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Emmy Watch: Parker Posey on channeling Ruth Gordon in 'Louie'

Between now and June 28, the deadline for Emmy voters to submit nomination ballots, will feature interviews with some of the actors and actresses whose names we hope to hear when nominations are announced on July 18.

Parker Posey has played her share of whimsical characters. So when Louie first met Liz — with her bangs and braids and vintage looking dress and bookstore job — it was tempting to assume that she would fall into the manic pixie dream girl bucket and exist only to bring Louie out of his slump with her quirky ways and optimistic outlook.

But this is Louis C.K. He was never going waste our time with a bland superficial “type” fit for an Apple commercial. In her four-episode arc on FX’s Louie, Posey used her arsenal of talent and the material written and directed by C.K. to bring Liz to life and subvert the expectations of audiences who expect the cute girl in the bookstore to be a certain way, especially on television shows.

EW got the chance to speak with Posey about her theories on Liz and the brilliance of Louis C.K.


How to deliver the perfect Emmy speech, by Parker Posey -- VIDEO

In a new promo for this weekend’s Emmy Awards, the amazing Parker Posey portrays a hardcore Emmy Awards acting coach. JA,N — which stands for Just Act, Naturally — teaches actors how to deliver the perfect Emmy speech. It’s not just about the words — it’s about the performance. “The most important part of any actor’s career is the Emmy Awards acceptance speech,” says JA,N.

Activities include learning how to hold an Emmy, how to cry on stage, and how to use a foreign language to your advantage.

“The Emmy acceptance speech is the first time you get to show the world who you really are,” a student says. “Well, not who you really are, but the character JA,N says you should be, and I like that because I don’t like me very much.”

Check out the full promo below: READ FULL STORY


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