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'Revenge' boss teases tonight's origins episode: 'It's a love letter to fans'

Tonight’s new episode of ABC’s soapy indulgence Revenge is titled “Legacy” for a good reason — it delves into the history of lead character Emily (Emily Van Camp) as it relates to the folks she’s currently trying to take down in the Hamptons. The official logline from ABC describes tonight’s episode as “the genesis of Amanda’s ultimate plan to bring justice from her father.” But we’ll let series creator and executive producer Mike Kelley explain: “It’s sort of one from the archives, one from the Revenge archives,” he says. “I wouldn’t call it a flashback episode, as much as an archival episode. It’s a bit of a love letter to fans.”


EW's season finale calendar

Each year, the month of May brings the promise of warmer weather, the start of big summer movies…and the torturous, agonizing time when we have to bid farewell to our favorite primetime characters. TV addicts that we are, we feel your pain. So to curb the stress, we’ve put together a master list of when your beloved shows will be signing off.  Grab your remotes and ready those DVRs as we present this year’s finales: READ FULL STORY

'Revenge' scoop: Connor Paolo on Declan saving Jack, his new enemy, and the season finale

On last week’s Revenge, Declan Porter made an enemy out of the Graysons. While they were never on great terms, the moment he changed his account of the shooting and called into question Charlotte’s credibility in order to save his brother from being further implicated in the crime, he made a very powerful enemy. Connor Paolo says we should be worried.

“If the Graysons weren’t on his back before, they certainly are now,” he says. “It is a terrifying thing. As we move forward, he starts to grasp it. But as of now, he doesn’t fully grasp. He has great respect for the power that the Graysons have. It’s very clear that they are influential and temperamental people, but I don’t think he has any concept of [their] depravity.”

Further complicating the mater is the fact that in lying about his account that night in order to save Jack (Nick Wechsler), he’s also putting himself in real legal danger. Perjury is a federal offense and could mean serious prison time for the offender. And the realization of what Declan did and risked will weigh heavily on Jack, says Paolo. “There’s definitely a certain amount of tension because Jack, being the self-sacrificing person he is, doesn’t want to see his brother perjure himself and doesn’t want to see his brother risk destroying his future,” he says. “[Being convicted] will absolutely ruin Declan’s chances at any time of life outside of the one that he already leads, which both he and Jack want for him. Jack would almost rather take the fall for this than see his brother fall apart instead.” READ FULL STORY

'Revenge': Gabriel Mann and Nick Wechsler tease good news for 'Team Jack,' upcoming 'steamy love'


Surviving a Revenge hiatus may have been difficult, but it’s nothing compared to the struggles we’re about to see our lovably evil Hampton-ites go through.

When the show returns tonight, Daniel’s in prison, which sends those around him into a tizzy as they look for ways to protect him from the dangers that now lurk around him — and we’re not talking about Hepatitis C. And the lengths that fiance Emily (Emily VanCamp) and mom Victoria (Madeline Stowe) are willing to go to ensure his safety are sure to shock. “It’s everything that [fans] have loved watching this season, plus more. A lot more,” he told EW during a chat yesterday. (See the video below.)


'Revenge': Nolan's secret tape revealed! Plus, a peek at episodes (and confrontations!) to come -- VIDEO

The folks at Revenge are making it really easy for new viewers to hop on Emily Thorne’s vengeance train.

In this pretty clever video “record,” Nolan (Gabriel Mann) catches viewers up on the havoc that’s transpired in the Hamptons in the past few weeks — from David Clark’s set up to Daniel being hauled away in handcuffs “and not the fun kind.” (Also, Nolan confirms he’s team Jack!)

There’s also a peek at some of the fun coming up. “What I do know is, things are only going to get more intense,” Nolan promises, as we get glimpses of a dreary court and a major confrontation between Daniel (Josh Bowman) and Emily (Emily VanCamp)  (Simmer down, Daniel!)

Check out the video below and express your joy in comments that the countdown to new episodes now stands at a mere five days!

'Revenge' actor to go wild on 'Grimm' -- EXCLUSIVE

Seems like the only place Roger Bart can escape Victoria Grayson is in the wild!

EW has learned exclusively that Bart (The Event, Desperate Housewives), who portrays slimy author Mason Treadwell on Revenge, is heading to NBC’s Grimm in May. The actor will play a Wildermann, a bearded, “Grizzly Adams-type” character, and he will appear in an episode that tackles the legend of Big Foot, according to casting intel. It was announced yesterday that Kenneth Mitchell (Jericho) is set to play the creature.

Grimm, which was recently renewed for a second season, returns this Friday with new episodes and will air uninterrupted until its May finale.

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Stars from 'Vampire Diaries,' 'Castle,' and 'Revenge' talk what's next in Spoiler Room: Video Edition


While on the set of The Vampire Diaries about six weeks ago, I took note of a familiar face walking around set: Robert Ri’chard, who plays Jaime.

Now, at the time, we’d only recently been introduced to the boy, who is the adoptive son of Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) mom, Abby (Persia White). But seeing him lurk around set was a pretty good indication he’d be back. And he is!

This Thursday, in fact, and from what Kat Graham indicates, it’s to connect on a new, romantic level. (They’re not blood, so we’re OK with that, right?) But that’s just one of the things in store for the Bennett family. Candice Accola was also nice enough to share some details on that in the latest Spoiler Room: Video Edition, which you can check out below.

Also in store? Some scoop from Tamala Jones on the upcoming Castle episode, “The Limey.” (Hint: Lainey’s as ready as we are for some Caskett!) and Gabriel Mann teases a big twist with Nolan on Revenge that we won’t see coming. (Could it be revealed in the much-hyped flashback episode? Could be, could be.)

