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'Rihanna 777' review: A shallow look at the pop star's plane madness

Last November, Rihanna invited dozens of journalists on her 777 tour, consisting of seven concerts in seven countries in seven days, via a 777 aircraft. (It’s all so cleverly packaged, right?) Headlines during the extravaganza deemed the trip a “fiasco,” with the press complaining that Rihanna was unavailable and they were tired. (Boo-hoo!) (Rihanna eventually apologized for the madness.)

Not shockingly, this one-hour special about the whole shebang is less interesting than those on-the-scene reports. It doesn’t capture much of the supposed insanity that ensued on the plane — which would be the only reason to watch — and calling it a documentary is a bigger stretch than saying Rihanna is the voice of her generation. READ FULL STORY

Is new 'Law & Order: SVU' episode inspired by Chris Brown and Rihanna? -- VIDEO

Next week’s Law and Order: SVU sounds eerily like Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship.

Officially, of course, it’s not about them. (UPDATE: A rep for the show told EW “As always, SVU is fiction.”) The promo features a popular music couple where the man is an abuser and the woman keeps going back to him. Because this is SVU, there is of course a twist: The male singer winds up getting murdered.

Here is the episode description: ” ‘Funny Valentine’ – A promising singer is brutally attacked by her boyfriend, a popular hip hop star. ADA Barba (guest star Raul Esparza) works to build a case, but the victim refuses to aid the prosecution and, despite Detective Benson’s (Mariska Hargitay) best efforts, continues to put herself in danger. The case quickly spirals into a media circus, perpetrated by both the defendant and his uncompromising attorney (guest star Jeffrey Tambor). …Special appearances by Perez Hilton, Dave Navarro and Wendy Williams.”

So all that, plus Perez Hilton. Are we feeling grossed out yet? The promo is below: READ FULL STORY


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