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'Big Bang Theory' spoiler alert: What's the story behind this picture?

Why is Penny tagging along on Sheldon’s first date with Amy (Mayim Bialik) in the season premiere of The Big Bang Theory? Kaley Cuoco provided some much needed context at last night’s 2010 Entertainment Weekly and Women in Film pre-Emmy bash. The game actress also offered a spoiler about an upcoming episode involving expensive *o*o*s, and tearfully accepted Big Bang‘s EWwy award for best comedy series. The Cuoco Q&A is after the jump! READ FULL STORY

Emmy predix: Best drama and comedy series

ausiello-emmy-predixImage Credit: Mike Yarish/AMC; Carin Baer/Fox; Bob D'Amico/ABC; Mario Perez/ABCWe’re in the homestretch! The 2010 Emmy Awards are this Sunday—my tux is scheduled to arrive from Filene’s Basement Paris tomorrow morning!—and I’ve got two categories left to handicap: Best drama and comedy series. BTW, my Schmemmy picks were 50 percent accurate, so I guess you can say I’m on a bit of a roll this year. READ FULL STORY

Emmy predix: Who will win best lead and supporting actress in a comedy

ausiello-emmy-predixImage Credit: Justin Lubin/NBC; Bob D'Amico/ABC How competitive are the Emmy races for lead and supporting comedy actress? Any of the following 10 women could grab a fistful of gold on Aug. 29 and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Of course, that’s not to say that there aren’t two very clear favorites… READ FULL STORY

Press Tour 411: Highlights from the 'Big Bang Theory' panel

big-bang-theoryImage Credit: Chris Lipson/CBS* A question about the cast’s ongoing contract renegotiations prompted leading lady Kaley Cuoco (Penny) to crack, “I’m doing next season for free.” All kidding aside, “we have a lot of people behind the scenes that we pay to take care of this,” she added. “That’s just the way it goes.” For more contract chatter, watch my interview with the cast at Comic-Con (embedded below for your convenience). READ FULL STORY

Exclusive 'Big Bang' video: Cast dishes on Emmy snub, contract talks, and Charlie Sheen!

comic-con-big-bang-theoryFact: The cast of The Big Bang Theory is scheduled to begin work on season 4 early next month. Fact: The cast of The Big Bang Theory is currently knee-deep in contract renegotiations. Fact: I’m a little nervous that the former could be impacted by the outcome (or lack thereof) of the latter. Fact: I shared my anxiety with the Big Bang crew during an on- camera interview at Comic-Con. Fact: If you press play you can see for yourself.  READ FULL STORY

Emmy predix: Who will win best lead and supporting actor in a comedy?

emmy-comedy-actorImage Credit: Sonja Fleming/CBS; Patrick Ecclesine/Fox; Bob D'Amico/ABC; Justin Lubin/NBCHere’s where my 2010 Emmy handicapping starts to get interesting. And by interesting I mean challenging. And by challenging I mean tough. And by tough I mean damn near impossible. All 12 of the nominees in the best lead and supporting actor comedy races can easily make a case for winning come Aug. 29. But only two will. So it’s with great fear and trepidation that I present you with part 3 of my pre-Emmy analysis. READ FULL STORY

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'The Office,' 'Bones,' 'Supernatural,' Glee,' 'Chuck,' and more!

ask-ausielloImage Credit: Mitch Haddad/NBC; Matthias Clamer/Fox; Kirsty Griffin/Starz; Jordin Althaus/NBCGot a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Just want to say hi? You can send any/all of the above to

Question: Though I can’t imagine The Office without Michael Scott, I’m more concerned about Holly and Michael getting their much-needed reunion before he bids adieu. Any chance this will happen? —Meaghan
I’d say there’s a very good chance considering the fact that [exclusive scoop alert!] Amy Ryan (a.k.a. Holly) is not only returning to The Office, but will be playing a sizable role in the show’s upcoming seventh season. “We set her return up in the finale, so it would be the biggest [cop-out] of all time if we didn’t [follow through] on it,” says coexec producer and cast member Mindy Kaling. “She’s definitely coming back.”

Question: How can I get your autograph? —Danny
You can bring a Sharpie to Comic-Con next week and follow the scent of Diet Raspberry Snapple and blue PVC.

