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'Scandal': Darby Stanchfield on Abby's Olivia Pope moment, the explosive finale

Abby was in her best white-coat form in last week’s episode of Scandal, and channeling the Gladiators’ nerves-of-steel leader was even more fun than it seemed for Darby Stanchfield.

“It was definitely a whole new area for Abby,” says the actress. “Her résumé is growing in the last few episodes.” As it will continue to do. This week, she will hopefully add “explosion stopper” to her list of skills, as a bomb in the hands of Maya Pope threatens to go kaboom on top of the president of the United States (Tony Goldwyn). READ FULL STORY

'Trophy Wife' sneak peek: Diane channels Olivia Pope in 'Scandal' spoof -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

As Scandal’s fans know, there’s no problem that Olivia Pope and Co. can’t handle. So, naturally, when Diane (Marcia Gay Harden) finds herself needing to lead a recon mission to help Kate (Malin Akerman) with a PTA problem on this week’s Trophy Wife, the not-so-secret Gladiator knows just who to turn to for cues.

Watch a sneak peek of the show’s Scandal spoof below: READ FULL STORY

ABC announces spring finale dates for 'Scandal', 'Once Upon a Time,' more

ABC announced its spring finale dates for 19 of its current series. Of note is the season 3 finale date for Scandal — Thursday, April 17 — a special two-hour Once Upon a Time season finale, and an extended, one-hour season finale for The Middle.

Check out the full list of dates below: READ FULL STORY

'Scandal' star Tony Goldwyn cast as polygamist Warren Jeffs in Lifetime movie

Scandal star Tony Goldywn, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant on ABC’s hit soapy drama, has been cast as Warren Jeffs in Lifetime’s upcoming original movie Outlaw Prophet (working title).

Prophet is about Jeffs, the leader of a fundamentalist Mormon polygamist sect who was caught after evading authorities for more than a year. It is based on the book When Men Become Gods by Stephen Singular. The film chronicles Jeffs’ rise to power following the death of his father. The scoop was first reported by THR.

Michelle Obama admits binge-watching 'Scandal'

Even the First Lady can’t get enough of ABC’s Scandal.

Michelle Obama confessed to binge-watching the Washington D.C.-set political soap during an interview with Ryan Seacreast released yesterday (video below).

Obama said she hadn’t seen the Thursday-night hit until a recent trip. “You know what, I hadn’t watched it until this past vacation — we went to Hawaii so I had a long flight — so I watched all the seasons,” she told On Air with Ryan Seacrest. “I caught up on Scandal, I never watched it … I love Kerry Washington, she is amazing, so it makes the show fun, it really does, it was fun to watch.”

Since ABC has 39 episodes available for streaming so far, that’s a proper binge-fest. Presumably she had plenty of healthy snacks.

Obama’s husband has his own TV guilty pleasures, with the president previously citing HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and Showtime’s Homeland among his favorites. READ FULL STORY

'Sleepy Hollow,' 'How I Met Your Mother,' 'Revolution,' 'Supernatural': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Heaps of HIMYM scoop, Sleepy questions answered, and the next phase of Revolution — all that and more in this all-new Spoiler Room!

Send questions for my next installment to:

'Scandal': Season 3 order trimmed by four episodes

There’s going to be a little less Scandal for fans to enjoy in its third season.

EW has confirmed that ABC has trimmed the episode order for its hit drama by four episodes, bringing the order to 18. While such a move would usually be a bad sign, Scandal fans can rest easy: Ratings for the show have never been better — last night’s original, for example, scored 8.6 million viewers and a 3.1 in the demo.

While ABC declined to give a reason for the trimming, the decision comes a little more than a month after its star, Kerry Washington, announced her pregnancy.

Scandal‘s mid-season finale airs next week and the show returns Feb. 27.

'Scandal' sneak peek: the team meets Olivia's mom...and secrets come out -- EXCLUSIVE

In the last scene of the most recent episode of Scandal, Olivia Pope came face-to-face with her thought-to-be-dead mother for the first time in years. And if the scene left you with your jaw on the floor, just wait till you see this week’s new episode.

The exclusive sneak peek below gives you an idea of what’s in store. For one, Team OPA will meet Olivia’s mom in this hour, and as you’ll see, things don’t go smoothly. But also, Mama Pope is silent no more, and secrets are coming out. READ FULL STORY

'Scandal' star Katie Lowes previews Quinn's dark road: 'This is not good'

Last week’s episode of Scandal ended on a note that Katie Lowes did not see coming. In the final minutes of the episode, amid a minefield of OMG moments, Charlie walked up to Quinn in an alley and said after being caught on a surveillance camera killing a guard, she was now under the control of B613. Or, in fewer words: “Welcome to Wonderland.”

