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ABC picks up Tyra Banks-led daytime talk show 'The F.A.B.' for 2015

Tyra Banks’ foray back into daytime television is now permanent, as her show The F.A.B. has been picked up for broadcast in 2015.


'Ellen DeGeneres Show' to start same-day broadcasts in Asia

The Ellen DeGeneres Show will be available in several more countries this fall thanks to a deal with Lifetime Asia.

The talk show, now in its 12th season, will have same-day telecasts in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Macau, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines beginning on Oct. 20. Ellen will air weekdays at 8 p.m., Hong Kong time. Deadline first reported the deal.

Ellen is currently renewed through 2017, giving fans around the world several hundred more episodes to look forward toand now they won’t have to wait to watch.

Keke Palmer to host new daily talk show for BET (and make history)

TV and film star Keke Palmer is taking on daytime!

The Akeelah and the Bee star will host her own daily talk show this summer on BET tentatively titled The Keke Palmer Project. At age 20, Palmer will be the youngest talk show host in television history. The initial four-week run will premiere on the network in July and film in Los Angeles. The show will include celebrity interviews as well as cover topics important to Palmer and her generation like social issues, pop culture, fashion, sex, and more. READ FULL STORY

Stupid Questions with Arsenio Hall

Tonight, a certain Celebrity Apprentice-winning comedian will revive his early-’90s syndicated late-night talk show, The Arsenio Hall Show. Should we warm him up by asking him a few Stupid Questions? Hall, yes!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: If the ’90s version of you time-traveled to the present to be a guest on your show, what’s the first thing you’d say to yourself, after all the fist-pumping and woof-woofing died down?
ARSENIO HALL: “A lot less hair and shoulder pads, my friend!”

Bill Clinton played sax on your show in what would prove to be a historic politics-as-entertainment moment. Did you ever in your wildest dreams think that it would pave the way one day for Mike Huckabee to play bass on Leno?
No wonder I can’t book Paul McCartney. Somewhere right now he just threw up in his mouth a little. What a horrible road I’ve paved if that’s how it ended. Huckabee — oh, man. I’m surprised he didn’t wear stretch pants on Leno. Homey has no pocket.

Kanye West stops by Kris Jenner's talk show for interview -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

Kris Jenner worked her magic — and familial connections, of course — to land an interview with the typically media-shy Kanye West, the father of her granddaughter North. Kanye stopped by the set of Kris on Monday to tape an hour-long interview that will air this week.

West, who welcomed his first child with girlfriend Kim Kardashian in June, opens up to Jenner about his baby girl, falling in love with Kim, and dealing with the press.

He also addresses President Obama’s comments last month about how celebrities like Kanye and Kim have shifted the idea of the American dream. “There was not that window into the lifestyles of the rich and famous,” the president said at the time. “Kids weren’t monitoring every day what Kim Kardashian was wearing, or where Kanye West was going on vacation, and thinking that somehow that was the mark of success.”

Kris airs on select Fox stations, including in New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas. Stay tuned for more info on when Kanye’s interview will air.

Meredith Vieira to host new syndicated daytime show

You’ve got company, Katie.

NBC announced today that ex-Today show host Meredith Vieira will headline her own syndicated daytime show starting in the fall of 2014. The program, titled The Meredith Vieira Show, will be taped on a set designed to look like Vieira’s actual home; segments will include “daytime fun” such as “feel-good human interest stories,” “celebrity guests who have an important story to tell,” and “lifestyle segments and key topics that highlight Vieira’s warm, relatable and distinctive personality,” according to a release.

Manti Te'o tells Katie Couric he did lie after learning girlfriend was fake, but only briefly -- VIDEO

Katie Couric’s upcoming sit-down with Notre Dame football star Manti Te’o — the Heisman Trophy runner-up currently best known for his involvement in an elaborate online hoax — should be a doozy.

Earlier today, Good Morning America premiered a short clip from the interview in which Te’o reveals that he did briefly lie to the press after learning that his beloved girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, never actually existed. As Couric disapprovingly notes, Te’o “stuck to the script” even though he knew “something was amiss” after receiving a call from someone claiming to be Kekua on Dec. 6 — despite the fact that Kekua supposedly succumbed to cancer earlier last fall.

“Katie, put yourself in my situation,” Te’o replied. “This girl, who I committed myself to, died on September 12. Now I get a phone call on December 6, saying that she’s alive, and then I’m going be put on national TV two days later. And to ask me about the same question. You know, what would you do?”

The segment also features a clip of Diane O’Meara, a 23-year-old marketing executive who told NBC’s Today on Tuesday that her photos were used by the creator of Lennay’s profile — allegedly 22-year-old Roniah Tuiasosopo, who went to high school with O’Meara — without her consent. Tuiasosopo’s former football coach appears in the video as well, telling ABC News that the apparent hoax mastermind is a good kid from a “good loving family.”


