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'Glee' scoop: Details from next week's Ricky Martin episode, 'The Spanish Teacher'

Adam Rose/Fox

Gleeks, here’s something you already know: Ricky Martin is hot like fire. You’ve probably already seen his performance of LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” and he’s even steamier on next week’s episode of Glee, titled “The Spanish Teacher.” EW got an early peek at the episode, in which Martin plays David Martinez, a night school Spanish teacher who helps Will (Matthew Morrison) when a student complains about his teaching abilities. But that’s only one part of a pretty plot-packed hour of Glee. Here are the highlights [MILD SPOILER ALERTS]READ FULL STORY

Summer broadcast premieres: When to look for 'So You Think You Can Dance,' 'America's Got Talent' and Bachelor Pad'


Summer is just around the corner, and with it come summer must-sees and guilty pleasures. (Here’s lookin’ at you, Bachelor Pad.) We’ve got a handy guide to when your favorite — and soon-to-be-favorite — broadcast shows debut. Read on!

May 26
So You Think You Can Dance (season premiere, Fox)

May 30
Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition (season premiere, ABC)

May 31
America’s Got Talent (season premiere, NBC) READ FULL STORY

'90210': Trevor Donovan on Teddy's rocky year and the soap's next season, which will feature 'changes everywhere'

When Trevor Donovan, the actor who plays teen Teddy Montgomery on 90210, found out that his character was going to come out this season, he wasn’t sure what to expect. Soon, though, Donovan realized there was nothing to fear: “We were all on the same page about the timeline, and it not just being a flash in the pan storyline, but really showing a realistic arc of a kid coming to terms with who he is,” he told EW last week. “I have been so happy with the way that it has unfolded, the way they wrote it, and with the responses. It makes me feel proud.”

Teddy, of course, isn’t the only highly visible gay teen on TV this season. READ FULL STORY

'Star Wars: The Clone Wars': Season 4 scoop on Katee Sackhoff, Savage Opress, and Chewbacca. Plus, a plea for Ben Quadinaros!

Fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars know this was a breakthrough season. Not only did the quality of the animation seemingly jump to lightspeed, but the stories went deeper into that Galaxy Far, Far Away than ever before with thought-provoking episodes tackling politics, financial corruption, and terrorism. Not the Star Wars you grew up with, to be sure, but a fresh new take on George Lucas’s enduring space opera for the post-9/11 era. In fact, you wouldn’t be far off if you likened supervising director Dave Filoni’s reimagining of Star Wars to Ronald D. Moore and David Eick’s take on Battlestar Galactica. Especially since BSG-alum Katee Sackhoff is voicing a character on The Clone Wars next season!

Now that season three is history, we talked to Filoni about The Clone Wars’ future: Sackhoff, a multi-episode battle epic, the reappearance of Savage Opress, the likely return of Chewbacca, and how George Lucas got legendary Oscar-winning editor Walter Murch (Apocalypse Now) to direct an episode. Here’s what he had to say, starting at the beginning of all things, The Big Lebowski. READ FULL STORY

Victoria Tennant joins 'William and Kate' -- EXCLUSIVE

Victoria-TennantImage Credit: Valerie Macon/Getty ImagesVictoria Tennant (L.A. Story) has joined the cast of Lifetime’s William and Kate, the TV movie about the romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton. Tennant will play Celia, the woman who gives middle-class Kate etiquette lessons. Nico Evers-Swindell (NCIS: Los Angeles, Law & Order) portrays the heir to the British throne, and Camilla Luddington (CSI) is the future princess. William and Kate also stars Ben Cross (Chariots of Fire) as Prince Charles. The movie begins shooting this month and is slated to air in April.

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'The Young and the Restless' first look: Victor gets a visit from Christmas past

Young-Restless-Eric-BradenImage Credit: JPI StudiosIn a special stand-alone episode of The Young and the Restless on Dec. 23, Victor (Eric Braeden) will face his darkest demons when he is paid a visit from certain characters from Christmas past. In this exclusive first look, Victor’s late wife Hope (Signy Coleman) gets a little face time with the mustache. Genoa City’s own version of Scrooge also encounters his other late wife Sabrina (Raya Meddine), who has previously appeared in ghostly form on the CBS sudser after she died from injuries sustained during a car crash in 2008.

'30 Rock' exclusive: Exec producer Robert Carlock talks Jack's future with NBC -- and his new boss

rockHow will Jack stay in the good graces of the suits at Kabletown, which just acquired GE Sheinhardt NBC Universal (coincidentally as Comcast takes over the real NBC)? With the secret weapon known as Sherri Shepherd, of course! After the midseason break, she’ll return to 30 Rock as Tracy’s wife, Angie, who stars in her own suspiciously Real Housewives-esque reality show. “Jack realizes she has all the attributes for a reality show,” exec producer Robert Carlock says. “And Liz, in spite of herself, is saying, ‘Yeah, I would watch that.'” Jack’s also got another network-exec innovation up his sleeve, too: a star-studded disaster relief benefit. For, of course, a disaster that’s yet to happen. “Jack has this idea that the highest-rated reality events are celebrity disaster relief benefits,” Carlock says, “so he decides to pre-tape one and beat the other networks to the punch.”

