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Lifetime cancels 'Witches of East End'

Witches of East End has been canceled after two seasons, EW has confirmed.


'Once Upon a Time' casts 'Dracula' alum as iconic character

Once Upon a Time is stocking up on familiar characters in the second half of its fourth season.


Mama Pope lives: Khandi Alexander to return to 'Scandal'

Khandi Alexander is set to reprise her role as Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) terrorist mom on the midseason finale of Scandal, EW has learned. (Points to those who guessed right in Spoiler Room.)


'The Originals: The Awakening' first look: Kol wakes up in New Orleans

The role of youngest Original sibling is currently being played by Daniel Sharman on The Originals, but for longtime fans of the Original family, they’ll remember back when Kol was a little more into biting necks than casting a spell. And it’s that version of Kol, played by Nathaniel Buzolic, that we’re going to see in the upcoming Kol-centric web series, The Originals: The Awakening.

In the four-part web series, which centers around Kol, we will find the Original in the French Quarter, only this time, it’s 1914 and he’s trying to form an alliance with the witches. According to The CW, “Fans will learn how and why Kol found himself in opposition to his vampire siblings, why he was daggered, and the unique back story he has with the witches.” The series will run parallel to the storyline of The Originals and will tie into the mid-season finale on Monday, Dec. 8.

For now, here’s an exclusive first look at the first segment of The Originals: The Awakening, in which Kol’s story begins.


Let's overanalyze an absurd new 'Celebrity Apprentice' cast photo

This morning on the Today show, NBC officially announced the new Celebrity Apprentice cast that will invade our television sets in early 2015. The network also sent us an exclusive photo of the new cast, because nobody — and I mean nobody — goes into overkill obsess mode over this show more than we do. And when I say we, I guess I kind of mean me. But “we” sounds slightly less pathetic so let’s just stick with that. READ FULL STORY

'The Originals' post-mortem: EP on family secrets, Rebekah, and more

Surely you didn’t think the Original family was out of secrets, did you? Because as Tatia’s appearance on the show proved, even the noblest of Originals has skeletons in his closet. And from what executive producer Michael Narducci had to say about the hour, there’s more where that came from:


'Doctor Who' director Rachel Talalay talks 'Dark Water'

British institutions don’t get much more British than Doctor Who, the beloved, long-running, and wonderfully eccentric BBC time travel show. So how come its two-part finale—the first half of which screened last Saturday—is being overseen by American director, Rachel Talalay? “Well, first of all, I’m half-British,” says Talalay, whose credits include the 1995 film Tank Girl as well as a slew of TV shows. ” I say, I grew up in America, but I had a British upbringing. I very strongly pursued [Doctor Who]. I mean, this wasn’t arbitrary. I was on a mission. From the moment I saw the reboot, I thought, I really really want to do this show. But how I drifted to the top of the list? You’ll have to ask [Doctor Who showrunner] Steven Moffat.”


'Castle' boss on new episodes, a wedding, and a game-changing cliffhanger

UPDATE: This post has been updated to reflect the fact that Castle will air the sixth episode of its seventh season next Monday, Nov. 10

Last fans heard of Castle’s disappearance, Castle was being warned that he might not want the truth. And according to showrunner David Amann, the truth isn’t going to reveal itself anytime soon considering that Castle’s disappearance won’t be revisited in the next four episodes. However, Amann did promise that we’ll come into contact with it again in the near future. And when we do, fans don’t need to be worried about the truth messing with Castle and Beckett’s relationship.

“We don’t regard what happened to Castle as some kind of time bomb that’s going to go off and mess up their relationship or fundamentally change who he is as a character,” Amann said. “It’s just an aspect of mystery that he is irresistably going to be drawn back to at some future point this season.”

But until then, we got Amann to give us a rundown of what fans can expect from the show for the rest of 2014.


'The Originals' boss teases story of Tatia as Elijah's 'kryptonite'

At this point, fans of The Originals know what Esther’s plan is: She wants to help her children escape the curse of vampirism she once brought upon them by placing them in the bodies of witches. But Klaus and Elijah don’t exactly trust their dear old mother—and after she took Elijah captive in last week’s episode, it doesn’t look like that’ll change anytime soon. So what happens now?

As executive producer Michael Narducci tells EW, “Esther’s drive is: I knew when I made my children into vampires, I was trying to save them. I had no idea that they would become these beasts that would live for 1,000 years, feed on innocents’ blood, and create a disease that is vampirism that would spread all over the world.” Now that Esther has died and come back, she’s ready to move forward. She’s thinking, “I want to save my children from this hell on earth that I have created, and I want to save them from this horrible existence that they are enduring. In order to do that, I need to make their lives miserable,” Narducci continued. READ FULL STORY

'Archer' team reports for duty in season 6 teaser

Having tried their hands at cocaine dealing and/or country singing in last season’s Archer Vice adventures, the Archer crew will get back to doing the thing what they do best (or, possibly, worst) when the animated FX show returns in January: spying.


Jeremy from 'Survivor' feels bad for what he did to John Rocker (Plus: exclusive merge photo)

It’s merge time on Survivor: San Juan del Sur this Wednesday night, and we’ve got your first exclusive look at said merge right here. Check out how happy everyone appears to be as they engage in the traditional merge feast! (Did Jeff Probst make them trade comfort items for that food?) Of course, we know that happiness will soon fade for many as alliance lines are drawn going into the first pre-merge Tribal Council and one of these players is booted out of the game. But while we peek ahead, let’s also look back at the first half of the season by checking in with one of the contestants for a mid-game chat. We caught up with Jeremy Collins to get his thoughts on the big rice trade, his wife’s bizarre lie, and…an apology to John Rocker? READ FULL STORY

Meet the new 'Walking Dead' cop from hell, who claims she is a 'hero'

[SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead.]

To protect and to serve. And to bust you in the face whenever she damn well feels like it. Such is the motto of Officer Dawn Lerner, whom we met on Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead. Dawn runs “the system” at Grady Memorial Hospital, where people like Beth Greene are brought in, given medial treatment and as well as food and board — but for a price. In just one episode, we saw Dawn belittle Beth, strike her multiple times in the mug, and sentence Beth’s new BFF Noah to a beatdown as well. But guess what? The woman who plays Dawn insists that not only is she not a villain, but she’s actually a hero! We spoke to actress Christine Woods (whom you may recognize from FlashForward and Hello Ladies) to get her take on the controversial character and her introduction to the Walking Dead universe. [Also check out our interviews with Emily Kinney (who plays Beth) and Tyler James Williams (Noah).] READ FULL STORY


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