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InsideTV Podcast: Jon Voight says he'd like to work with daughter Angelina Jolie again

Jon Voight is a busy man. He’s currently stealing scenes as the vile — and yet oddly charismatic — Mickey Donovan on Showtime’s Ray Donovan, and he’ll play another seemingly nefarious sort when he threatens to kill Ethan Hawke’s wife unless he does lots of fancy driving for him in Getaway, which opens in theaters this weekend. But when he popped by the Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM channel 105) studios the other day, he told Jessica Shaw and me that there is someone else he would like to work with soon — his own daughter, Angelina Jolie. While the two Oscar winners were estranged for a bit, they are currently on much better terms.

The subject of Jolie came up when Voight was asked if there was any particular role from his career that held special meaning for him, and he mentioned Angelina’s favorite. “My daughter’s favorite role for me was in Conrack,” said Voight, “a movie I made in the seventies, where she sees her father as a young man, just married her mom [Marcheline Bertrand], just before Jamie, my son, came in. And that’s a charming picture. I play a teacher in the south and it’s a great picture so that’s one of hers, so I like it because of that.” Then Voight referenced his acting past — and perhaps future — with his daughter. “But I also liked working with Angie when I did Tomb Raider and I hope I get to work with her again. And my son too. I’d like to work with both of them.” READ FULL STORY

'Survivor: Blood vs Water': Jeff Probst on the pair that was pulled from the game right before filming

Something was fishy when I arrived in the Philippines the day before the filming began to interview the 10 pairs set to compete in Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Namely, the fact that one of them was missing. RC Saint-Amour (from Survivor: Philippines) and her father Craig, who were supposed to be one of the dynamic duos, were nowhere to be found. And the other contestants were just as confused as I was. RC and her dad had indeed traveled over to the Philippines with the other cast members, and were staying at the same pre-game location with them. Then, all of a sudden, they were gone. READ FULL STORY

'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Jeff Probst explains the new Day Zero twist

There are about a zillion and one new twists that will be taking place on Survivor: Blood vs. Water (and you can see them all outlined right here). The first one of those twists happens right out of the gate and is something called Day Zero, in which the night before the game officially begins, the 10 pairs of former Survivor contestants and their loved ones will be dropped in 10 different locations to spend the night by themselves. READ FULL STORY

'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': New cast and (lots of) twists revealed!

Jeff Probst already announced on Entertainment Weekly Radio that the next season of Survivor — subtitled Blood vs. Water — would feature returning Survivor contestants playing with (or, rather, against) their loved ones. Then, yesterday we revealed that one of those pairs would be Survivor: One World’s Kat Edorsson and her boyfriend, Big Brother season 12 winner Hayden Moss. Now the rest of the cast can be officially unveiled. And that cast will be playing in the most twist-heavy Survivor season ever. READ FULL STORY

'Big Brother' winner Hayden Moss to appear on 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water'

Earlier this summer, Jeff Probst officially broke the news on Entertainment Weekly Radio that the 27th season of Survivor — titled Blood Vs. Water — would feature returning Survivor players and their loved ones. And now we can officially reveal that one of those pairs will be Survivor: One World’s Kat Edorsson and her boyfriend, Big Brother season 12 champ Hayden Moss. And the two talk about it for the first time right here! While players from both Survivor and Big Brother have appeared on fellow CBS reality competition show The Amazing Race — and a relative of Survivor’s Russell and Brandon Hantz, Willie, played on last summer’s Big Brother — Hayden will become the first person to have appeared on both programs.

In the video interview below (which was shot on location), I asked the couple which show is harder, Survivor or Big Brother. “I will answer that question exactly in about 39 days,” said Hayden the day before the game began. “Really, I’ll be the only person ever that can answer that question. So I’m excited to test it out and see what Survivor is all about.” READ FULL STORY

InsideTV Podcast: Jeff Probst talks about a possible all-winners edition of 'Survivor'

Just two weeks ago on Entertainment Weekly Radio, Jeff Probst broke news about the next season of Survivor: Blood vs. Water, revealing that it would involve former contestants returning to play alongside their loved ones. Probst called into EW Morning Live again from the undisclosed filming location this week to discuss the big twist and how producers had to wrap their heads around the new concept. But he also talked to former Survivor contestant Jenna Morasca and me about another potential twist: an all-winners edition in which former champs would battle it out for the ultimate title. So, is this something we’ll actually see?

“We’ve talked about an all-winners season quite a few times and it really comes down the cast,” revealed Probst. “A: Do you have enough winners that will come back and play? Of those winners, are there enough of them that are good characters, because not all winners make for great TV? And then, do you have enough men and women, and then, is there enough diversity in age and all that stuff? And so it takes a lot. But yes, if we knew it was our last season and the network told us ‘this is it,’ I’m sure we would try to do something to go out in a way that would please the audience.” READ FULL STORY

InsideTV Podcast: Jeff Probst reveals the big 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' twist. Plus: Joss Whedon and Gillian Anderson!

