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'Sleepy Hollow' fave Orlando Jones enrolls in Hulu's 'East Los High' for guest spot -- EXCLUSIVE

Orlando Jones is getting out of Sleepy Hollow for a trip to East L.A.

EW has learned exclusively that the Sleepy fan favorite is set to appear in an upcoming episode of Hulu’s Los Angeles-set original series East Los High. Jones will guest as a host/announcer at a high-stakes dance competition.

East Los High, a sort of Hispanic Degrassi in that its storylines are rooted in high school drama and teen issues, is currently in production on season 2, which will premiere this summer.

Jones currently plays Capt. Irving on Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, which returns for a second season in the fall.

'Sleepy Hollow' at PaleyFest: Five things we learned about season 2

The cast and executive producers of Fox’s hit supernatural series Sleepy Hollow hit the stage at Los Angeles’s Dolby Theater for their first PaleyFest appearance on Tuesday night. Check out five of the most interesting things we learned from the panel at PaleyFest below:

Season 2 will bring new faces and a new authority figure
Brace yourselves for season 2, Sleepy Heads — from the sounds of the Sleepy Hollow panel, this upcoming season will showcase a slew of both familiar and unfamiliar faces. Showrunners promised that fans would be introduced to new characters both of the human and supernatural variety. One of them is a new authority figure who will become the man in charge now that Captain Irving (Orlando Jones) is serving time behind bars. “This person is gonna be very’‘not on your side, pal!’” promises executive producer Mark Goffman.


Fox renews 'Mindy Project,' 'The Following,' more

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Mindy Project, and New Girl have all been renewed for new seasons, Fox announced Friday.

The network’s pickup of freshman comedy Brooklyn comes as no surprise, considering the Andy Samberg vehicle took a top prize at the Golden Globes in January, and both Mindy and New Girl, going into their third and fourth seasons respectively, were considered safe bets for renewal.

Fox has also renewed The Following, which will return for a third season.

“These shows are some of the best and acclaimed series on television, with influential, culture-driving stars, and some of the best, most creative talent behind the camera,” said bosses Kevin Reilly and Joe Earley in a joint statement. “All four are core assets within our 2014-15 portfolio of content, and we’re really happy to bring them back to our FOX fans for another season.”

The news comes a little over a month after Fox announced the renewal of Bones for a tenth season. Sleepy Hollow and Glee are also set to return, with the latter going into its sixth and final season.

The fates of drama Almost Human and comedies Dads, Raising Hope, and Enlisted remain undecided. For more on their odds, check out EW’s annual TV Death Watch.

'Sleepy Hollow': John Noble, Lyndie Greenwood promoted to series regulars

Two Sleepy Hollow actors are putting down more permanent roots on the show. READ FULL STORY

'Sleepy Hollow' season finale: EP Mark Goffman on THAT reveal, season 2's new faces, and what you didn't see

Sleepy Hollow wrapped up its freshman season Monday night with a finale packed full of major twists and a whopper of a cliffhanger that left pretty much every major character in a terrible, life-threatening position. (Head thee to EW’s Sleepy Hollow recap for all the details.)

With Ichabod (Tom Mison) buried six feet under (while still alive), Abbie (Nicole Beharie) trapped in Purgatory, and Katrina (Katia Winter) kidnapped by the headless horseman, executive producer Mark Goffman had a lot to answer for when we called him up after viewing the heart-stopping episode. Luckily Goffman, who penned the extraordinary second hour with fellow EP Alex Kurtzman, was more than happy to break it all down for us — and give us some early scoop on season 2!

Read on for his take on all the twists. READ FULL STORY

'Sleepy Hollow': Orlando Jones teases 'devastating' season finale...while taking EW's balloon challenge -- VIDEO

How excited is Sleepy Hollow‘s Orlando Jones for the upcoming season finale? He brought balloons to EW’s video studio at the Television Critics Association press tour!

