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'Survivor: Cagayan': Exclusive merge photos and Tony interview!

He has been the sneakiest sneak of the Survivor season so far. Some of his moves — like putting a target on Cliff with a phantom lie to Sarah and putting a target on Jeremiah with a phantom hidden immunity idol clue — have been ingenious. Others — like yelling out “Top five, baby!” at the top of his lungs after winning a challenge — maybe not so much. And now Jersey City cop Tony Vlachos will have to come face to face with those people not part of his top five when the Survivor: Cagayan tribes merge on Wednesday night’s episode. We have two exclusive merge images (one above and one below) of the big gathering as well as an exclusive midseason Q&A with the guy Survivor fans either love…or love to hate. READ FULL STORY

'The Walking Dead': See exclusive images from the season's penultimate episode

The penultimate episode of The Walking Dead’s fourth season is almost upon us! But you don’t have to wait until Sunday night to get your fix. We have a few exclusive images from the episode for you right here. (Click through all three pages to see them all!) First up is Rick Grimes rocking his new iconic look from the comics with the white shirt and fur-lined jacked. Looks like Rick is also rocking a growing beard and a heavy piece of artillery as well. But who — or what— is he looking at? Terminus, perhaps? (Click here for the full uncropped version of the photo.)

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'Orphan Black': First season 2 image with intel from the creators -- EXCLUSIVE

Tatiana Maslany is once again pulling double duty. In this exclusive first image from season 2 of Orphan Black, we see the actress playing two clones doing battle. (You can see the photo in all of its huge, high-resolution glory by clicking on the magnifying glass button above.) On top is Sarah Manning, the fearless protagonist who acted as our entry point into the mysterious world of human clones. On the bottom with the gun on her face is Rachel Duncan, the Neolutionist “Proclone” who appeared primed to strike back in the season 1 finale after Sarah refused to cooperate. Judging by what we see here, they will be none too chummy when season 2 kicks off on April 19, 2014 (on BBC America here in the States and Space in Canada). Entertainment Weekly spoke with Orphan Black creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson to get the full scoop on what this image means and what else to expect in season 2. READ FULL STORY

'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Brothers Aras and Vytas discuss the game so far -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

Before this season of Survivor: Blood vs. Water began, I tweeted out that my pre-game interview with Aras and Vytas Baskuaskas was the most impressive I had ever done. So in that sense, it is not surprising they both made it to the merge, which happens on tonight’s episode. But when you consider all they have been through to this point — Aras being targeted by former alliance partner Tyson; Vytas being the sole male on the Galang tribe — it was by no means a given they would make it this far. But they did. And now, in an exclusive, the brothers talk about their journey so far in the game and how they made it to this point. Plus, to spice things up, we have some exclusive photos of the first post-merge challenge for you — photos that appear to be strategically cropped so we do not see who made it back into the game from Redemption Island. (Click through all 4 pages to read the entire Q&A and see all the exclusive photos.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Vytas, your strategy at Galang seemed to be to let the weak links emerge and do themselves in. Was there ever a consideration towards targeting Tina and Katie as the tribe’s single “loved ones” pair? 

VYTAS: No. Even though she was not a part of the guy alliance at the original Tadhana, I had made sure to form a good relationship with Katie. I knew that she was my link into the new Galang because her mom would support her. Once Tina embraced me as a confidant of her daughter, that’s when I was safe. It was the mother-daughter pair that kept me alive on Galang so it would’ve been foolish to target them, especially since I knew the merge was coming and Aras and I would need as many other pairs to align with as possible.

NEXT: Click here for more exclusive photos from tonight’s episode and more from Aras and Vytas

'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Spouses Candice and John talk about tonight's big duel -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

Tonight features a Survivor first: spouses competing against each other in an individual competition. Thanks to this season’s Blood vs. Water twist (which features returning players playing with/against their loved ones) husband and wife John and Candice Cody will be competing against each other — as well as Marissa Peterson — with the last place finisher being eliminated from the game. We got some exclusive photos from tonight’s contest (at 8pm on CBS) for you right here, as well as a Q&A with the husband and wife themselves. What do they have to say about the big spouse smackdown? Read on to find out! (Click through all 5 pages to read the entire Q&A and see all the exclusive photos.) READ FULL STORY

'Falling Skies': Moon Bloodgood discusses Tom and Anne's baby and her own real-life new bundle of joy -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

Falling Skies has drawn in viewers over its first two seasons not only with its ever-morphing alien mythology, delightfully grotesque horror moments, and intense action scenes, but also with its family drama — which will get more complicated in the upcoming season 3 with a new addition to the Mason family: Tom and Anne’s baby.

