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NBC announces 'The Office' retrospective special

NBC will air a special one-hour The Office retrospective on Thursday, May 16, directly before the sitcom concludes its nine-season run with its one-hour series finale. NBC News is producing the special, which will include interviews with executive producers Greg Daniels, Paul Lieberstein, and Ben Silverman, as well as actors John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Rainn Wilson, Mindy Kaling, Ed Helms, Angela Kinsey, Craig Robinson, Oscar Nunez and B.J. Novak. (Steve Carell was not available to sit for a farewell interview.)

In addition, the program will include footage of early actor auditions — Adam Scott could’ve been Jim, people! — relive favorite moments, and give a behind-the-scenes tour of the finale.

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'The Office' debuts farewell web series featuring Will Ferrell, more -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

The end of The Office is accelerating toward us faster than, well, something between a snake and a mongoose. To honor it properly, Office star John Krasinski has produced a 10-episode web series that NBC will roll out over the next few weeks.

In the first, which is available below exclusively on, we sit down for lunch with Will Ferrell, who pays tribute to his time on the show, when he played Deangelo Vickers. (The lunch part wasn’t exactly planned, as you’ll see.)

Upcoming installments will feature interviews with other memorable guest stars, as well as some longtime Dunder Mifflin favorites. Watch below, and for more scoop on the Office series finale, airing May 16 at 9 p.m., click here.

'The Office,' 'Revolution,' 'Castle,' 'Game of Thrones': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Happy Hump Day, readers. 

Sorry I don’t have much time to chat; I’m working on a super secret project that I have to keep super secret just a little while longer before sharing it with you. But definitely keep an eye on my Twitter account for some upcoming exciting news.

In the meantime, enjoy this week’s scoopfest, join me in shrieking with joy about this week’s cover, and please continue sending in your great questions to


When Erin first came on the scene at the Office, I was convinced they were setting her up to be Mrs. Andy Bernard. But their romance has certainly unfolded differently than I expected, especially in the last few weeks, as we saw Erin break it off with Andy so she could be with Pete.

But will the two find their way back to each other before the end of the season? READ FULL STORY

'The Office' cast and boss tease series finale

How do you bring an iconic, nearly decade-old comedy series to a close? That was the huge task assigned to Office showrunner and executive producer Greg Daniels, and as one might expect, he didn’t take the responsibility lightly.

“There are so many great characters that we all really cared about, so the biggest task was finding a story structure where they could have stories inside of it that would pay off and fit it all into the time frame,” he told EW last night at the show’s series-finale wrap party, which took place just hours after the show shot its final scene. “These characters have been in my head taking up room for 10 years … so it was personally important to me that I figure out what their end and closure was.”

Mission accomplished, at least according to Daniels’ cast. “Erin has a spectacular end that I can’t really tell you about,” teased Ellie Kemper. “It involves some amazing people that I also can’t tell you about, but I’m really happy with how we see her in the last episode. … Basically my wishes for her send-off came true.” READ FULL STORY

David Brent lives! Ricky Gervais revives 'Office' boss -- VIDEO

Steve Carell may have no interest in bringing back Michael Scott — but his counterpart across the pond apparently has no such qualms.

The Office creator Ricky Gervais has revived David Brent — the obnoxious, needy boor at the center of the show’s original British incarnation — for a short “mini episode” called The Office Revisited. “It has been 10 years since we last saw David Brent,” Gervais explained in a statement. “I thought it was time to revisit my most famous comedy creation to find out what he’s been up to for the last decade and most importantly what he’s up to now.” Check out a teaser for David’s triumphant return below:


Steve Carell to appear on 'Pawn Stars' -- EXCLUSIVE

And for his next Hollywood trick, Steve Carell will magically appear on… Pawn Stars! The former anchor of The Office – and star of the big-screen prestidigitation comedy The Incredible Burt Wonderstone — returns to the small screen for a segment on History‘s popular reality series, EW has learned. He’ll be seen looking around the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, drawing the attention of Rick, Old Man, Corey, and Chumlee, and negotiating with Rick over an item that he’s interested in buying. READ FULL STORY

'The Office' series finale will air on...

Mark your calendars for one last hour of workplace antics with Dwight, Pam, Jim, Andy, and the rest of The Office gang. NBC announced Thursday that the hour-long series finale of the hit comedy show will air on Thursday, May 16 at 9 p.m.

Just as Fringe hit episode No. 100 with its series finale last month, The Office will reach a major milestone with its last installment — the finale will be the show’s 200th episode, wrapping up nine seasons of the Scranton, Pa.-set mockumentary.

Based on the British series created by Ricky Gervais, The Office has racked up four Emmy wins since its premiere in 2005, including Outstanding Comedy Series for its second season.

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'Bones,' 'Criminal Minds,' 'Office,' 'New Girl,' 'Supernatural': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

I sometimes forget to stop and think about the weirdness that is the Spoiler Room photo blend. I mean, how hilarious/weird/awesome would it be if Dwight, Morgan, and Brennan were on the same show? I mean…wow.

Sorry, can you tell I just got off a Red Eye?

Anyway, enjoy your scoops below, and keep sending questions. I like questions — they give me the same feeling that I got whenever I’d get mail as a kid. That was pretty much euphoria, right?

