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Popples are getting their own original Netflix series

Bubbles, Sunny, Lulu, Izzy, and Yikes are getting their own Netflix series.

Netflix announced on Wednesday Popples, a new original series for kids that brings to life the brightly colored, fluffy toy creatures popular in the 1980s.

Produced by Saban Brands with ZAG Entertainment exclusively for the streaming site, the 26 half-hour episodes will be available beginning in late 2015. The show follows the adventures of the five Best Popple Pals in the “colorful world of Popplopolis.” Despite the fact that they have good intentions, they often find themselves coming up with crazy methods to escape the “mayhem” they’ve caused.

“We look forward to debuting this new Popples series to children around the world,” said Haim Saban, Chairman and CEO of Saban Capital Group and founder of Saban Brands, in a statement to EW. “Netflix continues to be a great strategic partner, delivering compelling content that kids can enjoy anywhere and everywhere. With the global reach of Netflix, we know Popples will reach a whole new generation of kids that will love it as much as their parents.”

Popples, which were originally introduced in 1985, were previously brought to the screen with a Saturday morning cartoon that aired from 1986 to 1987.

New ABC special dares to rank all-time best 'Schoolhouse Rock' songs

Just in time for the school year, ABC will celebrate groovy and educational jams with The ABC’s of Schoolhouse Rock on Sunday, Sept. 7 at 7 p.m.

The Chandra Wilson-hosted special will feature interviews with the creators and writers of the Emmy-winning series. More importantly, it will seek to settle the age-old debate: Which is the best Schoolhouse Rock song of all time? Look, we all know the list is going to include “I’m Just a Bill,”  “Conjunction Junction,” and maybe even “Interplanet Janet”—but I’m telling you, people, if “Sufferin’ till Suffrage” does not make the top five, there is no justice. READ FULL STORY

Modernized 'Magic School Bus' coming to Netflix

Step inside for another wild ride: Magic School Bus is back.

EW has confirmed that the beloved science education children’s program, which was based on Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen’s book series and originally premiered in 1994, is being rebooted on Netflix. (Currently, kids can stream the original version on Netflix as well.)

Netflix acquired worldwide streaming for 26 half-hour episodes of the new program, The Magic School Bus 360°, which will use computer-generated animation. The new version will include a modernized teacher, Ms. Frizzle (voiced by Lily Tomlin in the original show), who will take her class on flying trips on an updated, high-tech bus. The young scientists will also use newer scientific tools. (Remember: In the original, there is an episode all about floppy discs.) READ FULL STORY

'Roswell' reunites at ATX Television Festival

Earth to Roswell fans: The ATX Television Festival is staging a 15-year anniversary reunion with stars Shiri Appleby, Nick Wechsler, Brendan Fehr, and Roswell creator Jason Katims this June.

The sci-fi show first premiered back in October 1999 on The WB and ran for three seasons (the last on airing on the UPN) before getting canceled due to poor ratings in 2002. The people who did watch the show really watched it, though — fans even sent The WB loads of Tabasco sauce (what the show’s aliens liked to snack on) in an attempt to convince the network to keep the show on during its first season.


Bob Newhart picks up the phone to talk about his first classic sitcom -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Forty-two years after its premiere, The Bob Newhart Show continues to matter. Based on Newhart’s buttoned-up comic sensibility — yes, before making Johnny Carson roar with laughter, Newhart had been an accountant — The Bob Newhart Show was the story of a Chicago psychologist, Bob Hartley; his lovely wife Emily (Suzanne Pleshette); and the oddball characters that lived in their building and visited his office. With its simple, straightforward premise — low-concept, even — the show became the template for subsequent comic-driven sitcoms, good and bad.

For six seasons, The Bob Newhart Show ran as part of CBS’s juggernaut Saturday-night lineup, which also featured All in the Family and Mary Tyler Moore. The series never quite reached the ratings its time-slot neighbors did, and it was never recognized for even one Emmy Award. Still, Newhart’s brand of humor, epitomized by his deadpan, one-sided phone conversations, which always veered into zany territory, made its mark. Its spirit was resurrected in Newhart, the actor’s second successful sitcom, which in turn honored its predecessor with the most famous series finale in sitcom history. READ FULL STORY

Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth reunite for new ABC Family comedy -- VIDEO

Move over, Cohle and Hart — Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling are the real True Detectives.

Okay, maybe not. But the former Beverly Hills, 90210 stars are playing TV detectives turned real-life sleuths in an upcoming ABC Family series, Mystery Girls. A new teaser for the comedy shows the two tackling a man, who turns out to be innocent, and Spelling claiming that when it comes to crime solving, they’re just a little “rusty.” Check out the promo for the show, which premieres June 25, below:


'Girl Meets World': Another 'Boy Meets World' alum set to return

Guess who’s coming back from the “other side of the school”?

