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'Revenge': Jennifer Jason Leigh to play Emily's mom

Huge casting news on ABC’s Revenge: Acclaimed actress Jennifer Jason Leigh joined season 2.

She’s landed the much-anticipated recurring role of Emily Thorne’s mysterious mom.

Who will play Emily’s not-actually-dead mom has been a big guessing game among fans for months. Back in May, creator Mike Kelley told “What we really want to do is find the perfect actor for the role. It would be really great for her to be as formidable as Madeleine [Stowe], but it’s a completely different part.” Stowe once noted, “It’s got to be someone who’s got a little bit of a screw loose and can do that well.” READ FULL STORY

Emmy Watch: 'Revenge' creator on the season's best moments

Between now and June 28, the deadline for Emmy voters to return nomination ballots, is running a series called Emmy Watch, featuring highlight clips and interviews with actors, producers, and writers whom EW TV critic Ken Tucker has on his wish list for the nominations announcement on July 19. 

Whatever you do, don’t call Revenge a soap opera to creator Mike Kelley. Okay, we’ll call it a smart, addictive, complex, original, hilarious, heartfelt, and yes, occasionally sudsy drama about Emily Thorne’s (Emily VanCamp) return to the Hamptons to take down the family responsible for her father’s death. With a first season full of murder, romance, and fabulous parties aplenty, the highlight had to be the season finale, which wrapped up enough to keep us sated, but left enough questions open to keep us intrigued all summer long. Kelley, who is already writing next season’s scripts (no, he won’t answer anything about Victoria getting off that plane), shared his favorite moments of that episode and the rest of the season.


Emmy Watch: Madeleine Stowe looks back at the 'Revenge' finale

Between now and June 28, the deadline for Emmy voters to return nomination ballots, is running a series called Emmy Watch, featuring highlight clips and interviews with actors, producers, and writers whom EW TV critic Ken Tucker has on his wish list for the nominations announcement on July 19. 

Thanks to a surge of great roles for women on cable and in broadcast, Supporting Actress in a Drama could end up being the most competitive category when Emmys are handed out Sept. 23 on ABC. With the balloting process beginning June 11, EW asked Madeleine Stowe to reflect on Revenge‘s first season and what episode she would submit if she’s fortunate enough to hear her name read as a nominee next month.


'Revenge': Who should play Emily's mom?

During Wednesday’s high-octane finale of Revenge, it was revealed that Emily (Emily Van Camp) may not be alone in this world after all.

Her mother lives!

That means a new foe for Victoria will pop up in season 2. Oh, the possibilities! To whet our appetites, this is what creator Mike Kelley had to say about the new part to EW’s Tanner Stransky: “What we really want to do is find the perfect actor for the role. It would be really great for her to be as formidable as Madeleine [Stowe], but it’s a completely different part. What you’re going to discover about the woman who was Emily’s mother is the circumstances under which they were separated and you’re going to find that there’s some deep psychological issues with her, which I think is going to be fun for us to explore. For Emily, she’s going to start seeing some of the psychological damage that her mother has in herself.”

The challenge is finding the perfect woman who seems capable of inflicting such emotional damage (and able to go toe-to-toe mentally with the fierce Madeleine Stowe). If only Dana Delany weren’t tied up for another season in the low-rated Body of Proof; we like her chances opposite Victoria. At least there are plenty more 40-something women who could assume the part of Emily’s mother-from-hell.

Would Sigourney Weaver ever do a TV soap? Perhaps that’s wishful thinking. What about Sharon Stone? We heard rumblings that she was approached for the pilot. And what about Marcia Cross?

So many choices. Fortunately, there are plenty of 40-something women who are up for the job. Take our poll below…or add a few of your own!

'Revenge' season finale: Creator Mike Kelley answers burning questions!

Last night’s season finale of ABC’s delectable soap Revenge — perfectly titled “Reckoning” — was, in a word, explosive. And filled with juicy cliffhanger after cliffhanger.