TV's most-wanted stars for fall

In the next few weeks, the broadcast networks are going to need several high-profile actors to play assassins, vigilantes, Naval officers, and a Texas Ranger — among many, many other roles.

Now that the networks are wrapping their drama pilot orders and ordering comedies in earnest, the time has come to lasso the next big name that will generate heat (and eyeballs) come fall 2013. So far, CBS has been ahead of the game by snagging two headline-worthy actors to top a pair of comedies. Robin Williams has been cast in a workplace comedy, and Anna Faris will play a single mom in Chuck Lorre’s next comedy. But there are many other intriguing actors whose names have surfaced as possible contenders for drama and comedy pilots — assuming they find the right project (or haven’t already booked something in the time it took us to write this). Here are some new (and returning) actors who have us crossing our fingers.

Hugh Laurie. The popular English actor played his cards right by taking some time off to get viewers to forget his House.

Roseanne Barr has an 'Office' appointment

Roseanne Barr is dropping into NBC’s The Office.

The network said Barr will guest star as a talent agent named Carla Fern in scenes set to tape Wednesday. The agent agrees to help office manager Andy Barnard realize his show business dream. Series regular Ed Helms plays Andy.

Barr is taking a break from her stand-up comedy act in Las Vegas for The Office visit. The workplace comedy is in its final season, and producer Greg Daniels has promised a memorable end after nine years.

The Office, adapted from the British series of the same name, ranks among NBC’s most popular shows. Barr knows something about bringing a long-running hit to an end: Her sitcom Roseanne aired from 1988 to 1997.

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'The Office' boss on last week's big reveal. Plus, is Pam going to cheat on Jim?!

Last week’s episode of The Office pulled back the curtain on the show’s documentary in a way longtime viewers had never seen. We were introduced to Brian (Chris Diamantopoulos), a boom mic operator who has been following the lives of Dunder Mifflin’s employees for over eight years alongside the rest of the documentary crew.

But it wasn’t Brian’s mere appearance that had fans buzzing after the episode — it was the intimate moment that led to his reveal.


B.J. Novak on his 'Mindy Project' arc, being BFF with Mindy Kaling, and returning to 'The Office'

Everyone knows that Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard belong together — even if their story seemingly ended when Kelly left Scranton to be with handsome doctor Ravi at the beginning of The Office‘s ninth season.

So it’s a good thing that the actors behind Ryan and Kelly will get one more shot at happiness on The Mindy Project. B.J. Novak — an executive producer of the Fox comedy’s pilot, as well as a consulting producer throughout its first season — is guest-starring tonight and next Tuesday as Jaime, a Latin professor Novak calls “the man version of what [Mindy Kaling’s character] dated on The Office.” There’s just one problem with the charismatic classicist: his unusually close friendship with Lucy (Eva Amurri Martino), which makes Mindy feel like “the side character in their romantic comedy.”

To any Mindy Kaling fans, this scenario should sound familiar — Novak and Kaling have enjoyed a close friendship (and an on-again off-again romance) since both were hired to work at The Office in 2004. Here’s what the multihyphenate had to say about exploring his relationship with Mindy for her new comedy — as well as his plans to return to Scranton for The Office‘s imminent series finale.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Was your arc on the show inspired by your friendship with Mindy?
B.J. NOVAK: I don’t know that it’s a direct analogy, but it’s definitely inspired by our relationship. We are pretty inseparable best friends with a lot of chemistry ourselves, and we’re not dating. Whenever we date anyone else, I think there’s a period where the person is very skeptical of our friendship — “Everyone seems to think you two might be a couple, and I don’t mean to get in the way. Are you sure you’re not dating? Are you sure you’re not going to end up dating?” It’s such a common thing to have that platonic best friend that becomes a little weird when you start dating someone.


'Revenge,' 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'The Office,' 'NCIS,' 'Glee': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Three important notices for all Spoiler Room readers:

1) Next week, I’ll be in California, so expect this column to be 30 percent less cold and bitter. 2) Don’t forget to send in your questions. ( If you do — I don’t know if you know this — but all the puppies everywhere will cry. And 3) Space Jam is awesome — and so are you.

As we know, someone is going down with the Amanda. But who? We’ll definitely find out sooner than you might think.

In fact, Gabriel Mann tells me that the big reveal has already been filmed and “it’s a very touching, very action-packed” script. “It is very moving and very poignant, and let’s just say it kind of re-ups Emily’s game in a lot of different ways,” he says.

And while he couldn’t say a single thing about the victim (naturally), Mann did tease that the next few episodes will be the perfect build up. “From a personal point of view, I tend to think that Jack’s fatal flaw is his pride. He’s been keeping the goings on with the Stowaway close to the vest while Emily has been caught up in the Aiden of it all and I’ve been caught up in the NolCorp-takeover-Padma-Marco of it all. I think all of a sudden, our eyes are starting to turn back to the Stowaway and say, ‘What’s been happening here right under our nose?’ he says. “I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to have Emily and Nolan’s sights set on you with laser intensity. Nobody messes with our Jack.”

Now deep into filming the second half of the season, Mann promises that viewers will soon see all the plot points connecting. “I think the ways in which [creator] Mike Kelley has managed to weave all of these things that seem to be coming from a lot of different angles is really one of his fortes,” he says. “I think for viewers of the show — any questions that they may have had or confusion about what came up in the first half of the season will be answered very deliciously in the second half.”

Guesses? Hopes?


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