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'Parenthood': 'Once' star Glen Hansard to guest -- EXCLUSIVE

Here’s some news that will be music to the ears of Parenthood viewers: Glen Hansard is guest-starring as himself on an upcoming episode of the NBC drama. The Oscar-winning singer/songwriter and star of Once will use the Luncheonette to record a few tracks. Hosting another famous musician at the studio poses problems for Adam (Peter Krause) and Crosby (Dax Shepard), as they are engaged in a legal battle with their ill-tempered neighbor, who is less than thrilled with all of the activity going on next door. READ FULL STORY

'How I Met Your Mother,' 'Fringe,' 'Supernatural,' 'Gossip Girl': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

It’s October!! Holy muffins. How did that happen?

It’s been a busy couple of weeks on my end. First, there was the Emmys, immediately followed by a series of set visits in Vancouver that sucked the life out of me in the best way possible. Now I’m back in New York, fall is in full swing, new shows are beginning to stick (and others, not so much), and hopefully we’re all enjoying having DVRs full of goodness. I know I am.

So let’s get to it. Remember to be sending me your scoop requests ( and follow me on Twitter for witty commentary and TV news. Also, if you’re emailing, take a second to tell me your favorite new show of the fall. This is an informal poll, but I’m really curious what scoop you might be craving in the near future. Time for some dish. Nom. Nom. Nom.

There’s no place as wonderfully warm and weird as the set of Fringe. A few journos and I had the pleasure of visiting the gang in Vancouver last week, and when I wasn’t handing out EWwy awards, I was gathering some fun little intel for fans of the mind-bending cult fave. (If you haven’t read the post-mortem from Friday, head here.) READ FULL STORY

'Parenthood' creator on Kristina's tragic reveal: 'It's something that's very personal to me'


Warning: Do not read this if you have not watched tonight’s episode of Parenthood.

Prior to the final act of Tuesday night’s Parenthood, life was a mix of the typical drama we see in the Braverman household — Kristina (Monica Potter) missed Haddie (Sarah Ramos), Max (Max Burkholder) became consumed with getting a puppy, and Adam (Peter Kraus) wondered if the family could handle a new furry addition. Then, as if an empty mention, Kristina said she’d be late to the family’s puppy-buying appointment because she had an appointment of her own at the doctor’s office. Minutes later, she found out she had breast cancer.

In the upcoming weeks, as Parenthood continues its fourth season, creator Jason Katims says Kristina and Adam will find themselves navigating one of life’s greatest hardships. “Breast cancer is such a prevalent thing and many people have gone through it,” says Katims, whose wife is a breast cancer survivor and has been cancer-free for two years. “It’s something that’s very personal to me, and I thought it was a story that we could tell because of what the show is and because of these wonderful actors involved in doing the show.”

And it’s a challenge Monica Potter was more than ready to tackle, as well. In fact, she coincidentally pitched the story at the same time he and the writers were fleshing it out themselves. “That emboldened me because I felt like this was the type of story she was excited to take on and eager to take on. And, so far, in watching the first few episodes in which we have been dealing with this storyline, her work has been amazing, which doesn’t surprise me at all,” he says. “So I’m very excited about the possibilities for this story.” READ FULL STORY

'Parenthood' boss: Sarah Ramos will be back. Plus, a preview of next week's episode


After watching Sarah Ramos’ Haddie head off to college in the season premiere of Parenthood, fans likely found themselves asking the same question: Is she gone for good?!

Luckily, the answer is no. “In terms of where Haddie was going to college, we wanted to make the show feel as realistic as possible,” executive producer Jason Katims tells EW. “As much as we love Sarah Ramos and would want her to be in every episode we felt that the reality would be this was a girl who goes away to college. However, we will definitely see Haddie again this season — sooner rather than later as a family crisis throws a curveball at her in her first semester at college.”

Parenthood kicked off its fourth season last night with an episode that, as EW’s critic Ken Tucker said, “demonstrated once again how engrossing this series can be.”

