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'Episodes' actress Kathleen Rose Perkins heads to 'The Millers'

Kathleen Rose Perkins has landed a guest-starring role on The Millers as a potential love interest for Will Arnett’s character, EW has learned exclusively.


Bradley Whitford joins Showtime's 'Happyish'

Bradley Whitford has joined the cast of Showtime’s Happyish pilot, EW has learned.

The comedy follows Thom Payne’s (Steve Coogan) pursuit of happiness in the midst of dealing with a world he doesn’t understand, a pursuit that might just be the thing causing his unhappiness in the first place.


Check out a first look at Rainn Wilson's Fox dramedy 'Backstrom'

Beets, bears, Battlestar GalacticaBackstrom?

The Office’s Rainn Wilson is returning to TV in Fox’s dramedy Backstrom, in which he plays the titular self-destructive and bigoted detective. Fox released the first promo for the series, which also stars Dennis Haysbert and Kristoffer Polaha:


Watch James Franco and Seth Rogen get 'Naked and Afraid'

Celebrities, they’re just like us: They’ll also get Naked and Afraid.

Good Morning America released a sneak peek at the Pineapple Express stars, who will appear alongside each other in the comedy The Interview, stripped down for a special episode of the Discovery Channel series.


'How to Get Away with Murder': Did Bonnie Kill Sam? Liza Weil defends the most likely suspect

Bonnie Winterbottom killed Sam Keating—at least that’s what the How to Get Away with Murder fans think.

“So many people still think it’s me,” Liza Weil tells EW on the set of the ABC drama. “You guys did the odds poll and I’m still No. 1. I’m still getting emails from family members and friends. A lot of people think [sleeping with Asher] was Bonnie’s alibi.”

Annalise’s (Viola Davis) right-hand woman gained traction as a suspect after viewers got to see her icy side toward the students, while at the same time showing a soft spot for her boss’ husband, which could be motive enough if she somehow feels slighted by Sam (Tom Verica). But Weil is quick to point out why Bonnie may not be the murderer.


Josh from 'Survivor' on how he got 'screwed' by Julie quitting

He had the numbers. And then he lost them. Josh Canfield thought he had won the battle against adversary Jeremy on Survivor: San Juan del Sur. But then Jaclyn — feeling dissed and dismissed by the men in her alliance — jumped ship and brought her boyfriend with her. They then twisted the knife by voting Josh (who appeared to be one of the few people in that alliance not burping and farting) out of the game and onto Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105) to discuss where it all went wrong. And you can now hear the entire chat right here on the InsideTV Podcast. READ FULL STORY

ATX Television Festival to host 'Dawson's Creek' writers' room, 'Gilmore Girls' reunions

Next year’s ATX Television Festival will feature two high-profile reunions: The cast of the Gilmore Girls and the Dawson’s Creek writers’ room.


Richard Castle and Henry Morgan form a support group in new ABC promo

It’s not every day that Richard Castle takes time away from Beckett to … start a support group?

In an exclusive look at a new ABC promo, Castle decides to start a meeting for the “Men at 10.” Now before you think that’s some secret code, it’s literally about the men whose shows air at 10 p.m. on ABC. And so far, that includes Richard Castle and Forever‘s Dr. Henry Morgan, who takes a very honest approach to the gathering, and… well, Castle is Castle.


Greetings from Vancouver: Battling the rain for a marathon session of TV set visits

Move over, Hollywood, the much chillier Vancouver, Canada, has become a hot shooting spot, thanks to its tax breaks and unique ability to stand in for everything from sleepy Maine towns to superhero metropolises (even if its outdoor locales prove tricky in keeping secrets from fans). I suited up for a whopping eight set visits in four days to find out what makes Vancouver and the actors who call it their (temporary) home so special. (Feel free to play a drinking game with the words “rain” and “cold.” I dare you.)


'Survivor' host Jeff Probst says Mike White helped get rid of Redemption Island

Every week, host Jeff Probst will answer a few questions about the latest episode of ‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur — Blood vs. Water.’

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You bastard! You got me! I’ve been talking all season about how Josh is getting a “winner’s edit,” and now the dude is out of the game! But what amazes me the most is how folks still can neglect people on the fringes of their alliance. You and I have spoken countless times over the years about the importance of making the people at the bottom of the totem pole feel important, and it looks like it came back and bit someone else in the butt as the men in Jaclyn’s alliance ignored her while Jon was gone. Why does this kind of stuff still happen?
JEFF PROBST: The only answer I can put forth is it’s further evidence that all of us humans have massive blind spots. For whatever reason, the same mistakes happen season after season on Survivor. It’s not for lack of bright players, it’s just something about human nature, how we process information and what happens to our awareness when we are deprived of the basics such as food, shelter, and comfort.  READ FULL STORY

'Kingdom' post-mortem: Paul Walter Hauser on Keith's shocking decision

Kingdom is full of damaged and very dangerous characters. It’s a show about mixed martial artists, after all. But when one of those fighters is also recently released from prison and living at a halfway house, things only get more complicated.

For weeks now, fans have gotten to know Keith. The guy who started out simply as Ryan’s roommate has blossomed into his own, very complex character. And in this week’s episode, Keith did something that probably he didn’t even expect. In the hour’s final moments, Michael, the halfway house bully, crossed a line when he asked Ryan about his dad. And that’s when Keith, the seemingly harmless guy who doesn’t even know how to throw a punch, snapped. Keith grabbed a butcher’s knife and began stabbing Michael repeatedly before Ryan stopped him and attempted to make it look like self defense.

It was arguably the show’s most jaw-dropping moment to date, so we got Paul Walter Hauser, who plays Keith, on the phone to talk about his reaction and what comes next:


Someone on 'Survivor' just got blindsided

[SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched tonight’s episode of Survivor: San Juan del Sur.] READ FULL STORY

'Scandal' scoop: Can Olivia, Fitz and Jake work together to take down Rowan?

Scandal fans have known all along that Rowan Pope (Joe Morton), the nefarious leader of B613, is not a good guy. Fortunately, Olivia (Kerry Washington), Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Jake (Scott Foley) are all now in the know, too.

After Rowan basically framed Jake for the murders of Harrison (Columbus Short) and POTUS’ son, Jerry (Dylan Minnette), Olivia set out to clear her boyfriend’s name, finally uncovering the truth that her father was the mastermind behind it all. Why’d he do it? To ensure Fitz would stay in the White House for another four years and allow Rowan to his job back as the head of the country’s shady black ops organization.



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