Playing Dr. Anne Glass, 2nd Mass medic and love interest for Noah Wyle’s Tom Mason, has given actress Moon Bloodgood the chance to flex some of the same action-hero muscles as she did in other sci-fi projects, like Terminator Salvation. But in Falling Skies’ third season, which premieres on TNT on June 9, Anne is not quite so battle-ready since she’s very pregnant. The new season picks up about seven months after the season 2 finale when Anne found out she’s pregnant after the 2nd Mass arrived in Charleston.

Warning: Season 3 spoilers ahead! READ FULL STORY

'The Walking Dead': New behind-the-scenes images of the prison and Woodbury -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

The Walking Dead finally returns for season 3 this Sunday night and there will two new big locations in the third year of the AMC drama. Rick and Co. will set up shop in a prison (after they clear all the zombies out, that is), while Andrea and Michonne will find their way to Woodbury, a town run by a mysterious new leader who calls himself the Governor.

And to whet your appetite, here are two more behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, one of each locale. Check out Andrew Lincoln taking aim at a walker, as well as Laurie Holden behind the camera in a Woodbury interior set. And for more Walking Dead scoop, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss. READ FULL STORY

'The Walking Dead': Welcome to Woodbury! New season 3 images of the Governor, Andrea and Michonne with intel from the actors -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

While the other survivors from Hershel’s farm massacre will make a prison their home in season 3 of The Walking Dead, Andrea — who was separated from the group and saved by a mysterious hooded figure named Michonne in the finale — will end up somewhere else entirely: the town of Woodbury, Ga. There, Andrea and Michonne will be introduced to a man with the first name of Philip who is better known by another moniker: the Governor. And we have a few brand new photos of all three characters in this new environment below, as well was intel from the actors that play them on what to expect in season 3. READ FULL STORY

'The Walking Dead': Greg Nicotero shows off zombies from the show's Halloween Horror Nights haunted maze -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

Image Credit: Universal Studios

You don’t have to wait until season 3 premieres on AMC on Oct. 14 to get the bejesus scared out of you by The Walking Dead. That’s because the zombie drama will be part of the annual Halloween Horror Nights event taking place at Universal Studios theme parks in Orlando and Hollywood starting on Sept. 21. Those who dare to enter will need to survive what a Universal press release describes as “eerily authentic, elaborately designed movie-quality sets that include some of the most iconic locations and scenes from the show. Mobs of undead walkers bring to ‘life’ the vicious, hungry zombies from the show.”

And we’ve got your first look at some of those zombies right here and right now with three exclusive photos. “We want people to experience the same terror of the walker-filled reality our characters faced in seasons 1 and 2, and will continue to face in our third season,” says the show’s co-executive producer and monster makeup guru Greg Nicotero in the release. The Walking Dead mazes will open, along with all of Halloween Horror Nights, in both Universal parks on select dates Sept. 21 through Oct. 31. Now scroll down to check out Nicotero with some of the walkers in a recreation of the show’s famous post-apocalypse hospital set. And for more breaking Walking Dead news, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss. READ FULL STORY

'Boardwalk Empire' season 3: First photos

There’s no more Jimmy Darmody (awww), but the rest of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire gang is back for season three, along with new hire Bobby Cannavale as Gyp Rosetti – a charming but ruthless gangster who challenges Nucky (Steve Buscemi) for control of the bootleg business. Here’s your first-look photos for the show, which returns Sept. 16: READ FULL STORY

CBS fall posters released: 'Elementary,' 'Vegas,' more

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

CBS just unveiled its official marketing key art for its four new fall shows: Elementary, Vegas, Partners and — going all crazy with a three-word title — Made in Jersey. The first few ads all features characters intently staring into your soul, eyeballing you into submission, while the cast of Partners has fun amongst themselves. Check out all the posters below and let us know what you think: READ FULL STORY

Fox's 'Mindy Project' official poster unveiled -- PHOTO

Want to get an exclusive first look at Fox’s Mindy Project key art?

Below is the bright and poppy ad that’s going to be used to promote Mindy Kaling’s new comedy everywhere this fall. The ad combines a striking image of Kaling and a series of her character’s self-improvement mission statements. The tagline: “For everyone whose life is a work in progress” might help the show draw men as well as women. The promising comedy, where Kaling plays an OB/GYN who struggles with her dating life (trailer here), is being paired with New Girl this fall starting Sept. 25. Fox’s new Tuesday night comedy block tagline is on here too — “Laugh Your Fox Off!” Check it out first on READ FULL STORY

'Elementary': Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu as Holmes and Watson! -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

When CBS’ new Sherlock Holmes series Elementary debuts this fall, you can expect a few changes to the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story. For one thing, the genius British detective will be solving crimes this side of the pond in New York City. For another, his trusty companion Watson…is a woman! We begin the countdown to Thursday’s Elementary Comic-Con panel (moderated by yours truly) with an exclusive new image of Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu as Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson. Apparently, they’re very into reading! Check out the photo below (and click on the link below that for a high res version), and for more news and views, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss. READ FULL STORY

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