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PBS shows to examine Newtown school shooting

Public television is putting its resources into a week-long examination of the Connecticut school shooting.

PBS announced Monday it will air a series of programs under the umbrella title “After Newtown.” The February series will “continue the public conversation” on the topics of gun laws, mental illness and school security, PBS said.

Programs including PBS NewsHour, Frontline and Washington Week with Gwen Ifill will be part of the initiative. The science series Nova will air a documentary on violence and the brain.

'Arrested Development' cast and creator talk new episodes, unspool deleted scene at TCA panel

The cast of Arrested Development enjoyed another reunion today, this time in front of a room of critics and reporters at the TCA press tour in Pasadena. The Q&A session — which featured creator/executive producer Mitchell Hurwitz along with series stars Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi, Michael Cera, Jessica Walter, Alia Shawkat, and Jeffrey Tambor (David Cross and Tony Hale couldn’t make it) — was rather light on plot detail for the resurrected show, but there were revelations, laughs, and even a peek at a delightful deleted moment. Among the highlights: READ FULL STORY

Bigfoot experts clash with TV critics: 'You're ignorant'


TV critics took on Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot during a contentious panel at the Television Critics Association’s semi-annual press tour in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

For those who haven’t seen the show, it’s a bit like Syfy’s Ghost Hunters, only an expert team looks for Sasquatch instead of spooks. There are interviews, data crunching, mysterious footprints and a group hunting in the woods … but no actual bigfoot.

The press tour reporters have spent nearly two weeks in a hotel interviewing actors and executives promoting TV shows. So when Animal Planet rolls out this panel the critics are, understandably, thinking: Show us bigfoot or GTFO.

A critic points out: If these guys actually find bigfoot, such huge news is not going to really stay quiet until a regular episode of Finding Bigfoot airs. One asks: Has Animal Planet run out of real animals to do shows about? Yet another wonders: First Animal Planet airs a mermaids special, now this — isn’t Animal Planet damaging its brand with this stuff? READ FULL STORY

'Vampire Diaries' scoop: Another Mystic Falls death?

told a lot of details about a lot of people that in the first episode back we’ll see have created a little bit of a domino effect,” says Plec, who teased a “powerful, surprising death sequence” during the premiere.

As a result, the big question in the first episode is not whether Elena will feed on blood, but rather how she does it, when she does it, and whether she’ll even survive the day.

Of course, it shouldn’t be too difficult for her to make it through. After all, she’s got two very able Salvatore brothers by her side. Both Stefan and Damon will help school Elena in vampology 101 this season…though they won’t exactly be on the same page. “They’re two very different kinds of vampires and they’re going to have two very different points of view about what kind of vampire Elena should be,” says Plec. “It’s going to make them fight a little.” READ FULL STORY

Jason O'Mara on 'Terra Nova' axing: Fox took 'awful long time' to make 'premature decision'

Jason O’Mara may have already lined up a new gig on CBS’s period drama Vegas, but the star still has some choice words about the cancellation of Fox’s Terra Nova.

“I felt like Fox took an awful long time to make what was ultimately a premature decision,” he told reporters today at TCA while joined on stage by Vegas stars Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis. “A decision could have been made earlier. However, I’d been keeping an eye on this project for a long time.”

All eyes were also on newly announced cast member Sarah Jones, whose show Alcatraz was also a Fox casualty from last season. Jones, whose deal just closed last week, joins the cast as the daughter of a top Chicago mobster who will go “head-to-head” with Chiklis’ character, a Chicago gangster named Vincent.

Executive producer Greg Walker said Jones’s character would be a nice compliment to Carrie Ann Moss, who plays Deputy District Attorney Katherine O’Connell. “For the series, we wanted to bring in another dynamic female presence. We had one in the law enforcement world, we wanted one in the casino world as well,” he said.

Vegas premieres on CBS Sept. 25.

'Partners' creators take heat for title, silmilarities to Fox sitcom of the same name

Remember a show called Partners that aired on Fox back in the 1995? So do the creators of CBS’s upcoming fall comedy, Partners. And they are unfazed by the coincidence.

