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'Southland' one year later: EP and stars weigh in on the odds of a movie

One year ago today, viewers watched their final hour of TNT’s Southland. After five seasons of barely surviving (and once getting canceled by NBC), arguably one of the greatest cop shows of all time went out with a literal bang when fan favorite John Cooper was shot. It was the perfect cliffhanger to end the season, but not one that fans wanted to end the series. And the feeling was mutual among Southland‘s cast and crew.

Nearly a month later, when news spread that TNT canceled Southland, rumors began about a Southland movie, or at the very least, another episode to answer some burning questions: Is John Cooper alive? Can Ben Sherman be forgiven? Has Lydia really found happiness? And what is Sammy going to do next? But sadly, nothing ever came of the so-called “wrap-up” to the series. READ FULL STORY

Emmy Watch: Michael Cudlitz on being handcuffed in his underwear for 'Southland'

Between now and June 28, the deadline for Emmy voters to submit nomination ballots, will feature interviews with some of the actors and actresses whose names we hope to hear when nominations are announced on July 18.

On TNT’s Southland, Michael Cudlitz and an ensemble cast delivered some of the most consistently raw and lauded performances on television. And if nothing else, he’s proud that the show, which was canceled in May, leaves behind that legacy.

“Some shows just go away — and that’s fine. They serve their purpose and their entertainment value, but there are shows that touch people in different ways and that they remember. I think this is definitely one of them,” he says. “It’s definitely a character I will never forget.”

And after last season, it’s easy to understand why. In a Q&A with EW, the actor, who many consider in the running for an Emmy nomination, relives John Cooper’s most compelling moments from the last year.

Goodbye 'Southland': The stars discuss the cop show's legacy

Sometimes being great just isn’t good enough. After five years of beautifully crafted storytelling, realistic portrayals, award-worthy performances, and some of the most shocking moments on television, Southland has reached the dreaded end of watch.

The cop show that was watched by few but loved enough for many told the stories of the LAPD in a way that viewers had never seen before. For five short seasons, the perfectly rough-around-the-edges drama sucked fans into the professional and personal lives of its complex heroes. From the rookie cop who lost his moral center to the veteran who tried desperately to find happiness in a sea of devastation, Southland‘s stories left an impact on everyone who chose to partake in the show’s journey.

And now, we say goodbye to Coop, Ben, Sammy, Lydia, Dewey and all those in blue whom we got to know. But before we let go, we chatted with Southland stars Michael Cudlitz, Ben McKenzie, Shawn Hatosy and Regina King for our finale post-mortem, and we asked them about the show’s legacy if this were the end: READ FULL STORY

'Southland' finale post-mortem: Stars talk show's uncertain future...and John Cooper

Southland‘s heart-pounding and ultimately heart-breaking final hour centered around the hunt for the two meth heads who killed one of the LAPD’s own in last week’s captivating episode. For Lydia, it meant leading the chase. And for John, it meant trying to be “fine” in a world filled with desk jobs and overwhelming guilt. READ FULL STORY

'Southland' season (or series?) finale: 'We're just getting into the meat of who these people are'

After last week’s incredibly visceral, emotionally draining episode of Southland, it’s hard to imagine that tonight’s season 5 finale could have any juice left, but according to the stars of the show, the finale delivers the same shock factor, albeit slightly less graphic.

We caught up with four stars of the show — Ben McKenzie, Shawn Hatosy, Michael Cudlitz and Regina King — to talk about where their characters are headed in what could potentially be Southland‘s series finale (if TNT decides against ordering a season 6). Here’s what tonight’s episode has in store:

Michael Cudlitz on John Cooper
Despite the fact that John Cooper survived the kidnapping that took his partner’s life in last week’s emotional episode, Michael Cudlitz doesn’t believe that Cooper is at his breaking point… yet. However, by the end of the finale, that could change. “There is a point where everybody snaps, and he’s not at that point strangely enough after that ordeal,” Cudlitz says. “He’s put on light duty when we come back, so I’m basically doing office duty.” And for Coop, desk work has always been his greatest fear. “A large portion of his life is not only devoted to the job, but the job defines him. [You see] that taken away from him and the consequences and the self doubt.” READ FULL STORY

TNT announces return dates for 'Dallas,' 'Southland,' more

Are you ready to go back to Southfork?

TNT has announced that Dallas will return for a second season Jan. 28, and also announced the premiere dates for a handful other shows, including Rizzoli & Isles, Leverage, and two new shows — Monday Mornings, a drama from David E. Kelley about a group of Portland doctors, and Boston’s Finest, an unscripted series from executive producer Donnie Wahlberg.

See the full list of premiere dates below.

