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'One Tree Hill' exclusive: Meet Haley's sister!

Shantel-VanSanten_l One Tree Hill‘s post Peyton-Lucas makeover continues: Sources confirm to me exclusively that relative newcomer Shantel VanSanten has been tapped to play the series regular role of Quinn, one of Haley’s free-spirited older sisters. The character comes to Tree Hill with a wounded heart and in search of someone new to shag something new.

VanSanten, who will be seen in the upcoming Final Destination reboot, joins fellow Tree Hill virgin Robert Buckley as the newest additions to the show’s cast. The Lipstick Jungle hottie is playing Nathan’s sports agent.


CW sked update: 'Gossip Girl,' 'Tree Hill' swap!

Gossip-girl-one-tree-hill-2_l The CW has announced its fall premiere dates and here are the two big headlines: The season kicks off Sept. 8 with 90210/Melrose, and Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill are swapping timeslots. The complete rollout is as follows:

Tuesday, Sept. 8
8:00-9:00 p.m.               90210 (Season Premiere)
9:00-10:00 p.m.             Melrose Place (Series Premiere)

Wednesday, Sept. 9
8:00-10:00 p.m.             America’s Next Top Model (2-Hour Season Premiere)

Thursday, Sept. 10
8:00-9:00 p.m.               The Vampire Diaires (Series Premiere)
9:00-10:00 p.m.             Supernatural (Season Premiere)

Monday, Sept. 14
8:00-9:00 p.m.               One Tree Hill (Season Premiere)
9:00-10:00 p.m.             Gossip Girl (Season Premiere)

Wednesday, Sept. 16
8:00-9:00 p.m.               America’s Next Top Model
9:00-10:00 p.m.             The Beautiful Life (Series Premiere)

Friday, Sept. 25
8:00-9:00 p.m.               Smallville (Season Premiere)
9:00-10:00 p.m.             America’s Next Top Model (Encore Episodes)

Scoop: 'Ghost Whisperer,' 'Tree Hill' do time warp (again)

One-tree-hill-whsiperer_l Okay, TV’s time jumping trend is officially Out. Of. Control.

A Ghost Whisperer insider confirms that producers of the CBS drama are toying with the idea of kicking the new season off five years into the future. The move would allow the show to introduce Jim and Melinda’s son as a pre-schooler instead of as a newborn.

As you’ll recall, the season ended with Melinda learning that her offspring would possess psychic powers even greater than her own. Probably a tough story to do with a burping, teething toddler.

Meanwhile, One Tree Hill — which famously leaped ahead four years at the start of season 5 — is mulling another flash forward at the onset of season 7 this fall. But this one’s not nearly as drastic; a OTH source says the action would likely pick up just one year later.


Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Lost,' 'The Closer,' 'Weeds,' 'True Blood,' 'Burn Notice,' 'Fringe,' and more!

Claire-lost_l Question: I miss Claire on Lost. Emilie de Ravin is such a great actress. Will she be back for all of next season? –Kelly
Yes! After sitting out last season, de Ravin will return as a full-time series regular for Lost‘s sixth and final season, Team Darlton confirms. “Damon and I are very excited to bring Claire back to the show,” says Carlton Cuse, “and even more excited for people to experience just how she will return.” And even more exciting than that? Experiencing Doc Jensen’s theory on how she’ll return. Take it away, DJ:

“Any scenario that brings Claire back to Lost must address the mysterious circumstances of her disappearance at the end of season 4, in which many of us were led to believe that she was as dead — or rather, undead — as the Ghost Christian that’s been haunting The Island since season 1. So here’s one thought: Juliet changed time in the season finale by detonating Jughead, and season 6 will tell the story of the new timeline, one in which Claire is alive. Another thought: In light of the revelation that John Locke was actually a supernatural impostor for half of season 5, perhaps in season 6, we’ll get a storyline in which Claire just emerges out of the jungle, with no memory of what happened to her — just like season 1 — and we and the castaways will be left to wonder: Is this the real Claire or another impostor infiltrating them a la Locke? Heck, maybe that’s going to be the major idea of next season: Who’s really alive and who’s really (un)dead? It really will be the fabled zombie season of Lost!” Thanks  a million, Doc!

Question: What’s the deal with Louise Lombard’s exit from NCIS: Los Angeles? I thought she was great. Are they recasting the character, or making a new one entirely? –Amy
That’s TBD. My guess? They’ll introduce a new character. And as far as why Lombard got the boot, I hear Macy didn’t test well with viewers.

Question: What’s this I’m hearing about an Aushole meet-and-greet at Comic-Con next month? –Diego
I can confirm that something is in the works. More details to come on Twitter!

Question: I must confess, I’m kind of loving the idea of Brian Austin Green on One Tree Hill. –Jules
Well, I hope you don’t love it too much, because I’m hearing the deal may be unraveling. Word is Green’s reps got spooked by the negative spin some bloggers were putting on their client doing OTH. As a result, they may be getting cold feet. Personally, I can’t see Green walking away from a gig that could potentially fetch him north of $1.5 million. Of course, that’s the same figure Chad Michael Murray said no to, so who knows? In their defense, $75K a week — after taxes and agency fees — does not go very far these days. I know that more than anyone

Question: The forums over at are reporting that ABC may not have submitted Pushing Daisies leads Lee Pace and Anna Friel for Emmy consideration. Is this true? –Mindy
It’s true that Pace and Friel are not in the running for an Emmy this year, but don’t blame ABC. The actors — or their reps — are responsible for submitting themselves, not the networks or studios. Not sure why they chose to sit this one out. It’s certainly perplexing. 

Question: Can you please give us some Burn Notice spoilers — preferably about Michael and Fiona’s relationship? –Jessica
I have a hunch Fi is going to need Michael more than ever in light of this exclusive casting scoop: Lipstick Jungle hottie Paul Blackthorne has been tapped to play Thomas O’Neill, an Irishman who arrives in Miami with a longtime grudge against Fiona. He shows up towards the end of the season 3, which debuts tomorrow! BTW, Jeffrey Donovan is dropping by tomorrow for an ATV Q&A, so send those Qs to ASAP.

Question: I see Michael Rady from Greek is on the new Melrose Place. Does this mean Max is leaving? Hope so. He’s too geeky for Casey. –Jessica
That question will be answered in Greek‘s June 15 season finale.

Question: Is it true that Fringe will be adding a new cast member next season? –Izebel
Yes, ’tis true. Producers are currently casting a new female agent to replace Kirk Acevedo’s Charlie. The character is described as brash, outspoken, quick-witted, and capable, and possesses a “deep core belief” in the wonders of the universe. Translation: She’s a Mulder.

Question: Please give us fang bangers some True Blood scoop. I cannot wait for season 2. Will some of it take place in Dallas like the second book did? –Jessie
Yep. In the new season’s fourth episode, Sookie, Bill, and their adoptive vamp Jessica (played by the awesome Deborah Ann Woll) wing it to Dallas, but there’s a surprise waiting for them at the airport. Later in the episode, an even bigger shock awaits Sookie when a, ahem, special visitor drops by her hotel room. 

