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'The Amazing Race' Q&A: How the Scientists became 'TAR' top dogs

When EW caught up with the 25th winners of The Amazing Race, they were hoarse from celebrating all weekend with their “race family,” but still flying high from the $1 million win. Amy and Maya—Candy Scientists, by trade—beat out three much more physically imposing teams, two-thirds of whom were professional athletes (one-third of whom were potentially teeth-cleaning super humans), to become only the third all-female first-place finishers in TAR history.

Amy and Maya ran an impressively academic Race, but more importantly to them, they played the game well while “staying true to themselves.” That often becomes a meaningless phrase, but The Amazing Race is a game where it’s easy to turn up sides of yourself you’d prefer stay buried under hypothetical behavioral questions of “How would I act in a zombie apocalypse?” and “What if I lived in Game of Thrones’ world?”

Say, if you had been traveling through 20 cities all over the globe with little sleep and more sweat than you knew your body could contain, all while harboring two stress fractures in your pelvis, and then you were asked to deliver a couple of 20-pound bunches of coconuts within a maze of Moroccan vendors while the other people doing the same thing could literally bench press you…y’know, then it might become a challenge to stay true to the version of yourself that doesn’t yell at your partner and start throwing coconuts at innocent Moroccan bystanders. And for Amy and Maya, it was tough, but overcoming that challenge, and running the race with smiles on their faces and a little hobble in their gait is exactly what won them the race. EW caught up with the Candy Girls to discuss their underdog status and how they hope they inspired viewers. READ FULL STORY

'The Amazing Race' season 25: See Phil Keoghan's behind-the-scenes photos

There’s just one work day left before we find out out who the 25th winners of The Amazing Race will be. You can’t always count on the most deserving team to take the crown, or for taxi drama and karma to line up exactly the way you want them to. But there is one winner you can count on to pull through on every single season of the rrrrace around the world: the show’s faithful host, Phil Keoghan.

Phil has been there for it all, and though his distressed leather jackets have changed from year to year, his enthusiasm for the game remains steadfast in the face of TAR‘s Silver Jubilee season. The Pit Stop master took it upon himself to snap a few behind-the-scenes shots in the last two legs of this season’s race, giving fans a taste of the ex-Phil-arating life (yeah, I said it) of an Amazing Race host.

Check out the photos below, and tune in tonight at 8 p.m. ET to watch the Dentists, Surfers, Wrestlers, and Scientists—the first Final 4 in TAR history!—battle it out for the Season 25 title. READ FULL STORY

Nici and Shelley try to float past the competition in exclusive 'Amazing Race' clip


The Amazing Race is not for the faint of heart… or the proud, judging by Nici’s willingness to make herself right at home in the River Thames just to get ahead of the competition. Mother-daughter duo Shelley and Nici have clearly learned from those who came before them. (May we never forget when sisters Kisha and Jen Hoffman were eliminated in Season 14 because the call of nature was too strong for Jen to resist.)

Watch this exclusive clip from tonight’s episode to see how Nici holds up to the question that’s plagued humankind since the creation of indoor plumbing: Can I hold it [to win $1 million]? READ FULL STORY

Watch this, DVR that: Your guide to Friday's perfect night of TV


In our fall TV preview, we broke down each day into what to watch live and what to DVR. Here’s your Fall Friday night game plan:

8 p.m.
Watch: The Amazing Race (CBS): Season 25 starts tonight in Times Square before contestants take off to locales like St. Thomas, Malta, and the Shetland Islands.

DVR: MasterChef Junior (ABC): A new group of 8- to 13-year-old chefs will try to impress the finicky Gordon Ramsay when season two premieres Nov. 7.

9 p.m.
Watch: Shark Tank (ABC): Warning: The entrepreneurs are getting more vicious during season six, kicking off tonight. As Daymond John told EW, “We’re really nasty to each other now.”

DVR: Grimm (NBC): When season 4 premieres Oct. 24, Nick and Hank will be haunted by four terrifying new Wesen.

10 p.m.
Watch: Constantine (NBC): The new series follows the story of John Constantine, the antihero of the Hellblazer comic books, described as an “irreverent con man-turned-reluctant supernatural detective.”

DVR: Go out. It’s Friday.

'The Amazing Race' finale: David Copperfield teases death-defying escape challenge -- VIDEO

The final leg of CBS reality competition series The Amazing Race: All-Stars comes down to the Brenchels, the country singers, and the father-son duo — and who wins depends on who can complete a risky escape challenge created by none other than illusionist David Copperfield.

“It’s an escape that deals with time, with physical challenges, with endurance, with cleverness, and something that’s very death-defying,” Copperfield told EW.


'The Quest' full trailer: Fantasy meets reality in ABC competition series -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

This summer, ABC is taking viewers on the ultimate geek fantasy in a combination of reality TV and Middle-earth.

