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'The Challenge': Relive all the most insane challenges -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

The Challenge embarks on its 25th season Thursday night. During its storied run, the Real World- and (RIP) Road Rules-fueled reality competition has documented attempted murder (in the air!) and marred mammaries, showmantic sexytimes and “$#!@ They Should Have Shown,” cactus punching and catcalling… and that’s barely scratching the surface. As even the most casual viewer knows, The Challenge blazed a gloriously bonkers trail that’s changed the landscape of competitive reality TV.

But have you ever seen all the best moments in one place?

In five minutes, you can say yes to that question with as much swagger as CT at a gulag. Behold! The ultimate reward for die-hard fans (exclusively by MTV for EW): An epic — and I am not using that term lightly — supercut of the show’s most insane challenges and unforgettable moments.

Feast your eyes, Challenge lovers! READ FULL STORY

'The Challenge': Frank and Cooke get handsy in never-before-seen clip -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Any loyal Challenge viewer knows lots of shenanigans go down when the kids aren’t on the battlefield. In this exclusive, never-before-seen clip, Frank and Cooke take part in some of those shenanigans. Somewhere between circus camp-style tandem yoga poses, Frank’s declaration, “I’m walking you by your vagina,” and a good old-fashioned pantsing, it’s unclear whether the twosome ever really pinpoints what exactly the endgame is in this bizarro training ritual.

Then again, considering San Diego 2 alum Frank and Las Vegas 2 roomie Cooke have both identified as bisexual in the past, perhaps it’s a newfangled mating dance? Is this what the kids consider courting these days? Judge for yourself below, then sound off in the comments. (I could use the insight!)

'The Challenge': And so it begins... with an abduction? -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

As the competitors on Rivals II head into what’s sure to be another grueling (possibly even life-threatening, if past seasons are any indicator) final challenge, they all have their fears. For starters, Cara Maria is understandably antsy about anything swimming, Wes thinks a relocation to Tokyo will take away the environmental training he and partner CT have done to give themselves an edge, and CT feels vulnerable at the prospect of being bested by Johnny Bananas yet again. But once the production van is stopped by masked men in the Thai jungle, all those worries are out the window… watch below.

'The Challenge': Diem's downfall? -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Could tonight be the end of Diem? In a crippling turnabout, the control-freak Challenger finds herself defensively trying to crawl out of an elimination hole this week. Her desperate maneuvering sets off a domino effect of friction with competitor Jemmye and widespread doubt over on-again boyfriend CT’s motives in rekindling their showmance. If you’re not busy mopping up tears over the possibility that even true(ish) love is a pawn in CT’s game, watch the fireworks between Diem and Jemmye below.

'The Challenge': Wes and Johnny fight, but CT wins -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Wait, if Wes and Johnny get in a fight, how is it that CT emerges the winner?

While you probably already expected some sort of brawl on tonight’s episode of The Challenge: Rivals II, now we know who is involved: perennial Challenge-ers Wes and Johnny. But CT isn’t one to stay out of a good fight — and once he enters, Johnny looks a little worried, because we all know CT isn’t above throwing a punch.

Check out the exclusive sneak peek below:

'The Challenge': Camila goes Bananas on Johnny (again) -- VIDEO

It’s The Camila-nator. You had to know she’d be back.

Though we can’t say what went down before the start of this exclusive clip that made Camila feel like she’d been “crucified,” we can say the results including her storming around the Challenge house with such rage that ex-boyfriend Johnny Bananas compares her to an angel dust-addled perp from COPS. Even CT is cowering! And when the cactus-puncher is ducking for cover, you know there’s trouble afoot. Watch below. READ FULL STORY

'The Challenge': A shocking development -- VIDEO

This certainly isn’t the first time tears have been shed during a challenge, but Nany and Jonna’s jaunt through an electrified obstacle course on tonight’s Rivals II is so wimpy that fellow competitor Frank deems it “the most pathetic show[ing] I’ve ever seen on a Challenge,” and host TJ Lavin calls it “pitiful” (while holding a foofy little white dog, no less!). By the end of the exclusive clip below, you might be crying too — from laughter.

'The Challenge': How annoying?! -- VIDEO

CT annoying? Noooo! (Okay, I might be biased.) On tonight’s episode of The Challenge: Rivals II, the men are tasked with identifying each other’s most irritating habits, Newlywed Game-style. It’s no surprise to discover that most of the bros aren’t very in tune with their partners’ feelings. But this game comes with a price — each incorrect answer send the Challenger’s teammate plunging into piranha-infested waters. (Truth: There are actually no piranhas in the water, but a girl can dream!) Click through to see what Wes finds most grating about CT — it’s probably not what you’d think… READ FULL STORY

'The Challenge': Hashtags can hurt, y'all -- VIDEO

The Challenge‘s resident trash-talker Wes doesn’t just get burned by the Thailand sun on this week’s episode. After Wes annoys romantic rival-turned-roommate Leroy tonight, a fed-up group of housemates decides to fashion an effigy and have a little fun at the ginger gigolo’s expense. Watch our exclusive clip below to see what happens when hashtags attack…

'The Challenge': Attack of the killer tomato sauce -- VIDEO

Tonight’s episode of The Challenge: Rivals II is called “Mortuusequusphobia.” Now, you might be wondering, What is mortuusequusphobia? Well, for Georgia peach Jemmye, it’s 57 varieties of horror. Yes, TV fans, Jemmye has a shriek-inducing fear of ketchup — a phobia that low blow-throwing ex-boyfriend Knight has absolutely zero qualms about exploiting. Like an average episode of MTV’s long-running reality hybrid, the confrontation in question begins with your run-of-the-mill murder threats… and then things get really twisted. Watch the red terror below. READ FULL STORY

'The Challenge': Girls just want to have feud -- VIDEO

Just so we’re all on the same page, calling someone a stripper is not a compliment. The proof’s in this exclusive clip of Trishelle lobbing the S-word at Aneesa on tonight’s Challenge. Those are fighting words coming from someone who guest-starred in a Dr. Steve-O episode entitled “In the Name of Fart.” In response, Aneesa serves the 2013 version of “Talk to the hand” — right in Trishelle’s grill. Check it out below. READ FULL STORY

'The Challenge': CT and Frank face off, lose their shirts -- VIDEO

Today’s exclusive clip brought to you by sex, lies, and grilled cheese. In Wednesday night’s episode of The Challenge, when Frank confronts CT about his flirtation (or was it  more?) with Anastasia, things quickly get salty — and I’m not just talking about the ham in that sandwich.

Below, check out two of The Challenge‘s most explosive personalities get up in each other’s grills, taking a late-night snack from zero to “I’ll murder you!” in 98 seconds flat. Fair warning/enticement: This clip is not for those with a deep attachment to clothing, but it does serve up plenty for fans craving an eyeful of CT’s six-pack.

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