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Creator of extreme musical chairs show explains himself: 'No one should take it seriously'

Phil Gurin, creator and executive producer of The CW’s Oh Sit!, knows there’s something inherently goofy about a game show that revolves around an extreme game of Musical Chairs. But according to him, that’s kind of the point: “We absolutely don’t take the show seriously. Nobody should,” Gurin explained in an interview this afternoon. “It’s meant to be pure fun.”

And Oh Sit! is fun, in an over-the-top, Wipeout meets Guts meets an elementary school classroom sort of way. (Its resemblance to classic Nickelodeon game shows is no accident; Gurin once worked as a writer on both Double Dare and Wild and Crazy Kids.) The rules are fairly straightforward: Music plays as contestants navigate a circular obstacle course, nabbing cash each time they pass one of several green lines. When the live band stops playing, players must scramble for a seat on “chair island,” which stands in the middle of the arena.

Gurin and his team were careful not to let their creation get too complicated. “The most successful game shows of all time are always the simplest,” he said. “Listen, Wheel of Fortune is Hangman. Hollywood Squares was Tic-tac-toe.” By riffing on a childhood classic, Oh Sit! engages a similar strategy: “There is not one country where they don’t play musical chairs,” Gurin declared.

And like its competitive cousins, Oh Sit! isn’t afraid to embrace its silly side.  READ FULL STORY

Anderson Cooper apologizes for Dyngus Day giggle fit, gets asked to become the Pussy Willow Prince -- VIDEO

Anderson Cooper added himself to his RidicuList segment last night after he was chastised for breaking out in a fit of giggles while describing Dyngus Day, a  Polish-American holiday, during Tuesday’s AC360.

Cooper clarified that he didn’t put Dyngus Day itself on the RidicuList, but rather anyone who missed out on the holiday. He also explained that the “This is so stupid” remark he made during the giggle episode was directed at his inability to hold it together, not the holiday.

“I said it was stupid because it’s stupid that a grown man giggles like a 13-year-old girl meeting Justin Bieber for the first time,” he said, drawing the same comparison he used in August after breaking out in laughter while discussing Gerard Depardieu’s airplane urination incident.

To prove just how seriously he took his hysteria, Cooper invited Eddy Dobosiewicz, the co-founder of Buffalo’s Dyngus Day Celebration, to his show to comment.

“Although you have upset many, many people here in Western New York and throughout the land, we accept your apology, Mr. Cooper,” said Dobosiewicz, who then extended an invitation to Cooper to join in the Dyngus Day festivities next year, and asked him to become the first ever Pussy Willow Prince. Watch the apology below: READ FULL STORY


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