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'Grimm': Silas Weir Mitchell on tonight's Halloween ep and where things stand for Monroe

In a sense, every day is Halloween on Grimm, with bloodthirsty monsters lurking through Portland in every episode. But tonight’s installment of the NBC show is Grimm’s first overtly Halloween-themed episode, which features a killer with an M.O. tied to the holiday.

The episode takes its title, “La Llorona,” from the spooky Mexican folktale of a weeping woman who drowns her children to be with the man she loves. Nick and Hank are on a case that’s eerily similar to the ghost story, while Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) entertains trick-or-treaters in a house that’s decked out to the max.

It’s been quite a Silas-ful week on TV, from his Tuesday guest appearance on Syfy’s Face Off to tonight, when he and co-star David Giuntoli host NBC’s primetime — the two actors will appear before commercial breaks during Munsters reboot Mockingbird Lane, which airs at 8 p.m, to talk about Grimm, Revolution and Mockingbird Lane.

During a busy day of shooting episode 13 of Grimm’s second season, Mitchell took some time to talk to EW about the last time he dressed up for Halloween, how Nick and Monroe’s relationship has evolved and what it’s been like to delve into a romantic storyline for everyone’s favorite Blutbad.  READ FULL STORY

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