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Steven Spielberg talks about 'Extant' and your future

Halle Berry isn’t the only high-profile get in Extant, CBS’ futuristic drama about an astronaut who returns pregnant after a year-long mission in space. The drama is produced by Steven Spielberg and Amblin Entertainment. Here, Spielberg talks about discovering the script, and the drama’s futuristic elements that aren’t entirely out of the realm of possibility, before the show premieres tonight at 9 p.m. ET.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When you read the script for Extant, was your first thought, “Hey! Mickey Fisher bogarted parts of A.I. and Minority Report!
No, not really. My first thought was what a tremendous concept for a series about a woman who discovers that her baby isn’t her own and then goes in search of the truth and what part of that offspring belongs to her genetically. The subplot and the other characters were really compelling to me. I never thought it was any kind of homage to my other science-fiction movies. I was really, really pulled into Molly’s story and her relationship with her husband and what happens when you get pregnant and have to come home and you don’t know who the father is or what the father is. READ FULL STORY

Microsoft announces slate of original TV programming


Microsoft’s joining the TV game with a slate of original shows specifically made for the Xbox.

Although Microsoft’s been in talks to get into the original video content game for a year now, the company is just now announcing its twelve shows, dubbed Xbox Originals. Ranging from unscripted comedies to game-based dramas, the shows are expected to begin airing this June.


'Falling Skies': New trailer warns of great battle

Post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama Falling Skies is coming back this summer with its fourth season, and its latest trailer promises that it’s going to be as crazy as ever.

The TNT series, executive produced by Steven Spielberg and created by Robert Rodat, follows the aftermath of the human race after a disastrous alien invasion and how one history professor (Noah Wyle) takes charge of the remaining (human) survivors.

Falling Skies returns June 22 at 10 p.m. ET on TNT. Watch the trailer below:


Spielberg/Halle Berry series 'Extant' gets mysterious trailer -- VIDEO

What, exactly, is Extant? According to the dictionary, it’s an adjective meaning “still in existence” or “the opposite of extinct.” According to CBS, it’s a method by which Oscar winners are lured to network television. And according to the following 25-second teaser, it’s a mysterious upcoming drama about mitosis, flowers, creepy children’s laughter, and the entirety of the human condition… or something.


Camryn Manheim joins Steven Spielberg's 'Extant'

Camryn Manheim has been cast as a series regular in Extant, the forthcoming futuristic drama from Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television.

The Practice alum is set to play the role of Molly’s best friend Sam Barton. Main character Molly will be played by Halle Berry, who joined the show in October.

Set to premiere this summer, Extant is a serialized drama about a female astronaut (Berry) who is trying to reconnect with her family after returning after a year in outer space but soon learns that her experiences will “change the course of human history.”

Manheim’s other credits include Person of Interest, Ghost Whisperer, and Ally McBeal.

Halle Berry coming to TV in Steven Spielberg-produced drama 'Extant'

Television is the new movies.

CBS announced today that Oscar-winner Halle Berry will star in the upcoming new drama Extant. The Steven Spielberg-produced show has already received a straight-to-series order and will begin airing next summer.

The network describes Berry’s role as “an astronaut who returns home from a year-long solo mission in space and tries to reconnect with her husband and son in their everyday life.  Her experiences in space and home lead to events that ultimately will change the course of human history.”

'Falling Skies' season 3 finale: Showrunner Remi Aubuchon answers your burning questions!

The third season of Falling Skies has kept viewers on the edge of their seats as the stakes were raised for the Mason family and other beloved characters, but Sunday the TNT sci-fi show wrapped up for the summer.

EW has answers to your burning questions about tonight’s finale straight from showrunner Remi Aubuchon.

SPOILER ALERT: Stop right there, move no further, as if a Mega Mech just stomped into your path, unless you’re ready to read details of tonight’s season finale of Falling Skies. READ FULL STORY

'Falling Skies': Wil Wheaton talks with cast about tonight's episode on '2nd Watch' -- VIDEO

Sci-fi show Falling Skies continued its tale of alien invasion survivors on TNT tonight with an episode that had the show’s heroes suffering some losses and making some discoveries about rebels outside Charleston.