Just kidding. We brought the balloons so we could challenge Jones to EW’s Ultimate Balloon Challenge, which required him to give us juicy teases…while keeping a balloon in the air. (Hey, anyone can shill a show! We had to raise the bar.)

So how’d he do? See for yourself below and enjoy his juicy scoops on Sleepy Hollow‘s season finale, airing Monday on Fox. (Preview: “The deaths will probably be devastating — I know I broke down in tears three times just thinking about what’s going on.”)


'Sleepy Hollow': Tom Mison and Orlando Jones tease the spooky 'Vessel'

After a month hiatus, Sleepy Hollow returns Monday night (Fox, 9 p.m. ET) with an episode that star Tom Mison promises will be a scary one. “It’s a constantly tense one,” he says. “I like that the show does simmer, and then there are a few moments that jump out at you.” The hour explores more of Jenny Mills’ (Lyndie Greenwood) past, Mison teases, “and the fact that she was once possessed — who wasn’t.” As the clip below reveals, Sheriff Corbin (Clancy Brown) helped Jenny through the possession, which had an effect on her relationship with her sister, Abbie (Nicole Beharie). As for Ichabod, “As is so often the case,” Mison teases, “he suddenly remembers something from the 18th century that eludes to demonic possession, so he struts off with Abbie running along in tow to find a way of dealing with present-day demonic possession.” Though Mison tried to keep who is possessed now a secret, the show’s promos have already let that cat out of the bag. The demon wants Washington’s Bible and will use Macy (Amandla Stenberg), the daughter of Capt. Irving (Orlando Jones), as a bargaining chip. “I was trying to keep it mysterious and exciting, but yes, alright, fine,” he says, with a laugh. He also reveals that Abbie’s ex, Luke (Nicholas Gonzalez), is a part of the story: “He is also affected by demonic possession. Basically, the theme of tonight is demonic possession,” Mison quips.  READ FULL STORY

'Sleepy Hollow': Jenny is going to freak. you. out. -- EXCLUSIVE CLIP


Wake up, Sleepyheads! The wait for a new episode of Fox’s Sleepy Hollow is almost over! The show is back Jan. 13 with “The Vessel,” which sets things in motion for the two-hour Jan. 20 season 1 finale. “This episode will bring a lot of things together,” Orlando Jones promises of the return. “And the best part is, everybody’s wrong: Nobody knows where it’s going. And it’s right in front of you. And you missed it. It’s literally there, and you’re all guessing wrong. I love it.”

Here’s what we can safely say after watching the exclusive clip below: The part of the Jan. 13 episode synopsis that says “a frightening chapter of Jenny’s past is revealed” does not lie. Someone hold Abbie us. (We nominate Ichabod.)


Best of 2013 (Behind the Scenes): How 'Sleepy Hollow' dreamed up Ichabod's talk with the OnStar lady

Sleepy Hollow hooked scads of viewers with its balls-to-the-wall crazy pilot episode, which established in quick succession that a) American Revolutionary War hero Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) was Rip Van Winkle’d into a 200+ year slumber, then b) awoken to fight the evil Headless Horseman, who c) happens to be one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Also, his wife’s a witch. Also also, he’s destined to team up with Sleepy Hollow cop Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie), who herself is still haunted by a demon she spotted when she was just a girl. Oh, and then there’s Zombie John Cho…

Clearly, Sleepy has a lot of balls in the air — but so far,  it has managed to keep juggling them all. (It’ll continue to do so well into 2014, as Fox made Sleepy the first new show to earn a second season way back in October.) Even better, the show has proven that it’s just as adept at humor as it is at supernatural action/adventure. Witness, for example, Ichabod’s flabbergasted reaction to present-day New York’s mammoth sales tax, or the way he describes a package Abbie’s received (“treasures from the Amazon”) — or the opening of season 1′s fourth episode, which finds Crane delivering a swoonworthy monologue about his lost love Katrina, who’s currently caught in purgatory. The punchline: He’s sitting in a car… and telling this tale to Yolanda, an OnStar customer service rep.