Question: Not that I don’t appreciate the awesome True Blood scoop we got last week, it’s just that I need, really need, scoop on Sookie/Eric. Is anything gonna happen between them? –Sofia
Something happens in the first four episodes that may lead one to believe Eric has eyes for someone else (hint: it’s a dude!). But maybe I’m reading too much into it.

Question: Any news on The Closer? –Debra
Big news: Someone’s leaving the show! Kyra Sedgwick reveals that “a change in the squad” will come early into the new season (debuting June 8). “We lose a squad member,” she says. “It’ll be quick and painless, and it’ll be soon.” The departure is fitting given the overarching theme of the season: change. “The first and most obvious change is [Brenda’s] married,” Sedgwick says. “Which is a big thing. How do you live as an individual you defined yourself as and thought of yourself as and now you’re attached to this other person? That’s a big change for her.” Also, Brenda’s beloved cat falls ill, Provenza gets a girlfriend, and, as I previously reported, Mary McDonnell joins the cast for an arc as an internal affairs officer. “She’s the complete opposite of me; we’re at odds,” Sedgwick says. “Brenda’s always had antagonists who are men, so it’ll be great to have an antagonist who’s a woman.”

Question: Weeds hasn’t been good since Nancy torched Agrestic. Any chance that this season will be worth watching? –Meaghan
I handed your question off EW to intern/Weeds addict Jeremy Medina, who just watched the first three episodes of the new season (premiering June 8). Here’s what he said: “Hi Meaghan! I agree, last season was easily the series’ worst — up until the finale shocker that revealed Nancy’s pregnancy. The new season starts off with the fallout from that announcement. Her family is pissed. Even Andy, who loves her. Nancy basically acknowledges she’s a terrible human being, but then proceeds to act like even more of one. She dumps Shane off to live with her volatile sister (Jennifer Jason Leigh) because he isn’t safe at home. She even purposely gets drunk to antagonize her Mexican drug lord boyfriend, simply because it’s the last card she can play in her epic power struggle. What will continue to make the season worth watching is to see if Nancy can win back a shred of dignity. She needs to have some sort of redemptive arc to make the show compelling again. Whether that will actually happen remains to be seen.”

Question: Any scoop on how Jim and Pam will adjust to parenthood on The Office? –Dave
First we need confirmation that she is, in fact, pregnant. I mean, that’s how I interpreted that scene in the season finale, but Ed Helms has me wondering if there’s a bait and switch at play. “I don’t know exactly what’s going on there,” he told us over the weekend at the MTV Movie Awards. “There was an ambiguous hospital scene; that’s about all I know.” Translation: She’s pregnant. 

Question: Is The Unit really gone? Say it ain’t so! –Elise
It’s so. Sorry.

Question: Any scoop on Mariska and Chris’ contract negotiations? Are they still going to be on SVU next season? –Kae
Still no official deal, but things are looking good.

Question: The season finale of Law & Order: SVU was extremely disappointing! We were all led to believe that a “major” character was going to die. I’d even read/heard it was going to be someone in the opening credits. Then it turns out to be the guy in the lab? It was so misleading! –Jill
Don’t go pointing fingers at me. I strongly hinted back in April that reports of a major SVU death were greatly exaggerated. [Beat] You’re still pointing at me. [Beat] Stop.

Question: Did your rec
ent blind item have anything to do with Lauren Graham or Kristen Bell? –Elle
No, but the actress in question shares a first initial with one of them.

That’s a wrap! Send questions/comments/anonymous tips to
. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Jennifer Armstrong and Jenny Sundel)

P.S. Apologies if you’re having difficulty leaving comments. We recently installed some new software and there have been a few glitches. Our tech wizards are working on fixing the problem. Thanks for your patience.

'One Tree Hill' exclusive: Brian Austin Green got game?

Brian-Austin-Green-Hill_lOne Tree Hill may’ve hatched the perfect plan to get viewers over the loss of Chad Michael Murray: Hire an actor with three names more famous than his!

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Brian Austin Green is in advanced talks to join the cast next season as a series regular. “They’re ironing out a few issues,” notes a Tree Hill insider, “but it’s pretty much a done deal.”

Who is Green playing and what does it mean for Nathan (James Laferty)? Keep reading and find out!

The 90120 Sarah Connor Chronicles star would play Nathan’s Jerry Maguire-esque sports agent, Clayton. 

As you know, Green had a starring role in The CW pilot Body Politic. When that show failed to snag a spot on the fall schedule, network brass approached him with the Tree Hill gig.

Clayton is one of three new characters OTH will be introducing in its seventh season. Still to be cast are the roles of Haley’s older sister and a model-actress Brooke hires to be the new face of her clothing line.

Okay, Tree huggers, this is your first glimpse of OTH 2.0. Do you like what you see? Sound off below!

EXCLUSIVE Hilarie Burton on 'Tree Hill' exit: 'It wasn't a rash decision'

Hilarieburton2_lDid you hear? After six years of angst, heartache, and more angst, Hilarie Burton will make her final appearance as Lucas-lovin’ music mogul Peyton Sawyer on Monday’s season finale of One Tree Hill. (Her leading man, Chad Michael Murray, will bid farewell in the same episode.) On the eve of her swan song, the onetime TRL hostess is setting the record straight about the reason behind her departure, the "hurtful" rumors that precipitated it, and a certain video that left many of her fans going, "Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Ms. Hilarie?" (Warning: Potential spoilers about Monday’s finale below.)

There are a lot of rumors flying about why you’re leaving. What’s the truth?
There really wasn’t a lot of turmoil. It was a fabulous six-year run, which is how long my contract was for, and I feel really lucky to have been a part of the show. So when I hear that there’s turmoil or negotiations based on money it kind of hurts my feelings, because it’s not what’s been going on at all. I think my fan base in particular knows that money isn’t necessarily a big motivator for me, that’s why I work in the world of independent film.

How long have you known that you were leaving?
I’ve known for a little while. For me, it was definitely an
emotional decision. And a professional decision as well. I got really,
really lucky. One Tree Hill was my very first television audition; it
was a fairytale. I feel really lucky to have that level of success
right out of the gate.

Just so I’m clear, it was your decision to leave, not the other way around?
I think everyone was kind of agreeable about the situation.
There were a lot of really wonderful conversations. It wasn’t a rash
decision; a lot of thought, emotion, and kindness was put into it. I
would hope that that‘s the story that gets out — that it was a bunch
of adults being good to each other and being kind about the
decision-making process.

Did The Powers That Be make a concerted effort to get you to re-sign?
The conversations that they had with me were very compassionate
and very sweet. They told me that they valued me, and that meant a lot.
And they also wanted me to be happy and challenged and excited. There
was some confusion for a little bit as to what was going on, but
I think everybody’s in a good place now.

