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Clara Mamet on her movie, having aliens for 'Neighbors' and her famous last name -- EXCLUSIVE CLIP

You might recognize Clara Mamet from her ABC show The Neighbors, which is about keeping up with the Joneses—if the Joneses were aliens. (Much like Keeping Up with the Kardashiansexcept Neighbors is scripted.) Or you might recognize her because she looks quite a bit like her sister Zosia Mamet, who plays Shoshanna on Girls. (Yep, that makes her another daughter of David Mamet.)

But soon, you may recognize her from movies as well. Mamet just wrote, directed and starred in her first film, Two-Bit Waltz, an autobiographical jaunt that features William H. Macy (Fargo), Rebecca Pigeon (Red), and Jared Gilman (Moonrise Kingdom). We stopped to catch up with the 19-year-old to discuss her movie, what it’s like having aliens for neighbors, and whether we can expect to see a Mamet Sisters project anytime soon. We also got a sneak peek at tonight’s episode of The Neighbors; check below to watch.


'Full House' stars Candace Cameron and Scott Weinger to reunite on 'The Neighbors'

The Neighbors is staging a Full House reunion!

EW has confirmed that Candace Cameron Bure and Scott Weinger — who played teenage lovebirds DJ and Steve, respectively, on the ’90s ABC sitcom — are set to reunite on The Neighbors, playing new visitors to the alien neighborhood. The episode in which they appear is set to air as the season finale.

Weinger is a writer on The Neighbors and Cameron Bure, who in recent years has appeared in a number of TV movies, just published her second book.

The Neighbors is currently in its second season, airing Fridays on ABC. The next new episode airs Feb. 28.

This news comes only a few weeks after Full House‘s John Stamos, Bob Saget, and Dave Coulier reunited in an Oikos Super Bowl commercial.

Jerry Springer, 'Office' UK alum to visit 'The Neighbors' -- EXCLUSIVE

A couple of guest stars coming to the neighborhood.

First up, EW has learned that Jerry Springer will appear in the season premiere of ABC’s The Neighbors, playing a virtual moderator (sort of like a Siri hologram). No word on how the part is weaved into the story, but this show takes place in the weirdest neighborhood on TV, so the possibilities are endless.

Meanwhile, EW has also learned that Lucy Davis, of The Office UK fame, is set to appear in the third episode of the season playing a character named Helen, an elegantly dressed and very proper British woman who inherits a fast food restaurant in a divorce settlement. As new owner, Helen crosses paths with Jackie, who starts working there this season (yes, outside the community!)  and is aiming for a promotion. The problem? “An incident” will apparently affect the possibility of Jackie getting a raise she seeks.

The Neighbors returns Sept. 20 on ABC.

'The Neighbors': How do the Zabvronian aliens have sex? EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


As we’ve learned on ABC’s comedy The Neighbors, the Zabvronian aliens do everything a little bit differently than their new human neighbors. For example, the Zabvronians cry green tears from their ears instead of clear ones from their eyes and nourish their bodies by reading…books. And the list goes on and on.

In this week’s new episode of The Neighbors, viewers will be find out another of the Zabvronians oddities, one that’s a little bit more interesting — specifically, how they have sex. EW has an exclusive clip from tomorrow’s episode — which airs at 8:30 p.m. and is cleverly named “50 Shades of Green” — that previews the big reveal about the alien sex. (Hint: Just like how they eat, alien sex is a little bit more cerebral than humans.)

Watch as alien Larry Bird (Simon Templeman) begins to explain to human Marty Weaver (Lenny Venito) how their species does it below:


'The Middle,' 'The Neighbors': Want a sneak peek at their second episodes? -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Despite some debate whether The Neighbors was fall’s craziest new show, the ABC half-hour pulled in a decent amount of viewers and, surprisingly, didn’t rattle our TV critic Ken Tucker’s cage too much. Heck, he said it wasn’t the worst new show of the fall season, at any rate, and seemed intrigued at what episode 2 might deliver.