“I obviously knew Jeff [Greenstein] had done a show called Partners, but I wasn’t very familiar with it,” said executive producer David Kohan today during the show’s panel during the Television Critics Association Press Tour in Los Angeles.

Greenstein, who co-created the Fox show Partners, previously worked as a writer on Will & Grace, which Kohan and fellow executive producer Max Mutchnick created.

The Fox sitcom centered around two architects (Jon Cryer and Tate Donovan) and Donovan’s character’s fiancee. The CBS comedy follows two architects and lifelong friends (David Krumholtz and Michael Urie) and their respective lives with their significant others. It is based on Mutchnick and Kohan’s friendship, and they said they felt the title was a “perfect” fit for their show.

“[Greenstein] is a great writer. He worked for us for a number of years. It was a wonderful experience. I’m not really sure why [the similarities are] interesting,” Mutchnick said. “It’s just such a different world. I actually never saw Partners.”

Greenstein seems less than enthused about the similarities, tweeting “Gee, how’d THAT happen?” in response to a tweet that claimed the two shows were “eerily similar.”

Star Krumholtz, meanwhile, had hit own take on the matter: “Is it an ‘unfortunate coincidence’ that my character’s name is Tate Donovan?” Mutchnick had previously used the phrase “unfortunate coincidence” to describe the situation, but later redacted.

CBS on 'Elementary': It's not a copycat!

Is there room for more Sherlock on TV? CBS certainly thinks so.

CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler and the cast and crew came to the defense of their upcoming Sherlock Holmes drama Elementary against critics who tried to compare it to the BBC’s Sherlock. “I think their version is extraordinary. It’s a wonderful show [but] there’s is very different from ours,” said Tassler. “I think there’s plenty of room for another Holmes in our world.”

Star Jonny Lee Miller agrees and also praised the work of Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch, who was recently nominated for an Emmy for his work on the show. “Even before this project came along, I love the work that Benedict had done with Sherlock,” he said. “I would call him up like a groupie after episodes came out and talk to him about it. Benedict has been very, very supportive…All the other differences will kind of be apparent.” (Say, for example, having Lucy Liu play Watson.)

Executive producer Rob Doherty described Miller’s Sherlock as a puzzle solver who is obsessed “to the point you might call it an addition.” “The original Sherlock dabbled with cocaine, dabbled with opiates. Our Sherlock had those same problems but I think one of the big differences is our Sherlock hit a serious wall.”

Meanwhile, Doherty spilled a little scoop, revealing that Sherlock’s father “is somebody who we are moving closer and closer toward meeting.” He also shared plans to introduce a version of Holmes’ enemy Professor Moriarty. “I feel it’s important at the end of the day to be true to the character,” said Doherty. “He’s the spider at the center of the web of crime in London, so quite often you’re dealing with his agents. There are a few dominoes we knock over before we open it at get to him.”

(Nuzhat Naoreen contributed to this report.)

CBS boss on 'How I Met Your Mother': 'We want the show to come back next year'

In case there was ever any doubt: CBS is working on having How I Met Your Mother return for a ninth season.

President of CBS Entertainment Nina Tassler today confirmed ongoing negotiations that would give the comedy another season. “They know we want the show to come back next year, and we’re having conversations right now about extending it,” she said. “We’re in early conversations and we’re pretty optimistic.” READ FULL STORY

'Sons of Anarchy': Boss and cast tease new characters and a hot hook-up

How will Clay come back from all his evil deeds last season? Just how bad is Damon Pope — the powerful man whose daughter was killed at the end of last season? And whose on the rebound?

Those questions and more were answered during Sons of Anarchy‘s panel at TCA this afternoon. Here’s what the cast — including new players Jimmy Smits and Harold Perrineau — and executive producer Kurt Sutter  had to say.

CLAY:  As the season starts, Clay (Ron Perlman) is in a whole new form — downright frail. “He’s the same guy but dealing with a totally different set of circumstances,” says Perlman. And considering his state, could this season the end of Clay? No one is safe, says Sutter. Well, except for Jax (Charlie Hunnam). “I will say this, my sense of where the show will end up includes Jax — and perhaps Gemma (Katey Sagal) and Clay” he says. “As we come into season 5, it’s really the first season I’ve had to have a very clear sense of what my endgame is. I realized that this season, I have to write to this endgame.”