Talk to me about the video message you made for your fans back in
February. It seemed like you were maybe saying good-bye. What
point were you trying to get across?
The purpose of that video was to dispel the rumors that were
being circulated. I was on your end of it for a very long time when I
worked at MTV, and I understand how the rumor mill works. Everybody
wants a sensational story. People even back then were blaming it on
money, and [on me] being high maintenance… Those rumors were really
hurtful. Of anybody on the show, I was the one who was very excited
about doing all the extracurricular stuff — the mall tours, the radio
tours, going to the upfronts…  I loved my involvement with this show,
and I really just wanted my fan base to know that I wasn’t turning my
nose up at this wonderful opportunity I’ve had for the last six years.
There’s an ugly trend where actors think they’ve surpassed the
show that made them or the film that made them and badmouth it. I will
never say a bad word about One Tree Hill. The entire shape of my
world changed because of that show, so I’ll always be very affectionate
toward it.

Have you spoken to Chad recently?
I was in L.A. last week and we talked. Chad and I are good
friends. I won’t speak for him, but it was not a rash decision on
either of our parts. He’s very compassionate toward the show and the
fans. It’s not an easy decision, but we’ve got to be grown-ups
sometimes. [CMM’s rep declined my interview request, saying, "Chad
is no longer on the show and has no comment regarding the new season."]

What was your last day on the set like?
We wrapped together. We were the last two in the last scene,
and we opened up a tab across the street for our crew to say thank you
and cried a bunch.

Lucas and Peyton don’t really get an official sendoff next week. Is that disappointing?
It’s like when you leave for college but you know your parents
still have your bedroom set up. You never know if you’re going to have
to come home… I got really lucky with my character; I got a
full-circle story. It was, "Lucas and Peyton: Are they going to be
together? Are they not going to be together?" And as we saw in this
week’s episode, my character got everything she ever wanted.

Might you make the occasional guest appearance?
Never say never. They didn’t kill us. There’s nothing vengeful
about it, and I think that’s because as much as we
love them, they love us back.

What are you going to do now?
One Tree Hill was a great learning opportunity for me, and I’m
excited to go and apply that elsewhere and see where I end up. I’m
hoping the fans support whatever my next endeavor is. I’m actually
curious what they want me to do… On the blog that I have for my
production company, we’re producing a web series that we’re going to
start shooting on Memorial Day. We’ve also got a television show that we’re
turning into a graphic novel, and we’ve got a film we’re raising money
for. I’m busy. And I’m keeping my business down in North Carolina. I’m
still going to be in the neighborhood; it’ll just be in a different

Last question, and it’s a biggie: What happens to Peyton’s record company?
Who knows? Maybe she’ll take it with her. I get to be a fan
of the show now, which is cool. I get to sit back and be a fan. I’m personally very
excited to see where it goes. I understand they’re introducing some new
characters… I have no doubt they will come up with something to reinvent
the show yet again.

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'The Office,' '24,' 'HIMYM,' '90210,' 'Gossip Girl,' 'Psych,' 'One Tree Hill,' and more!

Question: Anything new about The Office finale? –Cindy
The twist ending I’ve been telling you about? Not a single
one of you has come close to guessing what it is.

Question: As the finales air, you should update your Season Finale Scorecard! –Matt
What a great idea. Wish I had thought of that. (Man, I can be a pissy bitch sometimes.)

Question: Just watched the Lost finale and WTFJULIET?! –Margaret
No comment.

Question: News on Tony and the 24 finale? –Aaron
One of the slots in my Season Finale Scorecard is reserved
just for him. Can you guess which one? Speaking of Tony, the evil douche was the topic of conversation at Tuesday’s finale screening in Hollywood.
Kiefer Sutherland admitted that Carlos Bernard wasn’t expecting fans to
hold him personally accountable for his character’s actions. "Two
episodes in he started getting hate mail," he said. "Then he started
getting the hate phone calls. It made him a little nervous." For his
part, Bernard views Tony as a victim. "I don’t perceive Tony as evil.
He’s gone through really traumatic events. He’s a damaged individual.
He’s a guy who doesn’t trust anybody anymore, feels abandoned and feels
he has to take matters into his own hands." Exec producer Jon Cassar urges viewers to reserve judgment until after Monday’s finale.
"I know right now they are kind of upset that he’s bad, but it all kind
of becomes clear in episode 24. We really wanted [the season] to end
with Tony and Jack, and that’s how it’s going to end." Fellow e.p.
Howard Gordon was slightly less apologetic. "If people are disappointed
or don’t like [how Tony’s arc is resolved], too bad." (Make that a lot less apologetic.)

Question: Do you know if Janeane Garofalo will be back on 24 next season? I’m kind of digging Janis. –Jason
Sorry to disappoint, but Janis will not be making the trek to New York. "I think the secret of this show is knowing when characters have had their story," explains exec producer Howard Gordon. "And to transpose everybody [from D.C. to New York] starts feeling very coincidental. Even getting Chloe there … you have to explain how she got from Washington to New York and what happened. You can’t do that for everybody."

Question: Any scoop on the 24 finale? –Kristen

"Renee is all over the place in these last two episodes," reveals Annie
Wersching. "I got to do my favorite stunt [of the season] — and they
let me do it myself. It involves hanging off of a car and shooting and
saving someone. It was really cool."

Question: Any scoops on Ugly Betty‘s season finale? –Thiago
Betty makes out with someone, and his name is neither Matt nor Henry. Guesses? Head to the comments section and … eh, forget it. It’s Antonio Sabato Jr.

Question: How about you give Psych some love this week. –Darren
It would be my honor. The Princess Bride‘s Cary Elwes has closed a deal to guest star in a season 4 episode as Pierre Despereaux, a world-class art thief who’s been eluding capture for years. 

Question: What does the future hold for Annie and Liam on 90210? –Stephanie
Based on the finale, a straitjacket and an STD, respectively.

Question: What’s the latest on Chuck‘s renewal? –Dave
Warner Bros. and NBC are haggling over money. Shocking, I know. If a deal can be worked out — and I have every reason to believe it can (and will) be — it’ll be back for a 13-episode third season. BTW, renewal and cancellation scoop is best served instantaneously, so now would be a good time to start following me on Twitter. I’m just sayin’. 

Question: Please tell me CBS is picking up the NCIS spin-off. I liked it a lot, but leaving a cliffhanger like that for a show that hasn’t officially been picked up is cruel! –Angel
CBS is picking up the NCIS spin-off. Feel better?

Question: Any news about the new season of Entourage? –Bob
Lloyd’s out … as Ari’s punching bag. Producers are auditioning twentysomething actors to play Ari’s new assistant on a recurring basis next season. My guess? Lloyd finally gets promoted to agent. Or, even better, he takes a job at another agency and becomes Ari’s rival!

Question: Could you please give us some juicy scoop on the Gossip Girl finale? It would really make my day. –Kari
One of the cliffhangers involves Georgina … and Dan, and another Blair and Chuck. Actually, the latter is less a cliffhanger and more a itisaboutfreakingtime. (Real word. No lie. Look it up if you don’t believe me!) 

