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'Supernatural,' 'Vampire Diaries,' 'Law & Order: SVU,' 'NCIS': Find out what's next in Spoiler Room

Your patience in waiting for this week’s column is greatly appreciated. As you know, Team EW TV has been a busy bunch these past few days with season finales and network upfronts. But not too busy to bring you some scoop on the last batch of season finales, many of which are tonight!

So sit back and enjoy your pre-weekend treat. Also, don’t forget to send in your questions to And since I’m sure you’ve been geeking out over the new fall TV offerings, feel free to include questions on newbie shows, like Arrow, Revolution, Nashville, etc. I’ll try to include a few next week. See you then! READ FULL STORY

'Once Upon a Time,' 'House,' 'Burn Notice,' 'Vampire Diaries': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

We’re in the thick of finales, folks! I never thought it’d get here (and part of me hoped it never would!), but that’s indeed the case.

Having fun? Me too!

But it’s also been a ridiculously busy week, with a rush of renewals (O. M. G.), cancellations (R.I.P. Alcatraz), and pick ups (welcome, newbs). Next week? More madness, as the networks have their annual Upfront presentations here in NYC. But the good news for you is that I’ll be trolling around getting answers to your burning questions! So send them my way. Usual means works great: and @EWSandraG on Twitter!

After working on Lost, Once Upon a Time executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsiss know how to tease finales. Proof? This timely characterization of Sunday’s season finale: “They are the gang. They are the Fairy Tale Avengers,” they told EW in a chat earlier this week. Take a moment to take that in. Squeal with excitement. Now, compose yourself long enough to take in some elaboration, straight from Josh Dallas, who stopped by the office just yesterday. READ FULL STORY

'Vampire Diaries' EP Julie Plec talks season finale shocker and what comes next -- EXCLUSIVE

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen The Vampire Diaries‘ season 3 finale, stop reading now. Exec producer Julie Plec takes us inside the hour’s twists and turns, and teases where we’re headed when the show returns this fall. READ FULL STORY

Fire at 'Vampire Diaries' location won't affect show

A lot of drama has gone down on The Vampire Diaries at the Mystic Grill, but the real-life fire this morning at the location used for the restaurant’s facade won’t impact the show. Capt. Tony Smith, assistant fire marshal in Covington, Ga., confirms to EW that a call was received at 6:40 a.m. reporting a down power line and a possible transformer on fire. When firemen got to the location, they noticed heavy smoke coming out of the building at 116 Clark St., which houses CPA and law offices, and more units were dispatched. No injuries were reported. Significant fire damage was found in the CPA side of the building and the second story, Smith says. Exterior structural damage is very minimal. “The front door had to be replaced,” Smith says. “I don’t think it would interrupt any filming they had in the near future.”

The interior of the Mystic Grill is actually a set on the show’s stages in Decatur, Ga.

The Vampire Diaries airs its season 3 finale tonight on The CW. The cast is now on hiatus. The show received an early renewal.

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‘Vampire Diaries’ season finale preview: Kat Graham on Bonnie’s deal and possible dark side

'Vampire Diaries' season finale preview: Nina Dobrev on her tears, Elena's choice, and fan's reactions

If you think you’re going to get Nina Dobrev to tell you who Elena chooses — Stefan (Paul Wesley) or Damon (Ian Somerhalder) — in tonight’s season finale of The Vampire Diaries, think again: She hasn’t even told her mother. “She lives between Canada and Europe, so I don’t get to see my mom very much. Her way to kind of be with me is watching the show and Googling me wherever I am,” Dobrev says, with a laugh. “So on many occasions, she calls and asks for spoilers and I’ll always say, ‘Nope! Nope! I’m not telling you anything.’ She always gets a little bit upset at the time, but then ultimately, she’s happy that I didn’t ruin it for her. It’s like the way I don’t want to know what happens in an episode before I read it. You don’t want to get to the punch line before you hear the joke.” READ FULL STORY

'Vampire Diaries' season finale preview: Kat Graham on Bonnie's deal and possible dark side


It may be difficult to believe, but Thursday’s Vampire Diaries season finale isn’t just about Elena (Nina Dobrev) making a decision, finally, between Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder). As EP Julie Plec says, “There’s definitely some murder and mayhem, and if all goes well, there will be some epic tears, too.” As a result of Alaric outing them to the Council in last week’s episode, Caroline (Candice Accola) and Tyler (Michael Trevino) will learn there’s a target on their backs and have to decide whether they stay and fight, or leave Mystic Falls. And Bonnie (Kat Graham), who was used by Esther to complete Alaric’s transformation into the ultimate killer and often finds herself doing magic to aid vampires (good or bad), is tired of being pushed around. “She is done taking orders from anybody else, and she’s making decisions based on what it is that she wants, what’s right for her and the people that she loves,” Plec says. Adds Graham, “That’s definitely the overall tone of Bonnie in the season finale. She has got to make decisions for herself versus constantly bending over backwards for whoever might need her.” READ FULL STORY

'NCIS,' 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'NCIS: LA,' 'Vampire Diaries,' 'Big Bang Theory': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

The realization that so many shows are coming to a close hit me today, and once I stopped sobbing, I realized that as we head into summer, this might be the prime time to do a little self-evaluation!

So if you’re up for it — or just counting the hours till you clock out — I invite you to take a questionnaire on Spoiler Room. Your feedback matters to me, so if you can find the time to do it, I’d appreciate it!


And if you’re not in the question ANSWERING mood, ask one! or hit me up on Twitter. See y’all next week!


