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Oxygen cancels 'The Glee Project'

The Glee Project has been canceled, EW has confirmed.

The Oxygen reality show, which had contestants competing for a role on Fox’s Glee, will not return for a third season. A source close to the show told EW the decision was made several weeks ago and that it has nothing to do with the death of Glee star Cory Monteith.

The Glee Project will not be returning to Oxygen, but we are extremely proud of this series which launched the careers of several talented individuals. The show had so much heart and we thank Ryan Murphy and all of the creative talent who helped make the series a critical darling,” a network rep said in a statement.

Last season’s winner, Blake Jenner, originally won a seven-episode arc on Glee‘s fourth season, but actually wound up appearing in many more episodes and was recently promoted to a series regular for season 5. Glee actors Alex Newell, Samuel Larsen and Damian McGinty all also got their start on the reality show.

'Glee Project' to consider renewal


With Glee getting a surprise renewal for two more seasons, Oxygen is set to consider a renewal for its reality show spin-off The Glee Project.

The network will begin conversations about a potential third season, sources say.

Fox was bogged down in negotiations for a Glee renewal in recent weeks, and during that time the fate of The Glee Project seemed uncertain. And these new talks don’t necessarily mean the reality show will continue. But given that the Fox pickup is for two seasons, there does seem to be plenty of time to launch another round of the competition, which awards at least one winner with an arc on the Fox series.

'The Glee Project' isn't canceled, says Oxygen

Has the fat lady sung for Oxygen’s Glee tie-in reality show? Not quite.

Yesterday, TVLine cited sources saying that the cable network “will likely be forced to postpone or scrap the next season of The Glee Project,” a talent competition that rewards one (or two, or four) amateurs with an arc on Glee. Since Glee itself hasn’t yet been renewed for a fifth season, the spin-off’s supposed fate wasn’t a shock.

But according to a spokesperson for Oxygen, The Glee Project may yet live to see another season. “What TVLine reported was speculation,” the rep told EW. “The Glee Project has not been canceled” — or, at least not yet. Given last year’s ratings, a renewal does seem less than likely: While the show’s first season drew up to 1.27 million viewers in 2011, its second managed just 821,000 at its peak — and four episodes of its 11-episode season failed to attract even 400,000 pairs of eyeballs.

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'Glee Project' winner interview: 'There was so much excitement, I almost levitated'

winning,” he told EW this morning. But viewers couldn’t count out the Miami native, who impressed Ryan Murphy with his consistent performances and the fact that he was, as casting director Robert Ulrich said, “the best actor” in the group.

After a last-chance performance of “I’ll Be” — not to mention a surprise poem reading — a jubilant Jenner walked away with the seven-episode arc on the fourth season of the show. Jenner got on the phone with EW this morning to talk about his lack of sleep, why he read a poem, and what he hopes his Glee character gets to do next season (Watch out, Brittany/Santana shippers!)

BLAKE JENNER: I’m so excited, you have no idea. I’m so excited, and so thankful.

Did you sleep at all last night?
I didn’t sleep at all last night. I was talking to family and friends, both in L.A. and also in Miami, my hometown. I honestly got probably an hour and a half of sleep last night, but I’m still so stoked — I don’t even feel tired at all. The excitement is so unbelievable. READ FULL STORY

'Glee Project' exit shocker: Double elimination! 'Some people might not like it, but that's me'

The penultimate episode of The Glee Project was last night, so some surprises should have been expected. But coming off last season’s ‘everybody wins something!’ finale, last night’s twist was anything but a win-win. At the last-minute, Ryan Murphy decided to cut two contestants instead of one, sending just three to duke it out for the ultimate prize next week. After last-chance performances from all five, 18-year-old Lily Mae Harrington and 18-year-old Michael Weisman both found themselves singing the eliminated castoff song, “Keep Holding On,” as the credits rolled.