Jeff Probst was cagey when he announced the title of the next season of Survivor as Blood vs. Water and showed a clip of blood mixing with water that looked vaguely like a promo for Showtime’s Dexter. But he is cagey no longer! When I traveled on location last week for filming of the upcoming season and spoke to Probst for an interview that ran today on Entertainment Weekly’s new SiriusXM channel 105, I was shocked to hear him go ahead and reveal the big twist for all to hear. “I think it’s okay to say that it is going to be family members,” said Probst of the next season’s cast. “And they’ll end up playing against each other.” Whose family members? you may ask. Well, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler tells EW that Survivor: Blood vs. Water will indeed feature “the return of great characters and their relatives.” So there you have it: The cast will be a mix of returning players and their loved ones. Which returning players? Well, Probst isn’t quite ready to spill on that, but you can hear him talk about the new season and twist right here on the InsideTV Podcast replay of that EW Radio chat. READ FULL STORY

'Survivor' and 'Big Brother' stars compete at Risk for new 'Reality Gamemasters' web series -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

It’s the age-old reality TV debate: Where can the best TV game strategists be found — on Survivor or Big Brother? Well, that question may finally be answered on the new Reality Gamemasters web series. Debuting June 4 on, Reality Gamemasters (which was funded through Kickstarter) pits three Survivor finalists (winners John Cochran from Caramoan and Sophie Clarke from South Pacific, as well as Tocantins runner-up Stephen Fishbach) against three Big Brother schemers (last season’s winner Ian Terry as well as former “America’s Player” Eric Stein and “Brigade” member Matt Hoffman). But the battlefield this time is not an island or camera heavy house and hot tub, but rather the ultimate strategy board game — Risk. READ FULL STORY

'Survivor:' Jeff Probst talks Brenda vs. Dawn, the final challenge advantage, and controversial new reunion show format

Each week, host Jeff Probst answers a few questions about the most recent episode of ‘Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites’. Here, he talks about Sunday’s finale and reunion show.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So Cochran wins in a landslide. This is a guy that almost talked himself into getting voted off at the very first Tribal Council in South Pacific. Is this the biggest maturation of a player we’ve seen from a first season to a second?
JEFF PROBST: I can’t think of a bigger transformation than Cochran. It was on all levels. His emotional intelligence is already very high but I think he said it best at the live show — he accepted who he was and turned what had been paralyzing quirks into devastating assets. One of my favorite winners of all time. I’m really proud of him and happy for him and I love what he represents for people brave enough to go for their dream. READ FULL STORY

Medically evacuated Erik slams the 'disrespectful...ridiculous...insane...farce' of a 'Survivor' reunion show

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So, Erik. How are you doing today?

EW: Just all right?
ERIK: Yeah, just all right.

EW: Why?
ERIK: Well, I wasn’t very happy with the finale in a lot of ways. READ FULL STORY

'Survivor: Caramoan': Dawn responds to Brenda's shocking Tribal Council moment and talks about their 'awkward' reunion show interaction

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Ummm, I hate to bring this up, but you promised me no crying this season!
DAWN MEEHAN: I know! What is that all about? I promised no crying this season. What did you call me? Liar, Liar Pants on Fire?

EW: That’s the one.
DAWN: Well, this was my deceptive season, so I just started out with you. I wish that I could understand that better but for me personally I connect with people in my daily life pretty quickly. The game is very, very, very intense for me. It is such a difficult game.

EW: Oh, Dawn, just say “I’m a big crybaby” and be done with it!
DAWN: Okay. I’m a big cry baby. That’s how I express my difficulty — through tears. READ FULL STORY

John Cochran explains how he won 'Survivor: Caramoan', weighs in on Toothgate, and announces his brand new job...for EW!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Have you slept yet?
JOHN COCHRAN: I didn’t do too much of the partying. I feel bad. I feel like I blew it. I’m always regretting things. I feel like I should have been out being some lothario and taking advantage of my fleeting notoriety, but I basically just holed up in hotel room and went out for a tiny bit. But I did not sleep. I’m pretty exhausted right now.

EW: Now, wait and minute. If you didn’t go out and party last night does that mean Eddie gets to go back and retroactively change his vote since you didn’t sit with him at the bar?
COCHRAN: No, I did meet up with Eddie. We were going to do photo op where I had a girl in each arm but that never happened unfortunately. God, that question of his. They didn’t even show it. I started to give a joke answer and then Jeff cut me off and said “It’s a really good question! Take it seriously!” So I then had to talk about my incredible growth and how much I wanted to go out with the bros. It was ridiculous. READ FULL STORY

InsideTV Podcast: Brenda Lowe from 'Survivor' on that 'painful eye-opener' and why she hasn't spoken to Dawn since

Considering we barely saw or heard from Brenda Lowe in the first half of the Survivor: Caramoan season, we never expected her to be a part of one of the most gut-wrenching blindsides in recent memory. But there she was getting voted out by the person whose teeth she found. The same person whom she initially invited to join her for the loved ones reward. And the same person she had been offering round-the-clock friendship and support for during many an emotional breakdown. And that person was Dawn.

On the latest InsideTV Podcast, Brenda calls in to talk about the “painful eye-opener” of being voted out by the person she counted on the most. (Unbeknownest to her, Dawn actually had a stronger alliance with Cochran.) “It really hurt,” says Brenda, who goes on to reveal that while Dawn has attempted to reach out to her since the show wrapped last June, she has not responded to the woman that voted her out. What will happen when they share a stage at Sunday’s reunion then? Listen in and find out! Brenda also goes on to talk about what it was like to make Jeff Probst cry, why she never considered throwing the loved ones challenge, and the thing that surprised her the most watching the episodes back on TV. It’s a must-listen for any Survivor fan.

Then we talk to another ousted reality show beauty: Marilu Henner! Marilu was fired on the last All-Star Celebrity Apprentice after her Foxwoods party suite fell flat thanks to an overemphasis on chess (among other things.) Now, Marilu comes in to spill secrets on everything that goes on both inside and outside of the Boardroom. Plus: Is the game rigged against women? I pose that question to the former Taxi star and you may be surprised by her answer. READ FULL STORY


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