CW renews 'The Vampire Diaries,' 'Supernatural'

Excellent news for fans of those hot bloodsuckers on the CW: The network has picked up a fourth season of The Vampire Diaries.

The CW also gave a thumbs-up to an eighth season of Supernatural and a fifth year of 90210. The network has already picked up another installment of America’s Next Top Model.

No word yet on the future of some of CW’s other shows, like Gossip Girl, Ringer, or Nikita. The CW will present its fall lineup to advertisers later this month in New York.

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EW's season finale calendar

Each year, the month of May brings the promise of warmer weather, the start of big summer movies…and the torturous, agonizing time when we have to bid farewell to our favorite primetime characters. TV addicts that we are, we feel your pain. So to curb the stress, we’ve put together a master list of when your beloved shows will be signing off.  Grab your remotes and ready those DVRs as we present this year’s finales: READ FULL STORY

'Vampire Diaries': EP Julie Plec on Elena ogling Damon, Caroline championing Stefan, and a twist on the Rebesther twist


Image Credit: Bob Mahoney, The CW

Fans of The Vampire Diaries are still talking about last week's epic Damon and Elena kiss and the motel ogling scene that started it off -- which, regardless of whether they're Team Delena or Team Stelena, 
they had to admit was hot. "I can't speak for everybody else in this world, but when we were talking about what the scene needed to be in the writer's room, we've all had those moments where you end up laying in bed in high school with a guy or a girl that you like, and you don't know what's gonna happen, you don't know what it means, but all you know is that you're infinitely aware of their proximity to you and every single move that they're making and every single breath that's being breathed between the two of you. We wanted that moment to be that experience," exec producer Julie Plec tells EW. "When we talked to [director]

Chris Grismer, we  just said, ‘Milk every single beat out of this that you can. It’s so much about what’s not being said. It’s so much about them just lying next to each other, the beauty and intimacy and sexual chemistry of just being near each other is what needs to be telling the story here. So take as long as you want, and shoot it as much as you want, and we’ll put it together from there.’ They definitely gave us everything we needed.”  READ FULL STORY

'Vampire Diaries' EP Julie Plec previews remainder of season (starting with next week's 'epicness')

Vampire Diaries fans are now less than a week away from the start of season 3’s final chapter. The show returns April 19, with four consecutive episodes culminating in the May 10 season finale. EP Julie Plec says producers have known from the start of the season, when they sat down to break this year’s mythology, that Elena and the Salvatore Brothers would eventually learn that if you kill an Original, you take out every vampire in his or her bloodline. “We were looking for that great final push, like a Klaus-is-a-hybrid shocker or the Sun and the Moon curse is fake,” Plec tells EW. “We really wanted to turn the tables on the audience and redirect the stakes — literal and figurative — back onto our heroes and have them realize we’ve been trying to kill Klaus for so long, now there’s a possibility that he can never die without us dying along with him.” To tide fans over until Thursday, we asked Plec, who’ll be a speaker on Monday’s NAB Show panel “Two Minds, One Vision” discussing the collaboration between showrunners and cinematographers, to tease the remainder of the season. Spoiler alert! READ FULL STORY

'Vampire Diaries' May Sweeps ad: EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK


The Vampire Diaries returns with a new episode on April 19, but The CW is already looking ahead to May Sweeps (which okay, actually kicks off April 26). We’ve got an exclusive first look at an ad which asks the question, “Is this where the bloodline ends?” You’ll recall that the latest setback to Operation Kill Klaus is the recently discovered caveat that if you kill an Original, all the vampires in his or her bloodline die. That means before Stefan (Paul Wesley), Elena (Nina Dobrev), and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) can put a missing stake in Klaus (Joseph Morgan), they have to determine if their bloodline (via Katherine and Rose) leads back to Klaus — or if they’d just be losing Tyler (Michael Trevino).*

Check out a larger version of the ad below and tell us what other questions it makes you ponder. I’ll start: Is Damon wearing a heavage-baring tank top or T-shirt underneath that jacket? Who else immediately thought of Alexander Skarsgard, who went through a serious heavage/necklace period? And why is Elena (or is it Katherine?) dressed in black tie when the boys are in weekend woods wear? READ FULL STORY

'Gossip Girl,' 'Criminal Minds,' 'Grimm,' 'Vampire Diaries': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

This has been such a busy week in TV Land that I’ve completely neglected my backlog of Draw Something games. In case you didn’t know how much I care, now you do. (And if you didn’t know how much I rarely interact with real people, you now also know that, too.)

So without further ado, here are the offerings this week: Gossip Girl finale teases, dish on one of Morgan’s best episodes yet on Criminal Minds, some goodies for Grimm fans, and much, much more.

If your question didn’t sneak in this week, please keep sending them along. ( I’ll try to fit you in next week. Also, continue sending me your random theories and ponderings. They’re highly entertaining (even if I can’t include them all here). Until next time!

I LOVE Gossip Girl fans. Not only because they are a passionate bunch (I like your pluck!), but they are among the most active question askers here at Spoiler Room. So as a thanks: Here are three of your questions answered straight from executive producer Josh Safran.

Do you have any scoop for Chuck and Blair for Gossip Girl #spoileroom — @Smallville944
Yes. But the Chuck/Blair/Dan-centric portion of my convo with Safran was so good, I’ll share it with you in a separate story FIRST thing Monday. Cool? And no, this answer doesn’t count against the three fan questions. It’s more of an FYI. :) READ FULL STORY


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