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'Sharknado 2' is coming to theaters (for one night only)

Maybe you’re a Sharknado super-fan. You watched both movies live. You bought the tie-in book. You even considered getting Tara Reid’s Shark-themed perfume. Well, now there’s a way to spend even more money and time on the Sharknado franchise.

The Wrap reports that Sharknado 2: The Second One will hit theaters for a one-night-only showing on August 21, 8 p.m. local time. The Syfy original movie will be presented in partnership with Fathom Events. Tickets are already available on their website.


'Sharknado 2' becomes Syfy's most watched original movie


Sharknadoes might not be good for humankind, but they’re definitely good for ratings: 3.9 million viewers tuned in to Syfy Wednesday night to watch the premiere of Sharknado 2.


'Sharknado 2' storms in with a trailer, a book, and a video game


“Forget the umbrella. Grab a chainsaw.”

Syfy has released the trailer for the sequel to last summer’s goofy made-to-be-tweeted-about TV movie. The trailer jokes that lightning never strikes twice, but Sharknado 2: The Second One looks it has all you could ever really ask for: sharks, tornadoes, Tara Reid looking terrified, bad jokes about “jumping the shark,” chainsaws—oh, did we mention the sharks in tornadoes? READ FULL STORY

First 'Sharknado 2' teaser: Watch now


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, the Sharknado has returned.

Syfy released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel of the TV movie sensation, starring Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, and killer sharks being lifted from the ocean in Los Angeles, all in ridiculous B-movie fashion. The second one, aptly titled Sharknado 2: The Second One, brings the nautical horror to New York City as the sharks take more than just a bite out of the Big Apple. In addition to Ziering and Reid reprising their roles from the original, the sequel stars Vivica A. Fox, Kelly Osbourne, Mark McGrath, Billy Ray Cyrus, Judah Friedlander, Andy Dick, and Judd Hirsch. Dive into the teaser below…if you dare: READ FULL STORY

'Sharknado 2' filmmakers crowdfunding for bonus scene: 'It will involve chainsaws'

If you’re hoping for a Sharknado 2 chainsaw scene to rival the grand finale of the original film, you’re going to have to help pay for it.

The Asylum — the studio behind the gloriously cheesy Syfy hit Sharknado and its upcoming sequel, Sharknado 2: The Second One — is asking fans to raise $50,000 via IndieGoGo to film a “bonus scene” that they promise will involve “sharks, chainsaws, and chainsaws being used in the vicinity of sharks.”

Here’s their pitch: “You guys made Sharknado the most culturally relevant film of last year. Now we want you to be able to say that this time, you actually had a hand in making the film. You’re welcome!”

In the campaign video below, producer David Latt tells potential contributors that the scene will only be shot if the studio reaches its $50k goal. Only donors will be privy to what the scene is (until someone inevitably leaks the details online) and receive behind-the-scenes video and diaries from the set. Perks at different pledge levels include “sponsoring” a shark in the film ($45) recording a scream to be used in the film ($120), and receiving a walk-on role plus credits ($5,000). READ FULL STORY


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