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History Channel remaking 1977 'Roots' miniseries

In 1976, there was Alex Haley’s novel Roots: The Saga of an American Family. In 1977, there was Roots, the popular miniseries starring Olivia Cole, Ben Vereen, and LeVar Burton, among others. And now, EW has confirmed that the History Channel is remaking Roots into a brand-new eight-hour miniseries.

Mark Wolper, son of Roots original executive producer David L. Wolper, will executive produce the remake, which is said to offer a contemporary take on both the book and the original miniseries.

'Breaking Bad' remake: See Colombian Walt & Jesse's mobile meth lab

On an elemental level, Metástasis — Sony and Teleset‘s Spanish-language remake of Breaking Bad — is fairly similar to its source material. Its protagonist is a chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-cook; his accomplice is a young, scruffy dude who favors hoodies; his brother-in-law happens to be in law enforcement. Several of the characters’ names are even translations of their American counterparts: Walter White has become Walter Blanco. Jesse Pinkman is Jose Miguel Rosas. Skylar White now goes by Cielo Blanco.

In other ways, though, Metástasis necessarily strays from Breaking Bad‘s blueprint. Take, for instance, Walt and Jesse’s iconic rolling meth lab — “Motor homes are not popular in Colombia,” a Sony exec explained to The Hollywood Reporter this week. Instead of an RV, then, Walt and Jose will cook up “their first several batches of methamphetamine in an old, barely drivable school bus.”

Get your first glimpse of that bus — as well as Jose himself — in the photo above. Wouldn’t it be fitting if in honor of the duo’s lab, Metástasis featured an episode called “Blanco y Azul“?

NBC to reboot 'Rosemary's Baby'


Besides developing the next evolution of Mark Burnett’s Bible series, NBC has several more limited series in development for the new season (and beyond).

Today, NBC Entertainment Topper Bob Greenblatt announced that he will reboot the classic Mia Farrow movie Rosemary’s Baby for primetime. Described as a retelling of the bestselling novel by Ira Levin, the new version will focus on a young husband and wife living in Paris where “this edge-of-your-seat thriller unfolds.” No casting announced yet, unfortunately.

The net will also revisit The Tommyknockers, Stephen King’s 1987 novel about residents of a small Maine town that was made into a miniseries in 1993 with Jimmy Smits and Marg Helgenberger. This latest redo will be helmed by Yves Simoneau (Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee).

Greenblatt also greenlit a four-hour miniseries about Hillary Clinton that will star Diane Lane. Written and directed by Oscar nominee Courtney Hunt (Frozen River), the miniseries will recount Clinton’s life as a wife, mother, politician, and cabinet member from 1998 to the present. The script will begin with Clinton living in the White House while her husband (no one’s been cast yet!) is serving the second of his two terms as president.

Finally, NBC will turn to Burnett to exec produce the limited series Plymouth, which examines the challenges and drama of the Pilgrims’ journey across the Atlantic and the difficulties of settling in a new country. NBC already picked up the next installment of The Bible miniseries from Burnett and his wife, Roma Downey.

Julian Fellowes' 'Titanic' miniseries: How will it compare to James Cameron's big screen saga?

Next month marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic and the date of the historical event isn’t going unnoticed by the entertainment world. In addition to the 3-D rerelease of James Cameron’s Oscar-winning epic, Downton Abbey‘s Julian Fellowes will also commemorate the Titanic centennial with a four-part miniseries that will air on ABC.

While certain similarities are inevitable (after viewing the latest trailers for the Titanic miniseries, it’s nearly impossible not to get that sinking feeling you’ve watched this tragedy all unfold before on the big screen, from the class discrimination to the awe-inspiring shots of the doomed liner), Fellowes assures there are some major differences. According to the UK’s Daily Mail, the Oscar-winning writer (Gosford Park) said, “James Cameron’s was [a] wonderful film, but that is a love story set against the sinking of the Titanic.”

'Coma' miniseries lands all-star cast

Richard Dreyfuss, Ellen Burstyn, James Woods, Geena Davis, Lauren Ambrose, and Steven Pasquale (Rescue Me) will star in Coma, a four-hour miniseries based on the Robin Cook novel that will air on A&E.

Directed by Mikail Salomon (Band of Brothers) and produced by Tony and Ridley Scott, Coma is a thriller “about a doctor who discovers that something sinister is going on in her hospital after routine procedures send more than a few seemingly healthy patients into comas on the operating table.”

John J. McLaughlin (Black Swan) is writing the script, and the two-night event from Sony Pictures Television is scheduled to premiere Memorial Day 2012.

Bryan Singer to direct pilot for new 'Munsters'

Bryan Singer will direct and executive produce the television reboot of The Munsters, a pilot for NBC, EW has confirmed. The 46-year-old, most famous for directing The Usual Suspects and Superman Returns, will produce with Bryan Fuller, the brain behind Pushing Daisies. Singer, who is currently finishing the feature Jack the Giant Killer, has worked in television before, most notably for directing the pilot for House and producing the series Dirty Sexy Money. Deadline Hollywood initially reported this story.