EW chatted up both Lily and Michael together on the phone today to find out about their version of Murphy’s Law, Michael’s nerdy side finally coming out, and whether Lily regrets anything she said on the show (and you won’t believe her new roommate!).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Quite a surprise last night! On the show, Blake said that the most likely scenario was all five of you guys going to the finale. Did  you all talk at all about how you thought the end game would be?
Michael: Oh yeah. We came up with every possible permutation, except the one that actually happened. READ FULL STORY

'The Glee Project' exit Q&A: 'I absolutely thought that Michael should have been in my place'

With just six contestants left, it was inevitable the eliminations were going to start feeling pretty shocking on The Glee Project. But last night, during Romanticality week, the bottom three threw everyone for a loop: Typical frontrunners Blake, Aylin and Shanna found out that one of them would be going home, and perpetual last-chance performer Michael lived to see another day.  Despite being the only one of the three who had never before sung for Ryan Murphy for a last chance, one performance of “Stronger” later and 22-year-old Shanna Henderson was The Glee Project’s latest causality.

Henderson got on the phone with EW to talk about her bottom three surprise, why she doesn’t regret her comments to Ryan Murphy about Michael, and the big difference between her and Aylin.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I was shocked you went home!
SHANNA HENDERSON: I was shocked at the moment. I wasn’t shocked I went home, but I was shocked at the combination of the bottom three. READ FULL STORY

'Glee Project' exit Q&A: 'Could things have been different...?'

Glee loves a good tribute episode (in fact, in the fall, they’ll be devoting another hour to Britney Spears). So it was no surprise that for Theatricality week on The Glee Project last night, the contestants all got a different musical icon to portray, and 20-year-old Nellie Veitenheimer got tasked with playing the not-so-innocent pop star.

Unfortunately, Theatricality week also meant the end of the road for Veitenheimer, who the judges often called out for her struggle to “pop” on camera and keep her energy up. Veitenheimer got on the phone with EW to talk Britney Spears, her confidence level, and why she’s a huge (somewhat secret) Gleek.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Last night’s episode was Theatricality. What was going through your mind when you found out you’d be portraying Britney Spears?
NELLIE VEITENHEIMER: Well, as you can see from watching the show, I about fell out of my chair. Because initially all I could think of was the really, really out-there outfits and the newer Britney Spears. I got really frustrated. But once I saw the outfit [from the “Baby, One More Time” era], I got pretty excited and she wound up being really fun to portray. READ FULL STORY

'Glee Project' exit Q&A: 'The pressure took a toll on all of us'

Is there anything more Glee-esque than a slushie? Last night’s Glee Project  treated the remaining contestants to slushies in the face for “Fearlessness” week. In addition, the whole gang filmed in bathing suits and had some drama in the recording studio.

For 23-year-old Charlie Lubeck, last night also meant the end of his Glee journey after being in the bottom three for the fourth time. Lubeck talked to EW today about his romance with fellow contestant Aylin, disagreeing with the judges and what an ice-cold slushie in the face feels like.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Tell me about getting hit in the face with slushies.
CHARLIE LUBECK: Well, it’s funny. Being slushied once per take, is actually pretty easy. It’s cold for a second, it’s sort of like fighting a revolution. You’ve got the gun, you shoot, then you’ve got a minute where you’re reloading and getting ready, so you have time to collect yourself. And the thing that actually hurts more is the thing in the episode with Ali, with people throwing a bunch at once, we all had to go through that, and it was probably one of the worst things I’ve ever felt in my life. It presses down on you, it freezes you from the outside in and you can’t breathe. It’s pain and sadness, really. READ FULL STORY

'The Glee Project' exit Q&A: 'I am not the villain'

This week on The Glee Project the theme was adaptability, and the contestants were definitely caught off-guard. Between having less prep time for their various projects to last-chance performances for the bottom six that turned out to be surprise duets, many in the group struggled to keep up.

