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Every episode of 'South Park' now available for streaming on Hulu

Everyone’s favorite R-rated cartoon is now on Hulu: Beginning today, the entirety of the South Park library will be available for streaming until its 18th season premiere September 24. READ FULL STORY

'South Park' to parody angry 'Game of Thrones' fans in 'A Song of A- and Fire' -- VIDEO

Hell hath no fury like a fanboy scorned. No stranger to parodying fanboy culture, South Park takes on Game of Thrones “fans” in its latest episode, “A Song of A– and Fire.” A play off of Martin’s book series name A Song of Ice and Fire, the episode features the continuation of the kids’ “console wars” and an army of White Walkers soulless shoppers await the start of Black Friday sales.

In a clip from the episode (below), Butters and Scott arrive at George R. R. Martin’s New Mexico home demanding to know “what happens when the dragons show up,” even though they insist they’re not fans.

'South Park' NSA surveillance spoof gets big ratings


South Park. It’s the 17th season. And yet Wednesday night’s premiere delivered the animated comedy’s biggest rating in years.

The Comedy Central hit came back to 4.3 million viewers across three telecasts, with the first airing delivering the most viewers for the show since 2011 and the highest young male demo ratings since 2010.

The episode titled “Let Go, Let Gov” mocked the NSA’s mass surveillance scandal (clip below). In the episode, Cartman played the role of an Edward Snowden-style whistleblower who infiltrates the NSA and rants about privacy violations — yet can’t stop revealing his every thought online to anybody who will listen.

South Park fans had a longer-than-usual wait for new episodes this year, given that creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s decision to produce fewer episodes (10 per year). On Sunday, South Park also won its fifth Emmy for outstanding animated program. READ FULL STORY

'South Park' seasons reduced to 10 episodes

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are scaling back on South Park. The Book of Mormon creators are reducing their commitment to the long-running Comedy Central hit from 14 episodes per year (split into two short seasons) to 10.

“Why did we do seven and seven to begin with?” Stone said in a New York Times story earlier this week. “We just sort of made that up. And we are switching to 10 for the same reason. It just sounded like a good number, and we won’t break up the year so we can more easily do other stuff … In our first season, you had to show up on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. on the comedy channel to catch the show. Now, I don’t even know where or how people watch our show. We sort of don’t really care about ratings. It’s more important to come up with work that will add to the library in a way that we’re proud of and will make people want to catch the show wherever they want to.”


'South Park' creators tip their hand: Pro gay marriage, pro guns


The creators of Comedy Central’s South Park have long enjoyed letting fans and the media debate their political leanings. Are they liberal? Conservative? Libertarian? What do they believe, really? Or are they just totally apolitical?

Trey Parker and Matt Stone opened up (a little) in a new interview published in UK’s The Guardian while promoting their hit Broadway musical The Book of Mormon coming to London. The duo told the interviewer they don’t vote (“because we’re not allied to one particular side, so it feels painful,” Stone said), yet revealed two political stances that they both agree on. “Gay marriage and guns,” Parker said. “We’re for both of those.”

Stone added, “We’re from Colorado, and look at the way Colorado’s gone politically in the last few elections, it’s now gay-friendly, weed-friendly, gun-friendly. There’s an element of Colorado that I think is in us.”

The article notes the interview was conducted before the recent Sandy Hook shootings, though it was presumably after the shootings in a Colorado theater showing The Dark Knight Rises last summer. The creators didn’t reply to our request for further comment.

The guys also talk about their row with singer Kayne West (“You just want to say, ‘Dude, look at yourself. Look at yourself,'” Stone says), their fallout with the late South Park voice talent Isaac Hayes and their attitude toward celebrities in general. “If you’re famous, you suck, just for being famous,” Parker said. “People in England totally get that; Americans don’t.”

'South Park' makes bold election prediction with Wednesday's ep, titled 'Obama Wins!'

Who will lead the United States for the next four years? We won’t know for sure until tomorrow night — but according to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, President Obama should expect to achieve victory. Well, on South Park, anyway.

Comedy Central revealed today that the animated comedy’s next episode, which airs the day after the election, is titled “Obama Wins!” But don’t take this as a sign that Parker and Stone have gotten liberal in their old age. The pair has spent 16 seasons gleefully skewering targets from all over the political spectrum, resisting easy labels like “reactionary” or “progressive.” (This is how Stone summed up their political beliefs in 2001: “I hate conservatives but I really f—ing hate liberals.”)