What’s in store for Quinn now? Lowes fills us in below.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First of all, I have to start with the Charlie-Quinn of it all. Do you think Charlie’s first kiss was manipulation? Or real feelings?
KATIE LOWES: I think that it is a total manipulation — at first. I really do. I think he knows that it’s a weak spot for her; I think he knows she hasn’t had any type of personal life in a long time. Rowan and Charlie, as characters, I think they kind of know everything that is going on at Olivia Pope and Associates. I think they’ve done their research on Quinn, and they know it’s a weakness for her. So I think it’s a manipulation at first. But I do think that the car scene we saw last week — where they are sitting there on this weird, awkward date stalking this security guard — I saw in George Newbern’s performance a little bit of conflict.  We were asking the director a lot of questions while filming, ‘How does he feel about her?’ I think these are two people who have some similarities there. Maybe in a different world, on a different planet, maybe there could be something other than that, but at the moment ,it’s all about the higher powers that be and getting the job done. READ FULL STORY

'Gone Girl' actress, 'Supernatural' fave land guest spots on 'The Crazy Ones'

Missi Pyle and Kurt Fuller are the latest stars who are going to drop by Lewis, Roberts & Roberts.

EW has learned that Pyle, who will play a Nancy Grace-type reporter in the upcoming movie adaptation of Gone Girl, is set to appear on The Crazy Ones as Melora Evans, the daughter of an old colleague of Simon’s (Robin Williams). Fuller, known for his guest spots on Supernatural and Psych, will play a character named Mitchell Payson, a straitlaced executive who is looking to hire the ad firm.

There is currently no date for this episode, but it is set to air sometime this winter. Meanwhile, The Crazy Ones continues to be a strong freshman performer for CBS, which recently gave the show a full-season order.

'Scandal' sneak peek: Paul Adelstein's role revealed...and it's juicy! -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Scandal has been keeping a tight lid on the details surrounding the upcoming new character played by Private Practice alum Paul Adelstein, but in this exclusive clip from Thursday’s new episode, that cat is out of the bag.

He’s playing Leo Bergen, a man Cyrus and Mellie want to enlist to help lead President Grant’s re-election campaign. The problem? Leo doesn’t seem keen on leading the Fitz Train for a number of reasons.

Watch Leo, a character who is set to recur, break it down with a heap of truth bombs in the sneak peek below. Then count with me the number of ways Mellie will probably rip this man to shreds for calling her a shrew.

ABC employee cleared in 'Scandal' Twitter investigation

ABC has cleared an employee of any wrongdoing following an investigation into allegations that the employee ran a Scandal fan Twitter account and blog without disclosing her affiliation.

Yesterday, The Wrap accused ABC’s New York-based director of sales Courtney Pajor of running the fan account @Scandal411 and associated blog, but the network said Friday they have determined the publication’s claims to be false.

'Scandal' ratings fall to season low despite Lisa Kudrow


ABC’s Scandal fell to its lowest rating so far this season on Thursday night despite a visit from Lisa Kudrow, who started a multi-episode arc on the show this week.

Scandal had 8.6 million viewers and a 3.0 rating in the adult demo, down 9 percent from last week. Granted, there was that whole World Series thing happening on Fox. But from looking at the ratings chart, Scandal‘s slippage wasn’t necessarily inevitable. The show’s Grey’s Anatomy lead-in was up 4 percent this week, and neither of Scandal‘s 10 p.m. rivals went down. In fact, CBS’ Elementary was up 20 percent.

Still, ABC points out that Scandal is up 50 percent compared to how the show performance against the World Series last year, and still ranked third for the night in the demo, behind the big game and CBS’ The Big Bang Theory.

An interesting ratings rise last night: CBS’ Two and a Half Men, which despite its scarily indefatigable reputation, has been showing some serious signs of weakness lately. For its 11th season, Two and a Half Men has demonstrated some worrisome ratings drops, so it was perhaps due for a ratings uptick. Still, the World Series is tough competition, and its audience is presumably pretty compatible with Men fans, so give credit where its due — Men was up 10 percent this week.

Speaking of ratings erosion, Elementary has really seen better days. Sure it went up last night, but the Sherlock Holmes drama has quietly slipped below a 2.0 during its sophomore season, while our attention has been diverted by more colorful ratings fireworks on Thursday nights in recent weeks.

Here’s what else: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland dropped 8 percent. On CBS, Big Bang, Millers and Crazy Ones were all down between 4 and 13 percent to season lows. NBC’s lineup was flat. The CW’s Vampire Diaries slipped and Reign, oh Reign, went down 25 percent from its premiere. Fox’s World Series numbers are approximate.



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