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Watch two Real Housewives shove pie into each other's faces on 'Celebrity Apprentice'

When it comes to Celebrity Apprentice, having two Real Housewives shove food in each other’s faces is kind of the money shot…although I suppose season 2’s Clint Black would argue that it is hard to top the time he come up with an ad for Tide insinuating he liked to use detergent to masturbate while reading Donald Trump’s book (and no, I did not just make that up). The point is, this is the next best thing. Also, I should never use the words “Clint Black,” “masturbate,” and “money shot” in the same paragraph ever again. READ FULL STORY

Meet the newest 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': A frank chat with Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud

What did we learn about the two new cast members in last night’s season four premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Not a lot. Joyce Giraud has the hair of the gods and Carlton Gebbia seems like she might cut a B…everly Hills lady for giving her any side eye about naming one of her children Mystery.

Luckily, EW talked to the two newbs individually to see if those first impressions rang true. While they both got around to some of the same themes eventually, they’re, uh, highly different. Gebbia is laid back and reserved with personal information, making me wonder if she thought this was going to be more of a Top Chef/Shark Tank-type reality show and less of a “I’ll throw this martini in your face and then take you to a boutique and ask about your kids”-type show. Whereas Giraud was cut from the sparkliest of Real Housewives rhinestone cloth: former pageant queen, current actor, self-described independent woman.



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