And Katims says it’s just the beginning. Below, he offered up four teases for next week’s episode: READ FULL STORY

'Parenthood' season 4: What's in store for the Bravermans?

Parenthood returns Tuesday after a hiatus that has proved more painful than I thought possible. But I promise you, the premiere is well worth the wait.

The return of this endearing family is, as expected, accompanied by a new batch of problems for everyone. For a look at what’s in store, read on for five teases about the new season, accompanied by clips! [Minor spoiler alert!]


Emmy Watch: 'Parenthood' creator Jason Katims on adding a new Braverman, writing for an ensemble

Between now and June 28, the deadline for Emmy voters to return nomination ballots, is running a series called Emmy Watch, featuring highlight clips and interviews with actors, producers, and writers whom EW TV critic Ken Tucker has on his wish list for the nominations announcement on July 19.

While working on Friday Night Lights, Jason Katims learned that critical love, fan buzz, and hopeful thinking don’t always equal a nomination. And sometimes it just takes a while.

After five years of flirting with Emmy, Friday Night Lights secured its first and only nomination for Best Drama Series last year. They didn’t win. (Though Kyle Chandler walked away with an award in the Lead Actor category, and Katims won Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series.) But for Katims, the recognition was a win. And as Parenthood heads into its fourth season, the executive producer is hoping for the same — if not more.

“On Friday Night Lights, we weren’t recognized until later in the series run….,” Katims says. “I’m hoping a similar thing happens to Parenthood. Obviously, it would be a really great thing for everybody.”

And with episodes like “Nora” in their arsenal, their chances are strong. The episode, which marked the birth of the newest Braverman, was one of the episodes the show submitted for consideration. It was also the episode EW dissected with Katims when we spoke as part of Emmy Watch. Check out a clip and read more below. READ FULL STORY

'How I Met Your Mother,' 'Parenthood,' 'Fringe,' 'The Closer': Spoiler Room!

How I Met Your Mother: Find out how season 8 begins
Q: I am counting down the minutes until How I Met Your Mother returns in the fall — any scoop on big plot points for season 8? Thanks! — Whitney
With roughly 136,500 minutes to go, I’m excited, too, Whitney. After what I felt was one of their best seasons yet, my expectations are sky high. And executive producer Craig Thomas, who was nice enough to break down the season 7 finale for me as part of EW’s Emmy Watch, promises we won’t be disappointed.

Now, while I couldn’t squeeze too much info out of him on next season (the writers’ room is in the thick of it now!), here’s what he did share. “One little tidbit: The season premiere picks up right where we left off in May, with Ted and Victoria — a runaway bride — driving off into the sunset. Suddenly, Ted is struck by horrible guilt over the fact that he was left at the altar back in season 4 and now finds himself on the other end of that dubious equation,” he says. “So the entire premiere takes place on that day in May — a first for us, starting a season that way — and then episode two jumps us through the summer and into September.”

So will we get to see Marshall and Lily’s first day as parents? Will Ted drive Victoria BACK to her wedding? What about Barney? What about Robin? WHY ISN’T IT SEPTEMBER YET? Anyway, discuss… (Note: My countdown was based on a “start time” 1 p.m. ET on June 22 and a premiere date of Sept. 25, which is simply a guess. And if you figured that out before reading this sentence, you’re crazy.)

Fringe: Will Walter die?
So, we already know that much of next season will take place in 2036. We know that we have a mere 13 episodes to go. And we know it’s a journey we’ll be taking without the watchful eye of co-showrunner Jeff Pinkner. (J.H. Wyman will remain as the sole showrunner.) But other than that? Fringe can take us in any direction is pleases.