At the end of the hour, it was 24-year-old Mario Bonds who was eliminated. The self-described ‘villain’ of the show talked to EW about his role on the program, his confrontations with the judges, and what’s next for the young entertainer who just happens to be blind.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Have you been keeping up with the show?
I think Tuesday’s episode was really hard, particularly hard for me.  It’s unfortunate that at this point in the competition, you’re in the fifth week, it really gets tricky. The competition is really narrowing and it was the wrong week for me to be caught in my head. And I was caught in my head. I made the choice, because I was stressed out over the theme and stuff, I made the choice not to ask Erik for clarification in his acting direction. For example, when Erik said [during the video shoot], “I need you to do it with more swag,’ I’m a blind actor so when you say stuff like that, it’s like, ‘What do you mean?’ So I failed to ask for more direction and I didn’t pop enough. I regret leaving during adaptability week because adapting is something I have to do as a performer in my real life all the time, and The Glee Project audience only saw a fraction of who I am. I am not the villain of the piece. And that’s sort of how I’ve been cast. In a nutshell, I’m a happy go lucky, goofy guy who can’t stop laughing. … I have mixed feelings over the episode. READ FULL STORY

'The Glee Project': Kevin McHale talks tonight's episode and season 4 of 'Glee'

Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

This week, Oxygen’s The Glee Project welcomes Kevin McHale, who of course plays Artie on Glee, to mentor the remaining contestants. Their lesson this week? “Adaptability,” which required the contestants to think on their feet. EW spoke to McHale about tonight’s episode — and didn’t hesitate to grill him for scoop on season 4 and even his thoughts on a Quinn/Artie romance.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Your theme is adaptability. What song did they have to do?
KEVIN MCHALE: They had to do Alanis Morissette… What Alanis Morissette song was it? The one about [oral sex] in a theater.

“You Oughta Know?”
“You Oughta Know” — that’s what I thought! My intention was to be as cruel as possible to them. READ FULL STORY

'The Glee Project' exit Q&A: 'I was worried about how to pull sexuality out of thin air'

Last night’s episode of The Glee Project focused on sexuality, which naturally brought its own share of drama. Charlie got called out for flirting with Aylin, and Michael got lost in his own head and wound up forgetting the lyrics. But at the end of the hour, it was 21-year-old Florida native Tyler Ford whose Glee journey came to an end.

Tyler spoke with EW about making friends, his struggles with displaying sexuality, and why he decided to audition for The Glee Project less than a year after transitioning from being a woman.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you see the episode last night?
TYLER FORD: Of course. I watched it with Abraham, as usual. [We didn’t know each other before the show but] we live together now. READ FULL STORY

'The Glee Project' exit Q&A: 'I could just feel that I wasn't really there'

Week two of The Glee Project started off with a twist. [SPOILER ALERT!] Early in the program, Taryn chose to leave the competition. But she wasn’t the only elimination during last night’s movement-based episode, “Dance-ability.” Dani Shay, a 23-year-old Florida native, was the second contestant to be sent packing. Shay spoke to EW and shed some light on Taryn’s shocking departure: “Taryn and I were pretty close that first week. We were both kind of raised in the hood, so we bonded over that. We sang together at night. I knew she was having a hard time adjusting — [being on this show] is a huge adjustment to make.”

Shay also talked to EW on dancing to LMFAO without any training, conflicting advice from the judges and Lea Michele, and what is next for her. READ FULL STORY

'The Glee Project' Exit Q&A: 'I guess I just wasn't what they were looking for at the time'

 The Glee Project kicked off its second season on June 5, and Ryan Murphy and Co. had to let somebody go first. Despite a strong last-chance performance of “Always on My Mind” by Willie Nelson, 23-year-old country crooner Maxfield Camp struggled with the one-on-one studio singing and hit the road. He clued us in about nerves, Lea Michele, his favorite contestants (“I like everyone, but Michael is my dude. I hope he makes it far”),  and what’s next for him.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you watch the episode last night? How was that?
I did. Going into it, I was a little bit nervous, but I had some friends and family over to watch and I think at the end [the judges] were supportive and I think I went out the best way possible.

In the episode last night, it seemed like you struggled a bit with singing in the studio. What was that experience like?
Yeah, it was really tricky. I don’t know what happened. For some reason, I couldn’t sing on key. I don’t know what the problem was and it definitely showed. By the end of it, I did get it, and I think the outcome of the song was really cool It just took me awhile to get there. So I think that’s why I took a spot [in the bottom three].



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