With so many doors opened, there are so many questions that are begged: Is Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) really dead? What’s going on with the increasingly tangled love life of Emily (Emily Van Camp), Jack (Nick Wechsler), Amanda (Margarita Levieva), Daniel (Josh Bowman), and Ashley (Ashley Madekwe)? Is Amanda’s baby really Jack’s? Who will play Emily’s mother? And what will the character be like? How did the show so perfectly pick Florence and the Machine’s haunting “Seven Devils” to play during the episode?

To answer these questions, we went straight to the source: Revenge creator and executive producer Mike Kelley, who holds the keys to the show’s castle. As usual, he was tight-lipped about some things — but let a few other juicy tidbits slip. Read on for the answers to all your burning questions from last night’s season finale.


'Revenge' boss teases season finale and poses a juicy query: 'Is Emily willing to kill?'

What’s going on with Revenge‘s dynamic, scheming duo Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) in this photo? You’ll find out more in tonight’s season finale, but EW enlisted the show’s creator and executive producer Mike Kelley to answer the big question this shot begs: Did Emily and Nolan get caught?

You’re not going to get the answer that easy. “It’s either a predicament… or it’s Emily’s plan,” Kelley teases cryptically. Last week’s episode detailed the beginning of Emily’s hunt for the elusive white-haired man (played by James Morrison) who killed her father in prison. “He has all of the information, and there’s this weird kind of respect between the two of them,” Kelley continues. “What we tried to do was try to emulate the Clarice Darling and Hannibal Lecter relationship, because it’s oddly sort of sympathetic or empathetic. It’s really interesting — they’re both cut from the same cloth. They’re mortal adversaries, but they have a respect for each other, and it’s a really interesting relationship.”


TV's top time-period battles this fall

With the fall TV schedule now complete (below), we get to step back and take a look at the hellish battleground that broadcast hath wrought. There’s some very tough-to-predict match-ups this fall:*

Tim Allen vs. Whitney Cummings (Fridays, 8-9): “No, my show’s lamer!” ABC and NBC have their low-expectations comedies airing on Fridays this fall, and they might run head-to-head depending on when NBC launches (ABC’s comedies premiere in November). NBC has Whitney and Community and ABC has Last Man Standing and new comedy Malibu Country. (Community fans, if your ass beat by Reba McEntire and Lily Tomlin, we have no words for you). At least 9 p.m. shows Shark Tank and Grimm will have half-way decent lead-ins for once. Our prediction: Edge goes to ABC.

Britney Spears vs. Christina ‪Aguilera‬: OK, so one this is kind of a cheat. The Voice and X Factor won’t air on the same nights, let along in the same time period. But if you think their lack of head-to-head scheduling will matter to the media, you deserve to be hit, baby, one more time. Everybody will obsess over how these two compare. NBC’s The Voice has the wind at its back, averaging 6.2 in the adult demo this season compared to X Factor‘s 4.4. We all want to see how Spears handles the reality show spotlight, but many wonder if she can pull off being entertaining and analytical. Mark Burnett cast The Voice with big names who are charismatic and have the cojones to criticize a singer. Simon Cowell seems to like big names — who are just big names. Prediction: You can’t hold down Xtina. READ FULL STORY

'Revenge' boss teases tonight's origins episode: 'It's a love letter to fans'

Tonight’s new episode of ABC’s soapy indulgence Revenge is titled “Legacy” for a good reason — it delves into the history of lead character Emily (Emily Van Camp) as it relates to the folks she’s currently trying to take down in the Hamptons. The official logline from ABC describes tonight’s episode as “the genesis of Amanda’s ultimate plan to bring justice from her father.” But we’ll let series creator and executive producer Mike Kelley explain: “It’s sort of one from the archives, one from the Revenge archives,” he says. “I wouldn’t call it a flashback episode, as much as an archival episode. It’s a bit of a love letter to fans.”


