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'The Mentalist' Red John episode: Creator, star answer 20 burning questions


MAJOR-MAJOR SPOILERS: You have questions, yes? CBS’ The Mentalist team has answers — 20 answers for 20 burning questions following Sunday’s huge “Red John” episode. Reporters were given a sneak peak of the hour, then interviewed creator Bruno Heller and star Simon Baker during a nearly hour-long conference call.

'The Mentalist': How the 'Red John' mystery captured the imagination, then lost it

It was Rebecca that made me pay attention to The Mentalist. I had never seen the CBS crime drama starring Simon Baker until the eighth episode of season 2. “His Red Right Hand” was the one where a secretary in the Sacramento offices of the California Bureau of Investigation shot Sam Bosco (Terry Kinney) and two other agents on behalf of a serial killer — Red John, a brilliant phantom with a blood-drawn smiley face insignia, powerful influence and connections, and a scores of similarly brain-sick and unnervingly gleeful devotees.

In the last act, an assassin — presumably Red John himself; we never saw his mug — silenced Rebecca by deftly applying poison on her wrists. When Rebecca saw him, she recognized him, and her eyes lit up happily, and she smiled the smile of a fawning fangirl. It was all so eerie, and well played by the actress, Shauna Bloom. In the aftermath, the head of the CBI office, Virgil Minelli, played by Gregory Itzin, aka The Despicable Nixonian President on 24, abruptly resigned to take early retirement. Now that was suspect. I was instantly convinced Virgil was Red John. C’mon! Despicable Nixonian President on 24! And then, Bosco, on his death bed, told the show’s hero, con man-turned-trickster detective Patrick Jane, that if the carny Sherlock should ever catch Red John, he shouldn’t arrest him, he should kill him. He whispered something into Patrick’s ear and died. What did he say? WHAT DID HE SAY?!

My imagination was captured. I knew I’d be sticking with the show to watch Patrick solve the mystery: Who was Red John?

'The Mentalist': Exec producer Bruno Heller shares what to expect from tonight's premiere

When we left off last season, Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) realized that his secret mental list of seven possible Red John suspects wasn’t so secret — Red John knew them all. The two have been circling each other for years, and now it seems that their final showdown is about to begin.”That list of seven makes a kind of a quantum leap forward now that both Jane and Red John realize the endgame is nigh. Things move fast and explosively and excitingly over the first few episodes of the show,” executive producer Bruno Heller tells EW.  “I would say if those people who are, you know, interested in following the Red John saga, they can’t afford to miss any of these episodes.”

What’s in store for the drama’s sixth season? Read EW’s Q&A with executive producer Bruno Heller below. READ FULL STORY

'The Mentalist': 5 things you need to know about season 5 before tonight's premiere

An amateur detective with extraordinary powers of perception teams with a professional crime-fighter to solve murders and banter flirtatiously. Sounds like any number of shows on any given evening of television. Tonight on CBS, it’s The Mentalist, starring Simon Baker as the natural born Sherlock and Robin Tunney as his badge-carrying Watson. Your five things to know about season 5 (unless you don’t dig such tips and teases, so… SPOILER WARNING!):

New night, fresh start. After three years on Thursday at 10 p.m. (now occupied by Elementary, The Mentalist moves to Sunday at 10. Creator/showrunner Bruno Heller is treating the switch as a new beginning. An early episode — the 100th of the series — will be something of an origin story, chronicling Patrick Jane’s first adventure with the California Bureau of Investigation. In other words: A good time for newbies to jump aboard. It may also be a good time for lapsed fans to come back, as… READ FULL STORY

Emmanuelle Chriqui to guest star on 'The Mentalist'

If you’ve been suffering from PESD (post-Entourage stress disorder), we might have the cure: EW has confirmed that Emmanuelle Chriqui (also known as Sloan McQuewick) will head to CBS for a guest-starring arc on The Mentalist.

Chriqui will play Lorelei, a mysterious, too-good-to-be-true woman in Patrick Jane’s life (played by Simon Baker) in what we assume is a genetically blessed match made in TV heaven. Chriqui will make her debut on the May 17 finale and will continue her role into next season. READ FULL STORY


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