Read more:
Cast the new ‘Munsters’

'Munsters' remake pilot ordered by NBC

TV’s original American horror story is taking another step toward returning to primetime: NBC has ordered a pilot of Bryan Fuller’s remake of the classic TV show The Munsters.

The new version of the half-hour sitcom is bring re-imagined by the Pushing Daises creator as an hour-long series exploring how the monster house came about, and will have a darker and less campy feel than the black-and-white original.

The Munsters was launched the same year as the rather similar Addams Family, which goes to show in this season of dueling fairy tale dramas (Grimm, Once Upon a Time) that networks haven’t changed all that much. While Addams was based off Charles Addams’ New Yorker cartoons, the Munsters patriarch Herman was basically a play on Frankenstein. READ FULL STORY

'Community' pays tribute to 'Animal House' for EW's Comedy Issue -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

We here at EW were looking for a way to salute some classic school-set comedies from the late 70s and 80s for our Comedy Issue, which hits stands today. We could have done it with conventional weapons, but that would have taken years and cost millions of lives. We had to all go out, as this situation absolutely required a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part. The good news? We knew just the guys to do it: The students at Greendale Community College! The nine stars of the clever and refer-ential NBC comedy Community recreated some famous imagery from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Porky’s, and The Breakfast Club (which you can see in the magazine), as well as Animal House – which you can check out below in this online exclusive: READ FULL STORY

Goodbye girls! ABC cancels 'Charlie's Angels'

Some classics — even the cheesiest ones — are better left in the past, and Charlie’s Angels, it seems, is no exception: ABC has shut down production on the reboot from Smallville scribes Al Gough and Miles Millar.

A network representative says the show will continue to air on Thursdays, filling the 8 p.m. slot with an unknown number of episodes (four of the show’s eight shot episodes have aired). Last night’s hour showed some ratings growth for the first time, climbing a tenth of a point to 6 million viewers and a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating. But it wasn’t enough to reverse the show’s fate.

Why did the reboot fail? READ FULL STORY

'Transporter' TV star Chris Vance injured on set

Cinemax has temporarily ceased production on its planned series Transporter after star Chris Vance (Prison Break, Burn Notice) was injured during an action scene.

The accident occurred on the series’ Toronto set. Production may resume in two weeks on the series that is expected to bow next year on Cinemax. “We want to ensure Chris’ return to peak physical condition before putting him back in front of the camera to continue shooting this face-paced, action-packed series,” said showrunner Steve Shill in a statement.

Vance plays expert driver and “professional transporter” Frank Martin — a role that was originated on the big screen by Jason Statham. Luc Besson, who co-wrote all three of the Transporter movies, is executive producing the series.

In May, Vance described the series to EW as “high octane. Fast-paced. Action-packed. Car chases. Stunts. Fights, Beautiful girls. Villains. Heroes. Guns. It should be a lot of fun.”

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Anthony Stewart Head talks his sex-obsessed character on NBC's 'Free Agents'

In 2009, Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Anthony Stewart Head was playing a thrice-divorced sex-obsessed boss to two recently single talent agents looking for love (occasionally with each other, occasionally without) on the British comedy Free Agents. This year, he’s doing the same thing — but on the American remake (which premieres on NBC tonight at 10:30, before moving to its regular 8:30 timeslot next week) and with a few differences (here, they’re PR execs), yet the same silly, provocative panache. This guy knows a sexual position called the Flying Dutchman, and he’s not afraid to use it. EW caught up with Head recently to chat about the show, his character, American adaptations, and filming next door to Mad MenREAD FULL STORY

'Teen Wolf': A clip from tonight's action-packed season finale -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Tonight marks the second half of the epic season finale of MTV’s Teen Wolf and EW has a gift for all you fans of the werewolf drama: We have an EXCLUSIVE peek at a couple of dramatic moments from the episode. Scott (Tyler Posey) has a run-in with Allison (Crystal Reed) and her hunter father while Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) deals with an emergency. Boy, high school is a lot more stressful with werewolves around. Watch below… READ FULL STORY

'Bewitched' reboot in the works at CBS

Hawaii Five-0, Charlie’s Angels and … Bewitched?

In the latest classic TV title getting considered for a reboot, CBS and Sony are developing a script for remake of the classic sitcom Bewitched. This is still in very early stages, but it’s definitely a project worth keeping an eye on.

Sony ushered the return of Angels and the producers of the clunky film version (which starred Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell) are on board. Can you imagine the 2011 pitch of this show, about an ordinary suburban businessman who discovers his wife has magical powers? “It’s Harry Potter meets Desperate Housewives!” Here’s a blast from the past: READ FULL STORY


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