Anyway, enjoy, folks. See you back here on Friday for your regular column. In the meantime, send me an e-mail if you have a scoop request — or if you want to play Draw Something with me! (I wish I was kidding… but, tragically, I’m just that sad.) READ FULL STORY

'Pretty Little Liars,' 'The Vampire Diaries,' 'Secret Circle,' 'Revenge': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Howdy, Roomies.

It’s that time of the week again, so I hope you enjoy some of the juicy tidbits in this week’s installment. And with finales just around the corner, I imagine it’s all just going to get juicier as the weeks tick by.

But on that note, if there’s something I’m missing, don’t hesitate to put in a scoop request! ( And a million thank yous to those who already write in! Wait, let’s make that a thousand. We’re in a recession after all. I have to be prudent.


What’s better than an in-office visit from a Pretty Little Liar? If I may douchily answer myself: A visit from TWO Pretty Little Liars. And that’s exactly what happened to me yesterday when Lucy Hale and Troian Bellisario stopped in to film a quick video (which I’ll share with you Monday!), make me laugh (you’ll see…), and answer some of your burning questions! Check ‘em out: READ FULL STORY

'Revenge': Scoop on Daniel's prison rough-up, a big flashback episode, and season 2!

The moment Daniel Grayson was denied bail, we knew his days in prison would be anything but easy. And in the next new episode of Revenge, airing April 11, the dangers associated with incarceration come fist-to-face with the eldest Grayson child — with a twist, of course.

The scene, which leaves poor Daniel (Josh Bowman) bloodied and beaten, is just one of many juicy tidbits the crowd at PaleyFest was made privy to after checking out the first 30 minutes of the next new episode, and one of many future nail-bitters in store for the rest of the season.


'The Office,' 'Revenge,' 'Southland,' 'Justified,' 'HIMYM': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

It’s that time of year again, Roomies! I’m headed west (like Fievel!) from my home base here in NYC to hit up the annual PaleyFest celebrations in Los Angeles.

So if you’re a fan of Community, New Girl, Parks and Recreation, Sons of Anarchy, Bones, The Vampire Diaries, Castle, and Revenge, you’ll want to be following my moves on Twitter for the next week for the latest from all those panels. (My colleague Tanner Stransky will also be out there, covering Revenge, Parks, and more!) Be on the watch for plenty of goodies coming your way. (And there will also be a few more treats in store if your favorite show’s not mentioned in the sentence above. Just sayin’!)

Until then, enjoy this week’s offerings. I have to pack.


Post-Florida fun, Ryan Howard is going to be in for a big (and completely unwelcome) surprise. Though he ever-so-briefly had his eye on Erin (Ellie Kemper), he’ll soon find that Kelly has a new crush of her own — except from the sounds of it, this is much more serious. Enter Heroes alum Sendhil Ramamurthy. READ FULL STORY

'Revenge' scoop: 'Breaking Bad' actress cast in mysterious guest spot

Another mysterious character is making her way to Southampton: EW has confirmed that Tess Harper — known best for playing the mother to actor Aaron Paul’s Jesse on AMC’s Breaking Bad — has just been cast on ABC’s primetime soap Revenge. originally reported the casting.

The 61-year-old Harper will appear as Carol Miller, who’s described as a former corporate secretary — at Grayson Global, maybe? — who retired to the quiet life on a farm outside Madison, Wisc., 15 years ago. As you might imagine when it comes to Revenge, though, Miller’s appearance is probably not as simple as that sounds, as her complicated past will be uncovered swiftly when she appears in the series’ episode 19.

Besides Breaking Bad, Harper was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in 1986’s Crimes of the Heart and has appeared in other films, including No Country for Old Men.

Tanner on Twitter: @EWTanStransky

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'Revenge' scoop: Christa B. Allen teases murder mystery, Charlotte's 'serious' addiction

Charlotte Grayson is on a downward spiral and with her brother Daniel (Joshua Bowman) now suspected of murder, let’s just say things aren’t looking up for the 17-year-old.

“I think for the next few episodes we get into solving the mystery of what happened at the fire and ice party and Charlotte’s involvement in that becomes complicated because she was present on the beach at that time. She also had other things going on — underage drinking and popping the pills,” actress Christa B. Allen tells EW. “It all becomes this huge inner-woven mystery that we all have to solve, and Charlotte becomes really involved. I’m a key piece.” But will she ever

But in the episodes to come, Charlotte’s reliability is in question as she descends further into a serious addition. “I feel like [taking drugs] was a good, temporary relief for her. It was supposed to be a one-time thing, and it sort of spiraled into coping with her life and her whole current situation,” says Allen. “Moving into episode 16 and beyond, it will get more serious.” READ FULL STORY

'Revenge,' 'Magic Mike,' and Jessie J lead nominees for the 2012 'NewNowNext Awards' -- EXCLUSIVE


Logo’s NewNowNext Awards don’t air until April 9 on the cable network, but EW has exclusively learned the roster of nominees for the fifth annual event, which showcases who and what are on the verge of a pop culture explosion in 2012.

Nominees range from Revenge‘s Emily VanCamp and Parenthood‘s Michael B. Jordan in the Next Mega Star category to Jessie J and FUN. in the Brink-of-Fame: Music Artist category to Magic Mike and Snow White & The Huntsman in the Next Must-See Movie category.

The 90-minute show will be taped in front of a live studio audience at the Avalon in Hollywood on April 5. Performers, presenters, and special guests will be announced in the coming weeks. Starting today, the public can vote for the awards on Logo’s NewNowNext website. Check out all the nominees here:


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