We’ll also meet Jack’s new Kabletown boss, though he’s yet to be cast. Any ideas?

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'House' exclusive: Will Hugh Laurie check out next year?

houseImage Credit: Adam Taylor/FoxWanna good scare? Imagine the end of House. And with Hugh Laurie’s contract up next season, it could happen. “I have no idea” how much longer the show will run, he tells me. “I only hope we’ll know when the time is right [to close up shop]. When people blunder on for five years after [they should have called it quits]… it gets taken out of your hands. Someone will say, ‘That’s it.’

“But for now,” he adds, “I’m immensely proud of the things we did this season.” READ FULL STORY

Scooplets: 'Chuck' star's new gig! Plus: 'Melrose' goes gay!

Chuck-Sarah-Lancaster_l HawthoRNe: Chuck’s older sis, Sarah Lancaster, is set to moonlight on TNT’s new nurse drama, HawthoRNe, as the girlfriend of a patient (My Boys‘ Reid Scott) who’s horribly injured in a motorcycle accident. Described as a woman who’s never had to face adversity, she finds herself struggling with her newfound fate. So in the name of love (or craziness, you choose) her BF opts to undergo a high-risk surgery that could potentially kill him. Drama!

Psych: James Brolin (a.k.a. Mr. Barbra Streisand) has signed on to appear in a season 4 episode entitled, “High Noon-ish.” He’ll play Hank, a sheriff in Old Sanora, a city which has recently found itself the victim of vandalism. Lassiter (Timothy Omundson) spent a lot of time there growing up and sees Hank as something of a father figure. Psych‘s fourth season kicks off Aug. 7. 

Read on for scoops on Melrose Place, Kings, and more!

Crash: Eric Roberts is joining the Starz drama as a series regular. He’s set to play Seth, a billionaire entrepreneur who plans to give L.A. the one thing keeping it from becoming a real city: a professional football team. Crash‘s second season premieres Sept. 18.

Melrose Place: The CW’s upcoming reboot is currently casting the role of Caleb, an extremely masculine gay publicist who works with Katie Cassidy’s Ella. Sources confirm to me exclusively that producers are checking my availability.

Kings: NBC will burn off the seven remaining episodes of its under-appreciated (and now canceled) drama beginning this Saturday and continuing through to its series finale on July 25. I’m told all of the show’s major storylines will be wrapped up by the end. (Additional reporting by David Yi)

Scooplets: 'House,' 'Big Bang,' and more!

TV-Scooplets-house_l •    Greek: ABC Family’s fratastic soap is firming up plans for Father-Daughter Weekend with the hiring of Everwood‘s great Tom Amandes as Jordan’s father. An ex-jock and avid sports fan, Pops is under the impression that his little girl is dating a football player. Imagine his surprise (read: horror) when he meets her real BF, Rusty.

•    House: With production slated to resume next week, House is looking to cast an actress in her early 20s to mid 30s who is proficient at playing the cello. Sounds like a run-of-the-mill patient-of-the-week, right? That’s what I thought. But then I read the fine print on the casting notice: Interested parties must be available from June 15 through July 15.  (Rumor has it this could be another one of House’s fellow cuckoo nesters.)

•    Pushing Daisies: Never underestimate the power of Ask Ausiello to right the wrongs of the world. Per an Emmy insider, hours after I reported that Pushing Daisies leads Lee Pace and Anna Friel had yet to enter their names for Emmy consideration, Academy officials approached their reps and gave them one last chance to get their clients on the ballot before the Thursday-night deadline. Jump ahead 24 hours: The official ballots are released and both Pace and Friel are on it!

•    Burn Notice: Producers of the USA smash are courting Tyne Daly to appear opposite her former Cagney & Lacey partner, Sharon Gless, for an episode to air in early 2010.  BTW, last Thursday’s Burn attracted 6 million viewers — the show’s most-watched season premiere yet. (Look for my ATV interview with Jeffrey Donovan later this week!)

•    The Big Bang Theory: Want to see Sheldon, Penny and Co. like you’ve never seen them before? Click through for an exclusive sneak peek at the fab September cover for CBS’ Watch magazine.


Random scooplets: 'SVU,' 'Greek,' 'Gilmore Girls,' 'HIMYM,' and more!

Law & Order: SVU
: In tomorrow’s season finale, Olivia seduces one character and bitch slaps another. Care to guess which one is Stabler? BTW, there’s still no deal in place for Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni to return next season, but I hear talks are “moving in the right direction.”

Greek: Kadeem Hardison (A Different World) has been cast as Ashleigh’s father, Brian Howard, in a season 3 episode. Pops arrives on campus to spend Father-Daughter Weekend at the ZBZ sorority with Ash.

Gilmore Girls: Nope, the show isn’t returning. And I don’t have an update on a possible movie. I do, however, have good news for fans of Gilmore guy Matt Czuchry. The pilot for his new CBS legal drama, The Good Wife, doesn’t suck. Like, at all. (Watch a clip here.)

