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Watch the first 7 minutes of new animated series 'Star Wars Rebels'

Ezra (Taylor Gray) was just going about his ordinary day on Lothal—stealing exotic fruits, messing with Imperial minions—but then he had to get caught in a chase scene.

Disney XD has released a preview for its upcoming Star Wars Rebels, and it includes all the speeder bike racing you might want. Along the way, the show also introduces Kanan (Freddie Prinze, Jr.), a Jedi with a secret, and Sabine (Tiya Sircar), who wears a Boba Fett-like helmet. Rebels takes place between Episodes III and IV of the Star Wars saga and traces the rise of the Rebel Alliance as the empire continues to exert control across the galaxy. The series will premiere this October with a one-hour special on the Disney Channel, following by a series on Disney XD.


'Star Wars Rebels' fight scene: The Inquisitor has a tricky lightsaber


It’s The Inquisitor in action! Here’s the first clip from Star Wars Rebels that gives us a long look at the galaxy’s new big bad (voiced by Jason Isaacs). Not just any look, either — the Jedi hunter is having a lightsaber fight with rebels Kanan (Freddie Prinze Jr.) and Ezra (Taylor Gray) in this exclusive scene. The footage from Disney XD’s hotly anticipated new animated series just debuted at Rebels Comic-Con event Thursday.

Rebels tells the story of the formation of the Rebel Alliance and is set between the Star Wars prequel films and the original trilogy. The series is scheduled to premiere this fall as a one-hour special on Disney Channel, and will then air as a series on Disney XD channels worldwide.

Check out the video below which introduces a new spin on lightsaber design:  READ FULL STORY

'Clone Wars' director Q&A: Final episodes answer big 'Star Wars' questions


The Clone Wars final episodes not only answer burning fan questions, but will change how you watch the Star Wars films, supervising director Dave Filoni promises.

Today Netflix unveils the final 13 unaired episodes of The Clone Wars animated series, along with all five previous seasons, marking the first Star Wars title to be released on the streaming service. Production on the Emmy-winning Cartoon Network series was shut down by Disney after the company took control of the Star Wars empire last year. The company then promptly ordered a promising new animated series, Star Wars Rebels, which is coming this fall to Disney XD. But fans have not forgotten about Clone Wars, and below Filoni takes our questions.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was your honest reaction to Clone Wars getting pulled from Cartoon Network? READ FULL STORY

'Star Wars Rebels': Final hero revealed plus ALL the new characters together for first time -- EXCLUSIVE


Here’s the seventh and final major new character for Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels, plus all seven of the new character photos and profile videos in one place for the first time.

First up: Meet Hera, the pilot for the Ghost crew of rebels fighting the Empire. She’s a Twi’lek (having those long head-tail things) and is voiced by actress Vanessa Marshall (The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy). “She is a very strong-minded character,” says Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni, “kind of the heart of the group, keeps everyone together when they would otherwise fall apart.”

“Every time we get a script I’m breathless with anticipation,” Marshall adds, “because I want to see where we’re going too.” Check out Hera’s video intro:

Rebels tells the origin of the Rebel Alliance and is set between Episode III and IV in the Stars Wars timeline; the show premieres on Disney XD later this year. While this concludes the major new characters being introduced for the show’s launch, we suspect there will be some familiar faces popping up in the series, and other new characters being revealed once the show gets underway.

Below are the rest of the previously announced new Star Wars Rebels characters: READ FULL STORY

'Star Wars Rebels': 6 propaganda posters worth saluting


Become a Imperial stormtrooper? Where do I sign!? Here’s six propaganda posters for Disney XD’s upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels, which is set several years before the event in Episode IV: A New Hope. See our interview with executive producer Simon Kinberg for more details. In the meantime, check out these images:


'Star Wars Rebels': New droid revealed


Is this the droid you’re looking for?

Meet Chopper, a new droid character for Disney XD’s upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels. He’s described as “a lazy, cranky (if ultimately goodhearted) astromech droid” who is an “an essential crew member of the Ghost, tasked with keeping the starship running and operable for its band of heroes. In reality, thanks to his many “unique” upgrades and customizations, no other alien, human, or droid could handle the job.”

The design of Chopper — a.k.a. “C1-10P” — is based on early Star Wars concept art for R2-D2 by artist Ralph McQuarrie (“If R2 is your favorite dog, Chopper’s a cat,” says exec producer Dave Filoni below). Star Wars Rebels is set four years before the events in A New Hope. Star Wars Rebels premieres this fall. This marks the second new character revealed for the series (the first is here). Bonus: A behind the scenes video clip of Chopper’s creation: READ FULL STORY

'Star Wars Rebels' new action photo: Stormtroopers are back -- EXCLUSIVE



Why it’s been a long, long time since we’ve had stormtroopers as regular characters in a major Star Wars story. The prequel films and Cartoon Network’s The Clone Wars mainly cast Clone Troopers (and no, they’re not the same!). Here is a new image from Disney XD’s upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels, a prequel/sequel set between Episode III and IV. Less geeky translation: Star Wars Rebels covers the events leading up to the first 1977 Star Wars film, an origin story of the Rebel Alliance.

