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'The Originals': Danielle Campbell on a witchy celebration, and the moment 'all hell breaks loose' -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

The Originals is finally back from hiatus! So if you’ve been missing Elijah’s suits, Klaus’ schemes, or Marcel’s scarves, fear not! We are headed back to New Orleans tonight to catch up with our favorite vampires, werewolves, witches, humans, and that one pesky (but lovable) hybrid. More specifically, we’re headed back for the Feast of Blessings, a celebration of the town’s witches.

We caught up with Danielle Campbell to talk about the feast, what comes next for Davina, and just how crazy this season’s finale is going to be: READ FULL STORY

Claire Holt no longer a series regular on 'The Originals'

And then there were two.

EW has confirmed that Tuesday night was Claire Holt’s last episode as a series regular on The Originals, meaning the Original sister has officially left the building, at least in some capacity.

Holt no longer being a regular leaves the door open for her to guest star in future recurring arcs, even as early as sometime later this season, we’re told. However, as of right now, nothing is certain in terms of her potential return.

Both Holt and executive producer Julie Plec are set to attend the PaleyFest panel on March 22.

'The Originals': Mikael's coming to New Orleans -- PHOTO

It’s official, Originals fans! Mikael is coming to town.

We suspected we’d see the Original father at some point, but we’ve now confirmed that he will show up in the upcoming episode on Tuesday, March 4. Viewers will get a flashback to 1919 when Mikael arrived in New Orleans after being summoned by Rebekah and Marcel.

For those fans who didn’t see Mikael when he came to The Vampire Diaries, he’s the father of the Original family, though he isn’t Klaus’ biological father. Klaus’ mother, Esther, had an affair with a werewolf, hence Klaus’ hybrid capabilities and Mikael’s hatred of Klaus, even at a young age. And after Klaus killed his mother, that hatred only grew. Mikael spent the rest of his life trying to track down his half-son. And when the Vampire Diaries crew reunited them two seasons ago, the showdown was epic.

You can see a picture of Sebastian Roche getting into character below: READ FULL STORY

'Originals' post-mortem: Claire Holt previews Rebekah 'on the run'

The Mikaelson family is possibly in the most fractured state it’s ever been in following Tuesday night’s episode of The Originals.

As chronicled in our recap, the secret is out about Rebekah and Marcel summoning Mikael, and Klaus is not happy about it. In fact, he and his sister had it out and it was pretty clear that one of them was going to die if someone didn’t intervene. Thankfully, that’s when Elijah showed up, stabbed Klaus, and told his sister to get the heck out of town. And according to Claire Holt, so much is easier said than done. “They’re on the run, and they have to decide what the future holds,” she tells EW of Marcel and Rebekah in the next few episodes. “They have to decide if they’re going to leave everything behind or if they’re going to come back and fight.”

The debate, she says, is more complicated than one may assume. “I think Rebekah knows that if they don’t leave, it may be the end of her. Klaus will find a way to put her in a box or ruin her life. She’s very scared. She also knows Marcel’s history with the city and how strongly he feels about it and how easy it won’t be for him to just go,” she says. “So it’s going to be very interesting.”

While Holt declined to spill the details of the pair’s ultimate decision, she teases, “We do have a scene in a car.”

Meanwhile, says Holt, the family will have to contend with being more fractured than ever as threats to their existence mount. And while Holt says the latest episode “won’t be the last time she sees Elijah,” the same can’t be said for Klaus. She doesn’t see Rebekah’s relationship with Klaus healing anytime soon. “I don’t think there’s a way they could ever [come back from this],” she says. “I mean, he’s done some pretty nasty things and she’s forgiven him, so maybe. But I can’t imagine, so… The next few episodes are definitely about [Klaus] dealing with the betrayal and how he feels about it and what he’s going to do.”

In EW’s Google+ Hangout with Holt on Tuesday, she opened up a bit more about filming the latest episode. Skip ahead to the 27-minute mark to hear some behind-the-scenes scoop about her wardrobe troubles during the flashbacks to 1919. READ FULL STORY

'The Originals' First Look: Rebekah and Genevieve nurse patients back to health in 1919 -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

Last we left New Orleans, there was a new team of witches in town, and they were out for blood. Then again, that could have to do with the fact that the witches weren’t very new at all, but rather very, very old. Thanks to Celeste’s resurrection magic, she now has Bastiana and Genevieve by her side. But the question remains: Why are they looking for vengeance? What is their past with the town?

When The Originals returns on February 25, we’ll get a glimpse into Genevieve’s (Elyse Levesque) history with Rebekah when our favorite Original sister finds herself locked in the same sanatorium where she and Genevieve once worked in 1919. As Rebekah realizes that Genevieve is out for revenge and could reveal a secret that would destroy her, Rebekah immediately flashes back to a the early days of their relationship. READ FULL STORY

'Originals' boss talks [spoiler]'s death and next episode: 'It's something we've never done before'

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen tonight’s episode of The Originals, do not read on! 

If there’s anything fans of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals have learned in their time following the shows, it’s that dead doesn’t always mean goodbye.

