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'So You Think You Can Dance': Mary, Nigel and Cat on the new season, how the dancers are getting smarter, and more

So, you think you know what you can expect on the new season of So You Think You Can Dance? Think again.

“I think people have actually got it and they understand that they have to do something different,” host Cat Deeley told EW at the Los Angeles auditions in March. Hollywood marked the final audition city for season 11 of the hit summer franchise and, unlike in previous seasons, will also serve as the callback location replacing Las Vegas.

“At least they’re going somewhere!” judge Mary Murphy joked. After more than a decade on the air, expectations are higher for everyone involved. “Some cities, we were very picky with our tickets,” Murphy said. “After so many seasons, we know what we want to see and we want to see unique and we want to see something new.”


Justin Bieber to appear in new season of 'So You Think You Can Dance'

Beginning May 28, you’ll be able to see Justin Bieber’s face somewhere other than his mugshots: The pop star will join So You Think You Can Dance for a few episodes this season.


'SYTYCD' winners: 'We were always in it together'

The votes are in, Ameriker! So You Think You Can Dance‘s season 10 winners spoke to EW directly following tonight’s finale (read our full recap here). SPOILERS ahead… READ FULL STORY

'SYTYCD' renewed for 11th season

Fox is bringing back summer competition series So You Think You Can Dance for a 11th round, executive producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe announced during tonight’s season 10 finale. He said he’d just caught a whiff of the renewal news “five minutes into the program.” No other details were disclosed, but host Cat Deeley immediately launched into her awkward “happy dance,” so the future is off to a great start.

Look for’s season finale recap and an interview with the male and female winners after tonight’s show!

'SYTYCD': Sonya Tayeh talks Top 6, new elimination process, emotional choreography, giant earrings

You won’t see Emmy-nominated So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Sonya Tayeh back on set for the rest of season 10 — she’s in New York in full rehearsals for The Last Goodbye, a Romeo and Juliet-based rock musical directed by Alex Timbers that’ll open in San Diego this fall. But she and her giant earrings will surely still be there in hot-blooded, aggressive spirit. EW spoke to Tayeh, known for her intense, demanding training process and “combat jazz” dance style, about what’s been “overall a really emotionally connected season.” Every one of the six remaining dancers, Tayeh said, “were so in touch — and out. It was pretty f*cking beautiful.”

Tayeh raved about her first dance for the season — a contemporary with two of the Top 6, Fik-Shun and Amy Yakima (pictured). “They fell in love with each other from the beginning,” she said. “Amy is just one of the most reliable dancers I’ve ever met in my life. She’s the one where I’m literally like, ‘Oh, I’ll just sit so cozily in my chair because I have full trust that you’re gonna kick this sh*t out, like so hard, all the time.’ She’s just bonkers to me. She’s who I would wanna be if I was a dancer her age.” READ FULL STORY

'So You Think You Can Dance' champ wins role in 'Delirium' pilot


So You Think You Can Dance winner Jeanine Mason has scored a role in the upcoming Delirium pilot for Fox.

Mason joins a cast playing lead character Lena’s (Emma Roberts) party animal best friend, Hana, in the book-based pilot about a world in which love is treated as a disease known as Deliria. Per a character description, Hana is described as a “party animal” and “an apparently flirty girl who lives next door to Julian Fineman and enjoys messing with his head.” But it is teased that Hana may “ultimately less rebellious than she appears.”

Mason was most recently seen on ABC Family’s Bunheads and is best known for winning the fifth season of  So You Think You Can Dance.

Billy Campbell cast as ‘Delirium’ villain
Emma Roberts cast as ‘Delirium’ heroine

'So You Think You Can Dance' announces season 10 premiere date

Get on your dancing shoes, the 10th season of So You Think You Can Dance will premiere Tuesday May 14 at 8 p.m. on Fox.

Guest judges for the audition rounds will include Minnie Driver, Stephen “tWitch” Boss, and Adam Shankman.

And if you want to show the world you can shake what your mama gave you, there are still two more auditions in Memphis on March 14 and in Los Angeles on March 22. For added incentive, Jesse Tyler Ferguson will be the guest judge in Los Angeles, Wayne Brady in Memphis.

Who’s excited to see what Mary Murphy does next?

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‘So You Think You Can Dance': Mia Michaels previews tonight’s tribute episode to her
‘SYTYCD’ renewed for 10th season
Mary Murphy on ‘SYTYCD': Sometimes it pays to be daring; sometimes not.

'SYTYCD' renewed for 10th season


Fox is bringing back summer competition series So You Think You Can Dance for a 10th round.

Despite ratings drops the past couple years, the network is moving forward with another edition of the Emmy-winning series, with auditions starting next month. The show averaged 6.8 million viewers and about a 2.6 rating in the adults 18-49 demographic last summer.

No word yet on whether the show will shake up its judges panel. The audition episodes typically have mix-and-matched judges and guests in each city, so Fox might not have to make a firm decision on that front until the live shows air in the summer. The ninth season had host Cat Deeley and judges Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and guests.

In other reality news, CBS’ new competition series The Job will debut Friday, Feb. 8. In the show, five job-seekers compete each week in challenges before a panel of executives for a dream job at a prestigious company.

'So You Think You Can Dance': Mia Michaels previews tonight's tribute episode to her

After a two week hiatus, tonight’s Top 14 episode of Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance returns and tributes a very special lady: the show’s most prolific choreographer, Mia Michaels. The three-time Emmy winner will be feted for the entire two hours, as the seven pairs of dancers remaining will each perform one of her classic dances from previous seasons — everything from her famous “Bench” dance to “The Butt Piece.”

