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Simon Cowell's back: British 'X Factor' to air on U.S. channel

You knew he wouldn’t stay away for long: Simon Cowell is returning to American TV, thanks to a cable network picking up the U.S. distribution rights to his U.K. hit The X Factor.

Mark Cuban’s AXS TV will air The X Factor starting with its upcoming 11th season, marking the first time the British version of the show has been distributed stateside. This season represents Cowell’s return to the judges’ table on the series after a three-year absence during which Cowell had been producing and judging Fox’s version of The X Factor (which was canceled earlier this year).

“It will be a slightly different mindset when I’m making the show in Britain knowing an American audience is going to watch it,” Cowell told Dan Rather in an AXS interview announcing the news (clip below). “I’ve been on and off [American TV] for 12 years. It’s a different feeling having my British show on American TV, which is a bit odd. But I think it’s a good thing because Americans have never seen the British show before … This particularity show, Britain’s The X Factor, probably has the best track record of all these shows of creating stars worldwide, the biggest being One Direction.” READ FULL STORY

Simon Cowell on low 'X Factor' ratings: 'If it's good, the ratings will go up'

For Simon Cowell, the ratings game is simple. “If it’s good, the ratings will go up. If it’s terrible they’ll go down,” the reality mogul told EW.

The X Factor’s third season got off to a rocky start, hitting a new ratings low with its season premiere and continuing to disappoint. Cowell isn’t worried, though, and sees the dip as part of the cycle that all shows must endure. “You’ve just got to do what we’ve always done over the year for these shows,” he said. “You have your high moments, you have your dips, and you roll your sleeves up and do something better than everyone else is doing.” That high moment, he hopes, could be the new Four Chair Challenge, airing Wednesday on Fox.

'X Factor' season 3 poster: Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato at each other's throats again -- EXCLUSIVE

New promo art for season 3 of The X Factor shows that Simon Cowell, the show’s sole remaining original judge, is truly outnumbered this year. He’s flanked by rookies Paulina Rubio and Kelly Rowland, while returning judge Demi Lovato has a firm grip on his neck.

“Simon thinks he’s in charge. He’d better think again,” the promo warns.

The new season kicks off its two-night premiere Wednesday, Sept. 11, on Fox.

Simon Cowell gets egged on 'Britain's Got Talent' -- VIDEO

Simon Cowell was pelted with eggs during tonight’s finale of Britain’s Got Talent. As Richard and Adam Johnson sang an operatic version of “The Impossible Dream,” a viola player named Natalie Holt who was on stage with the back-up orchestra sprung out of her seat, brushed past the singers, and gleefully hurled eggs at Cowell. It turns out that Holt was a contestant on the show last year.

To Holt’s credit, the eggs found their mark and Cowell had to change his jacket. “I tweeted yesterday that I didn’t like eggs,” Cowell said after the attack. “Now I really don’t like them.”

Watch the clip below: READ FULL STORY

Simon Cowell is launching another talent competition

Simon Cowell just can’t quit creating new variations on Star Search. The ex-American Idol judge and current X Factor majordomo announced today that his company, Syco Entertainment, is joining forces with YouTube for “The You Generation,” an online talent competition that will be available in 15 languages and 26 different countries.

The twist: It’s not just for singers. According to Syco, “You Generation” is seeking “unconventional and original talents” in a variety of categories, including photography, cooking, visual art, and — perhaps most excitingly — magic. The contest begins next month, when would-be contestants can begin uploading their video entries onto the competition’s YouTube channel. Prizes will be awarded “every fortnight,” with a grand prize coming at the end of one year.

See the amusingly melodramatic trailer for “You Generation” below:


'X Factor' season 2 finale: The judges and hosts weigh in on America's choice

The X Factor wrapped up its second season on Thursday with a holiday-themed blowout, crowning its winner at the end of the two-hour episode. So long as you’re unafraid of spoilers, read on to learn what Simon and co. had to say about who took home the $5 million prize. READ FULL STORY

‘X Factor’: 6 things we learned from the judges and hosts after the show

Simon Cowell humbled?