DAMON POPE: After the death of his daughter at the hands of SAMCRO last season, new character Damon Pope (Perrineau) is on the war path — in an unexpected way. “To me, the character of Damon Pope was a guy who had come out of the streets and really changed the perception of who he was. I wanted a guy who had refinement and could show some vulnerability. I waned an actor who could play all those levels,” said Sutter. READ FULL STORY

Jimmy Kimmel on Emmys: 'American Horror Story' 'not a miniseries'

FX’s American Horror Story may have been allowed to compete in the miniseries category for this year’s Emmy Awards, but this year’s host Jimmy Kimmel certainly has a clear opinion on the matter. “It’s not a miniseries — let’s be honest,” he told a room of television critics today.

Meanwhile, Bruce Rosenblum, chairman and CEO of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences defended the board’s decision, following creator Ryan Murphy’s appeal to let Horror Story compete as a miniseries. “We have a terrific process to vet these kinds of decisions, and our board of governors believed that the show clearly belonged in the miniseries category,” he said.

The miniseries category, which this year also included Luther and Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia, is being monitored “carefully,” Rosenblum later added. “We’ll see how American Horror Story plays out next season, but what was presented to the committee and the board of governors was persuasive enough to have them vote that the show qualified.”

Kimmel quipped: “I’m going to try to qualify as a miniseries next year. It seems like a soft category.”

UPDATE: FX president responds: Damn straight ‘American Horror Story’ is a miniseries!

ABC ‘optimistic’ that ‘Modern Family’ cast will return
‘American Horror Story’ scoop: Franka Potente joins season two cast

ABC 'optimistic' that 'Modern Family' cast will return

ABC expressed optimism that the Modern Family cast salary dispute will be resolved and the show will premiere on time in September.

“Yes, I expect the season to start on time,” said ABC entertainment president Paul Lee. “We’re hopeful and optimistic that we will be able to resolve it … I don’t want to talk specifics, but it’s a wonderful show, they’re a great cast and we’re optimistic.”

The cast of the hit comedy have been playing hardball during their contract negotiations, which are going to the wire. Stars Ty Burrell, Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Eric Stonestreet are going to court in an attempt to void their current deals. All six actors, including Ed O’Neill, are looking to boost their pay now that the hit show is beginning its fourth season.

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'Nashville' star Hayden Panettiere: My character is NOT Taylor Swift

Hayden Panettiere might play a young country sensation on ABC’s highly anticipated drama Nashville, but don’t bother drawing comparisons to Taylor Swift.

“I’ve heard the Taylor Swift thing quite a bit and I think besides being around the same age and blond — not even the height — they are different,” the former Heroes star said today at the show’s panel during the Television Critics Association Press Tour. “I when think you guys see her and get to know Juliette a little better, you’ll see. But I really think Taylor would disagree wholeheartedly as well. She’s much nicer than my character.”

On the show, premiering Oct. 10, Panettiere’s Juliette Barnes plays the thorn in veteran country singer Rayna James’ (Connie Britton) 5-inch stiletto. From her skimpy dress to her manufactured pop-country sound, the teen diva represents everything Britton’s character hates. But Britton sees their battle as more than a “cat fight.” “I think that we have a real opportunity to show the complexities of these two people in show business and particularly women. I, for one, feel a really strong responsibility to do that in a way that’s true and dignified.”

Speaking of dignity, Panettiere had this to say about her character’s relationship with Jonathan Jackson’s Avery Barkley: “If you have a broken heart, you’re sad and you need a rebound, Juliette is prowling somewhere around the corner.”

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'Fringe' production delayed as John Noble deals with health issue

Production on the fifth and final season of Fringe has been delayed as star John Noble receives medical treatment. The actor, who was absent from the show’s panel at the Television Critics Association Press Tour earlier this week, is being treated for an unspecified sleeping disorder.

Production is expected to resume on Aug. 7, and the delay will reportedly not affect the show’s premiere date.

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