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'Suburgatory': Alicia Silverstone on reuniting with 'Clueless' co-star Jeremy Sisto

It’s been nearly two decades since Cher and Elton crossed paths at a trendy high school in Beverly Hills in Clueless. A lot has changed since then for the stars of the cult teen comedy, who reunite on tonight’s episode of Suburgatory. And the context of those changes still shock even Alicia Silverstone.

“When I first watched Suburgatory, I was so excited for him and proud of him and thought, ‘Wow, he’s just a whole different guy,'” Silverstone says. “I mean, we did a movie called Hideaway (1995). He played a psycho-killer and I was Jeff Goldblum’s daughter. And then we did Clueless and [Elton] was snotty and hip and thought he was all that.  It was so fun to see him as a dad — a grown dad with so much love and warmth and charm.”

Silverstone begins her own four-episode arc on the freshman comedy tonight, playing Eden, a new love interest for single dad George (Sisto) who has a “unique career.” The pair meet at a Farmer’s Market and quickly hit it off — much to the displeasure of young Tessa (Janey Levy), who throughout the season has been known to get in the middle of her dad’s romantic life. “Eden attempts to build a relationship with Tessa in the course of the four episodes and I think Tessa reacts in all sorts of ways. Sometimes she’s not into me at all and other times she is. It depends on her mood,” Silverstone previews.

Her arrival also causes some jealousy to arise from George’s other on- and off-again love interest Dallas (Cheryl Hines), though, Eden and Dallas, surprisingly, never cross paths. Her scenes, Silverstone says, primarily involved longtime friend Sisto, and she has no complaints about that. “We loved working together. It’s been almost two decades — but, he said somewhere that it’s been seven years, and we all know that’s not true,” she says with a laugh.

Alicia Silverstone feeds her infant son, baby-bird style. Ugh, as if! — VIDEO

'The Vampire Diaries,' 'Justified,' 'Once Upon a Time,' 'White Collar': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Welcome back, friends! Hope the holidays were as fattening for you as they were for me.

As winter hiatus comes to a close, it’s time to get back into the swing of things. (Although, I hope you still enjoyed the special Once Upon a Time edition of Spoiler Room that was served up last week!) And this week, there’s a little bit of something for everyone, I hope. If not, there’s a simple way to solve that: Hit me up! E-mail or Tweet me @EWSandraG. And if you don’t see your question, keep trying! (I do read them all!)

Enjoy, and it’s truly lovely to be back in the swing of things! (Side note: Anyone else sort of love what’s going on in this week’s Spoiler Room blend? Now that’s a trio!)

The year 2011 hasn’t been the easiest for Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Co., on The Vampire Diaries, and, as Julie Plec told Mandi Bierly, the first new episode of the season doesn’t do much to indicate changing winds in 2012. READ FULL STORY

'Suburgatory' casting scoop: Robin Givens is Dallas' long-time rival

Dallas is about to go toe-to-manicured toe with Robin Givens!

EW has learned exclusively that Givens is slated to appear in a March episode of the ABC freshman comedy Suburgatory as Tulsa, a longtime rival of Dallas (Cheryl Hines) from her sorority days, who back in the day made it her mission to wrong Dallas at every given opportunity — whether that meant stealing her hot older boyfriend or her Olivia Newton-John leg warmers. That bitch!

Described as a “wolf in zebra print clothing,” Tulsa is said to be the only person Dallas has ever “said unkind words to without regrets.”

Givens, who also appeared on the last season of Chuck, will appear in episode 17 of the comedy, which airs its last original episode of the year tomorrow at 8:30 p.m. ET. Suburgatory returns with new episodes Jan. 4.

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‘Suburgatory’ scoop: Ana Gasteyer becomes a series regular
‘Fringe,’ ‘Nikita,’ and ‘Suburgatory’ stars dish in the Spoiler Room: Video Edition!

'Once Upon a Time,' 'Castle,' 'Leverage,' 'How I Met Your Mother': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

As I’m capping off this week’s Spoiler Room, Regis Philbin is saying goodbye on Live! So as I try to ignore it enough not to weep like a mad person, forgive me if I don’t make a lot of sense. (God, I’m such a ridiculous sappy human!)

Okay, let’s get down to business. Here are this week’s goodies. Thanks to all who submitted questions. Keep ‘em coming! Don’t know how? Here’s the info: or @EWSandraG on Twitter.

And a special thanks to all those brave souls who answered my call for video questions on Twitter (which you can see in the next Spoiler Room: Video Edition). There will be more chances to do so very soon! READ FULL STORY

'Jersey Shore' star The Situation to guest star on 'Suburgatory'

The Situation is coming to a Surburgatory near you: Jersey Show star Mike Sorrentino will play himself on an episode of the freshman ABC comedy, EW has confirmed. (E! Online first reported the news.)

Look for the Situation to serve as DJ at a Chatswin High School dance and urge Tessa (Jane Levy) to engage in some fist-pumping. The episode will air in early 2012.