EW has confirmed that Boy Meets World character Stuart Minkus — played by Lee Norris — will return for an episode of Girl Meets World. E! first reported the reunion and has a photo of him in character visiting Cory Matthews’s (Ben Savage) new classroom.

“I’ve had a great time being back on set with some of my old friends,” Norris said in a statement exclusively to E! News. “It still amazes me how many people love and remember Minkus, and I’m excited for the fans to catch up with him after all these years.”

As fans likely remember, Minkus was a nerdy classmate of Cory, Shawn, and Topanga’s who appeared in the early days of Boy Meets World. He disappeared for a few years before finally showing up again in the high school graduation episode, explaining that during his long absence he was merely hanging out on “the other side of the school.”

Girl Meets World, which has already been ordered for 21 episodes, is expected to debut on the Disney Channel sometime in 2014.

'Boy Meets World': The true story of Shawn's 'sister' -- EXCLUSIVE


As the name implies, Boy Meets World focused on the story of one specific kid’s coming of age: Ben Savage’s Cory Matthews. But the beloved TGIF sitcom wouldn’t have had half its power without the titular boy’s two closest compatriots — his best friend Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong) and his true love Topanga Lawrence (Danielle Fishel).

Of course, there was a time before the series had its core trio firmly established. According to Strong, BMW in its early days was determined to find two male best friends for its protagonist — which is why several season 1 installments feature Cory and Shawn hanging out with a third kid who subsequently disappears into the ether. Strong says that after one of those third wheels was let go from the show, he was even given all of the other kid’s lines — which explains why in the season 1 episode “Cory’s Alternative Friends,” Shawn says he has a sister named Stacy. (Nobody ever mentions Stacy again.)

See Strong and his costar Will Friedle reminisce about the show’s casting process in the following exclusive clip, an excerpt from Boy Meets World: The Complete Collection. The 22-disc set hits stores today.


'Queer Eye' 10 years later: The Fab Five's 'Make-better' legacy

When Queer Eye for the Straight Guy premiered in 2003, it was an instant hit. With the premise of five openly gay style experts hijacking a schlubby straight dude to give his lifestyle a reboot, the show was as entertaining as it was helpful. What wasn’t there to like about Ted, Carson, Thom, Kyan, and Jai? They were funny, they had chemistry, and they gave straight women everywhere the hope that their cavemen could be transformed using a few “hip tips.”

But Queer Eye was more than just a fun show — it was also ground-breaking. So, when the Fab Five sit down with Bravo’s Andy Cohen for the show’s 10-year reunion tonight, in addition to celebrating the fabulousness of Queer Eye, it’s also a chance to examine how this little makeover show ended up making over the mainstream media’s representation of gay men.

For the Fab Five, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (the titled was shortened to Queer Eye after season 3), was just another gig, not a vehicle for social change. “That was sort of the least, the last thing on my mind,” said grooming guru Kyan Douglas. “I think I was nervous about being on TV because I had never done that before. I think I was nervous about how this show would be received because we had five openly gay cast members that were not playing characters — that were being themselves. We were just real-life dudes that were on TV.”

“I don’t think any of us involved in the show realized the impact it would have when we were doing it,” said fashion savant Carson Kressley. “All I wanted to do was get rid of mullets and pleated khakis.” He added, “We never had a political agenda.”

EW interviewed a number of media experts and LBGT educators to find out whether they think the Bravo series had a social impact beyond the sartorial advice and fun catchphrases.  READ FULL STORY

'Boy Meets World' at ATX Fest: 'None of these kids ever went on to knock off a liquor store!'

The ATX Television Festival (Season 2!) kicked off in earnest Friday in Austin, TX with the first-ever official reunion of the Boy Meets World cast. The show, anchored by the endearingly ordinary trio of teenage stars Ben Savage (Cory), Rider Strong (Shawn), and Danielle Fishel (Topanga!) — went off the air in 2000 after seven years of TGIF programming.

Savage, Strong, Matthew Lawrence (Jack), Betsy Randle (the Mom!), Trina McGee (Angela), Maitland Ward (Rachel), and Lily Nicksay (Morgan #1) gathered with creator Michael Jacobs in the green room before greeting a sold-out theater of 300 fans who were watching the series finale. Jacobs told EW that the pilot for the reboot Girl Meets World, which will focus on Cory and Topanga and their 13-year-old daughter, has been shot and is awaiting pick-up from Disney. Strong is not in the pilot, though like all of the Boy cast members he’s been invited to participate in future episodes. Everyone’s beloved Mr. Feeny will appear—”interestingly,” Jacobs said coyly—in the pilot. And Randle says she expects to pop up on an episode every now and then with William Russ, who played her on-screen husband. “Surely we’ll show up for a Thanksgiving episode!” she said.


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