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11 late-period 'Simpsons' episodes you should watch this week


When the “Every Simpsons Ever” mega-marathon of The Simpsons began last Thursday on FXX, it renewed interest in a show that will go down as one of the all-time greats—but has nevertheless been struggling commercially and creatively for awhile at this point. The show’s unimpeachable heyday in the ’90s is rightfully heralded, and as the marathon got going, it was those episodes that created the most excitement. Sure, they’ve been out on DVD for some time, but rebroadcasting them in order emphasized how great the show was at its peak.

Precisely when The Simpsons began to descend from that peak has been fiercely debated for at least 15 years—but no one argues it hasn’t happened yet as the show heads into its 26th season. Many diehard fans of The Simpsons‘ heyday have fallen out of touch with the show by this point, which is a shame. Even if it missemore than it hits, The Simpsons is still The Simpsons: sharp, occasionally biting, and emotionally resonant in ways that can still be surprising. READ FULL STORY

'The Simpsons': Exec producer Al Jean on Marcia Wallace's final scene as Mrs. Krabappel, plans for Bart's next teacher

Last night’s episode of The Simpsons said goodbye to Marcia Wallace by including its final scene with Edna Krabappel, who was mourned by a black-armband-wearing Ned Flanders as he poignantly recalled a tango dance with his spouse. The tribute to the actress, who died last fall after a lengthy battle with breast cancer, was touching and short — out of necessity. “Unfortunately those were the only two lines that we had left that Marcia had recorded,” executive producer Al Jean tells EW. “People had conjectured that we might have an episode where we said farewell to her but we didn’t have the material from her. So we thought that the best way to say goodbye would be to use what we had in a brief scene that said how much we missed her.” READ FULL STORY


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