How I Met Your Mother: Dream Emmy Ballot nominee Neil Patrick Harris is dropping by Smurf Village my office later this week to discuss some pressing Mother issues as well as his stint hosting this Sunday’s Tony Awards. Send your Qs to sooner rather than later.

Blind item: The coolest casting coup in recent memory was supposed to be finalized this week. Now I’m hearing it’s not happening at all. The only hint I can give you is that it involves an actress we adore and a show we’re obsessed with. And no, this is not a follow-up to my Summer Glau-Dollhouse story.

Random scooplets: 'Grey's' planning surprise twist for Mer-Der? Plus: 'House,' 'Pushing Daisies,' 'Big Love,' and more!

•    The latest Grey’s Anatomy rumor making the rounds has Shonda Rhimes mulling a bait and switch that would find terminally ill Izzie living and George dying. Oh, wait, I forgot — neither of them is leaving (wink, wink). In other Seattle Grace happenings, Grey’s scribe Pete Nowalk sprinkled some cryptic teases into his lengthy postmortem on last night’s episode. The big takeaway: Mer-Der "is not going where you think."

•    Fox just released the following logline for the March 9 episode of House, titled "The Social Contract": House and the team take on the case of Nick (The Shield‘s Jay Karnes), a book editor who loses his inhibition and starts insulting coworkers at a dinner party one night before falling ill. The team realizes Nick has frontal lobe inhibition, which has caused him to lose his filter and vocalize all of his innermost thoughts, resulting in extremely insulting outbursts. As Nick’s free speech lends to some amusing and insightful comments regarding the team, he must deal with the consequences of being unable to lie to his wife and everyone else important in his life. Meanwhile, House suspects Wilson and Taub are keeping something from him when he catches them both in a lie. House is determined to get to the bottom of it."   

•    Pushing Daisies‘ Raul Esparza has booked an ep of Law & Order: Criminal Intent that starts shooting next week. He’ll play a shady district attorney in a Goren-centric episode. BTW, USA Network has announced an April 19 premiere date for CI‘s eighth season. Better late than never!

•    Speaking of Daisies, the show’s final three episodes will screen at PaleyFest09. Tickets are available via, and believe me when I tell you that the finale alone is worth the $15 admission charge. I just watched it and it’s fanfreakingtastic. If you’ve got a burning Q, e-mail me and I’ll try to include an answer in next week’s AA.

•    Is it just me, or did the majority of Supernatural fans skim right past the line in this week’s AA where I tease a pivotal death coming up? I don’t think it was just me.

•    Henry Winkler is reprising his role as Agent Bloom on Numb3rs later this season.

•    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, watch Big Love this Sunday, people. I don’t throw the word masterpiece around often, but it definitely applies here. Also, I counted at least a dozen "WTFOMG!" moments, including one featuring Ben, Margene and not a single piece of clothing.

Rumor Patrol: Is 'Grey's Anatomy' Killing Hahn? Who's Gay Now? Is 'Daisies' Done? Thiessen to '90210?'

Nothing sucks harder than heading into a weekend with a bunch of nagging, unanswered TV-related questions hanging over your head. Good thing you have me to separate fact from fiction. Here’s a rundown of the rumors du jour — and the truth about them.

Privileged snagged a full-season order. Sadly, this one is fiction. The CW has yet to give the ratings-challenged gem a back-nine pickup, although the net did place an order for two more scripts last night, bringing them to a new grand total of four additional scripts. Hey, every little bit helps!

Pushing Daisies has been axed. Fiction. An ABC insider insists that no final decision has been made re: Daisies. (The net has until mid-January to order more episodes.) But with production set to wrap early next week on the show’s 13th and possibly final episode, there’s little reason to be optimistic. (This also doesn’t bode well.) At least, as EW’s Lynette Rice reported exclusively, if the series bites the dust, Bryan Fuller has said that he’d return to Heroes. Silver lining, kids!

Grey’s Anatomy is killing off Dr. Hahn! I’m 89 percent certain that’s fiction. A promo for next week’s episode showing Callie in tears has led some to conclude that her ex-lover, who made her final appearance in last night’s episode, will be done in off screen. Highly unlikely. Not sure exactly why Callie was crying though. Maybe she’s upset that she had to find out she was a lesbian by reading it in a press release?

One of Kings’ main men is gay! Fact. A major character on NBC’s buzzy midseason drama does come out midway into the premiere. It’s a cool twist, so I’m going to resist the temptation to spoil it and offer this clue instead: The gay in question has just landed a love interest in Michael Arden, best known as Parker Posey’s assistant on ASP-s Return of Jezebel James.

Tiffani Thiessen is doing 90210 2.0! Fiction. Truth be told, I just made the rumor up so I could bring you this piece of exclusive scoop: Thiessen has joined the cast of USA Network’s newly greenlit pilot White Collar. The potential series centers on the relationship between a con man (Chuck‘s Matthew Bomer) and an FBI agent (Carnivale‘s Tim DeKay). Thiessen plays the wife of DeKay’s character.

The show at the center of my latest blind item is Pushing Daisies. Fiction. The Daisies set is the opposite of a nightmare. I’m stunned any of you would even go there. (Additional reporting by Andy Patrick)

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