'The Originals': Charles Michael Davis previews Marcel's secret, Tyler's whereabouts, and the importance of girl power

When The Originals left us in 2013, Klaus had just offered Marcel the opportunity to reign New Orleans as partners, an offer Marcel accepted before breaking things off with Rebekah. Elsewhere, Elijah and Hayley shared an almost-kiss, and Davina found out that Marcel had been keeping her hidden away for no reason. As a result, the now-angry witch went straight to erase Klaus’ compulsion from Cami’s memory. So what’s next for the supernatural folk of the French Quarter?

We caught up with the man behind co-king Marcel, Charles Michael Davis, to talk about Rebekah, Marcel’s secret, and all things girl power:

'Originals' midseason premiere sneak peek: Elijah and Hayley share a 'shipper-pleasing moment

This sneak peek from The Original‘s mid-season premiere doesn’t need a lot of set up. In fact, too many words might soil the very sweet moment you’re about to see. So let’s just leave it at this: In Tuesday’s episode, the French Quarter is preparing for its annual celebration of the Casket Girls Festival, which means everyone’s got to find a dress, which can be a difficult task for a pregnant girl, as Hayley learns. But she finds one…and we think Elijah likes it.

Who’s NOT ‘shipping these two at this point? If you answered “me,” I implore you to watch below.


'The Originals' First Look: Klaus, Elijah show off their guns in 1820s flashback -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

Another week, another flashback on The Originals. After all, when your show is about vampires who have lived for more than 1,000 years, it’s hard not to look back and explore their many ventures, whether it be through the days of cave drawings or a quick jaunt back to the 1920s.

So in preparation for our next trip down memory lane, we have an exclusive first at an upcoming flashback in the Nov. 26th episode. Traveling back in time nearly 200 years, the episode will find Klaus and Elijah in 1820, where Klaus is in a dual with another fellow. From the looks of the photos, either that other fellow is Elijah, or the brothers are merely practicing their shooting skills (which is hilarious/unfair considering a bullet will not kill them).

A quick refresher: The last time we saw New Orleans in 1820, Klaus was enjoying a lavish party thrown by the governor, and Rebekah was in love with the governor’s son … right up until Klaus killed him. Days later, Klaus discovered and took in a young Marcel, and the rest is a very complicated, very long story. On a positive note, it appears 1820′s Elijah got a hair cut since the last time we saw him.

Check out an additional photo of Klaus below: READ FULL STORY

'The Originals': Michael Trevino previews a Caroline-related 'drag-out fight,' Tyler getting revenge on more than just Klaus

Oh, Tyler. After years of leaving, returning, and leaving again on The Vampire Diaries, Klaus’ first successful hybrid is back in the revenge state of mind, and tonight marks his first venture into New Orleans territory on The Originals. Wanting to kill Klaus is old news in Tyler’s world. He spent half of last season un-siring hybrids in order to rally against the Original. But when that failed, and Klaus decided to take revenge by murdering Tyler’s mother, the one-time jock hit the road. But it turns out, he wasn’t just off blowing steam.

After spending his time in the Appalachian mountains gathering valuable information on Hayley, Tyler is ready to come back and take on both the people who screwed him over last winter. We caught up with Michael Trevino to talk about Tyler’s plan, a physical fight with Klaus, and what this could all mean for Hayley and her unborn child:


'Vampire Diaries': Michael Trevino confirms 'Originals' crossover -- EXCLUSIVE


Fans of The Vampire Diaries may be mourning the official break-up of Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Caroline (Candice Accola) in the Oct. 31 episode. Trevino confirms to EW what most viewers have guessed: Tyler will be the first TVD character to visit the show’s New Orleans-set spinoff, The Originals. While The CW won’t confirm when  – “sometime soon,” Trevino says coyly — or for how long, we do have an idea of why: As Tyler told Caroline, he can’t be at college when all he can focus on is his desire to make Klaus (Joseph Morgan) pay for killing his mother. Caroline begged him to love her more than he hates Klaus, but Tyler said he couldn’t and walked out. “It was actually really tough on both of us,” Trevino tells EW of shooting the teary-eyed goodbye. “In these scenes where Caroline and Tyler are going their separate ways, it’s usually that one of us is emotional and one isn’t. On this one, both of us were emotional. There were a few more takes than how it regularly goes between Candice and I.” READ FULL STORY

'The Originals': Danielle Campbell talks Davina's power, upcoming answers, and why Elijah should wear leather

In last week’s episode of The Originals, Klaus finally came face-to-face with Marcel’s secret weapon, 16-year-old witch Davina. Torn between a normal life with her crush and her immense supernatural power, Davina’s first interaction with the Original vampire left her a little shaken up. And to top things off, Davina ended her night with another meet-and-great, this one with the more charming Original brother, Elijah. So what’s next for the witch everyone seems to want to get their hands on? We talked with Davina herself, Danielle Campbell, about tonight’s episode, the history of New Orleans’ witches, and Davina’s greatest struggle:

Joseph Morgan previews new 'Originals': Glitz, glamour, and drama

Last week’s episode of The Originals introduced Klaus’ little sister, Rebekah, to the mix and told viewers all about the backstory behind Marcel’s relationship with the Original family. It also gave us our first Original vampire-Davina showdown and, naturally, put Elijah’s life in danger. So what’s in store now that Hayley gave Rebekah Klaus’ remaining daggers and Klaus (too little, too late!) realized his mistake in handing Elijah over? A masquerade ball, of course.

We caught up with Joseph Morgan to talk tonight’s big event, Klaus’ priority, and when that pesky hybrid baby will come into play:

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