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Cable premiere dates: When to expect more 'Dexter,' 'Psych,' and, um, 'I Used to Be Fat'

Just because ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW are rolling out all their finest, doesn’t mean all the cable networks have hung out the Gone Fishin’ signs. There are still plenty of good series to look forward to from the likes of Showtime, TLC, BBC America et al. (Well, except maybe Texas Multi Mamas on WE. What the heck is that?) READ FULL STORY

'Grey's Anatomy,' 'How I Met Your Mother,' 'House': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Welcome to Spoiler Room: Jen’s Edition. Kidding. But also not really. After wrapping up today’s column, I realized I chose four questions from people named Jen. I promise you, this is not an act of favoritism. But now I’m really curious how many of you are out there.

Regardless, if you ask, I’ll answer. So get askin’! Send your questions, ponderings, new show scoop requests, and post-premiere reactions to And if many of your names happen to be Jen, fantastic. (Your move, Sarahs.)


I can’t tell you how often I get harassed lovingly asked for Meredith and Derek scoop, and after sitting through next week’s two-hour premiere with my mouth hanging open for 80 minutes (two hours, minus commercials), here’s what you’re going to get out of me on Mer/Der, Crowen, and Alex (who is sans nickname because he’s all alone. Poor Alex). READ FULL STORY

'Psych': Lou Gossett Jr. and Sara Rue to play Lassiter's new neighbors!

Lassie’s got a new home — and it comes with two super-fun guest stars.

In an upcoming episode of Psych‘s upcoming season (kicking off Oct. 12), Lou Gossett Jr. and Sara Rue will play two of Lassiter’s (Timothy Omundson) new neighbors after the detective moves into a new (seemingly CURSED!) condo.

Gossett plays Lloyd, the creepy manager at the Overlook Gardens Condominium, where Lassiter sets up new digs. And Rue will play quirky nurse Amy Alleris, an overly friendly neighbor.

The two join the lengthy list of already-announced season 6 guest stars, which includes William Shatner, Danny Glover, and Kristy Swanson. Their episode is scheduled to air sometime in the second half of the season.

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‘Psych’ scoop: Danny Glover to guest star

'The Vampire Diaries,' 'White Collar,' 'Supernatural,' 'Raising Hope': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Hey, Roomies. I missed you during my travels! But your letters and questions kept me warm last week in San Diego during Comic-Con. (No, seriously, they made me sleep outside and I used them as a blanket. I’m kidding… probably.)

So, here we are, on the doorstep of fall TV, and we’re knocking hard until we get all the info we crave. Let’s get to it.

Remember to keep those queries coming! Mail them to or tweet them to me @EWSandraG. Also, if you have a little time, send me your thoughts on Comic-Con. What you liked (videos?), what you didn’t like (the stupid faces I apparently make when I get really excited), and tell me if your scoop appetite was fed to your satisfaction. We have 360-ish days to work on it, and we’d like to start now. Love you like nerds love Mrs. Fields and overpriced memorabilia! Till next week.

There’s so much to look forward to on this season of The Vampire Diaries. Elena’s 18th birthday, bad Stefan, and soapy Damon. But when prompted for his outlook for the season, Joseph Morgan says he’s most excited to meet Klaus’ family. “We get a chance to go back and see the point where they became vampires and where the curse was placed on Klaus to suppress his hybrid nature, his hybrid side,” he told a roundtable. “It’ll be interesting when we introduce other originals who are possibly equally as powerful or have some sort of emotional hold over Klaus … to see what that brings out of him.” READ FULL STORY

USA boss talks at Comic-Con about a possible seventh season of 'Psych'

Psych‘s season 6 doesn’t even have a solid premiere date yet (ETA: October), but at today’s Comic-Con panel in San Diego, the stars and production team had a positive outlook on the future of TV’s most spoof-friendly series, especially when creator Steve Franks spoke about the show’s plans for a musical episode.