Up until now, not even critics have seen anything beyond the first episode. So the question remains: What will be in episode 2 of The Neighbors? Well, we have some answers for you. EW has an exclusive sneak peek from tomorrow night’s new episode. In “Journey to the Center of the Mall,” the human Weaver family takes the alien family, the Bird-Kersees, to their first outing beyond Hidden Hills when they hit the mall to shop for back-to-school clothes. The clip below features an interrogation session between the human parents and the alien parents, before devolving into a pretty funny joke about Transformers director Michael Bay.

As a bonus, EW has an exclusive clip from Neighbor‘s lead-in comedy, The Middle, too, and it’s a doozy. Turns out, Frank-e Heck (Patricia Heaton) is getting fired from the car dealership in tomorrow night’s episode, appropriately titled “The Second Act.” Why is she being let go? Watch the clip below — as well as The Neighbors clip — to find out:


ABC's 'The Neighbors': The story behind fall's craziest new show

ABC’s The Neighbors concerns a family that moves into a community…full of human-looking aliens…who communicate via something called a Pupar…and cry green goo from their ears. Yep, you’re thinking: Did TV time-travel back to 1996, when “wacky” sitcoms (see: 3rd Rock From the Sun) were all the rage?

How’d the season’s oddest new comedy come to be? Looking for answers, we grilled everyone who helped bring The Neighbors (which debuts tonight at 9:30 p.m., before moving to 8:30 p.m. starting Oct. 3) to life to discover how this wild concept — Pupar and all — landed on Earth.

Inspired by his mother’s condo development, Cars screenwriter Dan Fogelman — alongside producer Chris Koch — shopped the alien-human idea My Fellow Zabrovians (as it was then titled) to the networks, and Fox bought it. But after the writers’ strike hit in November 2007, the show’s development languished — and died — before a pilot was produced.
DAN FOGELMAN: It was fun going around town pitching people and seeing who we could stun out of the room and who would take it. My pitch for the show was, “We’re going to do the first season of The Cosby Show.”
CHRIS KOCH: Sometimes it’s just the genre — aliens — that makes us a target.
FOGELMAN: Alien comedy is a genre of storytelling that’s only been done four times [successfully] on television in 50 years: ALF, Mork & Mindy, 3rd Rock From the Sun, and My Favorite Martian. To those who are quick to dismiss [The Neighbors], the only thing I say to them is, There are 15 alien movies that come out every summer. So what’s the problem?


Stacy Keach moves into ABC's 'The Neighbors' -- EXCLUSIVE

Someone new is moving into the neighborhood!

EW has learned exclusively that veteran actor Stacy Keach will play Lenny Venito’s (Marty Weaver) dad on the ABC sitcom The Neighbors. The 71-year-old will make his debut in the show’s Thanksgiving episode in what will be a very “interesting” turkey day for the Weavers. ABC is currently casting the role of Weaver’s mother.

Keach is perhaps most famous for his role in the Fox sitcom Titus, where he played the lewd father of comedian Christopher Titus. He has also appeared in a number of films, including The Bourne Legacy, the biopic W, and American History X. Here’s hoping Thanksgiving doesn’t end with a curb stomp!

The Neighbors premieres on Sept. 26. Watch the trailer below:


ABC defends WTF alien sitcom 'The Neighbors'


Every season there’s one show that critics start piling on long before it premieres. This round it’s ABC’s The Neighbors, the aliens-next-door sitcom that has inspired the entertainment industry and viewers to exclaim a collective “WTF?!”

I suspect viewers will rate a few other new broadcast comedies this fall as far worse (such as ABC’s Malibu Country*). The Neighbors is not without cleverness, and sure doesn’t lack for ambition. I’ve found a few defensive-sounding fans of the pilot out there (not me, but others). The whole premise is just so … so … goofy, and such a throwback to old school sitcoms like 3rd Rock from the Sun and Alf, that it’s more jarring as a concept than it is terrible as a show (if that make sense). Naturally, ABC entertainment president Paul Lee is one of the fans.

“I love The Neighbors,” he told critics at their semi-annual press tour in Beverly Hills. “I know there’s some issues in the room about the high-concept nature of the show.” READ FULL STORY


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