EW's season finale calendar

Each year, the month of May brings the promise of warmer weather, the start of big summer movies…and the torturous, agonizing time when we have to bid farewell to our favorite primetime characters. TV addicts that we are, we feel your pain. So to curb the stress, we’ve put together a master list of when your beloved shows will be signing off.  Grab your remotes and ready those DVRs as we present this year’s finales: READ FULL STORY

'Revenge' scoop: Connor Paolo on Declan saving Jack, his new enemy, and the season finale

On last week’s Revenge, Declan Porter made an enemy out of the Graysons. While they were never on great terms, the moment he changed his account of the shooting and called into question Charlotte’s credibility in order to save his brother from being further implicated in the crime, he made a very powerful enemy. Connor Paolo says we should be worried.

“If the Graysons weren’t on his back before, they certainly are now,” he says. “It is a terrifying thing. As we move forward, he starts to grasp it. But as of now, he doesn’t fully grasp. He has great respect for the power that the Graysons have. It’s very clear that they are influential and temperamental people, but I don’t think he has any concept of [their] depravity.”

Further complicating the mater is the fact that in lying about his account that night in order to save Jack (Nick Wechsler), he’s also putting himself in real legal danger. Perjury is a federal offense and could mean serious prison time for the offender. And the realization of what Declan did and risked will weigh heavily on Jack, says Paolo. “There’s definitely a certain amount of tension because Jack, being the self-sacrificing person he is, doesn’t want to see his brother perjure himself and doesn’t want to see his brother risk destroying his future,” he says. “[Being convicted] will absolutely ruin Declan’s chances at any time of life outside of the one that he already leads, which both he and Jack want for him. Jack would almost rather take the fall for this than see his brother fall apart instead.” READ FULL STORY

'Revenge': Gabriel Mann and Nick Wechsler tease good news for 'Team Jack,' upcoming 'steamy love'


Surviving a Revenge hiatus may have been difficult, but it’s nothing compared to the struggles we’re about to see our lovably evil Hampton-ites go through.

When the show returns tonight, Daniel’s in prison, which sends those around him into a tizzy as they look for ways to protect him from the dangers that now lurk around him — and we’re not talking about Hepatitis C. And the lengths that fiance Emily (Emily VanCamp) and mom Victoria (Madeline Stowe) are willing to go to ensure his safety are sure to shock. “It’s everything that [fans] have loved watching this season, plus more. A lot more,” he told EW during a chat yesterday. (See the video below.)


'Revenge': Nolan's secret tape revealed! Plus, a peek at episodes (and confrontations!) to come -- VIDEO

The folks at Revenge are making it really easy for new viewers to hop on Emily Thorne’s vengeance train.

In this pretty clever video “record,” Nolan (Gabriel Mann) catches viewers up on the havoc that’s transpired in the Hamptons in the past few weeks — from David Clark’s set up to Daniel being hauled away in handcuffs “and not the fun kind.” (Also, Nolan confirms he’s team Jack!)

There’s also a peek at some of the fun coming up. “What I do know is, things are only going to get more intense,” Nolan promises, as we get glimpses of a dreary court and a major confrontation between Daniel (Josh Bowman) and Emily (Emily VanCamp)  (Simmer down, Daniel!)

Check out the video below and express your joy in comments that the countdown to new episodes now stands at a mere five days!

'Revenge' actor to go wild on 'Grimm' -- EXCLUSIVE

Seems like the only place Roger Bart can escape Victoria Grayson is in the wild!

EW has learned exclusively that Bart (The Event, Desperate Housewives), who portrays slimy author Mason Treadwell on Revenge, is heading to NBC’s Grimm in May. The actor will play a Wildermann, a bearded, “Grizzly Adams-type” character, and he will appear in an episode that tackles the legend of Big Foot, according to casting intel. It was announced yesterday that Kenneth Mitchell (Jericho) is set to play the creature.

Grimm, which was recently renewed for a second season, returns this Friday with new episodes and will air uninterrupted until its May finale.

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‘Grimm’ ratings rise without ‘Fringe’


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