For John Noble, all that matters is that Walter gets a chance to right his wrongs. But is death the only way to do that? We discussed: “I think they’ve got to find a way to do it… I think they’re going to find a way to disappear him,” he says. “The storytelling mode, does it work to kill off a hero? I’m not sure that it does sometimes. You can see a person go through an enormous journey, but somewhere at the end of that journey, there’s a change — whatever the change is. It’s [usually] a change for the better, even though it may mean that person is not there.”

But he doubts the writers will, as he jokes, say, “Die, old man!” “I think that would be horrible. I think the fans would storm the citadel,” he says. “But I think it would also be really honorable and dignified if they find some way for Walter to willingly end this nonsense. But I don’t actually know how they’ll do that yet. But I believe they have to.”

Elsewhere, he also feels like the “extraordinary love affair” between Peter and Olivia needs to “become validated.” “That would be satisfying to me as an audience member. Again, not walking into the sunset, just really [reassuring us] they are in love and they need each other,” he says. Of course, he adds, “we’d know that anyway.”

Parenthood: Three teases for season 4
Jason Katims never intended for the season finale of Parenthood to feel like a series finale. (For the record, he thinks it was the wedding that gave that impression.) So we asked Katims to preview some of the great stuff coming up for the characters. And since you’ve already read about what Sarah and Mark will be facing (darn you, Ray Romano!), here’s a look at some of the others:

+ Julia and Joel: “We want to explore the addition of Victor, who’s the boy that Julia and Joel adopted. And we want to look at both the joy of what that is but also the challenges of what it’s like adopting [a child]. It’s not what they expected. They never pictured an 8-year-old. They pictured a baby. So what is that like for them? What are the challenges?”
+ Crosby and Jasmine: “We’re excited about exploring the first year of marriage between Crosby and Jasmine. We have a couple ideas for some really big storylines for them. It’s a little early to pitch those quite yet, but we’ll be really taking the show to another level.”
+ Drew: “It’s last year of high school. I have a bunch of friends who have children graduating high school, and it’s a really interesting period of time from both the parents’ point of view and the high school senior, who is ready to take off and branch out.”

NEXT: Weeds, The Closer, Suits, and more scooplets!

'Parenthood' scoop: Ray Romano to guest star

Veteran sitcom (and drama!) star Ray Romano will join Parenthood this fall for a multi-episode arc. He will play a photographer who befriends Sarah (Lauren Graham) and complicates things with Mark (a returning Jason Ritter. Yes!).

His character will be introduced in the drama’s premiere on Sept. 11. Romano last starred in the critical fave Men of a Certain Age for TNT.

Romano’s arc definitely means things will stay hot and heavy with Mark, who was last seen proposing to Sarah. The long-term prognosis on their relationship wasn’t looking good, however, because Ritter was developing a new hospital drama for NBC from Parenthood head scribe Jason Katims. How could he stay on Parenthood and marry Sarah when he was needed in a County hospital?

Fortunately for fans of the Katims drama, the medical drama didn’t get a pickup for this fall, so Ritter’s dance card is (relatively) open for next season. “We love Jason Ritter so much and love the dynamic so much between he and Lauren, it’s definitely something we want to write to,” Katims told EW. “I think it’s always a question of working around his availability, so we’re not sure how many episodes he’s going to be in. But we’re hoping he’ll be much of the season, if possible. We always have to stay somewhat flexible.” — With additional reporting from Sandra Gonzalez

'Revenge,' 'Magic Mike,' and Jessie J lead nominees for the 2012 'NewNowNext Awards' -- EXCLUSIVE


Logo’s NewNowNext Awards don’t air until April 9 on the cable network, but EW has exclusively learned the roster of nominees for the fifth annual event, which showcases who and what are on the verge of a pop culture explosion in 2012.

Nominees range from Revenge‘s Emily VanCamp and Parenthood‘s Michael B. Jordan in the Next Mega Star category to Jessie J and FUN. in the Brink-of-Fame: Music Artist category to Magic Mike and Snow White & The Huntsman in the Next Must-See Movie category.