Front and center is the show’s toothy new bad guy, the Inquisitor. He’s been tasked by the Emperor with hunting down the remaining Jedi Knights. He looks very eager to do his job. Star Wars Rebels is scheduled to premiere this fall as a one-hour special telecast on Disney Channel, it will be followed by a series on Disney XD channels around the globe.

'Star Wars Rebels': NYCC exclusive! Check out propaganda art from the new spinoff


We still don’t know very much about Star Wars Rebels, the animated spinoff set between prequel and original trilogies. We know it will premiere in fall 2014 with a one-hour special on the Disney Channel, which segues into a series on Disney XD. And big news is expected from the Rebels panel that is taking place tomorrow afternoon at New York Comic Con. READ FULL STORY

Alyson Hannigan pitches a 'How I Met Your Mother' spin-off and talks J.J. Abrams, 'Buffy,' and 'Star Wars'. (How's that for a headline?)

Alyson Hannigan who plays Lily on the hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother doesn’t want the fun to end, even though CBS announced the series would sign off after 9 seasons this spring. “I’m trying to convince [Jason] Segel to do the spin-off,” says Hannigan. “He said he’ll do it if it’s called, Out By Lunch and we can get out by lunch everyday and we only work a couple days a week. I’m like, ‘I’m in.’ We can do it—we work really quickly together.” READ FULL STORY

'Star Wars' new TV series art released


The first art from Lucasfilm’s follow-up to Star Wars: The Clone Wars was unveiled at Star Wars Celebration Europe.

Below is the logo and two images from the upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels, which is expected to premiere in fall 2014 as a one-hour special on Disney Channel and followed by a series on Disney XD. Executive Producer Dave Filoni says the look was inspired by original Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie.

“We wanted to create a look for this part of Star Wars that precedes A New Hope by just a little bit,” Filoni said. “We’re going for something that’s much more an illustrative look.”

The Clone Wars ran for five seasons on Cartoon Network until Disney bought Lucasfilm and pulled the plug on the series. Disney then announced plans for a new animated series — Rebels — for its own cable networks. The Clone Wars was considered by many fans to be superior to the live-action prequel films that divided the show’s fandom. Here’s the logo and another image: READ FULL STORY

'The Big Bang Theory': How Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard reacted to the big 'Star Wars' news

Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard can always be counted upon to supply their comedic two cents on a slew of nerdy pop-culture items, from the panned Green Lantern movie to the worth of an Apple Store Genius. But there’s one piece of huge (HUGE!) geeky entertainment news that the Big Bang Theory guys have yet to weigh in on: Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm and the promise of more Star Wars movies, starting with Episode VII in an expected 2015 release.

So at The Big Bang Theory‘s PaleyFest panel on Wednesday (read our full report of the event here), EW asked the stars of the show how they imagine their characters would have reacted to the news that had millions of voices not at all silenced but crying out with both glee and skepticism. READ FULL STORY

'Clone Wars': The legacy of Ahsoka in the 'Star Wars' universe

In the end, Ahsoka Tano wasn’t the only one who walked away. The fifth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars reached its finale last weekend, and as many suspected, the episode turned out to be a swan song for the CG-animated series. Lucasfilm announced Monday that it would go “in a new direction” with its animation pursuits: “We are exploring a whole new Star Wars series set in a time period previously untouched in Star Wars films or television programming. You can expect more details in the months to come.”

What might that mean? On both the silver and small screen, the chronicles of the Jedi universe have been fixed on the life of Anakin Skywalker, but with the announced Episode VII film, newcomer Kathy Kennedy is turning the cinematic focus for the first time beyond the fiery funeral of Darth Vader. (That’s a sharp turn from the tack of the now-retiring George Lucas, who had in recent years stated that the most relevant stories in the Star Wars universe ended with the torching of Vader’s corpse on the forest moon of Endor.)

The costly postponement of the 3-D re-release of two prequel installments only underlines Kennedy’s resolve to get this new plotted course underway with all moviemaking engines pushing in the same direction. This week also brought word that Detours, the planned series that would spoof the Jedi universe, might turn out to be a dead end. Time will tell if Lucasfilm television animation will follow the feature film saga into the post-Vader years or if it will jump into another direction to give the theatrical flagship plenty of room to manuever.

But what of Clone Wars?

The final broadcast episode was an especially evocative one as Ahsoka Tano (the character created for the series and the namesake 2008 animated film) was wrongly accused of sedition and murder. Her ultimate fate had been a topic of fan speculation for months and now it seems to dovetail with the fate of series itself. We caught up with Dave Filoni, who directed the episode and had become the Lucasfilm face of the series as supervising director for all five seasons, to talk about the young Jedi trainee nicknamed Snips. READ FULL STORY

'Star Wars' TV massacre! Lucasfilm cancels 'Clone Wars,' indefinitely postpones 'Detours'

The Star Wars universe is moving forward into a brave new era, and that means it’s time for a good old-fashioned brand scrub. Following the news that newly-Disneyfied Lucasfilm is delaying the 3D re-release of Episodes II and III, the company announced today that they are ending production of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Cartoon Network series that spent five seasons earning raves — raves that were all variations of “Well, at least it’s better than the last few movies.” READ FULL STORY


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