Question: Bummed about Chad and Hilarie leaving One Tree Hill. At least tell me Lucas and Peyton get a proper sendoff in Monday’s finale. –Tracey
According to EW’s Jennifer Armstrong, who screened the finale yesterday, Leyton "definitely comes to a natural resting place that feels right for them and ties up their story nicely; however, they do not get an actual sendoff of any kind." Speaking of Chad and Hilarie’s exit, in the very near future I’ll be posting something every Tree Hill fan will want to read. Trust me.

Question: Give me something about the One Tree Hill finale! –Christy
What else you got, Armstrong? "Brooke finally gets two things she’s long wanted, we find out the fate of Peyton and the baby, and Whitey (the retired HS basketball coach) and Karen (Lucas’ mom, played by Moira Kelly) appear." Thanks for ID’ing those last two JA, ’cause I wouldn’t have had a clue who you were talking about. Still don’t, in fact. 

Question: Give us scoop on the new characters that will be joining One Tree Hill next season. –Janelle
The three new faces include: Quinn, Haley’s free-spirited, strong-willed older sister; Alexis, a model-actress-crazy bitch in her 20s who Brooke hires to be the new face of her clothing line; and Clayton, a young and brash sports agent who takes on Nathan as a client.

Question: Got any scoop on this Friday’s Ghost Whisperer season finale? –Amanda
Melinda gives birth in the opening minutes, but there’s a twist. (Hint: The new arrival will not be mentioned in my Season Finale Scorecard for a reason.)

Question: The slap bet between Barney and Marshall is one of my favorite storylines on HIMYM. Any chance they will hit us up in the finale? –Sarah
There will be lots of smacking, but not between those two. In related news …

Question: Are we going to see that freaking goat next week on How I Met Your Mother? –John
Yes! "We’re going to learn all about the goat in the season finale," confirms Neil Patrick Harris. "I can’t wait to hear the audience reaction. My only concern is a PETA backlash … [But] no goats were harmed in the making of this TV show." Ted on the other hand …

Question: I hear something big will happen Monday on How I Met Your Mother with regard to the identity of the mother. Will we finally find out who she is? –Stephen
We won’t find out who she is, but we will find out where she is.

Question: I know you said to stop bugging you about the Smallville death, but is there anything you can tell us about the finale? –Kate
Yeah, come straight here after it’s over (on the West Coast).

Question: Please tell me that Dave doesn’t kill MJ on Desperate Housewives. I don’t know if I could handle that. –Alisa
You see, that’s where you and I differ. I’d be perfectly happy with one less brat kid on that show. Here’s what I’ll say about Mike and Susan’s brat son in Sunday’s episode: I can confirm that the finale includes a cemetery scene. And I can also confirm that brat MJ is in it.

Question: It would make my day extra Smurfy if you could tell me who’s coming back to Desperate Housewives, and if he/she will be back next season. –Jennifer
No one is coming back. That idea, first teased by Marc Cherry last month at PaleyFest ’09, has been scrapped. There’s more to the story, but I’m saving it for my memoirs, due out in 2022 by Penguin ($39.99).

Question: You Twittered that tomorrow’s Prison Break finale brings the show to a satisfying conclusion. My question to you: Will it be satisfying to Michael and Sara fans? –Dina
I know a trick question when I see it. Nice try, Dina.

Question: Will diehard Barney-Robin fans be satisfied with the How I Met Your Mother finale? –Andree
They’ll be ecstatic… hey, you tricked me! No fair!

Question: Do you have any information on the new Melrose Place? –Jeff
Only that the opening sequence is apparently a jaw-dropper — and so top-secret members of the show’s own writing staff haven’t seen it.

That’s a wrap! Send questions/anonymous tips/summer vacation tips to Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Jennifer Armstrong, Michelle Castillo and Dan Snierson)

Exclusive: Murray, Burton exit 'One Tree Hill'

It looks like One Tree Hill newlyweds Peyton and Lucas are about to embark on a permanent honeymoon.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton, whose characters tied the knot in last night’s penultimate episode, will not be returning for the show’s seventh season next fall. The CW is expected to formally announce their departures next Thursday at its upfront presentation. 

Murray and Burton have been engaged in rather high-profile contract negotiations for the past several months. Ultimately, a deal couldn’t be worked out and both actors will make their final appearances in next Monday’s season finale.

To fill the void next season, a Hill insider tells me that three new characters will be introduced, including an older sister for Haley, a sports agent who reps Nathan, and an actress-diva-model that Brooke hires to be the new face of her clothing line. Additionally, Austin Nichols (Julian) is being promoted to a series regular.

What say you, Tree Hill fans? Pumped for OTH 2.0? Too upset to even think about it? Let loose in the comments section. And remember: Don’t shoot the messenger. The messenger is good. And a handsome devil to boot.

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'NCIS,' 'House,' 'Grey's,' 'Numb3rs,' 'Fringe,' 'Melrose Place,' and more!

Askausiellohouse_l Question: Seems like forever since Gibbs had a love interest on NCIS. Any scoop about that please? –Maya
There’s a chance he’ll see some action later this month when he travels out west to meet the crew of the NCIS spin-off. As exec producer Shane Brennan tells me, sparks will fly between Gibbs and Louise Lombard’s character, Lara. "Gibbs and [Lara] have some past history that goes back a long, long way," he teases. "And quite clearly, Gibbs is not very keen to actually fly to Los Angeles and work with her — particularly when she’s given the lead on the case." Brennan adds that it’s not immediately clear whether the baggage they share is romantic in nature, "but it is resolved over the two-part episode. The audience will find out exactly what it is, and I can guarantee no one is going to guess what the connection is."

Question: You said that there would be some major Tony-Ziva action coming up on NCIS, but, so far, nada! What gives? –Shoshana
Exec producer Shane Brennan clearly stated last month that the "Tiva" rollercoaster wouldn’t leave the station until the April 28 episode, so I think what gives is you’re losing your mind.

Question: Any idea how the new Melrose Place will explain what the hell happened to Sydney? If she didn’t go six feet under, where did she go? –Dave
I’ve got two words for you: Women’s. Prison.

Question: Kutner’s death on House didn’t quite shock me, but it did have an emotional punch. My question: Does his death mean we won’t be seeing Amber this season? –Shane
You’ll definitely be seeing Amber this season, the only question is when. Hey, check out the tantalizing teaser Fox just sent out for the April 27 episode: "House’s lack of sleep starts to play tricks on his mind, but he finds insomnia may be a gift instead of a burden." Hmmm…..

Question: Can you please give us a hint about the twist that follows Cameron and Chase’s forthcoming breakup on House? –Ronnie
It involves a piece of luggage belonging to Chase. (And contrary to speculation, he’s not being deported.)

Question: I’m not so much interested in the twist surrounding Chase and Cameron’s split as I am about the reason for the split in the first place. Spill! –Kelly
All I’ll say is there’s some major foreshadowing in the promo for next week’s episode.