Who dreamed up this already classic scene? That’d be Sleepy staffer Damian Kindler, a sci-fi vet who loves to write twists on American history — especially given his Canadian upbringing. (“There was something cheeky about the Canadian dude going, ‘The Boston Tea Party was a ruse, man!’” he tells EW with a laugh.) Read on to see how Kindler created one of the show’s standout moments — and to learn the show’s general approaches to writing both Ichabod and Abbie.

Click here for more of’s Best of 2013 coverage.


'Sleepy Hollow,' 'How I Met Your Mother,' 'Revolution,' 'Supernatural': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Heaps of HIMYM scoop, Sleepy questions answered, and the next phase of Revolution — all that and more in this all-new Spoiler Room!

Send questions for my next installment to:

'Scandal,' 'Arrow,' 'Mindy Project,' 'NCIS': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

A Gladiator teases his backstory, scoop on Arrow’s “Bericity,” and Mindy promises nudity — all that and more in this week’s Spoiler Room.

And if you’re not eating what we’re serving here, drop me a line with scoop requests at

'Sleepy Hollow' sneak peek: Ichabod gets hot(headed) -- VIDEO


How will the interrogation of the Headless Horseman (aka Death) go in the Nov. 18 episode of Sleepy Hollow? Check out an exclusive clip below. READ FULL STORY

'Sleepy Hollow' at midseason: Gonzo gothic fun, served with a guilty conscience

Last week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow began with Abbie Mills extolling the virtues of baseball for Ichabod Crane. Of course, Sleepy Hollow being Sleepy Hollow, where subtext is as conspicuous as a catcher flashing signs, Abbie wasn’t only talking about the American Pastime. She was talking about America, too. Or America as it should be. “For me, baseball is about three things,” she told the 18th-century Rip Van Winkle, recently awakened from a 232-year-long dirt nap. “First, tradition. Rules never change. You can always count on the grass to be green, the lines to be white. No matter how crazy the world gets, it makes you feel safe, like everything is going to be okay. Second, it’s about teamwork. Players have to have faith in each other and watch each other’s backs. Because without that the team won’t work. But what I love is that this sport does not discriminate. You can be a short long reliever or long shortstop, black, white, Hispanic — now that is the American dream.”

Crane’s eyes flashed with enlightenment. Abbie was speaking his language: Logical if fancifully articulated idealism. Like Thomas Paine applying Common Sense to sports. “So baseball represents the spirit of democracy?”

“It is what you guys were fighting for, right?” By “it,” Abbie meant “freedom.” Specifically the freedom the criticize authority, be they leaders of state or arbiters of sporting matches. And so Ichabod exercised the right he and his fellow old-school revolutionaries bled for by rising up and chewing out the umpire. “You! Basket face! I thought only horses slept standing up!”

All this, from a show that re-imagines Washington Irving’s classic 1820 short story as a cheeky-creepy buddy cop apocalypse pop, in which The Headless Horseman is not a twisted joke gone awry but Death, the Pale Rider of Revelations. Yet Sleepy Hollow, now entering the second half of its 13-episode rookie season, seems insistent on being something slightly more interesting than mere escapism; it seems to want to be a kind of light beer alternative to American Horror Story, serving less prickly/tastes great gonzo goth hoppy with mildly subversive subtext. Where AHS is fixated with sex, gender, and race, Sleepy Hollow sweats this “spirit of democracy” business. Are you the kind of American who believes our basic freedoms are currently imperiled? That subversive foreign agents are plotting against us or conspiracies of powerful men are the real movers and shakers of civilization? That the “official version” of anything is a cover-up for something sinister? Then Sleepy Hollow is your man in the stands, exercising his conscience and raging against basket-face authority.

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