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Rosie O'Donnell's new talk show gets premiere date

Ready for the return of Rosie?

The former Queen of Nice, who then sort of transformed into the Duchess of Grouchiness, is returning to TV on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network on Monday, Oct. 10. The Rosie Show will air weekdays at 7 p.m. on the network, and will cover “current events, spotlight hometown heroes and newsmakers, showcase the arts, celebrate kids and families, as well as feature well-known and upcoming talent.”

UPDATE: O’Donnell took the stage here at the TV critics press tour, and really won over the tough crowd. (Really!) She explained her new show would only have one celebrity per episode, along with a comedy bit and some kind of game. Asked if the show would be controversial and/or tackle a lot of LBGT issues, O’Donnell said her focus was to be fun and entertaining. She did, however, add: “If we were on in last few months, I’m sure we’d have somebody talking with us about the fascination with the Casey Anthony trial when there are many other children tortured and killed every day.” READ FULL STORY

'Entourage' team: 'We're going to do a movie'

The team behind HBO’s Entourage reiterated their commitment to continuing the show as a movie.

“We’re going to do a movie,” said creator Doug Ellin at the TV critics press tour. “We’re going to do it. It’s a question of when and how quick. We’ll sit down and come up with an idea.”

Exec producer Mark Wahlberg was also bullish on the prospect: “Well, I said if I had to finance myself, I’d do it. I certainly hope it has a chance to bcome a feature film, everybody always says the episodes are too short. [Viewers] want to go on a journey. The Hangover to me is like Entourage.” READ FULL STORY

'True Blood' near season 5 renewal with Alan Ball on board

True Blood just took another step toward a fifth season renewal.

Alan Ball just told critics at TCA press tour that he’s staying with the show since his deal has been renewed. The showrunner shot down concerns he might leave HBO vampire hit at the end of the season. “No,” he said when asked if he’s leaving, explaining that he’s having a great time on the series.

Not that Blood returning (or a showrunner wanting to stay on a hit series, for that matter), is much of a surprise, but it’s certainly good to hear, especially in the wake of Frank Darabont’s surprise exit from The Walking Dead.

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HBO: We won’t ax ‘Game of Thrones’ too soon

Nat Geo builds real-life Iron Man suit -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

Move over Mythbusters: Promoting their upcoming National Geographic show Rocket City Rednecks, a crew of so-called backwoods mad scientists just mentioned at TV critics press tour that they built themselves a working Iron Man suit. We asked Nat Geo for a pic of this and, well, whaddya know — it’s sort of looks like the Iron Man equivalent of the outfits wore by those homemade Batman imposters in The Dark Knight. Designer Travis Taylor says they tested the 200-pound suit and it’s effectively bullet proof (though the network nixed allowing that test to be conducted while somebody was inside the suit), and it’s machine-assisted strength allows a man to curl a keg of beer (though not, presumably, fly … or run … or walk briskly). Cost: $3,000. Here’s the pic: He … is … Iron Man?: READ FULL STORY

HBO: We won't ax 'Game of Thrones' too soon

HBO’s top executives reassured nervous critics that Game of Thrones won’t be treated like Deadwood — a serialized favorite that was cancelled without an ending.

“We told [author George R.R. Martin] we’d go as long as he keeps writing,” said HBO co-president Richard Plepler.

“I hope it lasts for 20 years,” says HBO programming president Michael Lombardo of the show. “I promise you we won’t stop it before it’s ready to stop … There’s a great relationship fans have with the show and we appreciate that. We’ve never seen people get so excited about casting [decisions].”

One critic worried about the possibility of Thrones finishing in the middle of Martin’s saga. “Nor do we expect it to,” Plepler said.

