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Patrick Duffy recalls an old 'Dallas' line that tops this week's Lesser Prairie Chicken twist, teases what's ahead


Spoiler alert! This week’s episode of Dallas saw John Ross (Josh Henderson) and Bobby (Patrick Duffy) each take bold steps in their battle over fracking at Southfork. In the end, even though John Ross had convinced the ranch hands that more money could be made in oil than cattle, Bobby managed to put a hold on John Ross’s drilling permit by informing the Sierra Club of a potentially endangered population of Lesser Prairie Chicken.

Asked how many takes it took him to get “Lesser Prairie Chicken” out, Duffy just laughs. “Once, in the old Dallas, we had the phrase, ‘Well, daddy, I think the whole herd’s got screwworm.’ And ‘screwworm’ did not come out of Larry’s and my mouth for about an hour. It’s one of those phrases. ‘Lesser Prairie Chicken’ is one of those phrases,” he says.

He admits the cast is also having fun with the frequent use of the term “fracking” this season. ”Especially off-camera,” he says. “If you think about Battlestar Galactica, ‘frak’ was the way they got around the censors.” (Yes, he is a BSG fan, and when he stopped by EW for an upcoming Pop Culture Personality Test, he showed us a photo of himself with Step by Step fan Katee Sackhoff on his phone to prove it. Check it out below.)  READ FULL STORY

'Dallas': Patrick Duffy talks tonight's season finale (and still knocking on Larry Hagman's dressing room door)

Tonight on Dallas‘ two-hour season finale (TNT, 9 p.m. ET), viewers find out who shot J.R.(Larry Hagman), whether the Ewings can complete J.R.’s “masterpiece” to take down Cliff Barnes and Harris Ryland, and if Victoria Principal has returned as Christopher’s mother, Pam. “People know I can’t be bought,” Patrick Duffy says, laughing when asked if he’s been offered bribes to reveal the answers early. “It’s very rare that somebody offers, like they did Larry in the old days. The Queen Mother apparently tried to bribe him. But we don’t get that now because people are so happy to play the game with us. They like to ask the question: ‘What about Victoria Principal?’ ‘Who shot J.R.?’ But they say, ‘Don’t tell me! Don’t tell me!’ They want to be there watching and go, ‘Oh my gosh.'”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Last we saw Bobby, you were smiling walking out of Ewing Energies, in slow-mo, which I loved, after just handing Cliff Barnes the keys to the company. What can you tease about how we’ll see him in the finale?
PATRICK DUFFY: Bobby had a great little scene with Linda [Grey] in last Monday’s episodes where he says that hubris will bring Cliff down. We knew absolutely how to get Cliff Barnes overconfident. That’s why there’s that smirk. I’ve gotten tweets about my smirk. I’m very happy about that smirk. [Laughs] I didn’t know I had a good smirk in me. You actually smirk better in slow motion. What we end up seeing is that Bobby has to do things so out of his comfort zone. I mean he’s literally so uncomfortable, as a character, with the things he’s gonna have to do in these next two hours. The smirk gets replaced by a grimace of Ohmygod, what have I done? But, it’s great fun to do that, having been Bobby for over 30 years, to see how I have to make a good guy cross the line and still be, I think, a good guy. He is reluctant about doing it. He’s only doing it because J.R. mandated it in his dying letter. So, he’s obligated to do things that he’s not comfortable doing, but I don’t think he’s gonna stay there very long once the job is done. READ FULL STORY


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