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'Supernatural' boss: Tonight's episode shakes up the rest of the season

Back story! Angst! Time travel! Creative and grotesque ways to take down super-powerful demons! Tonight’s episode of Supernatural had it all, harking back to fan-favorite episodes like “In the Beginning” and “The Song Remains the Same” that brought Sam and Dean face-to-face with younger versions of their parents.

SPOILER ALERT: Read no further if you haven’t seen the Jan. 30 episode, “As Time Goes By,” and if you want to stay away from teases about the rest of season 8. READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' executive producer teases tonight's time travel episode and what to expect from Grandpa Winchester

Tonight’s episode of Supernatural brings back a device that has produced some of The CW show’s fan-favorite episodes: time travel. Playing with the fourth dimension has teamed up the Winchester boys with younger versions of their parents, with the legendary creator of the all-important Colt and with real-world Prohibition lawman Eliot Ness. This time, a bit of temporal displacement leads to Sam and Dean meeting the paternal grandfather they never knew, Henry Winchester, when he travels from 1958 to 2013. READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' fave to guest star on 'The Mentalist' -- EXCLUSIVE

Chuck is being resurrected…on The Mentalist!

Rob Benedict, who recurred on CW’s Supernatural as author/prophet(/possibly God) Chuck Shurley, has scored a guest spot on CBS’s The Mentalist. READ FULL STORY

Best of 2012: 5 TV shows that got better

Few things are more satisfying than realizing that a TV show you love is getting better. Evolution and experimentation is built into the long-form television medium. Sometimes that experimentation goes horribly wrong, and some course-correction is required. Other times, a show that’s always been good starts firing on all cylinders at once. Here are our five picks for the Most Improved TV Shows of 2012.


'Supernatural' midseason finale preview: Boss on conflicts rising 'to a boil'

Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Benny (Ty Olsson) may have bonded in Purgatory, but it was always understood that if the reformed vampire ever fell off the wagon he’d have to deal with the deadly consequences.

In this week’s midseason finale, airing Wednesday, Sam is led to believe that’s exactly what happened after a fellow hunter, whom Sam enlisted to keep tabs on Benny, reports mysterious happenings. “[Dean] has to deal with the issue of what if Benny is not the type of guy that Dean can not trust any more. That’s sort of at the crux of the episode — is he or isn’t he?” previews executive producer Jeremy Carver. “And it puts not only the brothers in conflict, but it puts Dean in conflict with Benny and the brothers in conflict with the other hunter, Martin. It turns out to be just a really, really emotional rollercoaster of an episode.”

For more from Carver on the midseason finale and the rest of the season, see our Q&A below. Also, check out Spoiler Room for details on an important character we’ll be seeing very soon.


'Pretty Little Liars,' 'Supernatural,' 'Scandal,' 'Sons of Anarchy,' 'Grey's Anatomy': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Hope your holidays are filled with glee (and Glee?) so far, Roomies.

Thanks as always for your great questions and keep ‘em coming! ( And while you do that, I’ll continue working on my application to be the Royal Nanny. #dreams


How 'Revolution' landed two Led Zeppelin songs for tonight's episode. Plus: Which Cat Stevens song almost made it into the pilot

Revolution takes place in a world with no electricity, which means no iPods, no CD players, no tape decks, no turntables. So it’s not easy for creator Eric Kripke to find ways to put his love of classic rock on display in the new hit post-apocalyptic show. But when the opportunity arose to feature Led Zeppelin in an upcoming episode, Kripke jumped at the chance and found a way to light up the show with a bit of rock and roll.

Tonight’s episode of Revolution features two songs by Led Zeppelin: 1970 slow jam “Since I’ve Been Loving You” and 1975 exotic, driving mega-hit “Kashmir,” which also lends its name to the episode’s title.

Getting the rights to Led Zeppelin songs is no easy feat: The British rock band very rarely licenses its music for use in Hollywood projects. (Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous, a 2001 Cadillac commercial and this year’s Argo are among the lucky few.) But Kripke was in for a pleasant surprise when record label Warner/Chappell Music reached out to him offering to license some Zep songs for his show. READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' vampire Ty Olsson: Benny is 'lost between worlds'


Who was Benny before he became a vampire? Where did he come from? How was he turned? How did he end up in Purgatory?

All those questions that fans have had about the mysterious vampire who used Dean’s forearm as his ride out of Purgatory will be explored in tonight’s episode of Supernatural, which finds Dean (Jensen Ackles) running to the aid of his new non-human pal. “It’s got some surprises and a lot of heartfelt moments in it,” says Ty Olsson, the newest member of the show who made his first appearance earlier this season.

Specifically, we get a glimpse of Benny’s struggle to fight his vampire instincts to feed on humans. “There’s a lot of humanity in it. What [the episode] does really well is that it sets up Benny’s struggle,” he says. “We go into how he came to the decision not to drink blood any more and why. It’s a really compelling story about why.” READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural,' 'Scandal,' 'The Vampire Diaries,' 'CSI: NY': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Hi, y’all! Happy almost-Halloween.

In between gathering scoops, I’m in the process of deciding what I’ll be wearing for the big night. So far, I’ve narrowed my options down to: an Observer, the Human Being, or bored single person. I know where I’m leaning but feel free to weigh in if you have a chance.

Meanwhile, make sure you’re emailing all your spoiler question to or sending them via Twitter (@EWSandraG). Also, I’m taking other random TV questions via Vyou. I know, that’s a lot of me. Let’s move on:

If you, like me, are still haunted by the image of Castiel calling out to Dean in Purgatory, sit back. I have some interesting intel for you.