Question: is hosting a "Save Chuck" rally. You might want to pass it along to your Ausholes. –Adam
Ausholes. Rally. Rally. Ausholes. Take a few minutes to get acquainted.

Question: Got anything on Desperate Housewives? — Cyndi
Orson must’ve contracted one of those contagious strains of kleptomania, ’cause I’m getting some fuzzy intel that Bree is about to participate in a burglary.

Question: I think it’s time for an update on T.R. Knight’s efforts to flee Grey’s Anatomy. Will he get his wish by the end of the season? –Amy
It certainly sounds like Shonda Rhimes is setting the stage for his departure. A Grey’s insider is now confirming what I previously predicted: George will not only (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT) march off to war, but he’ll be wounded (perhaps mortally) in the line of duty by season’s end.

Question: I went ahead and tallied up the votes in the comments section of last week’s Ask Ausiello and an overwhelming majority of your readers want to know who’s getting married in the 100th episode of Grey’s Anatomy. What are you waiting for? Spoil it! — Craig
I’ll do you one better: I’ll drop a clue into my Twitter feed in the next few days. That is better, right?

Question: I loved Ari Graynor in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, and I’m loving her now on Fringe as Olivia’s sister. Is she in for the rest of the season or what? –Jack
She’s sticking around for a few more episodes, during which we’ll learn a little bit more about her estranged hubby.

Question: Leonard Nimoy as William Bell on Fringe? In a word, awesome. How long will he be around for? –Jeremy
He’ll appear in one scene in the May 12 finale and then return next season for three more episodes. I hear the character’s arc was significantly cut back to accommodate Nimoy, who was only interested in doing a handful of episodes. The moral of this story: A little Leonard Nimoy is better than no Leonard Nimoy.

Question: Your Supernatural asterisk quiz last week was just plain cruel! –Betsy
You know what else it was? Wrong! Turns out I had one too many asterisks in the second word. The revised (and correct) quiz is below. Sorry for the inconvenience. As a make-good, I went ahead and filled in an extra word.

Sam learns in the season finale that ******i** ****** is the ***** **** that has ** ** broken ****** ******* can ***e.

Question: My husband and I have been debating whether or not most of the questions you get are actually real. They seem just too perfect and clever sometimes. –Alicia
[Laughs] That’s a good one! I wish I had the time to sit around making up questions. I should be so lucky.

Question: I just watched the latest episode of ATV and, man, you are looking fine these days, Mr. Ausiello. Are you aware of just how hot you are? –Vanity Smurf
OMG, you’re making me blush. I’m so embarrassed. What an incredibly sweet thing to say. You made my day with that, VF. Thank you.

Question: What are your top three favorite shows to watch right now? –Jeremy
Lost, 90210, and The Big Bang Theory.

Question: Do you have any info on Dollhouse‘s second season chances? I’ve fallen in love with the show and I’m on pins and needles waiting to hear if I’ll get another season of it. –Mandi
I wish I could share your enthusiasm. I’m trying really hard to get into this show but it’s just not happening. I actually thought the recent (and much-heralded) reboot episode was one of the weakest of the season. As far as a second season goes, I don’t have any solid evidence to back this up (aside from those anemic ratings), but I’d say it’s a long shot. 

Question: I am going to see Guys and Dolls soon and was wondering if you had any tips on how I could get a Lauren Graham autograph? –Nicky
Find a recent picture of me on the Internets, enlarge it, print it out, tape it to your face, and then stand outside the stage door after the show.

Question: What is your take on the series finale of Life On Mars. –Diane
I admired it on an artistic level. But on an emotional level, it left me a little cold.

Question: Everyone is so worked up about the Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray’s negotiations for the seventh season of One Tree Hill, but what about Sophia Bush and James Lafferty? –Adrienne
James’ deal is closed. Sophia’s is not, but my OTH mole assures me that she will definitely be back.

Question: What can you tell us about Booth’s undiagnosed health issue on Bones? Does Booth have a brain tumor? David Boreanaz isn’t leaving, is he? –Rachel
The answer to one of those two questions is yes.

Question: Are you ever going to be a guest on Idolatry? Or is the rumor true that you and Slezak don’t get along? –Owen.
The answer to one of those two questions is also yes.

Question: How about some scoop on the most underrated show on TV: Numb3rs. –Jeffrey
How’s this for some fraktastic guest casting: The May 15 season finale will feature Battlestar Galactica‘s James Callis and Everwood‘s Sarah Drew! Callis will play a charismatic sociopath who is suspected of abducting Amita. Drew co-stars as one of his followers.

That’s a wrap! Please submit questions/anonymous tips/Easter bunny sightings to Thanks for playing!

More TV Scoop:
SVU to replace Chris and Mariska on SVU?!
Daisies, Stone and Sexy to return
Gilmore girl heads to Grey’s Anatomy

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'House,' 'Lost', 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Housewives,' 'Scrubs,' 'Bones.' 'Supernatural,' 'Heroes,' '24,' and more!

Housegreyslost_lQuestion: Do you have any snippet to share with us about Lost‘s season finale? –Megan
We will come to learn that the dude who may or may not be playing Jacob bore witness to pivotal events in the pre-island lives of Locke, Sayid, and Sawyer. Speaking of Lost, I wanna say a few words about Evangeline Lilly’s performance in tonight’s episode: Wow. (Okay, one word.)

Question: Will we ever find out what happened to Rose and Bernard on Lost? –Lucas
I’m hearing we will.

Question: Any news on Heroes? Maybe something on the season finale? –Dennis
Sylar kills a regular Hero that’s been on the show since Season 1. And it sticks.

Question: I am a huge Bones fan. I am also a huge Buffy-Angel fan. Any chance the Bones producers would think about bringing Sarah Michelle Gellar on for a guest appearance? –Dana
I think you’re more likely to see an appearance by, oh, I dunno, Cyndi Lauper than SMG. In unrelated news, sources confirm to me exclusively that ’80s pop icon Cyndi Lauper is in talks to recur next season as a kooky psychic that Booth and Brennan bring on as a consultant.

Question: Desperately need some scoop on One Tree Hill. Are Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray returning next season? –Scott
They’re negotiating new deals now. Everything you’ve been hearing, reading, and seeing about how Warner Bros. and the CW don’t want them back is bunk, so don’t fall for it. 

Question: Please can we have some scoop on USA’s In Plain Sight? Some Mary-Marshall tidbits perhaps? –Becky
Following her near-death experience, Mary is much more emotional and erratic in the second season premiere (airing April 19). As a result, she leans on Marshall more than ever. And although she’s supposed to be on administrative leave, she’s recruited to assist Marshall on a case. Of course, taking a backseat to Marshall isn’t really in Mary’s DNA…

Question: Shonda Rhimes said the 100th episode of Grey’s Anatomy takes place on Mer and Der’s wedding day, but you said they’re not getting married. What’s the deal? –Claire
Do I have to remind you of Shonda’s long and well-documented history of injecting her spoilers with tricky and misleading wordplay? Case in point, Izzie doesn’t have a brain tumor, she has a brain metastasis. Here’s the deal: Unless the script underwent an 11th hour rewrite, I stand by my earlier statement that Mer and Der do not get married on May 7. The only thing I’m unsure of is whether or not I should reveal the name of the bride and groom who are tying the knot in that episode. I’m on the fence about that one. What do you think I should do? Submit your pro/con arguments in the comments section. I’ll get one of our interns or Annie Barrett to tally up the votes at the end of the day.