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read on if you do not want to find out what happened in tonight’s episode of Falling Skies, “Badlands.” READ FULL STORY

TNT and TBS developing shows with Spielberg, Stallone, Carell, Foxx and more

We already know TNT is bringing Sean Bean, Eric Dane, and the mind of Frank Darabont back to our TVs, but at today’s Turner Upfront, TNT and TBS announced some more big names developing potential shows for the networks — including Steven Spielberg, Sylvester Stallone, Steve Carell, Jamie Foxx, Elizabeth Banks, Diablo Cody, Denis Leary, Dick Wolf, and Nicholas Sparks. The loglines: READ FULL STORY

'Falling Skies' cast talks Spielberg, love triangles, and more at EW's CapeTown Film Festival -- VIDEO

On Friday May 3, the crowd gathered for Escape From New York at the EW CapeTown Film Festival was also treated to a special screening of the first hour of the season 3 premiere of Falling Skies and a Q&A with members of the cast.

During the Q&A session, Noah Wyle talked about Steven Spielberg being involved with every aspect of the show, from casting to editorial work. “But it’s not a presence that you feel on the set necessarily, other than wanting to do your best work, cause you know it’s being watched and handled by one of the preemptive storytellers of our time.”

Watch the video for more hints about the show below:


Steven Spielberg is developing Stanley Kubrick's 'Napoleon' as a miniseries

Scientists estimate that, at any given moment, Steven Spielberg is working on roughly fifty different projects. A film adaptation of Robopocalypse, another HBO World War II mega-miniseries, another Jurassic Park movie, a TV show or three — and that’s not to mention his favorite hobby, revealed by the New York Times, of occasionally just sprinkling his magical filmmaking pixie dust on his friend’s movies. But over the weekend, Spielberg said that he’s currently collaborating with one of the greatest directors in history…who, admittedly, has been dead for over a decade. Talking to Canal Plus on French television, Spielberg said that he is currently adapting Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon, a longtime passion project for the late filmmaker. READ FULL STORY

Steven Spielberg had no idea you were hate-watching 'Smash' -- EXCLUSIVE

Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Jemal Countess/Getty Images

The first season of Smash was often a fever dream-mess with bizarre forays into karaoke bar baby showers and elaborate Bollywood musical sequences. Viewers turned from loving to watch to loving it to hate-watch it, taking to twitter and social media each week to dissect the craziness. Well, Smashionistas, executive producer Steven Spielberg, who initially came up with the concept for Smash and pitched it to NBC’s Bob Greenblatt when he was at Showtime, had zero idea that this had become a phenomenon and even led to a popular New Yorker piece by TV critic Emily Nussbaum. “No I didn’t,” admits the Lincoln director, who actually watched Smash dailies on the set of his Daniel Day-Lewis epic. “Well here’s what’s great about Smash: it’s not a procedural. It’s not medical. It’s not cops. It’s not legal eagles. It isn’t a sitcom. So it does defy what is commercial and popular today. But that’s what Bob Greenblatt wanted to do when he came in and was offered NBC. He wanted to take his cable sensibility and bring it to network television and I think he’s succeeding admirably.”


'Falling Skies' season finale: Showrunner Remi Aubuchon answers your burning questions!

Falling Skies has been spicing up its addicting recipe of sci-fi, family drama, action and major creep-outs throughout its second season, and it all came to a head in tonight’s finale.

SPOILER ALERT! Be afraid, very afraid, almost as afraid as you are of crawlies, to read on if you haven’t yet watched the Falling Skies season finale.

The 2nd Mass’ season-long journey to Charleston ended in disappointment and new lessons for the Revolutionary War-alluding show. Fans got some fun surprises (and spine-tingling ones!) in “A More Perfect Union,” the season 2 capper to the Steven Spielberg-produced TNT show.

After watching the cliffhanger-filled finale (and taking some time to catch our breath afterward) EW chatted with showrunner Remi Aubuchon. The writer/producer is currently knee-deep in prep for season 3, which begins shooting in less than three days! But he took a break from his work in Vancouver, Canada to talk at length with us about shooting the finale and what fans can expect when Falling Skies returns next summer for another 10-episode season.

Aubuchon talked about the new addition to their lineup of alien species, revealed what Red Eye was silently saying to Ben as he died and cleared up a point of confusion about the skitters that’s been a subject of great debate among fans since Lourdes and Anne made a major discovery last season. Read on for answers to your burning questions. READ FULL STORY


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