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Watch Diem Brown's 'Challenge' castmates recall her most powerful moment in 'We <3 Diem'

When The Challenge veteran Diem Brown died on Nov. 14, she left behind dozens of castmates who had seen not only the devastation of her three battles with cancer but also her resilience during the eight years since she joined the show in 2006.

For Brown’s Challenge competitors, there was no more powerful testament to her character than one moment during The Duel. Still growing out her hair from a grueling round of chemotherapy, Brown boldly took off her wig to compete in a swimming Challenge. She ended up winning the race. Recalls castmate Paula Meronek Beckert, “I think that was the first time she was vulnerable to everyone—but empowering herself in the same way.”

Beckert was joined by many of Brown’s Challenge pals (including Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, Aneesa Ferreira, Wes Bergmann, and Cara Maria Sorbello) for MTV’s tribute special We <3 Diem, and EW can exclusively preview their memories from that day in 2007. READ FULL STORY

MTV sets date for 'The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II,' dedicates season to Diem Brown and Ryan Knight

Never has the title of MTV’s The Challenge been more crushingly poignant. As the series enters its 26th season, the show also mourns the loss of veterans Diem Brown and Ryan Knight, who died within weeks of one another in November.

EW can exclusively reveal that The Challenge is dedicating its next season Battle of the Exes II (premiering Jan. 6, 2015, at 11 p.m. ET) to Brown and Knight, who died Nov. 27 at the age of 29. Both competed in Exes II, Diem with former on-screen love Chris “CT” Tamburello and Knight with his ex (and former Real World: New Orleans housemate) Jemmye Carroll.

MTV is also honoring Brown with a We <3 Diem special on Tuesday, Dec. 9, at 9 p.m. ET. A passionate and outspoken advocate for women’s health, the eight-time Challenge competitor collapsed during filming in September and ultimately lost her third battle with cancer on Nov. 14 at the age of 34. “Since debuting on MTV’s The Challenge in 2006 and battling cancer three times in the public eye, Diem Brown has become a role model for her courage and positivity to thousands of fans,” the network said in a statement. “We’ve followed her through her unwavering attempts to win a Challenge and her infamous on/off relationship with fellow cast mate and longtime love CT, while simultaneously combating her disease off-camera. In We <3 Diem, we look back at Diem’s powerful journey, giving tribute to her perseverance and strength through it all.” READ FULL STORY

'The Challenge' competitors name their all-time favorite 'S#!@ They Should Have Shown' moments

The Challenge: Free Agents wrapped Thursday night, with a reunion that showed some unseen footage from the past season. But those unaired moments are just the tip of the iceberg for one of reality TV’s craziest shows. We spoke to a few of the most notorious fan-favorite Challengers about their off-camera antics. No surprise here: There are plenty of hook-ups, pranks, and… cheerleading?

Check out the, uh, stuff MTV should have shown below. READ FULL STORY

Tension escalates as 'The Challenge' finalists claw their way to the top -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

When The Challenge doles out yet another mountain-climbing final to the Free Agents, two teams quickly take the lead—but that’s not to say it’s smooth scaling.

As an unlikely lady finds herself within striking distance of the cash, two cramping legs get in the way of $125,000 pretty quickly for one guy on the verge of quitting. Below, find out who’s on the ascent and who’s hitting an all-time low. READ FULL STORY

Video exclusive: Nany crumbles under pressure on 'The Challenge'

Last week’s Challenge ended on quite a cliffhanger, as an elimination bout pitted an injured Cara Maria against former best friend Laurel.

As the contestants face a new day, the results of that head-to-head clash (or hand-to-fractured-hand clash, more accurately) have affected Nany the most. Which Free Agent will step up to coach her on dealing with the pressure of the impending final? In a rare moment of humility, this vet admits he’s had his own anxieties throughout the course of the game, so you might be surprised.

A warning: Don’t watch the video if you don’t want a spoiler about the outcome of Cara and Laurel’s match-up. READ FULL STORY

'The Challenge': Talk to the (busted) hand -- EXCLUSIVE

Which injury will have greater consequences as The Challenge heads into its homestretch: Cara Maria’s fractured hand, or her seemingly irreparable rift with former bestie Laurel?

On the next episode of Free Agents, Cara returns to the Challenge house the morning after a physical elimination battle sent her to the hospital. Through tears, she frets over how her damaged middle finger (how appropriate!) could jeopardize her chances of making it to the final.