Rizzoli & Isles (winter premiere) Nov. 27
Leverage (winter premiere) Nov. 27
Dallas (season 2), Jan. 28
Monday Mornings (series premiere), Feb. 4
Southland (season 5), Feb. 13
Boston’s Finest (series premiere), Feb. 27

NBC wins premiere week for first time in nine years
‘Dexter’ premiere scores record ratings

'Southland': Ben McKenzie teases 'dramatic' end to season


Police officer Ben Sherman was more than unhinged last week on Southland after a close-to-home case involving a hooker and her young daughter led to some pretty rash behavior on his part. (He beat up a pimp!) Following a season that has found actor Ben McKenzie embracing the comedic aspects of his character, it was a dramatic shift to say the least. But a necessary one on many levels, says McKenzie.

“I was really trying to encourage the writers and producers to let this character’s wings spread [this season] and allow him to be confident and more fun and engaging and a little bit crazier and wilder,” he says. “It [set] up the last part of the season nicely. The last third is very serious, very dramatic…[but] it’s offset by the lighter stuff we did in the first half.” Watch our interview with McKenzie, where discusses tonight’s installment and the rest of the season, below. READ FULL STORY

'Southland' behind the scenes: On the street with Ben McKenzie, Michael Cudlitz, and more! -- VIDEO


If there’s one thing you  need when following the cast of Southland around the sprawling landscape of Los Angeles for two days (err, besides a pair of soundproof headphones to block out the gunshots), it’s a collapsible chair. Once the cast arrives at the Chinatown base camp in the morning to read their daily call sheet, there’s really no telling what brand of insanity the day will bring. Invading an ob/gyn office full of pregnant extras in Boyle Heights? Sounds like Thursday. Heading down to South Central to chase fake criminals down a very real (and dangerous after dark) section of Compton? Just another Friday for star Benjamin McKenzie.

EW was on the scene (er…many scenes) with McKenzie, Shawn Hatosy, Michael Cudlitz, and new addition Lucy Liu for a wild two days of shooting TNT’s authentic drama. Watch below to find out who in the cast is the best shot, and hear the stars tease what’s yet to come over the deafening roar of gunshots. MILD SPOILERS AHEAD! READ FULL STORY

'The Vampire Diaries,' 'Justified,' 'Once Upon a Time,' 'White Collar': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Welcome back, friends! Hope the holidays were as fattening for you as they were for me.

As winter hiatus comes to a close, it’s time to get back into the swing of things. (Although, I hope you still enjoyed the special Once Upon a Time edition of Spoiler Room that was served up last week!) And this week, there’s a little bit of something for everyone, I hope. If not, there’s a simple way to solve that: Hit me up! E-mail or Tweet me @EWSandraG. And if you don’t see your question, keep trying! (I do read them all!)

Enjoy, and it’s truly lovely to be back in the swing of things! (Side note: Anyone else sort of love what’s going on in this week’s Spoiler Room blend? Now that’s a trio!)

The year 2011 hasn’t been the easiest for Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Co., on The Vampire Diaries, and, as Julie Plec told Mandi Bierly, the first new episode of the season doesn’t do much to indicate changing winds in 2012. READ FULL STORY

'Glee,' 'How I Met Your Mother,' 'Parenthood,' 'The Secret Circle': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Many, many scoops today. So let’s get to it.

But before we do, remember to be sending me your questions! Without you, there are no spoils to be had. So send all queries, theories, thoughts, and Get Well Soon messages (See the results of my clumsiness here) to: or hit me up on Twitter: @EWSandraG.

It’s hard to know where to begin talking about one of Glee‘s most anticipated episodes of the year. Thankfully, that’s not my problem, because I took your burning questions to resident Gleek lord Tim Stack, who offered up these monster teases! If you didn’t get a chance to submit any, you’re probably not following me on Twitter! Don’t miss out next time! READ FULL STORY

Lou Diamond Phillips cops 'Southland' guest spot

Lou Diamond Phillips is going to hit the streets for Southland.

The TV and movie vet has scored a guest role on the acclaimed TNT drama, playing Danny Ferguson, a cynical and intense street cop who’s good under pressure. The Stargate Universe alum will appear in the season premiere, airing Jan. 17.

Read more:
‘Southland': Catch up on what you’ve missed (and hope January gets here fast) — VIDEO

‘Southland’ season 4, plus more TNT premiere dates

'Southland': Catch up on what you've missed (and hope January gets here fast) -- VIDEO

I try to do a bit of non-court-appointed community service every now and then, so here’s my latest effort: A video for those of you who haven’t been watching Southland.

I was late to the Southland party myself, but after jumping on during the show’s second season, I couldn’t be happier with the episodes. And now’s the time to catch up if you want to be ready for the beginning of the fourth season on Jan. 17. Take a look below at what you’ve been missing:  READ FULL STORY

'Southland' season 4, plus more TNT premiere dates

TNT just released its winter premiere date schedule, which includes the debuts of Southland season 4, the seventh season return of The Closer, the fourth season return of Leverage and more. Here are the dates: READ FULL STORY


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