“I’m a big liar because I promised [the fans] that the episode that shoots Monday was going to be the musical, but then I realized that you can’t write a musical in three weeks,” he told the crowd. “So it’s going to be the first episode of season 7.”

Exciting — except the show hasn’t been picked up for a seventh season. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be, according to USA Network co-president Jeff Wachtel, who spoke to EW after the panel. READ FULL STORY

James Roday previews 'Psych' at Comic-Con, teases season 6 (Hint: Someone has a new romance!)

There’s nothing like your first time — at Comic-Con, that is. And James Roday remembers his perfectly. “We got really scared, because we work in Vancouver, and we didn’t really have that great of a sense of how crazy our fanbase was. It was like, ‘This is going to be a nightmare. We’re going to walk out there, and it’s going to be half-empty, and it’s going to be really sad for us.’ And we stepped out onto that stage, and it was at capacity, standing room only, people going crazy, people being turned away. It was the first glimpse that we really got into, like, ‘Oh my gosh, we’re, like, a cult show, We’re a cult show! That’s crazy,'” he says. “It was the first chance we got to really interact with our fanbase in that way, and we’ve since embraced that and kind of known what the deal is. But that first year, it was crazy — very humbling and awesome.”

That was three years ago, and this year, he and the cast of Psych will be back to preview some of the geek-centric episodes fans will be seeing during the upcoming season 6 (premiering in October).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What do you think makes Psych a great fit for the Comic-Con crowd? READ FULL STORY

'Haven,' 'True Blood,' 'The Big C,' 'Leverage': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Vacation = over. But I’m not weeping. All it means is that I’m back at work and so are your favorite shows, which means you can expect a slow, but steady, leak of scoop for the return of many fall shows!

So enjoy this mix of scoop on summer faves and a few bits on the fall slate! If you have a specific scoop request, question, musing, nerdy thought, or even a follow-up scoop question, send an email to or Tweet me @EWSandraG.

See you next week!!


Jason Priestley, Tony Hale to guest on 'Psych' -- EXCLUSIVE

USA has nabbed former stars of 90210 and Arrested Development for the next season of Psych.

Jason Priestley and Tony Hale will guest star on an upcoming episode of the series this fall.

Priestley will play a Harley-riding con man who tries to pull a job at the same spa resort Shawn (James Roday) and Juliet (Maggie Lawson) are staying at for the weekend. While Hale guests as the owner of an imports/exports business who crosses paths with Shawn and Juliet while they are on a lover’s retreat weekend at a spa resort.

'Psych' scoop: Danny Glover to guest star

USA has a lethal weapon in store for the new season of Psych that’ll begin this fall on USA: An episode featuring Danny Glover! The co-star of the Lethal Weapon franchise will play a manager of a minor league team who seeks investigative assistance from Shawn (James Roday) when the team’s hitting coach mysteriously drops dead.

Baseball Hall of Famer and 1996 World Series Champ Wade Boggs will also appear in the episode, as will USA’s own Michael Trucco (Fairly Legal). He will portray a baseball player and childhood hero of Shawn’s who is a suspect in the killing.

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‘Psych’ taps New Kids singer for cop role — EXCLUSIVE

'Psych' taps New Kids singer for cop role -- EXCLUSIVE

Which one you ask? Donnie? Danny?

The youngest of the original New Kids clan, Joey McIntyre, has been cast as the “buff new officer” at the Santa Barbara PD on USA Network’s upcoming season of Psych.

In the guest-starring role, McIntyre plays a cop that Shawn and Gus suspect is living a double life as “The Mantis,” the city’s mysterious masked vigilante/superhero who has single-handedly been taking down a drug syndicate. McIntyre previously acted on the TV show Boston Public.

Psych is currently filming its sixth season that will premiere this fall.