Question: Are Cristina and Owen really done on Grey’s Anatomy? I actually will be in mourning if that one bites the dust. It is the first interesting plot in a while. –Elise
They’re far from over. As Kevin McKidd himself told EW’s Jennifer Armstrong, the exes will be thrown "a huge curveball that neither of them see coming. Just as he starts to get over his thing, something else happens. Which is good and bad. It’s like, ‘Oh my God, this is big.’ It will be interesting to see how it leads into next season." Any guesses as to what the curveball is? Come on, it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out. Think. It’s bad and good. You can do this! 

Question: First off, I have to say thank you. Because of all the props you’ve been giving Big Love, I watched the first two seasons on DVD and now I’m hooked! I know you reported that Ana would be back for the fourth season, but please tell me she isn’t going to marry Bill again. –Manda
I’d be shocked if they go down that road with her again. BTW, exec producer Mark V. Olsen told the L.A. Times that it’s not an absolute certainty that Ana will be back next season. "Ana is someone I think deserves to come back into the life of the family, but there’s not a guarantee that it will be in the fourth season," he said. "I talked to [Ana’s portrayer] Branka, and I said, ‘You’re definitely going to come back either this season or in a later season. We want you to come back.’ And then what happens is we don’t always have a completely planned-out season when we go into the writers’ room. If we come up with a premise that’s going to take us through this next year, and it relates somehow to Ana coming back into the family to cause trouble or to dramatize that theme, then she’ll definitely come back."

Question: Got some Scrubs scoop? Seen the finale? Does it rock? –Lucy
I have not seen it. Of course, neither has Donald Faison, so I don’t feel so bad. "I wasn’t [on set when they shot] the big reveal," he says of the episode’s major twist. "So I’m excited to see what happens, too." Wait a sec: There’s a major twist in the Scrubs finale?! Did we know this?!

Question: How about an extra juicy Desperate Housewives spoiler? –Niki
A main character will seriously consider getting a facelift. No big whoop, right? Wrong. It’s not a housewife mulling a little nip/tuck it’s a househusband

Question: I’m hearing rumors that a certain redhead on Wisteria Lane will be having an affair with someone from the past. Any hints as to who it might be? –Karin
All I’ll say is the redhead in question will start spending a lot of time with one of Susan’s exes. Hint: He’s the one you go to when you want a divorce, not when you want your toilet fixed. 

Question: I am so excited about the third season of The Tudors! Got any new scoop? –Hannah
Pay close attention to the "previously on" recap airing right before Sunday’s premiere, because methinks Showtime orchestrated an elaborate cover-up. Actually, meknows. In an effort to make us forget that the role of Jane Seymour had been recast during the hiatus (Annabelle Wallis is in, Anita Briem is out), Showtime digitally removed Briem from all the scenes featuring the future Queen and inserted Wallis instead. Translation: Either Showtime thinks we’re really stupid or Briem burned some serious bridges on her way out the door.

Question: If I offered you $500 and a trip to Smurf Village, because I can totally arrange that, can I have some Supernatural scoop? –Ashley
Does that trip to the Smurf have any blackout dates? If not, you’ve got a deal: Sam learns in the season finale that ******i** ******* is the ***** **** that has ** ** ****** ****** ******* can ***e.

Question: Your April Fools tweet about a Gilmore Girls movie being greenlit was just plain cruel. You can make it up to me by giving me some scoop on Alexis Bledel’s appearance in this week’s ER finale. –Jennifer
Okay, but you have to admit the one about Paramount producing a road-trip comedy starring Keri Russell, Lauren Graham, Kristen Bell, and Mariska Hargitay was pretty genius. Anyway, Alexis — who plays an intern in the ER finale — described the experience as "wonderful" and "emotional," adding that the ER vets "did not want to part ways… everyone was crying." Despite the positive experience, she’s still not ready to make a full-time return to TV. "There were a few [pilots] that I looked at," she says. "[But] I just wasn’t ready to sign up for six years. I have commitment anxiety at the moment. I’m sure it will wear off in the next couple of years." And because I know you’re wondering, yes, she saw LG in Guys and Dolls. "I went last weekend. She’s totally amazing. She sings beautifully, she dances… I was totally wowed."

Question: Do you have any CSI season finale scoop? –Meredith
What happens when a stash of vintage casino chips worth 1K each lands in the wrong hands? Murder happens, Meredith.

Question: There’s a rumor that Warner Bros. tore down all the Sarah Connor Chronicles sets, which typically means a cancellation announcement is coming. What are you hearing? –Val
The SCC sets have not been struck, a Warner Bros. insider maintains. They’ve simply been "shuffled around." (Hopefully not from the soundstage to the landfill).

Question: Any other clues for who will be dying in the Smallville finale? –David
The *er**n d***g ** n** C***e.

Question: What is the deal with the House promo for next week’s episode? Why is it so dramatic? What’s going to happen next week? –Samantha
Something very, very bad. And that’s not a knock against special guest star Meat Loaf. I swear!

Question: Regarding the bachelor party coming up on House, there’s a rumor out there that in order to prevent deportation, Chase gets married to Wilson. True? –Luna

Question: Have you uncovered any details about Anne Dudek’s return to House? –Patrick
I have, and this is the only one I’m prepared to divulge: House is the only one who sees her, and the vision does not take place while he’s making love to Cuddy.   

Question: Got anything on 30 Rock‘s season finale? –Martin
Picture a "We Are the World"-esque charity single. Then picture one of the celeb participants being Jenna. Now picture yourself laughing until your spleen ruptures.

Question: Yes, 24 has been rocking this season, but I’m missing Chloe! I know Mary Lynn Rajskub had to take time off from filming for her maternity leave but enough’s enough! What ep will Chloe be back? –Nicole
I’m told the Chloester reappears in mid-to-late April.

Question: Counting the days until Ugly Betty returns. Got scoop? –Suzie
Things will get serious between Hilda and her city-official beau Archie, prompting her to declare herself the Michelle Obama of Queens.

That’s a wrap! Submit questions/anonymous tips/beauty tips to, and then come back here next Thursday and we’ll do it all again! (Additional reporting by Lindsay Soll, Jeremy Medina and Jeff Labrecque)

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Grey's,' 'Housewives,' 'Big Bang,' 'How I Met Your Mother,' '24,' 'ER,' 'NCIS,' 'Heroes,' 'The Office,' 'Smallville,' 'Gossip Girl,' 'House,' and more!