The 90-minute show will be taped in front of a live studio audience at the Avalon in Hollywood on April 5. Performers, presenters, and special guests will be announced in the coming weeks. Starting today, the public can vote for the awards on Logo’s NewNowNext website. Check out all the nominees here:


'Parenthood' creator (and co-star!) making doctor drama for NBC

The man responsible for NBC’s critically-beloved Parenthood is going back to the drawing board and creating a new drama for the Peacock that could star the guy dating Sarah Braverman.

Jason Ritter — who plays the hot young teacher on Parenthood and last headlined the short-lived NBC drama The Event – is slated to star in Jason Katims’ drama pilot called County. Its about a group of young doctors, nurses and administrators in a “frenetic underfunded and morally compromising LA County Hospital.” If picked up to series for fall of 2012, Ritter will be too dang busy to keep the love alive on Parenthood so that probably means his character will not be having a baby with Sarah.

Oh, Mr. Katims, the way you toy with our Braverman lovin’ hearts! Stay tuned…

NBC also ordered another drama pilot Monday from the auspices of Dick Wolf and the writing team behind 3:10 to Yuma. Its called Chicago Fire and focuses on — you guessed it! — the fire putter-outers of the Windy City.

The Peacock also ordered a bunch of comedies today.

Hmm…what does this mean for Whitney’s future?

'The Mentalist,' 'Terra Nova,' 'How I Met Your Mother,' 'NCIS': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Hello, friends!

As we all prepare to celebrate the annual celebration of Saturnalia, it is with great excitement that I present to you this week’s column! Why am I so excited? Because I get a week of vacation starting… Oh, crap! Ten hours ago!

We better get a move on. But while I’m away, remember to keep sending in your questions to and sending em via Twitter. (@EWSandraG) See y’all soon!


The Red John story line has taken so many twists and turns since last season’s epic finale that that story line has largely taken a backseat to other fun capers. But that won’t be the case all season. In fact, Daniel Cerone, executive producer and writer of next week’s “Fugue in Red,” tells me this week’s episode, which will find Jane reverting to his con-man ways after an accident, will “reframe who Red John is in the life of our character” and ultimately set the stage for a second half of the season that will see more action from this fan-favorite story line. READ FULL STORY

'Parenthood' scoop: 'True Blood' actress to make music with Crosby

Jasmine who?

A potential love connection is about to walk into the Luncheonette on NBC’s Parenthood.

EW has learned that Courtney Ford, best known for playing Portia Bellefleur on True Blood, will appear in multiple episodes as Lily, a 30-something cellist who rents time in Crosby and Adam’s recording studio.

Here’s the official description of her character: “She’s bright, observant, wry-humored, and warmly appealing, with a down-to-earth approachability, as well as a real passion for music. Despite an inauspicious start, she and Crosby really begin to connect.”

Ford has booked a multi-episode arc that will air after the drama returns from holiday break in January. She’s also appeared on The Vampire Diaries and Dexter.

alt text

For more:
: Alexandra Daddario says her character will cause ‘friction’ between Adam and Kristina

'Parenthood': Alexandra Daddario says her character will cause 'friction' between Adam and Kristina

Sure, Alexandra Daddario’s Kate may have gotten blown up by a bomb on White Collar (and yes, we’re still not over it) but on Parenthood, it’s her turn to cause some (emotional) explosions, specifically between Adam (Peter Krause) and Kristina (Monica Potter).

Last week, we were introduced to Rachel (Daddario), Adam and Crosby’s scantily-clad new secretary and office assistant, who unknowingly caused ripples between Adam and Kristina. (Kristina, who has been dealing with post-pregnancy stresses and insecurities, was not too happy to meet her husband’s hot, young employee.) But tonight, as Daddario teases, things may get a little more intentional. “There was obviously a preview at the end of the [last] episode that implied that there’s going to be more problems between Kristina and Adam and more tension as a result of my character’s actions,” she tells EW. “I just think I cause a bit of friction and distraction.”  READ FULL STORY


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