After the live episode of The X Factor wrapped taping on Thursday, the show’s judges, hosts and eliminated contestants chatted with press backstage, and the show’s creator was captured in a rare low-confidence moment. Read on to learn what the show’s talent had to say about notable moments from the episode — including some that didn’t make it on-screen — and check out EW’s report on the eliminated contestants for scoop on how they believe their mentors could have done better by them. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! READ FULL STORY

'The X Factor': This week's ousted singers sound off on where their mentors went wrong

Anyone who has watched a music competition show has heard the constant, predictable advice judges and winners impart on contestants: “Just be yourself.” That’s a lesson this week’s two eliminated acts from The X Factor learned the hard way. SPOILERS AFTER THE JUMP! READ FULL STORY

Taylor Swift will perform on 'X Factor' next week

Image Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Hot off the heels of her Dancing With the Stars: All Stars performance last week, Taylor Swift will take The X Factor stage next Thursday, Nov. 15. As if the show wasn’t star-studded enough!

The appearance will mark her first-ever television performance of “State of Grace,” the latest single off her new album Red. The album sold 1.2 million copies in its opening week, making her the only woman in the SoundScan era to sell over a million copies in a single week on multiple occasions.

Khloe Kardashian calls One Direction 's--ty,' and 8 other backstage 'surprises' at 'The X Factor'

WARNING! SPOILERS FOLLOW! After boy band extraordinaire One Direction performed twice inside The X Factor‘s Xanadome to promote their new album Take Me Home – and their fans’ piercing screams effectively liquified my eardrums — they happily bounded backstage to speak with the press, along with judges Simon Cowell, Britney Spears, and Demi Lovato, and co-hosts Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian Odom. Judge L.A. Reid skipped almost all press — though it was unclear whether he was licking his wounds from the loss of contestant Jason Brock or celebrating that his other two contestants Vino Alan and Tate Stevens came in third and first in the vote tally.

Speaking of that vote tally, the decision of The X Factor to reveal the voting order — seemingly for the first time in American reality competition show history — was topic A for most everyone. That is, when they weren’t basking in One Direction’s youthful vigor. Here are the top nine highlights of what we learned backstage: READ FULL STORY

'The X Factor' eliminated act: 'I just think Simon didn't like who I was.'

SPOILER ALERT! Thursday night’s eliminated act on The X Factor spoke with press after the show, but if you don’t want to know who the act is, read no further. Everyone else, check out what the act had to say about their elimination below:  READ FULL STORY

'X Factor': 10 things we learned from the judges, hosts, and eliminated contestants after the show

The X Factor has wrapped up its first week of live shows, and all of the talent involved had plenty to divulge about the experience. After Thursday’s show, judges, hosts, and recently eliminated contestants made the rounds in the press lounge, which is lined with portraits of this season’s contestants and video screens displaying the show’s familiar turquoise-and-pink ‘X’ logo. EW has already told you what Simon Cowell and Khloé Kardashian had to say about the unexpectedly sheer top she wore on Wednesday night’s show. Here are 10 more things we learned on the scene about the road to unveiling the Top 12.

1. The judges tend to open up more in the press room about their elimination decision, where it’s surely easier to be honest about their decision than when they’re talking directly to the artist they’re sending home on live TV. L.A. Reid told reporters he opted to keep flamboyant Jason Brock in the competition instead of edgy David Correy because “Jason just really makes me smile. It’s fun to me. David is really strong also but just a little bit predictable kind of try-hard. I like genuine fun. I like it when people just lose themselves in their little moment.” Was it tough to make that decision? “The politically correct answer would be yes. The truth is no,” Reid admitted. READ FULL STORY

'X Factor': Khloe Kardashian and Simon Cowell talk about that nipple-revealing first live show


As The X Factor started its live shows on Wednesday night, Khloé Kardashian got quite the induction to the show when she stepped on stage with fellow new host Mario Lopez. At that moment attention was directed not at Britney Spears or Demi Lovato but at a new star: Kardashian’s chest — plenty of viewers noticed that the host wasn’t wearing a bra underneath her sheer purple top.

“May I say, Khloé, you’re looking very sexy… I think the air conditioning is on high tonight,” Simon Cowell told her.

In the press room after Thursday’s results show, Kardashian was very open to talking about her revealing first live taping. Warning: What follows is an account that veers into the anatomically specific. READ FULL STORY


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