South Park‘s 2008 election episode avoided political commentary altogether, mocking voters from both parties for overreacting to the contest’s results. The episode also posited that the election was actually an elaborate smokescreen built to conceal Obama and John McCain’s true goal: stealing the Hope Diamond from the Smithsonian.

The bottom line: We should definitely take “Obama Wins!” with a grain of salt. Here’s a tantalizingly brief clip from the episode, which reveals how Eric Cartman may hold the key to the election’s outcome:


'South Park' takes on Honey Boo Boo -- VIDEO


South Park is taking on TLC’s Here Comes Honey Boo Boo in Wednesday’s episode. Granted, this is picking on the biggest, broadest pop culture target around right now. But we’re all for going for the easy joke in the case of breakout sensation HCHBB, the child beauty pageant queen docu-soap has polarized viewers while climbing in the ratings nearly every week. The TLC series also recently received an order for several more episodes.

Here’s a short video clip of the episode, titled “Raising the Bar,” where Honey Boo Boo comes to the little mountain town: READ FULL STORY

Russian channel to censor 'The Simpsons'

Image credit: Fox

First Pussy Riot, now Itchy and Scratchy.

A Russian national TV channel is going to censor The Simpsons. In light of a new law banning displays of violence, drinking, and smoking on TV before 11 p.m., the young adult-targeted channel 2×2 will remove all scenes with the show’s ultra-violent spoof cartoon The Itchy & Scratchy Show starting Friday.

'South Park' to take on GOP debates


Wednesday’s South Park plans to take on the GOP debates by spoofing … well, we’re not exactly sure yet.

This week’s preview clip is set during a GOP debate, below. Yet Comedy Central’s official description of the episode is vague even by South Park standards: “Mankind’s evolution begins to accelerate at a rapid and disturbing pace. Concurrently, another species on the planet is exhibiting the same drastic development. Eventually the two species will battle to the death and ‘Faith Hilling’ may be humanity’s only hope.”

It’s not clear what “Faith Hilling” (also the episode’s title) means yet (a reference to Faith Hill’s outburst after losing Female Vocalist of the Year at the 2006 CMAs to Carrie Underwood? That’s all we got…). In the clip below, the South Park boys appear to be in the process of “Faith Hilling” the GOP debate.

South Park scripts tend to evolve up until the very last minute, so it’s possible Wednesday’s episode isn’t yet locked. Here’s the clip:


'South Park' renewed for three more seasons

Just when fans started to worry that Trey Parker and Matt Stone might be ready throw in the towelie, Comedy Central has struck a deal with the duo to bring back South Park for three more seasons.

The renewal will keep the animated hit on until 2016 and through a 20th season. Parker and Stone will continue to write, edit, and direct every episode. “The collective genius of Matt and Trey knows no bounds,” said Comedy Central president Michele Ganeless. “Week after week and season after season they continue to surprise and delight South Park fans.”

“Comedy Central has been our home for 15 years and we love working there,” said Parker and Stone. “South Park is a blast and we can’t wait to make more.”

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'South Park' takes on Occupy Wall Street -- VIDEO

South Park is taking on the Occupy Wall Street movement, with Eric Cartman declaring that he’s part of the 1 percent.

Of course, Trey Parker and Matt Stone love to use metaphors whenever possible, rather than tackling a topic directly. Wednesday’s episode is no exception. Titled “1 percent,” Cartman fails to pass his school’s government-set fitness test. The other “99 percent” of kids who passed are angry he’s caused them to have to endure extra gym time, so Cartman throws himself a literal pity party. Here’s the preview:  READ FULL STORY

Church of Scientology allegedly ran background checks on friends of 'South Park' creators

A former Church of Scientology member has alleged the organization ran background checks on people it believed to be friends of South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The investigations followed the 2005 screening of the South Park episode ‘Trapped in the Closet,” which lampooned both the church and, specifically, Scientology follower Tom Cruise.


Sneak peek at 'Six Days To Air: The Making Of South Park' documentary -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

When EW recently spoke with Trey Parker and Matt Stone about the new documentary Six Days To Air: The Making Of South Park, the pair promised that the film would be a relatively sober affair. “It’s about the making of the show,” said Stone. “It’s not a documentary that’s going to be like, ‘Oh my god, here’s Matt taking a p—.’”



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