“They contacted me, and they were like, ‘We have an idea. We want this to happen,'” Michaels tells EW about how the episode came together. “It was quite an honor, and I was like, ‘Let’s do this.’ It’s definitely turning out to be one of my most favorite seasons, especially now because I’ve had a personal attachment to the dancers now that are doing this work. It’s really cool.”

In addition to Michaels’ seven most memorable dances being performed — all of which are previewed below by Michaels, with embedded videos of the original performances — the choreographer has also constructed the night’s group number, which will feature all the dancers. “It has the potential to be one of my favorites. Hopefully it will be,” Michaels says of tonight’s group piece. “For me, the piece is about the long-distance relationship I’m in right now. I have been for the past two years, with someone who is the most amazing man. The problem is the long distance, and it’s very difficult in this space. So the stage is filled with so much love, almost like, it’s Prince Charming everywhere. But there’s ropes involved, and the rope represents the only connection we have, which is the telephone. The girls are tied up by one arm, so they can’t fully love with both arms because they’re stuck because of the distance.”

While you can enjoy that new rope-heavy group number tonight, you’ll also be able to look forward to new interpretations of these seven classic Mia Michaels dances — “The Door,” “The Bed,” “Time,” “Gravity,” and three more — which she reveals and delves into here with EW:


'So You Think You Can Dance': Season 9's Top 20 announced -- On the scene for the 200th episode!

SPOILER ALERT: Finally! Twenty dazzling dancers have made it to “Los Ange-leese”! EW sat in the audience Monday night for the taping of the performance show. Your Top 20 are listed after the break — but first, some odds and ends from on the scene: READ FULL STORY

InsideTV Podcast: Cat Deeley's 'Top Model' dreams Taylor Hicks? Plus: 'Mad Men' preview

Image Credit: Mathieu Young/Fox

Cat Deeley has always been one of our favorite reality show hosts, so it was no surprise when Fox decided to double their pleasure and double their fun by having the affable Brit act as master of ceremonies for not one but two summer shows: So You Think You Can Dance and the network’s new celebrity dating experiment, The Choice. Somehow, Deeley managed to find the time to stop by the InsideTV Podcast to answer our burning questions. Jessica Shaw and I grill Deeley on what other reality shows she’d like to host (see the headline for a clue), the celebrity Choice contestant she’d most want to date (again, see the headline), and how she feels about So You Think You Can Dance airing just once a week. We get to the bottom of why Cat wants to shoot her own face off (seriously), and she tells us why people should not take The Choice too seriously.

We also call in EW’s own Dan Snierson to chat about the whoring and hanging going down on Mad Men. Dan was on set of the AMC drama for the pivotal scenes where the firm landed Jaguar and Peggy asked to speak privately with Don to quit, and he tells us how much he did — and did not — know. We also discuss the future of Don and Megan as well as when we may see Peggy again as we look ahead to Mad Men’s season finale on Sunday night. READ FULL STORY

'So You Think You Can Dance' premieres tonight: Host Cat Deeley previews season 9

It’s a year of change for Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance, which premieres tonight with a two-hour episode that chronicles auditions in New York and Dallas. The biggest difference in the show’s ninth (!) season is that there will only be one installment per week. That is, the “results hour” — historically airing on Thursday evenings — has been jettisoned completely, with just a Wednesday night episode every week, even during the early audition rounds.

Host Cat Deeley says the change is for the better. “I always felt a bit like, Oh, God, how much further can I drag this out?” she says, laughing. “We amalgamate the results show into the performance show. Now the audience is going to know who’s in danger at the top of the show. It adds another layer of jeopardy to it. For the audience, that makes it that much more interesting.” Always a ham, Deeley jokes that it’ll be a feat for her to fit what had typically been three hours of television into two. “It’s worth watching,” she says, “just to see if I manage to do it. I’m going to do a bit of a hope and a prayer — and fingers crossed — and keep that thing moving.”

Other changes this year include the fact that one female and one male dancer will be crowned winner; and after the pool is whittled down to the Top 10, each finalist will be joined by a SYTYCD all-star dancer, each of whom is an expert in either ballroom, ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, or jazz. Before that, like usual, the Top 20 will be paired amongst each other, with two contestants eliminated each week.


Cat Deeley teases 'So You Think You Can Dance' season 9, makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside

Rain has a way of making everything gloomy, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the perennially sunny Cat Deeley or the hundreds of hopeful New Yorkers who auditioned this morning for Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance.

Deeley and some 500-odd dancers braved the a.m. weather in Manhattan as day 1 of auditions for season 9 (!) of the hit dance competition rolled into New York (the third of five audition locations this year).  The usual characters were of course there – a trio of street-trained hip-hoppers from Boston who quickly befriended each other at the bus station; a timid ballerina who brought her mom (and blanket) for support; a five-time auditioner who swears that this is the year for Broadway. As always, dance battles took center stage in the street, even though the weather didn’t exactly permit (more than once, the unfortunate combination of pirouette-puddle-pavement resulted in a downed dancer).

But the effervescent Cat Deeley didn’t let the gloom get to her. “It’s a bit gray, but that’s okay,” said Deeley inside the Manhattan Center. “The New York personalities just shine straight through. It could be gray and cold, but you literally walk down the line and bam! It hits you. It’s great!” READ FULL STORY


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