'Chuck,' 'Gossip Girl,' 'Big Bang Theory,' 'Fringe': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

The votes are in, Roomies, and in the end, the voting power of Chuck-dom, passionate followers of Gossip Girl, and loyal fans of Big Bang Theory earned themselves today’s mega-scoop! Thanks for your participation in my non-scientific Spoiler Room scoop election.

If your show didn’t win, try again! Or harass me until I listen. It honestly works. Ask some of your fellow question-askers for testimonials.

You know the drill: Send scoop requests to or Tweet them to me (@EWsandraG)

See you Tuesday! READ FULL STORY

'Psych' scoop: Second 'Twin Peaks'-themed episode in the works?

Psych-Dual-SpiresImage Credit: Alan Zenuk/USA NetworkSome of the folks at USA’s Psych are big fans of the offbeat, early ‘90s drama, Twin Peaks — such big fans that, after their well-received “Dual Spires” homage in December, they might pay homage to David Lynch’s surreal soap a second time.

“Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to do some kind of revisiting of the episode. I know James [Roday] is thinking about it,” Dulé Hill told EW last Saturday at EW’s pre-SAG party. “I know he and Steve [Franks, creator and executive producer] had talked about it. Hopefully we can make it happen.”  READ FULL STORY

'House,' 'Dexter,' 'Bones,' 'The Closer': Find out what's next in The Spoiler Room

spoiler-roomImage Credit: Chris Haston/Fox; TNT; Randy Tepper/ShowtimeThe holidays are here, Roomies, and it truly is the most wonderful time of the year…. Okay, there are those crowds of holiday shoppers everywhere, all so rabidly hungry for deals that they’d trade their first born for $5 off the latest Snuggie to be pimped in a commercial by an ear-killing holiday-themed song. That does make a strong case for staying indoors, shopping online, and of course, watching TV (the only true path toward happiness — and vitamin D deficiency).

Still not convinced to ride out the Yuletide retail madness from the comfort of your sofa? This week’s scoop might help. I have dish on December episodes of The Closer, Leverage, Dexter, Bones, and more. Plus, looking ahead, the lovely Lisa Edelstein weighs in on what we can expect in January episodes of House. Now, that’s something to celebrate.

Remember to keep sending in scoop requests. Twitter replies/direct messages work well (@EW or @EWSandraG). And thanks to ALS for suggesting opening up an e-mail request line. I’m happy to announce is now up and running! Now use it!

House has only been on break a little over a week now, but if you’re anything like me, you’re already as twitchy as House during Vicodin withdrawal. So I called in reinforcements in the form of the lovely Lisa Edelstein (up for a People’s Choice Award!). When the show returns Jan. 17, Candice Bergen guests as Cuddy’s controlling mother, visiting Princeton-Plainsboro to (what else!) pry and shake things up. “Her mother is the kind of mother who thinks the most loving thing she can do is tell you the worst things she knows about you,” Edelstein said. And Mom’s first meeting with her daughter’s surly boyfriend is far from love at first sight. (Between the scruffy face and bedside manner, are you really surprised?) Undeterred, House is determined to win over Cuddy’s mom. “House is really trying in this relationhip. He’s not brushing it off like it’s nothing.  He really wants to be that guy.”

In other familial news, House also recently cast Paula Marshall in the role of Cuddy’s sister, Lucinda, whom Edelstein has a long history with. “She and I have been in all the same casting offices for 20 years. Anybody — especially in your 20s — who’s dark-haired and funny ends up in the same room,” she joked.

One final House call: After a few episodes of peeved Cuddy giving House her dagger eyes, we can look forward to peace on the horizon. “That’s not going to last forever,” Edelstein told me. “She knows who he is. It’s just that when you’re at the beginning of a relationship, everyone is trying to be the best of themselves, and when somebody does something like he did, it’s frightening because it means that that’s still the best of what they have to offer. But she gets over it and life moves forward. Family definitely triggers a lot more stuff, but nothing that they can’t surpass.”



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