'Fringe,' 'Nikita,' and 'Suburgatory' stars dish in the Spoiler Room: Video Edition!

Roomies, today is an exciting day, and not just because I got the next episode of American Horror Story in the mail. I’m happy as a clam to present to you Spoiler Room’s new video venture that will bring you the best teasy bit straight from the people we watch (and dream about — Just me? Okay.) every week. (Note: Not to worry, you’ll still get your regular Spoiler Room column on Fridays. This is extra credit!) In this first edition, Fringe‘s Anna Torv, Nikita‘s Maggie Q, and Suburgatory star Jane Levy take your questions and/or dish on what’s coming up on their shows.

As always, make sure you’re sending me your burning questions via e-mail ( and Twitter (@EWSandraG). And stay tuned for details on how you can submit your question via video and be included on future installments of this new bi-monthly series.

Oh, and don’t be shy about sending me your general thoughts on the video and how you might want to get involved. But please be gentle — there’s nothing I can do about the stupid, overly enthusiastic faces I make. It just happens. READ FULL STORY

'Suburgatory' scoop: Ana Gasteyer becomes a series regular

Sheila Shay’s not going anywhere on Suburgatory: EW has learned exclusively that Ana Gasteyer has joined the ABC comedy as a series regular.

Gasteyer plays the roast-making, cardigan-wearing alpha mom neighbor to George (Jeremy Sisto) and Tessa (Jane Levy). Her deal to stay on the show just closed yesterday. “I screamed and jumped for joy and then went right to the table read,” the actress told EW. “Sheila is a well-intended nightmare. That’s what is incredibly fun about it. She is coming from place of wanting to do it all well. She has a strong sense of propriety and she’s an excellent ally. There are episodes coming up where she’s got good intentions but they are misdirected.” READ FULL STORY

'Fringe,' 'The Walking Dead,' 'Suburgatory,' 'Once Upon a Time': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Go Rangers!

Just kidding. Last night was actually the most baseball I’ve watched since the last time I watched a repeat of A League of Their Own on TBS, so don’t take that declaration too seriously. I don’t care who wins — either way, we don’t get Fringe tonight. Pfft.

That said, I have some scoop today that will hopefully satisfy your need for one more week — or make the delay even more painful. I can’t decide which is more truthful, but let’s try to see the sunny side of things.

In other news, enjoy spoils and teases from a ton of other shows below! If you don’t see a show you like, send me an e-mail with your request: (I read and appreciate them all!) Twitter also works: @EWSandraG. I also try to comb comments, but I sometimes miss those. To make sure they reach my eyes, use the two previously mentioned methods. Don’t be shy!

See y’all next week!

As great as last night’s Game 6 was, it was hard to ignore the collective sigh among Fringe fans on news that Game 7 would result in a one-week delay of the new Fringe episode. And I’m right there with you — that sucks. Luckily, before I even knew the outcome of the game, I’d planned a healthy serving of dish for you. READ FULL STORY

'Revenge,' 'Gossip Girl,' 'NCIS,' 'Bones,' 'Supernatural': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Wow, this week’s Spoiler Room photo has so much pretty…

Sorry. Back on track!

There’s a lot for you to eat up here, so I’ll make this brief. Thanks for all your questions! Keep it up! Tell me what you’re loving, what you’re hating, what you ate for breakfast (kidding!…or…) and what you’re dying to know! E-mail all your fabulous ponderings to or find me on Twitter: @EWSandraG.

On to the scoop, featuring goods on the likes of Parenthood, Sons of Anarchy, Castle, Persons of Interest, Parks and Recreation, and a Titanic reference. (God, help us all.)

How much did you love this news? I was so excited I even circled Nov. 14 in my calendar and drew a creepy mask by the date to remind myself. But in case you need even more reasons to be excited about the impending romantic entanglements in this very special episode, executive producer Josh Safran told me that much “like masked balls in the past, there are multiple kisses — between multiple people” in the episode. “Like, quadratic couples, I’d say,” he teases. Could that have something to do with the “big kiss” everyone has been asking me about? Possibly… READ FULL STORY

'Revenge,' 'Suburgatory' get full season pickup

No need for vengeance, Revenge fans, the ABC drama just received a full season order.

As we predicted after Wednesday night’s ratings reversal, ABC has ordered nine more episodes of the show, giving the drama the full 22-hour boat. Last night the show averaged 7.9 million viewers and a 2.7 rating in the adult demo, just barely edging out CSI to win the 10 p.m. hour. The show has been fighting with the CBS veteran every week since it premiered. But whether in first place or second in the hour, ABC is happy with any show that stays out of third — finding new 10 p.m. dramas has been tricky for the network the past few years. Plus, Revenge gives ABC another on-brand soap to join its ranks along with Desperate Housewives (which is on its final season) and Grey’s Anatomy.

ABC has also added a full season order to the new comedy Suburgatory, which stars Jeremy Sisto as a father raising his teenage daughter after moving out to the suburbs. And six more scripts of Happy Endings got the green light as well.

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