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InsideTV Podcast: Allie from 'Survivor' calls Shamar a 'disgrace'. Plus: We talk 'Girls' and 'The Good Wife'

Image Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Image Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Or a woman voted out first from her tribe on Survivor. We found that out first hand when Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs Favorites bootee Allie Pohevitz called into the InsideTV Podcast to discuss her time on the island. She wasn’t too happy about being labeled “not the cutest” by cuddle-partner Reynold, but she saved the bulk of her ire for dehydration-phobic Shamar, labeling him “disgusting” and a “disgrace.”  “I cannot stand that man,” she says in case there is any doubt as to her true feelings. Click on the audio player below to hear more as Allie explains her biggest mistake, shares what really happened between her and Reynold on the night vision cam, and reveals which of the Favorites she would have liked to work with had she lasted longer in the game. Also, Jessica Shaw and I share our early impressions of the season and why some of the Shamar scenes make us feel a little uncomfortable as viewers. [The Survivor chat and interview starts at 17:00.]

But first, Jessica and I discuss and debate some Sunday night scripted fare. Jessica is among the group of Girls fans that have serious issues with season 2 of the HBO comedy. She presents her list of problems with the show and explains what she thinks it needs to do to get back on track. Then, we take a good, hard look at The Good Wife. Has the show rebounded from another shaky season-opening storyline? Is Cary leaving the firm? Is he taking Kalinda with him? And what about that kiss between Alicia and Will? We break it all down as Jessica shares some scoop from the stars and creators as to what to expect next. [The Good Wife chat starts at 9:15.] READ FULL STORY

'The Good Wife': Carrie Preston talks quirky lawyer Elsbeth Tascioni

Is it too early to start an Emmy campaign? Carrie Preston reprised her role as the brilliant and funny Elsbeth Tascioni on last night’s The Good Wife. But Preston’s stint on the show doesn’t end there: Elsbeth returns in the March 3 episode where she continues to represent Eli Gold (Alan Cumming) in his case against the Department of Justice. Preston called up EW to chat about her role on the series and settle once and for all: Is Elsbeth a secret genius?  READ FULL STORY

'The Good Wife' cast stuns in slick new promo shots -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

Holy hot people, Batman!

The Good Wife cast is already one of the best-dressed casts on TV but even they stepped up their game for this new batch of promotional photos, which EW has an exclusive first peek at: (Click below.) READ FULL STORY

'The Good Wife': T.R. Knight talks about his 'calculating' character, teases clash with Eli -- VIDEO

T.R. Knight is back on TV! But as the former Grey’s Anatomy actor explains in this week’s Spoiler Room video, the character he plays in The Good Wife, young politico Jordan Karahalios, who debuted in Sunday’s episode, is a far from George O’Malley. In fact, he’s downright “off-putting,” Knight says.

Click below for our chat, where he goes into more detail and answers more teasy questions — some of which you submitted via Twitter. READ FULL STORY

'The Good Wife': Matthew Perry to return

There will likely be no objections to this news: Matthew Perry is returning to The Good Wife. CBS announced that Perry —  who’s been busy starring on freshman NBC comedy Go On — will reprise his guest role as Mike Kresteva, the slimy attorney and adversary of Alicia (Julianna Marguiles) who plans to run against her husband, Peter (Chris Noth), for governor.

Perry’s episode is slated to air in early 2013.

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‘The Good Wife': TV’s Hottest Guest Gig
‘Good Wife’ star Josh Charles on his directorial debut, tonight’s ‘The Art of War’ episode

'Good Wife' star Josh Charles on his directorial debut, tonight's 'The Art of War' episode

