jess will ever actually hook up. “There’s a big Nick-Jess development,” reveals Johnson. SAY WHAT?!? That’s right, Johnson says that in an episode they just finished filming, we will see some sort of movement on the relationship that has showed some signs of becoming more than that of mere friend and roommate. “I think something potentially could happen sooner rather than later,” says Johnson, to the delight of shippers everywhere. It’s a blast of a conversation, and you can hear it for yourself by clicking on the audio player icon below. (The New Girl Jake Johnson interview begins at 5:48.)

But first, Jessica and I give our instant reactions to the Golden Globe television nominations, which include two of the most random, hilarious nods ever…which is truly saying something for the Golden Globes. Find out which nominations have us scratching our heads in disbelief. And then we round out the podcast by chatting with the big villain of Survivor: Philippines, Abi-Maria Gomes. Abi says there was one person who was being “a royal bitch” on the island — HER! She also tells us why she was being a royal bitch, why she kept saying “Die, Denise!” after the sex therapist was bitten by a spider, and how if she and mortal enemy RC ever ended up in a Survivor cage match, “I would kill her.” Needless to say, it is a must listen interview for any Survivor fan. (The Survivor finale preview starts at 28:00 and the Abi interview begins at 35:45.) READ FULL STORY

InsideTV Podcast : Abi from 'Survivor' admits she was 'a royal bitch', but says 'I would kill her' if she faced RC in a cage match

Image Credit: CBS

Image Credit: CBS

It’s the InsideTV Podcast interview you’ve all been waiting for. Villainess Abi-Maria Gomes finally had her torch extinguished last night on Survivor: Philippines, and now she is ready to talk all about her bitchy ways on the island, as well as her epic reunion with bestie-turned-mortal-enemy RC at the Ponderosa jury house. And talk she does! Find out what we didn’t see that led to her calling Mike Skupin an “idiot” and a “moron” at Tribal Council. Learn what led to her saying, “Die, Denise!” over and over in her last few days. And hear all about her big feud with RC, which continues to this day and leads Abi to claim that “I would kill her” if they faced off in a Survivor cage match.

Best of all, Abi admits that not only was she PMSing on the island, but she is PMSing right now during out interview! Perfect! Listen in on that as well as Jessica Shaw and I making our Survivor finale predictions for who we want to win and think will win. (The Survivor conversation starts at 28:00 and the Abi interview begins at 35:45)

However, that’s not the only interview we have this week. We also welcome the hilarious and charming Jake Johnson to the podcast. Jake plays grumpy Nick Miller on New Girl and tells all about making out with Olivia Munn, getting lap dances form Max Greenfield, as well as what to expect between Nick and Jess when the show returns in 2013. Good times with Jake Johnson, everybody! Good times indeed. (The New Girl Jake Johnson interview begins at 5:48.) READ FULL STORY

Best of 2012: From 'Bachelorette' to Fox News and 'Revenge' -- The fights of the year

Whether TV’s feistiest figures were slapping each other down with words or fists, there was plenty of strife to go around this year. Below, we reminisce fondly over all the boob slapping, bare knuckle boxing, Bachelorette beatdowns, and more. READ FULL STORY

Brooklyn Decker to guest star on 'New Girl'

As if Nick, Schmidt, and Winston needed something else to fight over: Brooklyn Decker will guest star in an upcoming episode of New Girl, EW has learned. The supermodel/actress will play Holly, a patron at Nick’s bar who is specifically attracted to the brokenhearted. The three roommates compete for her by playing up their love wounds. READ FULL STORY

Best of 2012: The couples we're shipping

Shipping is a time-honored tradition when it comes to the couples that populate our televisions. Here are our favorite twosomes that we rooted for in 2012.

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev), The Vampire Diaries

In the epic ongoing battle of which Salvatore brother is worthy of Elena Gilbert, the scales seemed to finally be even after Elena became a vampire and Damon accepted her darker tendencies while boyfriend Stefan (Paul Wesley) wanted to “fix her.” After breaking up with Stefan, Elena had sex with Damon in the Nov. 29 episode — but wait! Stefan thinks Elena has a rare sire bond to Damon, whose blood made her a vampire, and that’s why her feelings for him intensified — out of obligation, not love. And so the triangle continues…


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