Question: You got anything on the Mer-Der proposal on Grey’s Anatomy? –Cas
Mer not only learns about the engagement ring in next week’s episode, but she sees it, too. Unfortunately, the circumstances are less than ideal in both cases.

Question: Please, give me some spoilers regarding Cristina and Owen on Grey’s Anatomy. I’ll settle for anything! –Kelly
Even if it’s a little icky? Okay, you asked for it: Owen’s post-traumatic stress disorder will take a turn for the worse when he ends up physically hurting Cristina, albeit unintentionally. To find out what happens next, pick up the Spring TV Preview-themed issue of EW (on sale Friday) and turn to page 35.

Question: Put my mind at ease and tell me we won’t be seeing dead Denny again on Grey’s Anatomy. –Jenny
I bring you good news from Jeffrey Dean Morgan. "If they are planning on having me back this season, they’d have to do it awfully fast because I am about to have a major scheduling conflict," Morgan told us at Monday’s Watchmen premiere. "I’m going to shoot a movie called The Resident with Hilary Swank. It is pretty much Psycho meets Fatal Attraction. I am a guy who becomes obsessed with Hilary’s character. So I don’t see how Denny could make a comeback this season. There’s always next season. You know, I trust Shonda [Rhimes], so if she wanted me back, I would do everything possible to get it done. But I think dead Denny played his part. He gave Izzie the warning. In a way, the whole Denny ghost-reaper-angel thing was similar to my experience with fans of Watchmen. People were merciless about both projects on the Internet, and eventually you just have to stop reading and trust your boss and do your best."

Question: Desperate Housewives scoop? –Parm
Not even death will stop Edie from making life uncomfortable for her neighbors. I’m told the surviving housewives will be faced with the grim task of having to track down Edie’s now-15-year-old son, Travers, and break the news to him about his mom’s passing. Of course, the road trip turns out to be a good bonding experience for the ladies, so it’s not a total loss.

Question: Did I miss something? Where was the "shocking death" that ABC kept promoting during the two-hour Brothers & Sisters episode on Sunday? WTF? –Carlos
Don’t get me started. Too late, I’m started: It was unbelievably shameful — and this is coming from someone who last week titled a story, "Gilmore Girl rushed to ER!" And ABC’s deception paid off; B&S scored its highest ratings since September. On the flipside, no one’s going to be stupid enough to fall for the promo the network has planned for the show’s season finale: "Fugitive Tommy flees to Mexico and joins a cult!" Fool us once…

Question: I’ll offer you $250 for your Bad Robot statue. I know it’s worth more, but it’s literally all I’ve got. –Daina
Bidding on this item has been halted as the auction is under review by the Time Inc. ethics department. Apparently, it is against company policy or some such for me to use my column to auction off personal items to the public and then set up the main lobby as the drop-off. It was an honest mistake on my part.

Question: Was Kathy’s death on Sunday’s Big Love the minor character death you’ve been teasing? And, if so, I guess that leaves a major character death in the season finale? –Kristina
Correct on both counts!

Question: Please assure me that Sarah doesn’t bite the dust in the Big Love finale! –Dana
Sarah doesn’t bite the dust in the Big Love finale.

Question: 24 was crazy this week! Any scoop on what may happen next week? –Jessica
A longtime and much loved character will die while trying to save President Taylor.

Question: I absolutely love Renee Walker and President Taylor from 24! They are such amazing women! What intel do have on them? –Caroline
Agent Walker will get Jack clearance to torture Ryan Burnett, but my gut tells me one of Jon Voight’s goons will get to the blabbermouth first. Meanwhile, the Prez’s daughter, Olivia, shows her true colors to Ethan, and their confrontation leaves him a wee bit shaken. Methinks we’ve got another Sherry Palmer on our hands. Scratch that, meknows.

Question: Warner Bros. just announced that the second season of Everwood is coming to DVD. Spread the word and maybe they’ll release the next two seasons. –DB
Consider the word spread.

Question: Wow, thanks for the awesome Sarah Connor Chronicles trailer. Please give us fans some hope for a third season. The new DVR numbers seem promising! –Jessica
Unfortunately, those DVR numbers aren’t huge enough to warrant taking the show off Fox’s endangered list.

Question: Got anything on the series finale of ER? –James
Sopranos-Dead Zone alum Cara Buono has landed what could turn out to be a landmark part: ER‘s final fatality. Her character, Lisa, is a 36-year-old pregnant woman who goes into labor after getting into a car accident. A show rep would only confirm that Buono is playing one of ER‘s "last trauma patients."

Question: Got any scoop about Leonard and Penny on The Big Bang Theory? –Sanna
Take it away, exec producer Bill Prady: "When it comes to Leonard and Penny, Wolowitz will explain to Leonard that opportunities to hook up with women appear like launch windows to the moon — if you miss one, it might be awhile until another one appears. This will become apparent when Penny starts dating a comic-book-loving friend of the guys."

Question: I need more Big Bang Theory scoop! Please! –Zekat
Got anything else, Mr. Prady? "Koothrappali will continue to try to speak to women, Wolowitz will raise his standards (thus lowering his success rate), and Sheldon will inch ever closer to a complete understanding of the universe and everything in it — except people." This show makes me cry tears of joy.

Question: I had a dream last night that there was a juicy tidbit in this week’s Ask Ausiello about Medium. Please tell me I’m tapping into that DuBois skill and you have something to report! –Brian
Wow, spooky. I actually do have some juicy scoop. Remember me telling you last week that Arrested Development‘s Jeffrey Tambor was guest-starring in a May episode? Well, there’s a bigger story there. Turns out, he’s actually replacing Patricia Arquette in the episode. According to an insider, the Emmy winner requested a little time off, so producers crafted an episode in which Allison passes her spirit-communicating skills to Tambor’s character. Neat trick, huh?

Question: Got anything on my favorite NCIS duo, Abby and McGee? –Beth
Don’t miss the May 5 episode. "There’s a little moment for Abby and McGee fans," reveals exec producer Shane Brennan, "and if they look closely, they’ll see it." (BTW, major Tiva scoop coming later today. Clear your mid-day schedule. THIS JUST IN: The story’s up!)

Question: Do you have any Dollhouse tidbits? –Jenni
The show’s mythology will really start to unfold on April 3 when, through a series of flashbacks, we learn who Echo was and the underlying "why" and "how" she ended up being lured into the Dollhouse. 

Question: My understanding is that One Tree Hill is returning without Chad Michael Murray and Hillarie Burton. Is there any truth to this? –Kirsten
Well, based on the rather odd video statement she released, Hillarie certainly wants us to think she’s leaving. I’ll believe it when I see her clean out her dressing room. Regarding CMM, it’s no secret that he’s ready to move on, but, again, no final decision has been made. BTW, only two Tree Hill regulars are officially on board for next season: Bethany Joy Galeotti and Jackson Brundage.

Question: How about some Smallville news? –D-rick
The Legion will return in the May finale — in some form. Also, I’m told this season’s final two episodes will focus on a manhunt for Chloe and Doomsday.