Soon enough, sadness morphs into anger as trash talk about Laurel (who just happens to be eavesdropping) heats up. The question is, once the Amazonian Laurel confronts Cara, will the punk pixie have to worry about more than just her hand getting hurt? Watch below.


'Free Agents': A 'Challenge' house divided -- EXCLUSIVE

In booze-o veritas?

As the Free Agents head out to a bar on the next episode of The Challenge, the kids are feeling all the emotions. Even as Teresa and Cara Maria have a love fest, others in the house are drinking the Haterade (spiked with Uruguayan whisky, no doubt) and talking trash. Well, everyone except Johnny. In what might be the craziest thing ever to  happen on the show, a Challenger refuses to drink. The apocalypse must be imminent.

But back to the drama: Who has a vendetta against Cara? And which guy refuses to have Teresa’s back?

Find out (and see a little CT dance floor action) below. READ FULL STORY

'The Challenge': And the 'Free Agents' in the season's first love triangle are... -- EXCLUSIVE

Nany Nany’s boo boo?

What happened in Vegas may have stayed there, but Nany has some Uruguayan transgressions to confess on the next Free Agents.

After yet another night of antics at the Challenge house, Cohutta naively asks his crush, “Did I miss anything cool last night?” She waits a beat before saying, “Well… besides everybody in the house hooking up, ummm….” And, yes, Nany means everybody in the house.

So which guy’s underwear does CT find strewn across a daybed, apparently removed in the middle of a romp with Nany? Find out below. READ FULL STORY

'The Challenge' exclusive sneak peek: 'I thought boobs were good with poles...'

The Free Agents get grilled tonight in what may be one of the most bizarre competitions in the history of The Challenge. (And, as any fan knows, there have been many insane challenges.)

Somewhere between getting wrapped in cellophane, rolling over a “hot grill,” and tumbling through some tomatoes, the lady competitors show surprising sides of themselves. So, which frontrunner starts to struggle? Which badass may secretly share Jemmye’s fear of ketchup? And who gets her sizable mammaries caught in the grill and utters these timeless words: “I thought boobs were good with poles”?

Watch below to find out.


'The Challenge': See how a wild night leads to a watch-your-back day

Looks like Jordan is set on making yet another enemy in the Challenge house.

After a crazy night out, the Free Agents fall guy cuddles with showmantic partner Laurel and reflects on a conflict brewing between him and one “unpredictable” competitor, whom Jordan accuses of being “caught up with playing the role of… tough guy.” So which vet has Jordan ticked off now? (Hint: He’s a heavy hitter… or puncher, as it were.)

Find out below — just after Jessica proves she’s even mouthier than we thought.


'The Challenge': Will Jordan be the new 'Free Agents' fall guy? -- VIDEO

The latest Free Agents finds big talker Jordan set up to take a fall.

In a team challenge, the former Real World: Portland roommate is quite literally hanging by a thread. (Or, you know, a ropes course, because this is The Challenge — where everything is super-macho-rawrrrrr.) Will an untimely plunge be a surefire ticket to the elimination round?

Watch to see whether Jordan can pull it together, and what Challenge sage Johnny Bananas has to say about it all. READ FULL STORY

New 'Challenge' promo: 'The stakes don't get any higher' as season 25 hits its back half -- VIDEO

Thursday sees the Free Agents on this Challenge get over the hump — but that doesn’t mean season 25 will be all downhill in its back half.

EW can exclusively premiere a new midseason supertease that, like any Challenge promo, has more than its fair share of blood, sweat, and tears. As Johnny Bananas foreshadows, “The stakes don’t get any higher.” Hook-ups will be up even hotter, the Challengers’ superhuman bodies will continue to crumble from overexertion, murder will be threatened, and let’s not neglect to point out that CT will claim that one of his competitors “would eat her own child if she was hungry.”

Who exactly is this she-cannibal causing even Chris “I punched a cactus” Tamburello quaking in his boots? Find out below. READ FULL STORY

'The Challenge': Another day, another middle-finger salute -- VIDEO

We can tell you how this week’s exclusive clip from The Challenge: Free Agents ends — with Jessica storming out of the room, her middle finger defiantly raised in the air.

But how did the former Real World: Portland roommate get to that breaking point? Or, as it were, who got Jessica bird-flippin’ mad? (Hint: It’s a guy.) And what could this fellow Challenger have possibly done to inspire her to call him “inadequate”? Click through to find out. READ FULL STORY


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