Tonight’s episode of The Good Wife (CBS, 9:30 p.m. ET) marks series regular Josh Charles’ directorial debut. It’s an hour that, in addition to the show’s regular cast, features recurring guests Nathan Lane, Maura Tierney, Denis O’Hare, Kristin Chenoweth, and Amanda Peet, who makes her first appearance as Capt. Hellinger, a female military officer accusing a civilian contractor of attempting to rape her in Afghanistan. The case is brought to Lockhart Gardner through Judge Kuhn (Linda Emond). Brian Dennehy also appears as Alicia’s opposing counsel, the wonderfully named Bucky. We talked to Charles, who lost sleep and weight pulling double-duty, about his move behind-the-camera and what we can expect from “The Art of War.”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I love the promo for this episode: “No other drama on television brings together stars like this all in one episode.” Was it just luck that you got this hour, or did you ask for it?
JOSH CHARLES: I was supposed to direct last year, and that didn’t happen. So this year, I thought the plan was I was going to fall in the middle of the schedule. But Robert and Michelle King [the show's creators] called and said, “How you do feel about doing six? The way things are working, it could be kinda great.” The cast just became phenomenal. It was a little nerve-wracking going into it just thinking wow, this is a lot of talent that’s being assembled here for this 42 minutes of television. [Laughs] I’ve learned no matter how much you prepare, there’s always a moment of just like, “Okay, hope I don’t f— it up.” I’ve certainly experienced it as an actor, and I’ve experienced it for the first time as a director. READ FULL STORY

'The Good Wife': Get ready for the show's most scandalous scene yet!

Image Credit: Jeffrey Neira

You’d expect shows on youth-oriented networks like The CW or Fox to push the boundaries of sexual content on network television, but The Good Wife on stodgy old CBS has never been shy either. Two years ago, the legal drama aired a guy-on-gal oral sex scene between Peter and Alicia Florrick, and tonight’s episode features another incident that somehow slipped by network censors. I won’t spoil the details, but let’s just say it involves Kalinda, her (recently reunited with) husband, and…um, ice cream. If what I think is happening in the scene actually happens, well, let’s just say it is definitely a first on network TV. On this week’s InsideTV Podcast, Jessica Shaw and I tease that scene and break down all the new faces on the show.

How do we feel about the introduction of Mr. Kalinda? Why are we loving Nathan Lane as the firm’s new trustee? And what can we tell you about Maura Tierney’s debut on the show tonight? We’ve seen the next two episodes so we can tell you plenty! (If you want to skip straight to The Good Wife discussion, it begins at 20:30.)

That’s not all that’s on the menu. I also interview recently-ousted Survivor castoff Angie Layton and ask her how she feels about being clapped at by host Jeff Probst and having tribemate Russell Swan dismiss her as a “little girl.” Good stuff for all you Survivor fans out there. And we also invite dancemaster extraordinaire Annie Barrett back on to the program to discuss Dancing With the Stars: All Stars. Annie is loving the new season and puts her prognosticating prowess on the line by picking a winner. (The DWTS chat starts at 32:30.) READ FULL STORY

InsideTV Podcast: Angie from 'Survivor' talks about being clapped at by Jeff Probst

Image Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

In most circumstances, clapping is something one does to show approval of someone else’s actions — like when a person throws a touchdown pass or nails a ballet recital. But that’s not what it meant when Survivor’s Jeff Probst clapped at poor Angie Layton during Tribal Council after she talked about wanting cookies. No, Jeff’s repeated palm strikes — while accompanied by an admonishment to “Wake up!” was something else altogether. And I asked Angie just how she felt about that treatment on the newest edition of the InsideTV Podcast. I also asked her how she felt about Russell Swan condescendingly referring to her as “little girl” at last night’s Tribal Council. Oh, and then there’s Roxy! Angie has plenty to say about Roxy. You’ll be treated to all that and more —like whether she and Malcolm really were a couple or not — by clicking on the audio player icon below.

But we’re talking much more than just Survivor. Jessica Shaw joins me to chat about the new season of The Good Wife. How are we feeling about the appearance of Kalinda’s husband? Why are we totally digging Nathan Lane as the firm’s new trustee? And what can we tell you about Maura Tierney’s debut on the show this coming Sunday? We’ve seen the next two episodes so can tell you plenty! (If you want to skip straight to The Good Wife discussion, it begins at 20:30.)

