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Andi Dorfman is the new 'Bachelorette'

Andi Dorfman, the feisty 26-year-old Atlantan district attorney who became a fan favorite after she told off Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis and then left the show, is getting another chance at love. During the After the Rose special following Monday night’s finale, Dorfman was announced as the next star of The Bachelorette.

While she made it to the final three, Dorfman decided to leave after her overnight date in St. Lucia, scolding Juan Pablo for saying she made it to this stage by “default.” Watch their confrontation below: READ FULL STORY

Countdown to the 'Bachelor' finale: Juan Pablo can't answer Neil Lane's tough questions -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Today’s the day, rose lovers! By the time we fall asleep tonight, we’ll know the outcome of Juan Pablo’s aventura to find love. Will he choose Clare? Will he choose Nikki? Will he propose? Will he walk away alone? Luckily, we’re only a few hours away from finding out the answers.

To tide you over until the finale, we’ve got one last installment of our countdown to the Bachelor finale. Specifically, it’s an exclusive deleted scene from the season’s last episode, in which Juan Pablo meets with jeweler Neil Lane to look at rings and discuss his final two women. And by discuss, we mean he says, “They smile a lot.” And when Neil Lane asks Juan Pablo who he “shine[s] the most with,” Juan Pablo doesn’t seem to have an answer. All of this leads to one burning question: Will he propose to anyone?

Watch the Bachelor fumble over his words (and look a little panicked) in the clip below:


Countdown to the 'Bachelor' finale: Juan Pablo reassures Nikki with a song -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Tomorrow, tomorrow, The Bachelor finale is tomorrow. It’s only a day ah-way! Okay, that’s enough. Perhaps I should let Juan Pablo’s phone do the singing.

In day four of our countdown to the Bachelor finale, we’ve got an exclusive look at a deleted scene involving Juan Pablo and what appears to be his signature move. In this clip, Juan Pablo pulls out his phone and plays Nikki a song, the same way he pulled out a phone and played Clare a song in Saturday’s clip.

But this time, instead of him playing a song his significant other already knows, Juan Pablo picks a song specifically for Nikki. And with lyrics like, “‘Cause you’re the only one for me; your love is like the deep blue sea,” we don’t blame Nikki for feeling reassured. But when he starts to sing along? Yep, he did that with Clare too.

Watch the video below: READ FULL STORY

Countdown to the 'Bachelor' finale: Juan Pablo and Clare find their potential wedding song -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

It’s officially time for day three of our countdown to the Bachelor finale! The subject of choice: A deleted scene featuring a tender moment between Juan Pablo and one of his final two women, Clare.

Before all the drama surrounding Juan Pablo and Clare’s dip in the ocean, they were just the happy couple who went on the first one-on-one date of the season. And during that date, they were treated to a private concert from Josh Krajcik. From that point on, they’ve considered Krajcik’s “No Better Lovers” their song. They even danced to it during a one-on-one date later in the season.

And in an exclusive deleted scene, we see Juan Pablo surprise Clare by playing it on his phone, a move that makes her tear up and proclaim, “We should just play it when we get married.”

Watch the video below: READ FULL STORY

Countdown to the 'Bachelor' finale: Chris Harrison, Juan Pablo disagree on why Andi left -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Which of you rose lovers is ready for round two?

Yesterday, we launched our Countdown to the Bachelor finale, in which we will release one exclusive deleted scene each day until Juan Pablo makes his final choice. Day one was all about Juan Pablo’s late-night swim with Clare, and day two focuses on another big talking point this season: Andi’s fantasy nightmare suite.

Just after Andi left Juan Pablo behind, Chris Harrison stopped by to try to figure out what happened. In the clip, Juan Pablo explains that Andi “wasn’t feeling it.” But when the Bachelor starts to talk about whether the word “default” even exists in his vocabulary, Chris tries to jump in and play Dr. Phil by explaining the real reason Andi left. Does Juan Pablo listen?

Watch the video below and find out:


Countdown to the 'Bachelor' finale: Chris Harrison, Juan Pablo butt heads over Clare in deleted scene -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

All right Bachelor fans: We are five days away from what ABC is promising will be an explosive and contentious season finale. To celebrate, we thought we’d start the fireworks early and show you some of the scenes that got cut from this season’s roller coaster ride of love. Starting now and going through Monday, we will release a new, never-before-seen deleted scene each day. Buckle up, rose lovers: This ride isn’t over yet!

For day one of our countdown, we have a clip of Chris Harrison and Juan Pablo discussing this season’s most talked about moment: Juan Pablo’s late-night swim with Clare. At the rose ceremony, just after Juan Pablo left Clare in tears, Chris confronted him about how the Bachelor “devastated” Clare. As Chris put it: “You really think Camila’s going to be upset if she found you swimming at night?” Suffice it to say that Juan Pablo’s answer didn’t exactly put Chris at ease.

Is this the first time in Bachelor history that Chris really doesn’t like the guy sitting across from him? Decide for yourself by watching below.

So, will you accept this video?


'The Bachelor': Get ready for Valentine's Day with a Juan Pablo make-out montage! -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Is there anything more romantic than one man dating almost a dozen women simultaneously and sucking face with most of them?