Question: I love True Blood. I love Eric. Scoop, please. —Angi
Is it too soon to be talking about the finale? No? Cool. Exec producer Alan Ball tells me that there will be a “lot of Bill-Sookie-Eric stuff” in the season 3 finale. “It involves blood, it involves trust, and it does not go where we expect it to go.” READ FULL STORY

First Look: Kick-Ass Comic-Con Swag!

nikita-bagThere’s swag, and then there’s this: Behold two of the gift bags Warner Bros. will be handing out at this year’s Comic-Con! The promo for The CW’s Nikita is cool, for sure — with Maggie Q doing her best lady James Bond. But let’s be real: It’s darn near impossible to top The Big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Cuoco in full-on Barbarella mode (see below). READ FULL STORY

'Big Bang' star Jim Parsons on his 'bittersweet' Emmy nod and those pesky contract talks

jim-parsonsImage Credit: Monty Brinton/CBSWith the cast of The Big Bang Theory in contract renegotiations—and Jim Parsons’ peeps possibly angling to get him the show’s fattest paycheck—the actor’s second Emmy nomination couldn’t have come at a better time. But, when I spoke with him, he didn’t seem inclined to use the accolade as a bargaining tool. “I cannot wait to get back to work,” insisted the funnyman, “and nothing but the fiery gates of hell could keep from portraying Sheldon again.”

Still, Parsons was bummed that the CBS hitcom wasn’t recognized. READ FULL STORY

Snappy Judgments: 2010 Emmy Nominations

emmy-nomination-reactImage Credit: FX; Justin Stephens/NBC (2); Mitchell Haaseth/NBC (2)I’m Super-Ecstatic About:
* The nods for Friday Night Lights‘ long-overdue leads, Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton.
* Parks and Recreation‘s Amy Poehler being up for lead actress.
* Glee standout Chris Colfer sneaking into the supporting-actor race. Ditto his awesome TV dad, Mike O’Malley (for guest actor).
* Elizabeth Mitchell snagging a guest-actress nod for Lost. Ditto Matthew Fox (for lead actor).
* All the Modern Family love.
* Jim Parsons’ second consecutive nod for The Big Bang Theory.
* The Good Wife‘s rockin’ female trio (Julianna Margulies, Archie Panjabi, and Christine Baranski) all making the cut.
* Burn Notice breaking through via a nod for Sharon Gless.

I’m Rolling My Eyes About: READ FULL STORY

My Dream Emmy Nominations part 3: Best Lead Actor and Actress (comedy)

dream-emmyImage Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC; Martin Segal/Showtime; Adam Larkey/ABC; Mitchell Haaseth/NBC; Paul Drinkwater/NBCHey, Emmy voters, it’s me again! We’re nearing the homestretch. We just have six more categories to get through, including the two below — lead actor and actress in a comedy. (My suggestions for lead actor and actress in a drama will be posted later this afternoon, followed by outstanding comedy series and drama series tomorrow.) To recap: Use this list of recommendations as your guide when the balloting process begins next week. Nods are announced July 8 — don’t let me down! READ FULL STORY

'Big Bang' video exclusive: Jim Parsons on flashing back, romancing Blossom, and other fun stuff

jim-parsons_big-bang-theoryImage Credit: Robert Voets/CBSIn what is fast becoming one of my favorite annual traditions here at Entertainment Weekly, Jim Parsons dropped by our offices last week to shoot the poop on all things Big Bang Theory. In addition to previewing next week’s eventful flashback episode (exclusive clips included!), the Emmy shoo-in revealed the real story behind Sheldon’s season-ending “romance” with Blossom (a.k.a. Mayim Bialik), and opened up about the joys of working with a cast that is clean, sober, and so not insane. Bonus scoop: Look out for an answer to a recent Bang-themed asterisk quiz! Enjoy! READ FULL STORY

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on '24,' 'Smallville,' 'Mother,' 'Glee,' 'Grey's,' and more!

ask-ausielloImage Credit: Michael Desmond/ABC; Fox; CBSGot a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Just want to say hi? You can send any/all of the above to

Question: I’m literally dying for some 24 scoop. Please, give me some! – Daniel
The May 24 series finale will find Jack squaring off against his most formidable adversary yet: Chloe! “Chloe and Jack are in a real face-off,” reveals executive producer Howard Gordon. “And Chloe has to decide between her duty [as head of CTU] and her friendship and allegiance to Jack. Their relationship gets put to the test in a way it’s never been tested before. It’s a collision course that culminates in the finale. It’s about as hairy a confrontation as you can possibly imagine, and it’s a nearly lethal one.” Playing those scenes was “really fun” and “very emotional,” says Mary Lynn Rajskub. “[It’s] kind of crazy…what happens between Jack and Chloe. I’ve never done anything like that.”

Question: I realize Katherine Heigl isn’t returning, but will Grey’s Anatomy find a way to give Alex closure about Izzie? —Sharon
Not on Shonda Rhimes’ watch. The boss lady tells me she has no plans to tie up the loose ends of the Alex-Izzie love story. “It’s going to linger,” she says. “And I actually feel good about it lingering because [it means] Alex is left with unfinished business. And that’s going to be very interesting for his character.” READ FULL STORY


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