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'Game of Thrones' finale: Peter Dinklage, Charles Dance on [SPOILER's] killer instinct


Spoilers from Sunday’s Game of Thrones finale: It was the perfect Father’s Day episode of Game of Thrones: Tyrion kills Tywin, the unloved son executing his cold-hearted, calculating father as he sat on the most ignoble throne of all. It’s a move that will change Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) forever — and one that eliminates Tywin (Charles Dance), one of the show’s strongest characters.

We spoke with both actors about the finale scene very briefly last year. Dinklage said Tyrion went up to confront his father because he “can’t leave without some closure.”

“He doesn’t know what’s going to happen,” added Dinklage. “He understands the force that Tywin is, so I think he’s smart enough to know that there are consequences for going up there. But he can’t leave without something. He needs that closure. No matter what it is, he needs something. Maybe he’s going to get killed, but he just can’t leave yet.”

Tyion then pulls the trigger on his father after the patriarch repeatedly calls a Shae “whore.” “Tyrion is grief-stricken about what he just did [to Shae] and Tywin doesn’t give a sh–,” Dinklage said. “So that’s the finger that fires.” READ FULL STORY

Winter Olympics: Peter Dinklage is the voice of NBC's opening ceremony tease

The Winter Olympics is coming! In an inspired move, NBC has enlisted Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage to voice the opening tease for the montage that will begin its coverage of the opening ceremony, which airs Friday, Feb. 7 at 7:30 p.m. ET. NBC Olympics executive producer Jim Bell made the announcement via Twitter (with the hashtag #winteriscoming, of course).  READ FULL STORY

'Game of Thrones' featurette promises a bloody, gripping season 2 -- VIDEO

For Game of Thrones fans, waiting for the series to return on April 1 is about as excruciating as being trapped in one of the Eyrie’s sky cells. Thankfully, watching this new, 22-minute-long featurette should make the next week move a little faster.

Though most of its run time is devoted to reintroducing characters and summarizing the events of season 1, the mini-movie also includes plenty of catnip for fans who know the series backward and forward (Daenerys as a brunette! Tyrion speaking in an American accent!). Plus, around 16 minutes and 30 seconds in, it shifts into a discussion about season 2 — and gives peeks at highly anticipated new characters like Melisandre, Davos the Onion Knight, and Dany’s dragons.

Watch the featurette for yourself below — then head to the comments to dissect it like Ilyn Payne dissected Ned Stark. (Err…spoiler alert?) READ FULL STORY


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