OK, there probably is, but there’s definitely no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Week than following Juan Pablo’s most recent make-outs and misadventures on ABC’s The Bachelor.

In this promo for Monday’s episode, we see a lot of love — and some anger too. Things aren’t all bueno for the Latin lover. See for yourself below:

ABC slams Bachelor's anti-gay comments; Juan Pablo apologizes


UPDATED: ABC and The Bachelor producers issued a statement Saturday to address star Juan Pablo Galavais’ comments about gay people. The  network and production company Warner Horizon said in a joint statement, “Juan Pablo’s comments were careless, thoughtless and insensitive, and in no way reflect the views of the network, the show’s producers or studio.”

News broke earlier today that the first Latino Bachelor star told a reporter at an ABC party at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena that a Bachelor who is a gay man would be “more pervert in a sense. To me that show would be too strong, too hard, to watch on TV.”

ABC’s declaration differs from the way A&E handled the somewhat similar Duck Dynasty controversy that erupted last month when co-star Phil Robertson made comments about gay people to GQ magazine. A&E (which, is co-owned by ABC parent Disney) initially put out a statement from Robertson, then followed up with another from the network saying the star was suspended from the show (a position that was later recanted after fan and media criticism protest). ABC’s statement is similar to what some industry insiders privately said A&E should have done instead — just distance the company from the opinions of its star with a brief statement without cutting ties.

Another difference between the two controversies is the reason given for the reality performer’s position. Robertson pegged his statement to his strongly held Christian beliefs. Galavais seemed to position his belief as a product of his upbringing (“Obviously people have their husband and wife and have kids. That’s how we are brought up. It’s hard for me to understand that.”).

UPDATE: Juan Pablo apologized via his Facebook page: READ FULL STORY

'The Bachelor': Chris Harrison talks Juan Pablo's firsts

Spoiler alert! With Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor officially under way, we grilled host Chris Harrison for a few teases of what’s to come. Here’s what we got out of him:

• Every season has a first, so what’s Juan Pablo’s? A hint: “It’s more to do with Juan Pablo and the fact that he is not a drama guy,” Harrison says. You’ll see already in episode 2, when some of the girls start partying, he’s like, ‘That’s not me. If you’re here for that, you need to go away.’ He doesn’t like the drama, and when drama’s thrown in his face, he kinda pushes back, and he kinda has a little bit of attitude about it. That can even turn some of the girls off. You see from the first episode, with Sharleen — that’s the first time we’ve had a first impression rose almost turned down. She thought, I’m not really feeling thunder underneath my feet, and I’m not really seein’ fireworks — I thought there’d be more. So we kinda lift the veil a little bit that there’s more to a guy than abs and a cute accent. There better be more depth. These women deserve that. This is a really strong group, and so they’re as demanding as he is.” READ FULL STORY

Watch 'The Bachelor' supertease: 'Juan Pablo, I hope he dies' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


The Bachelor returns Jan. 5, but the drama of Juan Pablo’s journey for love starts now with the release of the season’s supertease. Watch our exclusive first look below. It’s all smiles, sunsets, and shirtlessness — for the first 70 seconds. Then the switch you’ve been waiting for happens: It’s tears, tequila (“Give me three shots of Patrón, and I’ll be topless”), and one of the women sitting on the floor of a bathroom wishing Juan Pablo were dead.

If the cryptic voiceovers are to be believed, Juan Pablo is “doing nothing like anything that has ever been done” and “no one has ever dealt with this before.” But as he says, “I’d definitely rather end up with nobody than [have] my daughter not be proud of her dad.” He even walks out of a confessional.  READ FULL STORY

'The Bachelor' First Look: Meet Juan Pablo's lucky ladies -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

We’re officially less than a month away from what ABC has dubbed “Juan-uary.” But just in case you can’t wait that long to watch Juan Pablo Galavis, the sexy single father from Desiree’s season of The Bachelorette, begin his search for love, we’ve got an exclusive first look at the (very) lucky ladies who will be arriving in limos and fighting for a spot in Juan Pablo’s Spanish-speaking heart.

ABC announces three 'Bachelor' specials to kick off in 'Juan-uary' -- EXCLUSIVE

We are just a little over a month away from 2014, and more importantly, Juan-uary, when sexy soccer player Juan Pablo Galavis starts his (hopefully shirtless) journey to find love. Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor will premiere on Monday, Jan. 6 at 8 p.m. on ABC. But just in case you can’t wait that long to get your J.P. fix — which we completely understand — ABC has told us exclusively that they have a few other treats planned for their trusty viewers. It looks like Juan-uary comes complete with three hour-long Bachelor specials. READ FULL STORY

'Bachelor' couple sets wedding date

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici announced their wedding date on Good Morning America on Monday. The pair picked Jan. 26, 2014 as the day they will walk down the aisle… on live television. The Bachelor: Sean and Catherine’s Wedding will air live on ABC from 8 to 10 p.m.

The Bachelor is such a cool experience because people at home feel like they know us and they’re invested in our relationship,” Lowe, who proposed earlier this year in the March finale of the show, said on GMA. “We have no problem sharing the actual wedding with everyone who has been with us so far.”

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