While talking to Misha Collins about his charitable scavenger hunt (more about that here), he also confirmed a hunch we’d had about the last time Dean saw Cas. It was, in fact, while Dean was exiting Purgatory. But there’s much more to it than that. “That very moment is a pivotal moment. I think Dean is confused about what happened at that moment and won’t actually find out what happened then until episode 7,” he reveals. “It’s going to take a while to see that moment play out.” Suffice to say the truth hurts — especially on this show.

But when Cas does return topside, look for him to be “reinvigorated with a sense of purpose,” says Collins. “He essentially feels like he has to do good in order to right the wrongs of his past. So he starts to collaborate with Sam and Dean for that reason — so that he can continue to try to make things right. He’s no longer paying penance, really, because it’s no longer an act of suffering for him. But he’s doing his best to right the wrongs of his past.” Doing so won’t be as easy as he hopes, however. “He’s doing that in ways that help Sam and Dean and then, ultimately, it might also make life — as per usual with the Supernatural universe — complicated for Sam and Dean. At first, it seems like everything is hunky dory. But things quickly fall apart.”


'Arrow,' 'American Horror Story,' 'Person of Interest,' 'The Walking Dead': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

There are two positives about Mondays: 1) I know an entire week of good TV programming awaits me. And 2) I know it’s the day I answer your questions! Yes, it’s actually fun.

So keep ‘em coming: and follow me on Twitter for interview alerts, news, and Halloween candy rants. (@EWSandraG)

The Arrow cast was out in full force during New York Comic-Con this weekend. (Also, this sizzle reel? AWESOME!) And I was lucky enough to snag a few minutes backstage with Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy so they could answer a few questions for fans who made the premiere a record-breaker.

Will we see some Laurel/Oliver flashbacks any time soon? — Joy
“You’ll definitely get to see more of the history between Laurel and Oliver, and where they come from,” assures Cassidy, who adds that she loves playing a character with “a huge heart.” Which is also something that likely endears her to Oliver. “Laurel lost her sister because her boyfriend had an affair and invited her [on the boat]. It’s basically his fault. And I think if any man did this to me and my sisters, I would never forgive that person,” she says. “I feel like she has a lot of soul, and she’s clearly very strong because she tries to see the best in everyone. I think that says a lot about her.”

Sandra, can we please get Revenge/Arrow crossover? I think Emily and Oliver would make amazing partners! — Leslie
…And have amazingly beautiful justice-seeking babies! Ehem. No spoiler here because this is a crazy bananas idea. But, for the record, Amell is on board: “Let’s cross pollinate. Let’s do it. I don’t understand why we wouldn’t. Maybe ABC and CW would have issues, but that’s not for me to discuss. But in a perfect world, we would just do it.”

Sandra, please tell me we’re going to see that ladder thing on Arrow again. Please. Please. – Kristine
As I reported in this post-premiere scoop, no salmon ladder again any time soon. (Sniff.) But if it’s action you like, I hear there’s some very impressive machete stunts in this week’s episode (not to mention, a Kardashian joke). And in the seventh episode, there’s a fight scene that Amell is “very proud of” against a character that “D.C. comics fans will recognize.” “It’s another fight in my plain clothes and when I’m in my plain clothes, it has to be only me because I don’t have a hood on; you can’t hide my face,” he said. “It got a really nice reception from the crew after we shot it.”


'Homeland,' 'Supernatural,' 'Vampire Diaries,' 'The Walking Dead,' 'Covert Affairs': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

I’m simply floored by the amount of great TV on right now. Maybe I’m addicted. Maybe I need a life. And maybe I don’t care. It’s too much fun.

Also a blast? Answering your questions. So keep ‘em coming: and via Twitter @EWSandraG.

If you haven’t watched last night’s episode, I recommend you skip over this little section.

I know, it’s rare that I give a spoiler warning within a spoiler column, but I would never want to ruin something as big as what happened at the end of last night’s Homeland. Just when I thought I had an idea of where the season was headed, my theory blew up in my face just two episodes in! READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural': The showrunners talk Sam and Dean's new dynamic and all those flashbacks

Supernatural has a new showrunner, Jeremy Carver, returning to the show after some time away helming Syfy’s Being Human, and it looks like he is working to strike a balance between giving fans something fresh and staying close to the show’s roots. Supernatural wouldn’t be the same without classic rock, and tonight’s season 8 opener delivered on that musical note straight away with Styx’s “Man In The Wilderness.” Tommy Shaw croons in the 1977 song, “Another year has passed me by / … What kind of man have I become?”

Indeed, that’s the question Sam and Dean will be asking themselves – and each other – this season as they grapple with all that’s happened during a year spent apart.

Carver and fellow executive producer Robert Singer were on hand to answer reporters’ questions about the new season following a screening of the premiere. BEWARE OF SPOILERS if you haven’t watched tonight’s premiere (Supernatural‘s 150th episode!), titled “We Need to Talk About Kevin,” but read on if you want to learn about Carver and Singer’s take on the premiere and what’s in store for the season ahead. READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' preview: Five things to know going into season 8

The big question going into the new season of Supernatural — one of many — is how the brothers’ relationship will be effected by Dean’s return from Purgatory. (Did Sam abandon Dean?  Is Dean damaged again — like after Hell?) The sneak peek scene released a few days ago also called into question what happened while Cas and Dean were down below that resulted in Cas not making it out of Purgatory at the same time as Dean.

Clearly, there are lots of questions, and we’ve got some teases from stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins on set in Vancouver. READ FULL STORY


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