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'Saturday Night Live' rookie Leslie Jones talks her big (and bumpy) year

In October, veteran stand-up comedian Leslie Jones made headlines when she walked from the SNL writers’ room to the stage. (The show had never featured two black female cast members at the same time before.) We jumped on the phone with Jones to discuss the learning curve—and, by the way, the 47-year-old breakthrough knows it’s been steep. READ FULL STORY

Holiday cheer, proposals, and One Direction fandom dominate Amy Adams's 'SNL' promos

Love is in the air in Amy Adams’s Saturday Night Live promos as she gears up to host the last show of the year. What love specifically? Well, Taran Killam’s love for Adams and Adams’s love for One Direction.


Martin Freeman, Kate McKinnon try on the One Ring in 'SNL' promo

While we all know Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings films are just movies, it seems Martin Freeman has brought a bit of Middle-earth’s magic to Studio 8H.


'SNL' takes on Ferguson in cut sketch

News anchors have a tough job: They have to pretend like everything’s great when usually it’s, well, not. But Cecily Strong and Kenan Thompson give up on pretending in a cut Saturday Night Live sketch where the two play St. Louis morning show hosts distressed by what’s going on in nearby Ferguson.

At first, Thompson and Strong try to read off some lighthearted weekend news about fun runs and concerts but decide to cut to their traffic reporter, played by Leslie Jones, who appears onscreen just to say traffic’s bad. Later on, they cut to her again—but this time Jones is in Chicago, not St. Louis. “I am not coming back!” she says once Strong notices where she is. “We should have done that,” Strong and Thompson somberly reply.

James Franco, Saturday’s host, also appears as a guest on the show named Daryl Wilson who goes on a cringe-worthy rant about being a victim. The entire sketch is an awkward, apt comment on racism in America and how we cover that racism—as well as a fine five minutes of comedy. READ FULL STORY

Can 'Saturday Night Live' fix Weekend Update?

Ever since Seth Meyers left Saturday Night Live for Late Night, the sketch show’s longtime centerpiece has become one of the show’s biggest problem areas. After getting off to an inauspicious start—when Michael Che replaced the short-lived but beloved Cecily Strong—new anchor team Che and Colin Jost are about to embark on their final shows of 2014.

With that in mind, staff editor Hillary Busis and senior writer Natalie Abrams take a look at how they’re doing so far—and offer a few tips on how to fix the once-sucessful fake news franchise. READ FULL STORY

James Franco wishes for a sandwich and goes to class in 'SNL' promos

James Franco is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend and, naturally, he’s juggling a lot—he’s making a quick stop to take a class at Yale and shoot a film. Maybe that’s why when he gets one Christmas wish, he wishes for a sandwich. With his busy schedule he probably couldn’t make it to a deli.  READ FULL STORY

Cameron Diaz gets wistful in her 'SNL' promos

Cameron Diaz’s Saturday Night Live promos are a little experimental and a little wistful.  READ FULL STORY

Watch 'SNL' star Jay Pharoah serenade EW with some Imogen Heap


When we invite someone to take our EW Pop Culture Personality Test, we typically transcribe his answers for readers as well. But not this time. Text won’t capture the joy of watching Saturday Night Live star Jay Pharoah singing Imogen Heap and reenacting a scene from Friday. Enjoy the video below. READ FULL STORY

Chris Rock's episode of 'Saturday Night Live' marks ratings high

Chris Rock might not have been the best host this time around on Saturday Night Live, but ratings-wise, he brought viewers in: The evening’s audience was bigger than it has been since the show’s Feb. 1 episode when Melissa McCarthy hosted.

Besides scoring the show’s highest ratings in metered-market households since that McCarthy episode, the show also ranked high in the target 18-49 demographic, bringing in more viewers than it has since Jim Parsons’ March 1 episode.

Woody Harrelson to host 'Saturday Night Live'

May the odds be ever in his favor: During tonight’s episode, Saturday Night Live revealed that Hunger Games star (and Academy Award nominee) Woody Harrelson will host the show’s Nov. 15 episode. The True Detective will be joined by musical guest Kendrick Lamar.

Both men have appeared on NBC’s sketch program before. Harrelson has hosted SNL twice already, though never yet in the 21st century—his previous stints came in 1989 and 1992. Lamar, meanwhile, made his SNL debut as musical guest in 2013. Lamar is expected to release his third studio album this year; Harrelson’s next movie, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 1 will hit theaters Nov. 21.

'Saturday Night Live' tackles Ebola with satirical cold open


Live from New York, it’s… Ebola?

Saturday Night Live started off Saturday’s show with a timely cold open about Ebola hitting New York. Some background: Around the same time a New York doctor tested positive for the disease this past Thursday, President Obama appointed Ron Klain as the country’s Ebola czar, putting him in charge of the country’s response to the disease.

However, Klain doesn’t have experience with disease control — something the SNL sketch poked fun at. “I’m not a doctor,” Klain (Taran Killam) says in the sketch. “But to be fair, I did serve as chief of staff to vice president Joe Biden, so I do have some experience with a little something called ‘foot-in-mouth disease.'” READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live' adds Leslie Jones as castmember

To the surprise of absolutely no one who caught this during last month’s season premiere, Leslie Jones has been named a castmember of Saturday Night Live.


5 fun facts about how 'Saturday Night Live' made its title sequence

Saturday Night Live alters the style of its opening credit sequence and commercial bumpers every few years, making adjustments for cast additions and departures in the years between. This year is no different, especially as the show celebrates its 40th anniversary. But there’s more to the process than most viewers would think.

On Wednesday, Alex Buono, director of photography on SNL‘s film unit, posted a lengthy explainer about making this year’s opener. Whether you’re a film aficionado looking for detailed discussions of camera lenses, an SNL fan looking for behind-the-scenes details, or a layperson simply interested in learning something new, the post is filled with fascinating tidbits. Here are a few of the best. READ FULL STORY


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