Robin Roberts shares health update, announces 'GMA' return -- VIDEO

After a bone marrow transplant, months of recovery, and one huge makeover — she’s really pulling off the “no hair” look — Robin Roberts is almost ready to return to Good Morning America‘s live broadcasts.

Roberts, who left the show in August to seek treatment for a rare blood disorder, revealed today on GMA that her latest bone marrow test showed no abnormalities. In light of this news, she has been cleared to “begin the process of returning to the anchor chair.” In other words, said Roberts: “I’m coming home.”

Roberts will head back to the GMA set for a “dry run” next week. “I’ll get up, go to the studio. I’ll have makeup and hair,” the anchor explained from her New York City apartment. “Well, makeup. We’ll talk about the hair later.”


Matt Damon to make first official guest appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Set your DVRs: Matt Damon will finally submit to an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, Jan. 24. And “may God help Damon if he dares show his stupid face,” Kimmel said in a statement.

For nearly as long as he’s hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live, the comedian has had the same show-ending tradition: Apologizing and saying that he’s been forced to bump his last guest of the night, Matt Damon. In 2006, Kimmel finally welcomed Damon onto the show for the first time — only to inform his guest as soon as he sat down that their time was up.

Damon got his revenge in 2008 by co-starring with Kimmel’s then-girlfriend Sarah Silverman in “I’m F—ing Matt Damon,” a viral video that inspired an equally popular sequel, “I’m F—ing Ben Affleck.” In the years since, Damon has done cameo appearances in several pre-taped Live comedy bits, including this extended sketch from 2010’s post-Oscars episode — but he’s never sat on Jimmy’s couch for a regular interview.


First promo for new Arsenio Hall show features nothing but the woof -- VIDEO

“Some say he’s only a legend,” a deep, Don LaFontaine-esque voice intones as sirens blare and a frightened woman hurries down a dark city street. “Some say he never existed at all. But others swear that when night grips the city, if you close your eyes and listen — really listen — you can still hear the pulse-pounding, hair-raising, spine-chilling sounds of… the Wolfman.”

Wait. Strike that. What the voice meant to say was “the Woofman,” as in Arsenio Hall — who’s returning to late night next fall with an all-new syndicated talk show. Can this new series survive in a TV landscape that barely resembles that of Hall’s early ’90s heyday? We won’t know for months — but this first promo for the show proves that there’s life in the old dog pound yet.


Jimmy Fallon to broadcast new show tonight, despite Sandy

Hurricane Sandy hasn’t bested every late night Jimmy.

Earlier today, Jimmy Kimmel Live announced that it was canceling tonight’s show, which was to be taped at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, on account of the storm that’s raging across the East Coast. But Kimmel’s rival Jimmy Fallon still plans to tape tonight’s Late Night no matter what — even if he has to do it without his customary live audience.

“Midtown NYC is empty, but we are still doing a live show!” Fallon tweeted this morning, attaching a photo of a barren Manhattan avenue. He followed that message with a promise to give every member of tonight’s audience a free pint of Ben & Jerry’s before revealing that he’d have no live spectators after all: “We sent our audience home just to be safe,” he explained via Twitter this afternoon. “But we are doing our show tonight anyway. Should be fun.”

SNL‘s Seth Meyers, Top Chef‘s Padma Lakshmi, and the band Imagine Dragons will all appear on Late Night tonight.

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'Bethenny' talk show secures national syndication for 2013

After its six-affiliate summer test run on Fox, Bethenny Frankel’s talk show Bethenny will premiere nationally at the start of 2013, EW has confirmed. Produced by Ellen DeGeneres’s A Very Good Production and Telepictures Productions, Bethenny will almost triple its presence as it airs on 17 affiliates in major markets that now include Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, D.C., and Austin, among others.

“This summer’s test proves Bethenny has a distinctive unique appeal that woman flock to,” said Ken Werner, president of Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution, which sold the show to Fox. “We always believed that Bethenny had the talent, popularity and credibility with daytime viewers to become appointment television and are thrilled to be bringing her to the rest of the country.” Added Hilary Estey McLoughlin, Telepictures’ President, “Bethenny was born to do this. … She has rabid fans who can’t get enough of her.”

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Katie Couric to reveal her own bulimia struggles on today's 'Katie'

X Factor judge Demi Lovato will discuss her prolonged battle with body image, bulimia, and bullying on this afternoon’s episode of Katie. But she’s not the only one opening up about her troubled past: Katie Couric will also candidly discuss her own struggle with bulimia.

“I wrestled with bulimia all through college and for two years after that,” Couric reveals on the show, according to the New York Post. “And I know this rigidity, this feeling that if you eat one thing that’s wrong, you’re full of self-loathing and then you punish yourself, whether it’s one cookie or a stick of gum that isn’t sugarless, that I would sometimes beat myself up for that.

“How do you have a healthy relationship with food, and say, ‘You know what, I can have one cookie and it’s OK?'” she continues. “That is such a huge thing for people who wrestle with this.”



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