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'Puppy Bowl X': Watch a canine player get flagged repeatedly; plus a Kitty Halftime Show surprise -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Sure, the Broncos-Seahawks showdown in Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVIII is a classic match-up, pitting the No. 1 offense against the No. 1 defense, but can any of those players outcute the competitors in Puppy Bowl X? We think NOT. Animal Planet is hoping that you like your football as furry as possible, so starting at 3 p.m., you can watch young canines from animal shelters around the country run happily and haphazardly around the gridiron, with penguin cheerleaders rooting them on. (The two-hour special, which also offers where-they-are-now? spotlights on past Puppy Bowl players, will repeat five times that day, with new footage and features.) Want to unleash some Puppy Bowl X action right now? Click on the video below to watch an Old English Sheepdog named Ginger get whistled for multiple penalties, including “illegal bathing,” and then witness a special air delivery during the Kitty Halftime Show, which also includes a performance by Keyboard Cat. READ FULL STORY

Hallmark Channel to air 'Kitten Bowl' on Super Bowl Sunday; Animal Planet responds

Looks like the claws are out: Hallmark Channel announced today that it will air a three-hour Kitten Bowl special on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 2, 2014), which will compete against Animal Planet’s popular Puppy Bowl, whose annual spectacle features a “Kitty Halftime Show.” READ FULL STORY

Puppy Bowl biggest ever: Ratings rise during blackout


The Super Bowl’s epic power loss was Animal Planet’s gain.

The cable network’s cuteness-counter-programming special Puppy Bowl IX scored record viewership this year. A total of 2.6 million viewers tuned in for the show’s annual two-hour  premiere, up 64 percent from last year. (Also, a total of 12.4 million sampled the telecast — watching 6 minutes or more — across all its repeats, which is also a record).

During the New Orleans’ Superdome’s 34-minute blackout on Sunday, viewership of a Puppy Bowl repeat climbed to 1.1 million viewers — a 54 percent increase compared to the prior segment. So the Super Bowl may have fallen short of breaking its viewership record, but the Animal Planet managed to lap up a few extra viewers.

Puppy Bowl referee Dan Schachner talks flags, cleanups, and excessive cuteness

The Super Bowl isn’t the only big game on Sunday. Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl IX premieres at 3 p.m. ET, and the hedgehog cheerleaders and aren’t the only new additions. There’s more cameras than ever before — in the puppy hot tub and embedded in the chew toys. For the second year, actor and voice-over artist Dan Schachner (who voices promos for Showtime’s Shameless) suited up as The Ref. How does one get this job, and what does it entail? We asked him.  READ FULL STORY

'Puppy Bowl IX': Catch a preview of Sunday's action -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

So, the Harbaugh brothers are coaching against each other in Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday? Big woof. In Puppy Bowl IX, EIGHT sets of siblings are facing off on the gridiron, including miniature pinscher brothers Re Re, Frances, and Winston, along with sister Agatha. Plus, all dogs have tested negative for deer-antler spray.

This year’s installment of the annual competition of cuteness, which airs Sunday at 3 p.m. on Animal Planet, will feature 63 young pooches scampering across a tiny football field. They will be cheered on by nine hedgehog cheerleaders, and entertained by a 21-kitten halftime show. Did you know: More than 250 puppy pee pads were used in the making of this spectacle? (Also, there was one humping incident.) READ FULL STORY


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