Question: Thanks so much for telling us about Wilson coming face-to-face with his brother in next week’s episode of House. Anything else coming up for him? –Monica
Series creator David Shore tells me we’ll see "a hint" of a new romance for him before the season ends.

Question: My friend and I would like to meet you when we’re in New York in a few weeks. Can that please be arranged? We’d be willing to submit our bags for a thorough security check beforehand. –Gabriella
Fine with me, but you should know my personal appearance fee starts at $100 an hour. And touching is extra.

Question: Got any casting scoop for the new Melrose Place? Dig deep! –Owen
I hear Heather Locklear is pretty much a lock to reclaim her "Very Special Guest Star" title.

Question: I heard the title of episode 22 of House this season is  "Bye-Bye Thirteen." Is that true? –Cindy
Sounds to me like the anti-Thirteen brigade is ratcheting up their propaganda campaign. The title of episode 22 is actually "A House Divided."

Question: Please tell me there is still hope for Dan and Serena on Gossip Girl? –Adam
If I did, I’d be lying. Exec producer Stephanie Savage confirms that Derena is dunzo. "I will tell you — and you can tell [everyone else] — that they do not get back together as a couple."

Question: How about some Fringe scoop? I am dying here now that it isn’t coming on again until April! –Garrett
A main character will become pregnant by the end of the season. But there’s a twist. Guesses as to what it might be? Head to the comments!

Question: I may be the only person on the planet who watches Heroes anymore, but could you please offer up some scoop? –Sarah
It’s a shame, too, because the show is actually getting good again. And later this Spring it’s going to get really good when Angela Petrelli receives the "Company Man" treatment via her very own origin episode! "We’re going to understand her in a way that we hadn’t before," teases consulting producer (and author of Heroes‘ original "Company Man" ep), Bryan Fuller.

Question: Could you please tell me if Tracy (Ali Larter) is one of the two major deaths planned for the current Heroes volume? –Justin
There are actually three deaths coming up — two real and one a fake-out. I’m not saying which category Tracy falls under.

Question: Will we be seeing Zach on Bones before the end of the season? –Ajay
There’s a strong chance you’ll see him in the season finale. (BTW, major Booth-Brennan scoop coming later today. Clear your mid-day schedule.)

Question: I’ll be your best friend in the whole wide world if you give me some scoop about Barney and Robin on How I Met Your Mother. –Jay
Something major is going to happen with these two in the season finale. I know this because executive producer Carter Bays told me so. "That is one of the stories that we sort of have been teasing out over the course of the season," he says. "And it definitely comes to a head in the finale."

Question: Any Office scoop about when Amy Ryan will be back? Holly is Michael’s soul mate! –Erin
Exec producer Paul Lieberstein is confirming what I first told you back in January: Holly is returning for the season finale. "It’s a warm meeting of exes," he says," [albeit] exes who are not quite over each other."

Question: There’s a rumor going around that Melinda is pregnant on Ghost Whisperer. I refuse to believe it until I hear it from you. –Craig
I can’t say for sure she’s currently pregnant. But I can say for sure she will be soon. Very soon.

That’s a wrap! Hey, did you know you can now follow me and my scoops at Did you also know that is the e-mail address you use to send me questions/anonymous tips/love letters? C’mon, you knew one of those two things. The e-mail one for sure. The Twittering thing is relatively new. (Additional reporting by Carrie Bell and Tim Stack)

Breaking: CW renews 'Smallville,' 'Gossip Girl,' 'One Tree Hill,' 'Supernatural,' and '90210'

Good news, fans of all things CW. The network just announced that it has renewed Smallville, Supernatural, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, and 90210 for next season. America’s Next Top Model has also been greenlit for two additional cycles.

"As we continue to build The CW Network as a destination for young women, these six shows have clearly contributed to strengthening our schedule and our brand identity," CW boss Dawn Ostroff said in a statement. "By securing these signature hits for next season, we’re furthering our commitment to deliver high-quality, original programming to our viewers, advertisers and affiliates."

While the Gossip Girl and America’s Next Top Model pickups were a foregone conclusion, the fates of Smallville, Supernatural, One Tree Hill, and 90210 were less certain. In the case of Smallville and One Tree Hill, a lot was riding on which of those show’s core cast-members would be returning. Smallville‘s renewal clearly signals that Tom Welling has successfully concluded his contract negotiations with producer Warner Bros, but the same can’t be said for OTH leading man Chad Michael Murray. The actor-writer’s participation next season is TBD, although insiders say he’s expected to return in some capacity.

Conspicuously missing from The CW’s slew of renewals: The freshman gem that is Privileged. However, that doesn’t mean the show has been canceled, a CW source insists. "No final decision has been made yet," the insider says. Translation: Watch tonight’s season finale, dammit!

Reaction to all the renewals? Do you deem any of them unworthy? And does Privileged deserve a shot at another year? And what about fellow bubble shows Reaper, The Game, and Everybody Hates Chris? Sound off below!

Exclusive 'Melrose 2.0' Deets: Heather Returning? 'One Tree' Boss Helming?

Almost immediately after the news broke that The CW was contemplating a 90210-esque reboot of the original’s spin-off, Melrose Place, the buzz turned to Heather Locklear. Would she? Could she? Should she?

Perhaps because her tumultuous personal life has been extra public lately, the actress formerly known as Amanda Woodward declined to be interviewed for this story. But a top Hollywood talent agent sees little downside in her slipping back into the man-eater’s trademark miniskirts: “It certainly wouldn’t hurt her to do it.” Even a high-ranking exec at a rival net is excited by the prospect of seeing Aaron Spelling’s old good-luck charm back in action. “She should wait and find out what the actual concept is,” says the suit. “But if it involves her running [her old Melrose ad agency] D&D à la The Devil Wears Prada, she should jump at it.”

Besides a decent premise, Locklear should also hold out until the series has someone decent in charge. Or someone, period. Darren Star, who created the original, has apparently passed. Now CW president Dawn Ostroff is looking internally for a boss, sources say. One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn, who just inked an overall deal with CBS/Paramount, the studio behind Melrose 2.0, is one name being bandied about. The exec confirms that he’s been approached, but adds, “That doesn’t mean I’m on [Dawn’s] short list. It’s kind of natural they’d call.” Is he even interested? “Never say never…though I’m more about creating something new. I’m the guy to call when they want to remake One Tree Hill.”

One person who definitely won’t be taking on the job is Josh Schwartz, who has his hands full with The CW’s Gossip Girl and NBC’s Chuck. But he can still dream, can’t he? “I would make the apartment complex a retirement home and have it star Rue McClanahan, Betty White, and Bea Arthur,” he jokes. “That way you get two hit shows in one.”

What do you think? Should Heather sign on? Who else from the original cast would you like to see move back in? And what about Schwahn? Is he the right man for the job? And if not him, who? Comment away! (Additional reporting by Andy Patrick and Jennifer Armstrong)

More One Tree Hill:
Who’s getting killed off this season?
The CW extends season


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