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Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones to leave 'Parks and Recreation'

Two residents of Pawnee will soon bid farewell: Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones are exiting Parks and Recreation during the show’s sixth season, EW has confirmed. (Buzzfeed first reported the news.) The pair will depart about halfway through the season, in the 13th episode. READ FULL STORY

'Parks and Recreation': Lucy Lawless to return in season premiere -- EXCLUSIVE

The season 5 finale of Parks and Recreation left us with some big news: Ron (Nick Offerman) is going to be a dad. And here’s some more news on that front: Mom will be in the season 6 premiere. READ FULL STORY

Heidi Klum to guest on 'Parks and Recreation' -- EXCLUSIVE

Who’s coming down the Parks and Recreation runway? Heidi Klum. The Project Runway host and America’s Got Talent judge has signed on to guest-star in the season premiere of the NBC comedy, EW has learned.

The hour-long episode on Sept. 26 sends certain members of the Parks gang to London, where Leslie (Amy Poehler) is to receive a “Women in Government” award from an international organization. At the event, she encounters a fellow recipient and mayor of a small town in Denmark, who is played by Klum. “Her town completely worships her in a way that makes Leslie a little jealous, considering that Leslie is undergoing a recall vote in Pawnee,” says Parks executive producer Michael Schur. READ FULL STORY

Retta at Comic-Con: 'Parks and Recreation' wants Donna to 'get some ass'

The cast of NBC’s Parks and Recreation heads back to work on Aug. 5, which means star/renowned TV fan Retta was free to drop by EW’s studio at Comic-Con and dish on what story line she’d like her character, Donna, to finally get in season 6. Our headline is a pretty solid hint (as is our follow-up question about when her pal Joe Manganiello, from True Blood, might pop up on the comedy). Watch the interview below. READ FULL STORY

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine': A first look at the poster for Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher comedy

You don’t need to do any detective work to steal a glimpse at the new poster for Fox’s buzzed-about fall comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Simply look above and experience some in-your-face action.

Kristen Bell to guest on 'Parks and Recreation' -- EXCLUSIVE

A cast member of Veronica Mars and House of Lies is about to spend some time with Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), and her name will definitely ring a bell.

Emmy Watch: Adam Scott on Ben and Leslie's wedding: 'It wasn't just a day at work'

Between now and June 28, the deadline for Emmy voters to submit nomination ballots, will feature interviews with some of the actors and actresses whose names we hope to hear when nominations are announced on July 18.

Fans and critics will often agree that season 5 of Parks and Recreation was one of — if not the — best of the series. But standing out in the pool of awesome is Adam Scott, who plays Ben Wyatt, the lovably geeky Game of Thrones enthusiast who in a few seasons has won the hearts of Leslie Knope and audiences alike.

But why, after nearly three seasons on the show, has Scott, 40, entered the possible running for an Emmy nomination more than ever? We have some ideas, but Scott hesitates to offer his own theories. “I can’t answer to that specifically because, 1) I’d sound like a boob,” he deadpans. “Also, because I’m not really sure. But the season itself to me was special.”

Below, in a Q&A with EW, Scott relives the standout season.

'American Horror Story' and 'The Big Bang Theory' lead Critics Choice nominees

The Big Bang Theory is no stranger to big ratings, but home viewers aren’t the only ones who love the CBS comedy.

The show was one of the most recognized broadcast shows today as the nominations for the 3rd annual Critics’ Choice Television Awards were announced. BBT and American Horror Story: Asylum, the most nominated cable show, both scored six nominations. (Parks and Recreation and Sundance’s Top of the Lake tied for second with five nominations.)

HBO lead the networks, scoring 21 nominations, followed by FX with 19.

This is the third year The Broadcast Television Journalists Association has held the award show. This year’s ceremony will be hosted by Parks and Recreation star Retta and held June 10 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel. (It will also, for the first time, stream online via UStream.)

The full list of nominations is below: 

'Parks and Recreation' season finale: EP Michael Schur answers burning questions

(SPOILER ALERT: Read this post only AFTER watching “Are You Better Off?,” the season 5 finale of Parks and Recreation, which aired Thursday night.) Season 4 of Parks and Recreation concluded on a note of triumph and sweetness as Leslie Knope proved victorious in her bid for a seat on the City Council. This year’s Macklin-daddy finale, though, ended with a… What. In. Ron’s. Name. Just. Happened? Yes, Ron Swanson — the man who values an abundance of meat and a lack of government above all else — will have to rearrange his priorities now that his girlfriend, Diane, is apparently carrying his child, news that she seemed ready to drop on his lap just before we cut to commercial/summer vacation. Meanwhile, Leslie was also left hanging from a dramatic cliff as a highly motivated group of Pawnee business owners and community leaders were angling to recall her from office. And wait, is April heading out of town to attend veterinary school, a dream that Andy has been aware of for the last 20 seconds? Seeking information and clarity on these matters, EW spoke with series co-creator/exec producer Michael Schur.

• First off: Is Diane (Lucy Lawless) really pregnant, or did the episode purposely leave the weensiest bit of wiggle room at the end by not showing her delivering any news ? READ FULL STORY

'Parks and Recreation' season finale: 11 hints from exec producer Michael Schur

It’s time to wrap up another season of Parks and Recreation, one in which new City Councilwoman Leslie Knope found herself in soda wars (of the 512-ounce variety) and jams (of the Councilman Jamm variety). Tonight’s episode, which airs on NBC at 9:30 p.m., will boast a different feel than last year’s celebratory send-off. “Last year’s finale was very much about ending something,” says series co-creator/exec producer Michael Schur. “It was the end of her campaign and it was her victory speech, and it put this great punctuation mark on the entire season. And what I like about this finale is that this also wraps up the year very explicitly. It’s about her first year in office. She gets revisited by a lot of people whose lives she affected in different ways, but the end of the finale is about throwing balls up into the air instead of catching them. It’s about throwing forward to next season and it feels very exciting.” Schur tossed EW a bunch of teasers for season 5′s farewell episode, which you can read and re-read below. READ FULL STORY

How 'Game of Thrones' producers would write a 'Parks and Recreation' episode (and vice versa)

Parks and Recreation characters love a good Game of Thrones reference. So what would happen if the creative overlords of these two vastly different TV worlds swapped jobs for an episode? Treat yourself to the results. (Parks and Recreation‘s season 5 finale airs tonight on NBC at 9:30 p.m.)  READ FULL STORY

'Parks and Recreation': Sneak a peek at the season finale -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

In the season 5 finale of NBC’s Parks and Recreation, Leslie (Amy Poehler) faces one of her toughest challenges to date when she channels Ronald Reagan and asks the citizens of Pawnee: “Are you better off now than you were a year ago?” (Fact to consider: Raccoon attacks have decreased.) Check out this clip  and see how the town responds to Leslie’s attempted “victory lap.” READ FULL STORY

'Parks and Recreation': Chris and Ann try to make a baby -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Of the many ways to make a baby, former lovers Chris (Rob Lowe) and Ann (Rashida Jones) have chosen the one that involves the least amount of sex. In Thursday’s episode of Parks and Recreation (NBC, 9 p.m.), Chris helps Ann move one step closer to realizing her dream of being with child when they visit a fertility clinic, where Chris will need to, you know, provide a sample.

Check out the clip below to see how this non-couple (who are getting back together at one point, right?) handle the big moment. Elsewhere in the episode, Leslie (Amy Poehler) discovers that Jerry (Jim O’Heir) is retiring, and Tom (Aziz Ansari) now fears that he will become the split-pants butt of all jokes in the office. READ FULL STORY

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