But don’t start debating who’ll play Victarion just yet  — there’s some hedging to come. READ FULL STORY

HBO renews 'Real Time with Bill Maher' for 10th season

HBO just announced a renewal for Real Time with Bill Maher for a tenth season at the TV critics tour. The comedian hit the stage and started trying to appeal to the crowd by making quasi-flattering partisan “us vs. them” jokes, comparing the media elite to the rest of the country. The crowd was nearly silent. “This is pointless,” Maher said, giving up on the routine. He added about the renewal: “Some people like having a feud with their network, but I actually like working here. I don’t understand why other networks don’t adopt the HBO formula — hire people you like and trust and let them do their thing.” Now that’s a statement the critics can agree with.

'Doctor Who' showrunner: 'We're not going to save Hitler'

Doctor Who executive producer Steven Moffat reassured fans alarmed by a Comic-Con trailer that suggested an upcoming episode would have the time-traveling doctor helping Adolf Hitler. In the clip from the upcoming midseason premiere, Hitler seemingly thanks the Doctor for saving his life.

“I think we can unequivocally say we’re against Hitler,” Moffat told critics at the Television Critics Association’s press tour about the episode, titled Let’s Kill Hitler. “I think the worst thing you can do to that awful man is take the mickey out of him on Doctor Who. Don’t worry, we’re not going to save Hitler.”

Moffat said he’s in favor of continuing to stretch the boundaries of the show and surprise the audience. “The only way you can keep the show alive is to make changes,” he said. READ FULL STORY

Steven Tyler on needing a five-second delay whenever he talks on 'American Idol': 'F––– no.'

idol-2011Image Credit: Michael Becker/FoxFor the first time today, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez met with the nation’s TV critics, who showered the new American Idol judges with questions about who’ll replace Simon Cowell as the big meanie and what type of criticism they’ll offer to the legions of wannabes. “We are both spontaneous,” Lopez told the critics in Pasadena, Calif. “We’re very honest and in the moment with what we say and do. We have different perspectives from the previous judges. We’ve auditioned, we’ve been through the ranks.” READ FULL STORY

'Game of Thrones', 'Spartacus', Sarah Palin, Lady Gaga, and Oprah: This week at TCA Press Tour

Game-of-Thrones-arrowImage Credit: Helen Sloan/HBOFrom budget-busting period epics to reality TV about extreme couponing, the vast world of basic-and-pay cable took center stage this week at the Television Critics Association midseason Press Tour in Pasadena, Calif., when the networks trot out their upcoming slate of shows for a throng of TV journalists. Here are the highlights, including all of EW’s scoopage during the TV confab:

'Torchwood' gets new title, mad brilliant plot

At TCA press tour, Torchwood creator Russell T. Davies just revealed that the upcoming international version of the show is getting a new title, and spilled the show’s plot.

His storyline is genius. Really.

First, the title. Gone is the previously announced Torchwood: The New World. Now it’s Torchwood: Miracle Day.

I know. Sort of like the first time you heard “The Phantom Menace,” isn’t it?

But wait ’til you hear what the season is about… READ FULL STORY

The Onion team spoofs Fox News (exclusive video)

The Onion is coming to cable TV with two new shows — IFC’s Onion News Network (parodying cable news networks) and Comedy Central’s SportsDome (spoofing ESPN’s SportsCenter).

First up, here’s a rather hilarious (and exclusive) new trailer for Onion News NetworkREAD FULL STORY

'Game of Thrones' premiere date revealed

Just left roundtable interviews with George R.R. Martin and the Game of Thrones producers and there’s still a TCA press tour Thrones panel to come, so we’re going to have plenty of news on the show later today.

But I wanted to get this factoid to you right now: HBO has firmed up its Thrones premiere date. Ready? It’s… READ FULL STORY

Spartacus lives! Exclusive: Starz to move forward on second season

UPDATED: Those wondering about the future of Starz’ Spartacus can breathe a big sigh of relief: The network is set to confirm at TCA press tour that it will continue the breakout hit despite the loss of star Andy Whitfield.

Sources close to the production say season two will start shooting this spring, with an eye toward a 2012 premiere.

Which, of course, raises a big question: Who’s Spartacus? READ FULL STORY


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