Then we call in dancing fool Annie Barrett to break down the new season of the somewhat repetitively titled Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars. Ratings for the show are down sharply, but Annie tells us why she is loving the new (meaning old) cast of returnees. And she puts her prognosticating prowess on the line by picking a winner. (The DWTS chat starts at 32:30.) READ FULL STORY

'Good Wife' co-creator Robert King teases what's to come this season

The Good Wife returns Sunday night (CBS, 9 p.m. ET), and while we’re all eager to meet Kalinda’s estranged husband Nick (check out our scoop on him here, and find out who was behind the door in the clip below), there’s more to look forward to in season 4.

• The arrival of Nathan Lane. We’ll also meet his recurring character, the firm’s appointed trustee Clarke Hayden, in the season premiere. “He becomes a foil to everyone, but primarily Diane and Will,” co-creator Robert King says. “We’ve been studying a lot about law firm bankruptcies, and when you want to restructure to give yourself relief from your creditors, sometimes a bank or court will order in a trustee. A trustee is someone who represents the creditors’ interest, and he or she is brought in above the managers, or the partners in this case. He basically can veto any decisions of the partners.” It’s an especially interesting time for Will, who’ll be practicing again now that his suspension is over. “Because they are in this kind of bankruptcy limbo where they have to make a certain amount to pay off the creditors in a certain amount of time, it’s a very bad time to find a conscience. Just like we’re all struggling with that in this economy: How much do you let your ethics lead, and how much do you let your pragmatism lead? Will’s gonna be struggling with that almost daily.” And don’t forget about David Lee. “David Lee’s someone who has new clout given this bankruptcy and the fact that family law is doing so well. Given the world of Lockhart Gardner and how much it’s struggling, David Lee is a commodity and will have a lot of confrontations with the Nathan Lane character.” READ FULL STORY

'Good Wife' casting: 'West Wing' star is Alicia's mom -- EXCLUSIVE

What actress is strong enough to play Alicia’s mom on The Good Wife?

How about a former First Lady? Stockard Channing has been cast in the CBS drama as the mother of Julianna Margulies’ character. Channing will appear in at least one episode during the upcoming fourth season. Alicia’s mother is described as mercurial and influenced by her 1960s counterculture youth.

Best known for her role as First Lady Abbey Bartlet on NBC’s The West Wing, Channing has appeared in numerous films and TV shows, such as the original 1978 Grease (Rizzo!) and her own Stockard Channing Show in 1980. The Good Wife returns to CBS this Sunday, Sept. 30.

Christina Ricci to guest on 'Good Wife'

With Christina Ricci’s Pan Am having crashed at ABC, the actress is landing on another Sunday night show next season.

In her first announced TV gig since the ABC drama, CBS says Ricci will guest star on an upcoming episode of The Good Wife. The actress will play a controversial comedienne needing the help of Julianna Margulies’ law firm on the show.

The CBS drama, returning Sept. 30, recently saw the exit of new hire Kristin Chenoweth from the set after the actress was injured by a piece of falling lighting equipment.

'The Good Wife': Archie Panjabi and the Kings talk the 'risky' business of Kalinda's husband


CBS has released a juicy promo for The Good Wife‘s Sept. 30 return in which we see Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) and her estranged husband Nick (British actor Marc Warren) get handsy — both in the bedroom and at the office (fight scene!). Watch it below. You definitely see why creators Robert and Michelle King have referenced Fifty Shades of Grey when talking about the relationship. Chatting recently with EW, Panjabi admitted she’s both excited and nervous to see how the audience reacts to it. “I think Marc and I as actors have made risky choices with risky material,” she says. “It’s interesting, it’s sexy, it’s edgy, it’s dangerous, it’s violent, it’s intimate. It’s so many different things rolled into one.” READ FULL STORY

Is there really a 'Good Wife'/'Fringe' Red Vines conspiracy?

Is Fringe‘s Walter Bishop getting legal advice from The Good Wife‘s Alicia Florrick? It could happen in a parallel universe, but what are the chances we’ll see a crossover episode in this dimension? Some TV conspiracy theorists think they’ve found the hidden sign that points to yes — Red Vines. Beth Kushnick, set decorator for The Good Wife, sets the record straight on the candy connection.



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