From the producers of The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Amazing Race comes The Quest, a new fantasy competition series that puts 12 unlikely heroes against ogres and dragons in an imaginative and mythical realm filled with state-of-the-art-projections, animatronics, prosthetics, real-time motion capture, and art direction. After a series of battles and competitions, only the true hero will remain. EW has an exclusive first look at the full trailer for the series, which will premiere Thursday, July 31. READ FULL STORY

'The Amazing Race': Phil Keoghan previews Malaysia -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

Tonight’s third leg of The Amazing Race: All-Stars takes the nine remaining teams into river madness — they’ll rappel down the Kiansom Waterfall and race in whitewater rafts they built themselves to deliver goods to a village chief.

Below, host Phil Keoghan shares his personal photos to give you a behind-the-scenes preview of the episode! READ FULL STORY

InsideTV Podcast: Rachel and Brendon compare 'Big Brother' and 'Amazing Race'

I don’t know if there will be any life vests on this season of The Amazing Race, but if so, floaters better grab them. That’s because reality royalty returns tonight when husband-and-wife team Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly take their second tour on The Amazing Race when season 24 of the reality show premieres on CBS. But how does racing around the world at breakneck speed compare with backstabbing house guests in the backyard on the show that first made Brenchel famous, Big Brother? We asked the couple when they called into Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105). READ FULL STORY

'The Amazing Race' finale: Host Phil Keoghan talks season 23 teams, shares photos!

It’s down to four teams on tonight’s season 23 finale of The Amazing Race (update: read’s full recap here). Self-proclaimed “Afghanimals” Leo and Jamal, dating New Englanders Jason and Amy, volatile exes Tim and Marie, and the increasingly tension-plagued RoboDocs Travis and Nicole will make their way through a zany Tokyo obstacle course before arriving back at America’s last frontier, Alaska.

Click through to see host Phil Keoghan’s personal photos from the finale and his thoughts on the final four pairs! READ FULL STORY

'The Good Wife' and the problem of too much good TV

The moment I finally became a fan of The Good Wife occurred just about three weeks ago. It came in the current season’s widely praised fifth episode, “Hitting The Fan.” This was the one where Will (Josh Charles) and Diane (Christine Baranski) fired Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Cary (Matt Czuchry) for plotting to start their own firm. As Will progressed from betrayal (his reaction, a symphonically-performed shock-face culminating in a downbeat “what?!”, was priceless) to “commando mode” (rallying emergency quorums; hustling clients to keep them from bolting), and as Alicia progressed from resolute yet regretful to full-on “Oh, it’s so on!” (countering Will’s counter-attacks; wooing Chum Hum; an adrenaline rush quickie with Governor Hubby), it was thrilling to watch them find new energy and purpose in their lives amid the crisis, if slightly heartbreaking to watch the former lovers, now former colleagues, become enemies. It was impossible to take a side; I wanted both to win. In a story full of such grand drama and significant developments, it was a smaller, funnier exchange between Alicia and Will that grabbed me. As a contentious phone conversation came to a close (“Go to hell!” “No, you go to hell!”), Will remembered something very important. “Oh, your daughter called,” he said, suddenly civil. “She needs you to call her school to let her go on a field trip.” “Oh. When was this?” Alicia asked, equally pleasant. “About 40 minutes ago.”  “Thank you.” “You’re welcome.” Click. And then war resumed.

Not a terribly ingenious scene, I grant you. It hewed to a familiar screwball comedic structure. The whiplash tonal shift; two rivals abruptly making nice or banal in a way that almost feels out of character. Except here, the moment felt true to the characters, at least as I understand them so far. It was an effective way to dramatize that their relationship was more complex than their current conflict, to show that neither of them should be defined by the crisis/concerns consuming them at present; and it was a moment that was representative of all of everything else in the show that was converting me to rabid Good Wife fandom. READ FULL STORY

'The Amazing Race': Phil Keoghan previews episode 3 -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

The Amazing Race is heating up as the teams hit Lisbon, Portugal in episode 3. Check out some photos from tonight — with context provided from brow-errific host Phil Keoghan himself — below: READ FULL STORY

Check out the first look at season 22 of 'The Amazing Race' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

If you’ve been watching The Amazing Race for the past 21 seasons, you may think you’ve seen it all: The bungee jumps, the head-shavings, the awkward dances, the emotionally abusive couples, the adorable friend teams. How on earth could they make the show feel fresh? Watch the clip below and you’ll find out. READ FULL STORY

'The Amazing Race': New cast (including relatives of John Wayne and Daniel Boone) and twist revealed!

Image Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Image Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Sitcom star Lisa Whelchel and former baseball MVP Jeff Kent may not be appearing, but The Amazing Race will trot out a few semi-celebrities of its own when the 22nd season of the reality hit premieres Feb. 17 on CBS. And the teams will have a new twist to contend with at the very start.

Headlining the cast are Jennifer Kuhle and Caroline Cutbirth of the country band Stealing Angels. Kuhle is the granddaughter of John Wayne while Cutbirth is a direct descendant of Daniel Boone. They will be competing against former NHL player Bates Battaglia and his brother Anthony, as well as YouTube channel hosts Joey Graceffa and Meghan Camarena. Also among the 11 new teams of two competing is a pair of twin doctors, two roller derby moms, and a father and son who both have survived cancer. (The full cast list is below.) READ FULL STORY


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